> Can a motorcycle key be remade without the original?

Can a motorcycle key be remade without the original?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I own a 1975 Honda CB 125s and I lost my key. As I only had one, there is no other key that the new can be based off of. I do have a few places I am looking for the old key, but figured I'd prepare for the worst.

Thanks, Tanner

Oh, man, it used to be so easy, back in 80's when I rode Hondas.

There should be a small 3 digit number on the chrome front of the ignition. take that number to a Honda bike dealer. Used to be they'd have a drawer full of the basic keys.

But since you don't have original, you'd need to take that basic key to locksmith so that he can reset the ignition, and then take the blank key from Honda dealer and make your ignition key.

That's a cool bike to run around on. Not much for hiway miles, but fun intown.

The VIN is on the neck, but you do not need it.

In my area, locksmiths and hardware stores do not carry motorcycle key blanks.

Do what I did for my '82 CB650:

Remove the ignition cylinder. Take it to the nearest Honda dealer.

Using the numbers on the cylinder, they look it up and re-create the key.

Then, you get to try the key in the cylinder right there at the counter, assuring that it works before you even leave.

BTDT, and they were cheap enough I bought extras.

A locksmith can create a key using a technique known as key impressioning. They do not need an old key to copy and they don't need the VIN. Here's how it's done.

I had a key made for an old ignition. I have no idea how they did it, but I brought it into a local lock smith, and the next day they had a new set of keys for me. I think it was something like $25.

Yes, but you will need the VIN number and a Honda dealer. You will also need to pray the locks have not been changed from original. Get 2 keys cut so you have a spare.

This might be the best way to go.

Buy another ignition switch.