> Are driving instructors allowed to shout at learners?

Are driving instructors allowed to shout at learners?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I've just went for my first driving lesson. When I got into the car, the first thing I did was telling the instructor that I have not drove a car before so I know nothing about driving. He gave me a pissed off face but he still told me how to start.

As I was driving slowly at the S shaped course, he shouted at me because I did not turn at the right time. However, at most of the time, he wouldn't let go of the steering wheel and let me try to control it myself. I told him I wouldn't know when to turn if he keeps doing it for me. He then raised his voice again and told me if I want to act smart, I shouldn't come to driving lessons.

Also, the car stalled for a few times because I wasn't familiar with manual cars. This time, he was actually shouting so loud that I could see people in other cars looking into my car.

At the end of the session, I told him he wasn't fit to be a driving instructor and went straight out of the car. I reported to the office but they told me to bear with it as he is one of the instructors that have worked so long there. I also told them to change my instructor and they did.

I'm still waiting for my next driving lesson and I hope the new instructor is a good one.

I used to be head instructor at a driving school and I absolutely forbid any of the instructors to yell at a student. I met with each student privately before they were to go out on the road and told them if any instructor yelled at them I was to know and if a student was uncomfortable with any teacher I would change them to another. You can't learn anything if you're afraid to make a mistake.

He sounds like a tool, driving instructors are allowed to raise their voices but only in a situation where the student driver is driving dangerously. You did the right thing reporting him to the office, if enough people do that he will eventually get laid off or fired for his actions.

Are you asking if there is a federal or state law about driving instructors shouting?

No. There isn't. I don't even need to look it up.

Allowed, nothing says he can't but he really shouldn't. Long time instructor =stressed out which is no excuse. Good that you didn't let them push you around.

I hope you get a better instructor as well.

Not a law against it, certainly bad practice and may be against school rules. Change instructors.


Good story. He must have tried to instruct his not so young wife some time.

A) you were right!!

B) start out with automatic if at all possible.

Sure, why not?