> Cage (car) vs Motorcycle?

Cage (car) vs Motorcycle?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I got into motorcycles about 2 months ago and people go on about how its so much better then a car because your not locked into a cage, and I get that, I agreed with it to some extent. Especially when I was riding my cruiser and had a 3/4 helmet on, but now I have a sport motorcycle and I wear a full face helmet and it got me wondering. How can people complain about being in a cage when you literally put on a cage on your head which is more restricting then a car. Yes your body feels more of the wind but I test drove a Porsche Boxster convertible yesterday and got the same feeling without wearing a full face helmet. Anyways no hate on motorcycle or anything I just wanted to ask why people blame cars for being cages when people wear it on their faces

Ah, but I don't.

My "hat" does not feel like a cage, since I rarely wear the full-face.

Having given up full-on winter riding, I no longer need the protection from the cold.

The full leathers are a recent thing for me, but they are still just clothing.

Not confining in any way.

I could ride in nothing more than gym shorts, if I chose to (never again, the sunburn hurt).

I have no idea why you would change style of helmet with style of bike.

What else changed? Or is it just the fashion police?

To each his own.

I never really completely relax in a car. On a motorcycle, I can move into the ride, into the rhythm of the curves, the scenery, the wind, the mechanics and the mechanical noise of the ride. It's the only place I truly relax and forget about my worries.

Even in a full face helmet.

There are practical considerations – being hit constantly in the face by raindrops at 80mph is not much fun – you learn how much feeling you have in your lips after a few miles.

You are not used to wearing a fullface helmet, as long as it fits properly, you will soon get used to it. You get no sensation of being "part" of a car, it surrounds and cossets you, insulating you from the outside world.

Cage is just a term describing a vehicle. It means nothing other than that. No distain just a slang word for a vehicle.

because they need some sort of protection being exposed to the brutality of traffic, They don't have a wall of steal protecting them in case of an accident