> Did I get a good buy?

Did I get a good buy?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
just bought a 2001 Honda Integra Type R DC5 shape for $9500. It has a few minor cons like a scratch here & there, upholstery needs a few repairs. But other than that, it drives like a dream & has 150000km on the clock. Do these cars have any faults after a certain amount of km's or anything?

I don't think there are any specific issues there. Main thing with those high revving engines is to keep up the maintenance and use good oils. Things go bad quick at ~8,000 rpm.

A for a good buy? More than I would have paid for a 15 year old Jap car.. But I'm probably in a different country.

How many times has it been stolen?

These cars are notorious for being stolen, modified, wrecked, and abused. If you're happy with your buy, then you got a good deal. These cars are worth what the buyer is willing to pay, being as rare as they are.

Keep it in a garage, don't park it anywhere that is even remotely questionable.

H yes one big one there is no way an old car is going to perform anything like a new one wear has taken away 90% of it's get up and go. it went and left some 100k miles ago.

did not the general condition of this car raise some alarm bells? ..its obviously not been well cared for ...as such the engine will also not have had an easy life ....and its a 14 year old car ...a type R is always caned ..bon chance

time will tell