> Car accident; how do I prove its not my fault, with no witnesses other than my passengers?

Car accident; how do I prove its not my fault, with no witnesses other than my passengers?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I was travelling southbound on a empty road with some cars very far behind me. as I approached an intersection I noticed a car attempting to make a left turn, so I started to slow down just in case they make the turn. When the driver noticed my car they stopped so I then let go of the brakes and continued towards the intersection. Just when I was crossing the intersection the other driver thought they could quickly make the turn. I ended up hitting their car. The police officer came to the scene and took a brief 2 min statement from me and none from the passengers in my car. I was later issued a careless driving ticket because some witnesses said the light was yellow and that I was speeding. My passengers I know for a fact that the light was green and I wasnt speeding. My car left no skids marks when I was braking, I had a loud exhaust and I am 20 years old. The driver of the other car was more older.

2 weeks my insurance told me that the other driver is now claiming i went through a red light. I am still waiting for my insurance company to receive the police report. I know that it is absolutely not my fault, I dont want to take the blame for someone elses mistake. I need to know how to prove my innocence despite the fact that there are witnesses. I know for a fact that because of my age and the modded car I was driving the witnesses and police are being bias.

I live in Toronto, I need some professional answers please, Thank you

Oh my...I had a nice detailed answer for you but it disappeared off the screen.

I will again briefly try to tell you again.

The same thing happened to me. A guy went through a red light and hit me. He was turning left.

The Insurance Company put an add in the Newspaper for witnesses but none came forward.

After one full year...it is now settled.

They went 50/50...meaning...his Insurance Company paid for half of my damages and mine paid for half of his....simply because there were no witnesses.

As for the ticket.....you go fight that.....the Police did not see it, therefore how does he know what happened.

I also had a 10 year old witness in my car but they would not use him.

Good luck hun.....sometimes the young do not get a fair shake.

the way i see it is the other driver refused to yield because at an intersection drivers turning left have to yield so how can it be your fault? i really don't understand? the other driver is lying so he won't be at fault. its his word against yours. hire a lawyer and keep on denying you went through a red light and also if you went through a red light he did also so it doesn't make sense. this is what i believe happened. the light was turning yellow and many drivers turning left on a yellow light will turn not be stuck at a red light so what you should do is never pass a yellow light when a driver wants to turn left because many accidents happen on intersections like that. driving is so easy but its all about analyzing situations. you have to analyze everything.

So you didn't like my answer last week.

Amanda 1 week

The way you see it is wrong, If you cant help you might as well keep your nasty mouth shut. I didnt run no red light its not my fault asian people cant drive. It should have been you in the car and you and your loved ones should have died if ur deciding to be this rude

You fight the ticket in court. You bring your passenger as witness. The other witnesses will not show up. The police officer may not even show up. The police officer did not see you run the light. He should not issue a ticket based only on what random people at the scene tell him. He has no way to prove you are guilty. He did not see it happen and there will be no other witness in court to say you ran the light. Your passenger will testify that the light was green. You are innocent until proven guilty. The ticket will be thrown out.

Be nice a polite to everyone in court. Dress nice and say yes sir no sir etc. Comb your hair, cover your tats, leave the nose ring at home. You feel the whole thing was a misunderstanding and the witnesses were not reliable. You feel the officer made a mistake by not interviewing all witness at the scene and issuing a ticket for an offence he did not see happen.

You stick with your story to the insurance. You tell them you are going to court for the ticket and give them the court date. When the ticket is thrown out you use that is proof of your innocence. Let the insurance handle it. They will decide who they believe. That is all you can do.