> Am I in the wrong for having neighbors cars towed in a complex that doesn't allow street parking?

Am I in the wrong for having neighbors cars towed in a complex that doesn't allow street parking?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I recently purchased a townhome in a development where street parking is not allowed. There are signs every few yards that say "No street parking. Call xxx-xxxx (a towing company)". This is a major reason I chose to purchase in this development as others that allow street parking just look junky. After I moved in, and I'm actually there at night, all the neighbors park on both sides of the street, including in front of my town home. I don't want to say anything directly to my neighbors because if they don't quit parking on the street, they'll know it's me if I have them towed. The HOA doesn't enforce the rules. It's difficult to drive through the neighborhood with cars parked on both sides of the street. Is it ok to go ahead and call the towing service on the signs even though no one else seems to care? I feel they should at least be warned and have the chance to stop first but as I said HOA doesn't enforce and I don't want my neighbors to get rude with me for asking them to move their cars. (Everyone has a garage and a driveway that fits an extra car, some fit 2.)

Your HoA has made an arrangement with a towing company, and publicizes a contact phone number on those signs. That's a clear signal that they want residents to make that call.

But it shouldn't be up to the residents. Your development has narrow streets. In order to facilitate access for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles, your township probably made approval of that design contingent on a prohibition of on-street parking. You might want to make your local fire marshal aware of this chronic violation, and let them sort it out with the HoA, and management company.

You're not necessarily in the wrong but it is a bit cheeky to call the towing company if you know it's one of your neighbours cars. If it was just a random car that you don't recognise then if course you should have it removed.

I know you don't want to annoy your neighbours but just think how pissed they'll be if they find out it was you that got their car towed...

Read over of the HOA contract, if they are in breach tell them you will stop paying or sue if they don't enforce the contract. Mention public safety and fire code and such.

It's a d!ck move to have all the cars towed, just the ones blocking you in would be fine.

Costs a lot of money for a tow. Maybe you should write them an anonymous note and sneak it onto their windshields. It may be difficult to navigate, but you don't wanna be 'that' person in the neighborhood.

You're going to be real popular in the complex once they find out it was you that got their cars towed.

And they will.

Go to a HOA meeting and ask why they aren't enforcing the parking regulations. You may want to consult an attorney also.

if the decision was made to not allow street parking then f**k those inconsiderate Ahole neighbors. let them keep paying the towing company.

Wrong? All I'm going to say is nobody likes a tattletale.

Nope, I might do the same thing. You chose where to live as they did so they should follow the parking rules or move out.

Knock, knock, knock, Can you move your car, it is parked illegally.

Wait a half hour, if it is moved, problem solved. If not, then call.