> How much would it cost to ship a motorcycle from the US to the uk?

How much would it cost to ship a motorcycle from the US to the uk?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Shipping is one thing then getting it to comply with UK law is another. We drive on the left so lights have to dip left.

There are lots of other features that need changing.

Then you have to register it.

Much cheaper in most cases to buy a bike here.

Kevin, dude: One way is to buy space on a shipping container on a container ship. Google same. One way is air freight, as in FEDEX. They have a phone number. One way is to Google Motor Freight. One way is to Google International Moving and Storage. One way is to have a motorcycle dealer take care of it for you. Google motorcycle dealers where you live. You are going to need to have someone crate up the motorcycle in the U.S. Because dealers have bikes shipped to them all of the time, you might want to go that route.

Shipping fee - around £2,000.

Import duty, V.A.T. and brokerage charges - 30% of the cost of the bike (including the shipping fee).

M.S.V.A. test - £75 (but, potentially hundreds of pounds, to get the bike to the correct standard to pass the test).

Permanently higher insurance costs, because the bike is a private import.

Result - absolutely not worth it, unless the bike is very, very rare and/or very, very unusual.

Last I heard, around £400.

Why not just ask a shipping firm.

Would be cheaper to sell the bike and buy a new one in the U.K.

Depends on method, speed, insurance and value.