> How long can RV park in streets in Los Angeles?

How long can RV park in streets in Los Angeles?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
My front neighbors have an RV and at first I thought it was going to be for a few weeks. It has then been over 6 months. It is very difficult to find parking on the streets and the fact that they have over 6 cars doesn't help..

On street parking days there while house takes over the block and I'm tired of seeing that big RV take up to 3 parking spaces. Also the use of electricity has caused the street to blackout before.

The other thing that irritates me, is that on street cleaning days (Tuesdays 11-1:30) they go being their big RV at 1 o'clock along with their other vehicles so they can have all the parking to themselves. Some of their cars aren't even used, they just take up parking space.

I want to report and have then cited but I do not know who to call. How long can a Rv park on the streets in the East Los Angeles/Boyle Heights area?

Also, what can I do about their junk cars just taking up space?

I hate coming home late and having to find parking and then park blocks away when the front of my house is being taken by some junk cars.

The longest it can be parked continuously without being moved is 165 1/2 hours, and that's because of the street cleaning regulations.

There is no limit on the total time, as long as it gets moved for street cleaning. It can be parked for 20 years if that's what they want to do, as long as they move it once a week for street cleaning and every year or two for smog checking.

Don't call anyone; they can't be cited, because they're allowed to do everything they've done.

You can't do anything about junk cars just taking up space. In California, anyone who owns the car and pays the registration fees is allowed to take up space with it.

The Supreme court just ruled against a California law that was on the books for 22 years that made it illegal to live in a car/vehicle. So, now it is legal to do so.

Beyond that tidbit of information you do have options. You want to call the parking enforcement branch of your local police or city, whichever does the traffic control and tell them the situation. They should come out and mark the tires so they can see if it has moved or after they respond to your first call. From there they can site or tow when in violation of the parking codes. Call the police through the Non-emergency line and ask if they handle the parking in your area or if the city has parking enforcement officers, they will lead you to whom you need to call.

72 hours and its gotta be moved , . . thats the law in Los angeles, . so get it moving slakers

Call your non-emergency police number. In Vegas it's 311.

Explain to them whats going on.

Be careful though, once those people find out you said something, depending on their attitude, they could retaliate.

You could tell the operator on the non-emergency number that you want to remain anonymous.

hope this helps..