> I almost hit a pedestrian , can I get arrested ?

I almost hit a pedestrian , can I get arrested ?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
It was snowing and I has a hard time seeing . I came to a stop sign and didn't see anyone . As I started to turn left a man was right in front of the vehicle be out his hands on the car as like a stopping signal to stop me . I stopped he was not injured at all I continued to go my way and he took my license plate number . He really was not injured so scared and really regret not stopping or looking better . Can I get arrested of sued ? Help Meee ?!

"Almost". That's the important thing.

If you had hit him you could be given a ticket. If you hit him and injured him you could be arrested. But a near miss, with no cop seeing it. Just count yourself lucky and be more careful in the future.

If you didn't hit him, you don't have anything to worry about. On the off chance that you get contacted (I really doubt this will happen), all you have to say is that it was snowing and you didn't see someone but you stopped before hitting him.

You missed him. You can't get arrested for "almost" hitting a pedestrian.

Almost hitting someone is not against the law.