> Do they do speed cameras at 20mph road?

Do they do speed cameras at 20mph road?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Strange you should ask this as this was one of those 'bar stool' conversations down the pub last night !

One guy stated that the 20mph limit will not be enforced and that any convictions in these zones will be for over 30mph violations. Several others disagreed - although no-one had first hand experience.

I must admit though, the number of 20 zones that have arrived around my area......If they set up a camera 90% of the passing traffic would be speeding !

I have never seen a fixed camera on a 20mph zone.

Mobile camera vehicles can be located anywhere excess speed is an issue. If drivers make a habit of of driving through 20mph zones at 40mph then it's possible such action will attract a camera vehicle. Although there are usually warning signs 'in the vicinity' there is no obligation to put up signs immediately before a camera vehicle. Speed limits are supposed to be complied with at all times, not just when there is an active camera.

Average speed cameras on London's Tower bridge and Rotherhithe tunnel, both 20mph

No. Never a fixed camera on any road with less than 30 as the limit (though the police could use a portable one anywhere, and police cars have them onboard).

In most cases they do not. Its really mostly in places where dangerous speed is expected, but you never know for sure.

If there are signs posted to warn of it, yes.