> Beginner Motorcycle?

Beginner Motorcycle?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
So ive never ridden a motorcycle in my life and i really like Bikes, I got into them after i watched Motovloggers on youtube, i was wondering if you have any recommendations, im thinking of getting a used Dualsport or supermoto but i really like the looks of the superbikes, i dont plan on getting something like a 600cc bike but maybe a Honda CBR300, I think it would be better to get a dual sport incase i drop it

Also, i live in canada and this would be my only way of transportation so do you think i should get a car instead because of winter?


I've probably seen this question at least a thousand times on here. The real answer is, There is no

"perfect" motorcycle for you. I'd like to say the CBR300R is the best all around bike but I can't. Go to some dealerships. Sit on some bikes, Maybe even test ride some. I really recommend taking your time. I don't recommend getting a brand new bike either. You are a beginner. Buy used! If you buy new you'll have a used bike in a week

Dual sports aren't immune to being dropped, though I guess they have no fragile fairings etc. I mean, I've broken a couple of flashers and brake levers (some DS/enduros have a lever cover, but not mine).

A DS would give you access to a lot of backroads, logging roads etc. which are fun to travel in their own right (instead of having both a pickup and an ATV or horse trailer) and offroad is good to push your limits without ending up under a semi truck.

Canada is kind of large. No problem using a bike year-round in Vancouver (with rain gear) but bikes don't do so well in warm snow (cold compacted snow, maybe - people have ridden to the Arctic, possibly with studded tires). As Dimo says you can get heated clothing from snowmobile stores.

Really liking bikes isn't something you get from watching, but from riding. Take a training course on a hired/borrowed bike and see how it goes. Even if you don't like bikes having had the training, you will have learned something useful for being on the road, even in a car. (though my personal belief is that no-one should be allowed to drive a car/truck until they have done 5000 miles on a motorcycle).

Do you have years of experience on a pedal bicycle on the streets? You have the experience to really know that the cars do not see you and that you have to dodge them? Is the same as on motorcycles, except you will be going faster and you will crash.

You are experienced with winter cold. You know how cold it gets when the wind blow. With a motorcycle you have a 40-50 mph wind chill. You can ride full time in Canada, but you *will* need heated gear -- gloves, socks, pants, jacket.

Less than one person in 100,000 is willing to ride in the winter. Are you the one? If not, get a car and get the motorcycle for summer.

Took me several attempts to work the clutch .. kept killing the engine .. but once I saw how it took hold and got the feel for it .. It became natural .. and a bike in the 300 +/- range is a great choice for local riding and off the road .

Get the CBR300 to start out at