> Driving in the USA?

Driving in the USA?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
While driving in the USA - while I approach a crossing - how do I know whether the right most lane would be "right only" or it would be a "combination of right and straight". There have been times when I end up in the right lane which is right only when I am supposed to drive straight.

Drive in a centre lane. Sometimes the right lane on the highway becomes "must turn right", and occasionally the left turn lane becomes "must turn left". On one stretch of highway I recall, just about every single intersection, so you had to keep changing lanes every few miles. Weirded me out coming from the UK.

In a city, usually there are clear arrows on the road surface, but in busy traffic of course you can't see them. Often there are signs on poles, too. Once you know that this can happen, you can watch for it.

At multi-lane intersections the lanes are clearly marked either by arrows painted on the pavement or road signs clearly stating lane usage and sometimes both. Just approach this type of intersection with your eyes open, now that you know what to look for.

Look well ahead to see if there is a sign for right turn only in this lane, watch the traffic flow also

Lanes are marked by lines on the pavement. Without the lines it is just a wide single lane.

there is USUALLY signs ( over head or on a sign post ),,,indicating which lane is for turns....&,,,straight