> Help, left turn yield on green?

Help, left turn yield on green?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I'm practicing driving and I'm a little confused on that sign.

Let's say I'm turning left and there's a sign that says "left turn yield on green," the light is red, there are cars across from me are waiting for the red light too. When it turns green do I turn first, or am I supposed to wait for them to go straight, then turn left? Basically, if I want to turn left and there are people across from me that came to a stop, who has the right of way? I'm confused by this sign...

No, you do not turn first. The word "yield" means stop for the other cars they have the right of way. When you see this sign, there is also a green "arrow" signal that may come on. When it is a green arrow, then you are allowed to turn without waiting because the other cars will have a red. Sometimes the green arrow will show first and then turn to a solid green. When it becomes solid, then you need to stop and wait for the other cars to clear the intersection before you turn. I have seen a few accidents where the arrow turned to solid and cars didn't yield and were hit by the cars coming straight through.

I must wonder why you are not asking your parents and not reading the materials provided by your state as to the rules of traffic? I disagree with you grabbing the smartphone and texting a question to this site. This is not the correct way to learn as to driving. What people do when driving is not based on the laws much like 99% of car owners never read the car manual. I bet you have not nor your parents have read the traffic laws nor the car manual for information. Yield. A word in the language and in all dictionaries that people refuse to learn and to put into place. Yield. This issue as to turn is so bad that our traffic engineers, state by state, county by county, have to find ways to resolve the problems caused by inadequate training and lack of interest as to driving laws. Never mind the traffic light. You are driving on a two lane road and you need to turn left, across traffic, to enter a street, a parking lot, a store, a business, etc. Do you not understand that you need to signal the turn and wait until there is no traffic so you can proceed? If this is clear and the term yield applies, then the same thing applies at traffic controlled intersections. Since people fail to apply this, in many locations a flashing amber light has been installed. This flashing amber light is meaningless unless drivers are trained properly. It resolves nothing. As to your question, please ask your parents for help and please read the laws of your state. Materials are provided for you to study.


For yield say Give Way. The sign is giving you to orders.

You can only turn Left when light turns to green.

Other cars turning in that direction have priority over you

If it is a cross roads the Other cars will be coming from ahead of you and turning right across the lane you are in

Andy C

When it turns green, you must wait for them to go straight, then turn left. They have the right of way.

By the way, this the same whether or not there is a sign. The sign does not change anything. It is just a reminder of the rules that always exist, even when there is no sign.

Yield. That's pretty simple.