> Best cheap 125cc motorbike for a tall person?

Best cheap 125cc motorbike for a tall person?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Im 18 and looking to pass my CBT get a motorbike and later do my A1 so I can ride on motorways (to get home from uni etc).

I am 6 foot 2 with slim build 11 stone 2 (dont know if weigh matter 2 much).

My budget is £1000 max, I have mainly been looking at Honda cbf 125 but it is slightly too expensive in most cases, are there any bikes suited to taller riders within my price range? open to any suggestions as im new to bike

You can pick up very good used Japanese 125s for that amount. I know, I've sold a few. My 6' 5" son had a cbx125f, he fitted a CM125 too, so there are bikes out there you can ride. I would not go on a motorway on a 125, they are not quite fast enough....

But you need someone knowledgeable about bikes to inspect/test them before parting with your cash.

While you can ride a 125 on a motorway with an A1 you will not enjoy the experience, stuck in the slow lane dodging lorries. Riding on major A-roads would be slightly better.

But the fact is your budget is low for a reliable 125, in your place I would go to local dealers and ask them what happens with their part exchange machines. I would also consider a scooter (as they will be more available).

Used Kaw 125 dual sport. your budget means a decent brand but used at least 5 years. your height implies the taller dual sport models. And your UK area with it's silly laws means stuck with 125cc for a year or two.

The tallest 125cc machine you can buy is the Honda XL-125V Varadero. You may be able to pick one up in the region of £1,000 if you hunt around.

You aren't that tall, live with it.

The Yamaha YBR 125 is another choice.

Be careful where you put your money, buying a newer, cheaper 'non-brand' can cost you more in the long run.