> Do you think aftermarket car parts like Dayco, Duralast, Gates have a bad effect on your vehicle?

Do you think aftermarket car parts like Dayco, Duralast, Gates have a bad effect on your vehicle?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
no. only if you treat your ford like crap. motorcraft are MADE by ford.

squeals and chirps are usually loose or incorrrectly tightened belts or your hood bolts arent tight.

every car rattles and bangs along the roads even new ones when you drive them for long enough, you tend to notice

as long as you dont use a crap quality oil and filters yes that goes for all filters. most engines are pretty forgiving provided you keep all the servicing up to date.

A part is a part, one may have a better service life but they are still functional parts. Cheapo oil and poor periodical maintenance are the real bad effect on your vehicle. So yes if you get a discount timing belt but no on the battery and hoses.

Update, get a stethoscope for $15 at the parts store and hit all of the drive belt pulleys to (alt, A/C, ETC) find the squeaky one and replace it with the part of your choice. The aftermarket idler pulleys are fine on the serpentine drive belt and are easy to replace.

Quality varies. I use NAPA as the local repair stores source their parts from them, and are ultimately responsible for warranty repair parts and labor should those parts fail. O'Reilly also holds a good reputation. Call you local tire/repair/inspection chains and independents and ask who they use (and perhaps who they'd avoid).

Gates makes quality hoses and belts. Dayco also makes excellent rubber products extending into commercial applications. Next time you fill up, check the hose on the gas pump that suffers abuse in the hands of the public and risks high liability if it fails, it will be Dayco or Goodyear.

Some parts are only made by companies like Dayco and Gates. I used to be more into Duralast, but their products are not quite up to par in terms of quality with other leading brands. The only Duralast stuff I would get is their tools since they have lifetime warranties on them.