> Do you need to partially hold the clutch when the car is moving?

Do you need to partially hold the clutch when the car is moving?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Articles on the Internet said I don't have to hold it when it's already moving but my instructor said I should hold it partially?

The only time your foot should be on the clutch once you are moving is when upshifting, downshifting, or coming to a stop (while stopped you should be in neutral until ready to go). If you rest your foot on the clutch or ride the clutch at other times the clutch will slip and you will burn it up. I have driven various manual shift vehicles for over 40 years, including parking lot slalom competition and high speed autocross (on race track against the clock) and have never needed any clutch repairs, including a 95 Maxima SE 5-spd I had for nearly 18 years (traded for MazdaSpeed3 turbo 6-spd near my 60th birthday).

Your instructor is wrong. When you rest your foot on the clutch pedal you risk burning up the throwout bearing...that's the part that allows the clutch to spin without ripping the clutch pedal off the firewall. And if you rest your foot heavy enough you could partially disengage the clutch and cause it to slip and burn that up. Have him/her explain their reasoning behind resting your foot on the clutch then show him/her all the answers here about what a dimwit we're all calling him/her.

That's called "dragging the clutch." It is something that destroys clutches. So, no. You only need to drag the clutch to get the car moving in first or reverse. You probably misunderstood the instructor.

Why the helll are you learning on a car with a manual transmission? That's ridiculous in this day and age.

the only time you need to hold the clutch in, is when you are starting to move from a complete stop, shifting gears, and putting the car into reverse.

your instructor is an idiot. you will burn the clutch/transmission up if u hold the clutch in while driving.

No, you'll wear your clutch out quicker. It's a bad habit to rest your foot on the clutch pedal unless you are shifting.

If that is true, your instructor hasn't got a clue.

The clutch pedal should always be left free & untouched by your left foot except during starting & shifting.

You need to get a different instructor. The one you have now is an idiot.