> How to stay calm on motorcycle?

How to stay calm on motorcycle?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I usually stay calm by looking at motorcycle crash images. Like the truck cut off this guy's body or cut this girl's head off as a result of speeding. Of course, it scare the sh.i.t out of me, but it won't stop me from riding my bike. This reminds me to ride safe and not speed on the public road. Especially 600cc bikes, those bikes are unforgiving. Do you know why insurances are so high on those bike regardless of age or experience? Because there are so many kids die on those bikes as a result of speeding, stunt riding, or some stupid ****. You don't wanna sit on the wheel chair for the rest of your life, right? You wanna have sex with girls, right? You wanna ride your bike, right? We're riding sportbikes and we having fun with speed out there, but you have to know where to stop. Trust me dude, my friend and I both started on the Yamaha R6, and my friend pass way last year because he was doing wheelie on the highway. The truck torn his body in half on the North 29 highway here in Virginia. That scare the **** out of me dude, but it won't stop me from riding motorcycles. Instead, it reminds me to ride safely. I know it's hard to go slow on a sportbike, but you have to try your best, dude. Think about the risk before you speed. I hope this advise help you stay calm.

Ride safe my friend!

if you can't stay calm on the bike ..1 is you shouldn't be riding and 2... is your not comfortable on the bike, my first bike was a gsxr 1000 it was the very first bike I ever had and I'm so comfortable on it now after a few months I feel perfectly fine doing 200+ when I'm in a safe area

Some people have "the need for speed"

Take your bike to a track and enroll in a course for racing.

Google - motorcycle track course

That would be hard to do,and I think the feeling of freedom takes over. We must be mad and non-bikers will never understand it. Even if it's raining I'd rather be whizzing around on a bike.

Smoke a joint first.

be a man