> I brought a car from a private dealership, they told me nothing was wrong with it, honda says I have to pay 2000 to fix

I brought a car from a private dealership, they told me nothing was wrong with it, honda says I have to pay 2000 to fix

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
You bought a used car. Usually it is As Is and there is No Warranty. If you are looking for a warranty, you have to look to the Honda dealership for that. There are certain things they do cover no matter if you are the second owner or 22nd owner. It has more to do with mileage and year of vehicle. I don't know what you got or what the problem is because you did not say.

The private dealership is in the business of selling cars...not fixing them. So they are NOT GONNA LOOK FOR PROBLEMS that the car may have. If it runs and is clean...good enough. That is all the work they will do.When you buy a used car from anywhere, it is up to YOU to know something about cars or hire a mechanic and pay him to give you his opinion about the car.Would he buy it? If he says NO, then there is a reason why he says that. He will tell you why. That advice costs you money.(as the mechanic could be back in his shop making money fixing cars so to take time away from his work...he usually will not. So weekend inspections. Always use your own "mechanic" and his advice, rather than the car lot mechanic (as he is working for the car lot, not for you).The mechanic is not perfect but obviously would have caught the $2000 problem.

Then take it to another repair garage and let them give you an estimate on the cost of repairs. Honda is kind of like V. W.

. Costly

. All shops have books on every make of car, Honda is nothing special. But the shops parts supplier is different and usually cheaper.

. My friend goes to 5 different shops for estimates, she has the time. By talking to friends face to face, you will find out who is a great mechanic...for cheap.

Used car sales are as is/where is unless they offered you a warranty of some kind. This means you are out of luck, though it can be helpful to take it back to the, tell them what is going on and see if they will do something about it. I would do just that and ask them to trade out this honda for another car on the lot.

The dealership may not have know about the problems with your car. They usually don't do much more than get them from auction, clean them up and put them out on the lot for sale.

If you can prove they knew about the problems, but didn't disclose them, you might have a case, but getting that proof is difficult. You can't just tell the judge that they should have know about them because they are obvious. YOU didn't see them or notice them during your test drive or visual inspection of the vehicle or you wouldn't have bought the vehicle in the first place.

I would take the car to another Honda mechanic and see what they think is wrong with your car.

Either they lied to you, or they are just stupid. If there was that major of damage, you should have spotted it during your inspection before you purchased the vehicle. My son recently purchased a used vehicle. On the first inspection, we found $2000 worth of work the dealer would have to perform on the vehicle. After that was done, on the next inspection, we found about $3000 worth of work that needed to be done on the vehicle. On the third inspection, we missed one other problem, but is was only about $100 in parts and an afternoon for us to fix.

The only thing a used car lot would be liable for is if they sold you a salvaged vehicle with out telling you or if any of the safety or emission systems were not on the vehicle and had been removed.As an example if the converter or seat belts were removed.

sorry, but unless you have a warranty for the vehicle, it was sold " as is" meaning that the dealer is not responsible for any repairs needed after the vehicle is sold..........you can try asking the dealer if they will help with the repair costs, but don't get your hopes up

Bummer .

Good for you.

Did they?