> Free street parking at Gatwick sorroundings?

Free street parking at Gatwick sorroundings?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Hi !!

We'll be travelling for two weeks in September. Our flights are departing and arriving from/to Gatwick airport, but I need to get there from Bristol. I know all the available options: train, bus and car. As I've got a car and it looks like the cheaper option, I was wondering if there is any place in the surrounding areas (Horley, Crawley) in which I can park for free on the streets. I don't want to bother any neighbours living in the area, so I would like someone to give advise in this issue.


Factor in the cost of parking and sleep easy. For my last 15 day trip to the USA I booked my car into the T5 long stay car park, for £95. It could have been cheaper if I'd taken the 'NO Changes' option but for the few quid saved that's too big a risk.

How long do you think it would take the local Jack the Lads to spot a non local car in the street?

If you park in the street you still have to get a taxi to the airport and you'll be wondering if your car is still there when you get back or is it in a pound somewhere charging you £50 a day.

Heres an idea for you there are hotels around Gatwick that allow you to leave your car on there carpark for 2 weeks as long as you spend one night there before or when you come back, a 3/4 hour drive home after a 3/4/5/6 hour flight can be horrendous so try this link no harm in looking


Use the airport parking. A car left on the streets for 2 weeks will be standing on bricks when you get back.

Don't you think everyone travelling would love to do that? They have it really sown up as far as parking is concerned in that area. The best bet is to book a hotel with a parking and bus to the airport package and get there a day ish early.