> Guys i heard that driving alot two wheel motorcycle more than three hours can lead us to piles problem! Is that true? Pl

Guys i heard that driving alot two wheel motorcycle more than three hours can lead us to piles problem! Is that true? Pl

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I certainly hope not!

I ride a lot of long distances on my motorcycle, regularly putting in 8 to 14 hour day rides. I also belong to a larger community of long distance riders and know and talk to a lot of them on a daily basis. I have never heard anyone complain about piles.

I can imagine that if you are already susceptible to hemorrhoids, that sitting in one position for a long period of time might inflame them into piles. However, simply riding a motorcycle isn't going to cause hemorrhoids, much less piles.

It depends on the bike and how long you sit in one position. Typically, when I ride long distance is stop every hour. Riding a motorcyle is more taxing than a car. So, this is good advice anyway. I like to stop at a gas station. Fill up, move the bike away from the pump, buy a drink, go outside to look at the weather while rehydrating and walking around to see the sights. When you decide what bike to ride you can minimize discomfort issues buy buying a bike that runs smooth. Belt is smoother than shaft drive, shaft and belt are dramatically smoother than chain. Generally, the more cylinders you have the smoother it will run. The Honda Goldwing with the horizontally opposed 6 cylinder is the smoothest bike on the road. Except for maybe the new all electric belt drive Zero. But, that bike is not practical for long trips. Harley's are now belt drive and most have rubber mounted engines. So, a new harley will vibrate considerably less than a 1978 harley. An in-line 4 cylinder bike will run smoother than a v-twin. But not all v-twins are the same. Harley has one crank pin for two pistons. This is like putting both feet on one pedal on a bicycle. So, the Yamaha v-stars which internally is like putting one foot on its own pedal runs considerably smoother without rubber mounting than the harley does with rubber mounting. When you do get a bike you can also add air shocks to the rear and inflate them to the level found most comfortable.

Motorcycle policemen are on the road for at least six hours a day, five days a week, 47 weeks a year.

Ever heard of a cop with a disability retirement because of piles?

No. 90% of the crap people say is wrong.


I was told when I was a kid "Don't sit on wet ground it will give you piles".

AND "don't sit on a hot radiator at school it will give you piles".

So no hot or wet,

Got that?

Oh and no hard chairs,

or wet bike saddles,

Oh and no beer,

And no Bourbon,

Both give you piles!

And coffee!

That little peach came from a nurse!!!

Basically they told me no matter what I'm gonna get piles!

Well my uncle who has never ridden a bike in his life has them.

So I guess he has been sitting in the damp,

on hard ground/chairs and sitting on radiators at school or something else some wackjob has cooked up as a cause of piles.

Oh and me?

30 years of riding and yes sometimes I get them,

sometimes not.

Guess it depends on where I've been sitting/drinking or getting something wrong.

Or drinking coffee when I should have been drinking something stronger.

I can only go on my 31 years of motorcycling, but I've never had that problem, no matter how many hours I've been riding for.

Rubbish I have been Riding Bikes since about 1950 if you are Comfortable and the seat is Not Hot No Problems

It's nonsense.

Yes, it happened to me.