> Bought a used dirt bike from dealership?

Bought a used dirt bike from dealership?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I picked up a used dirt bike a rmz 250 2 weeks ago took it back into the shop the next day since the back brake went bad, dirt bike bogs and dies when I give it a good amount of throttle, they keep saying the problem is fixed but not true. Can I get my money back they told me it was in excellent condition when I first bought it which was a lie. Thanks

You can certainly ask and a good dealership will work with you. However, unless they gave you a specified warranty with that used bike, they are really under no legal obligation to do anything for you. Used vehicle sales are as is/where is unless a warranty is specified.

Most shops make it clear what they will or will not do. Sounds like carb needs cleaning or new jets, brake may need pads or adjustments. A simple 4 hour max fix.

I would suggest going back, have them give you a firm date when it will be repaired, and not another two weeks. If they start jacking you around, speak with owner, and demand refund. I repeat, be polite. Once the yelling starts, you lose.

Now go drink a beer and relax

I took it back the following day it's been in he shop for 2 weeks they just haven't done anything to it

Hi Buying anything used is a problem was it sold as seen. by the sounds of it was so you don't have any rights. so i bet you gave the impression you knew what you where doing too.

No, unless you got a written warranty or guarantee.

after two weeks no.. you have 7 days or so.. it is kinda your fault for not having it checked over before..