> California intersections 2015 drivers test?

California intersections 2015 drivers test?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I am going to take my behind the wheel test in a few weeks and I've been told that you aren't used to wait in the middle of the intersection anymore that you're surposed to wait behind the line?

Can someone please explain to me? Thanks

In most states, they tell you to wait in the intersection on a left turn and when the light turns red, you make the turn so you aren't blocking the intersection. You're suppose to wait behind the line...

California just makes it legal for the first two cars to make that left turn when the light turns red. Stay behind the line.

It's simple -- the California DMV does *not* follow California law.

Follow the rules the idiots at the DMV, pass thier stupid test, and then forget their rules and follow the law.

Wait behind the line with your instructor! You don't want to risk anything with them!

Call your DMV and ask or ask your Examiner before your test