> Hi everyone. What motorcycle license would i need for a 150cc ruckus in the uk? I'm 25 and dont have a valid uk lice

Hi everyone. What motorcycle license would i need for a 150cc ruckus in the uk? I'm 25 and dont have a valid uk lice

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
You will need a full motorcycle licence to ride anything above a 'learner motorcycle', a 125cc in the UK.

You state you have no valid UK licence therefore your first step is to obtain a drivers licence.

It can be done on line here - https://www.gov.uk/apply-first-provision...

Alternatively you can get forms from the post office and send them off.

see https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/sy...

for information about your drivers licence.

You will note it is a provisional licence for all groups. You will not find any application for an A2 category provisional as stated by some. An A2 is a full licence. You will have a provisional A. This covers, as a provisional, bikes in the A1 A2 and A category and riding them depends on age and if riding an A2 and A as a learner you will need to be supervised by a VDSA authorised instructor who is in radio contact with you.

Your first step before getting on the road on any motorcycle is to complete a Compulsory Basic Training course. Note course not test.

Ask these questions of your professional instructors on that course rather then rely the guessers on this medium.

Look at and follow the links on - http://www.begin-motorcycling.co.uk/

It is the most comprehensive explanation I have seen on the web.

When you are ready to take your tests look the HM Gov site information in the flow charts here -


It lists ages an sizes of bike you must take the tests on and sizes of bikes you can ride after the test.

Note at your age the full A is available to you via a direct access course.

You can skip the A1 and A2 but will still have to take a CBT and theory test.

As you're 25 you need to apply for a provisional licence in the A2 category.

You will need to take a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) test and then a theory and practical tests within 2 years of taking passing your CBT

Details here

You need a full bike licence for that, you can't ride it on a provisional because it's over 125cc

Full bike licence