> Am I doing illegal in towing the wrong parked vehicle?

Am I doing illegal in towing the wrong parked vehicle?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
So, I live in an apartment, someone parked on my parking space. I called the towing company, stopped my car in front of that car, and tried to avoid that car getting away. 15 mins later after I called, the owner of that vehicle came, I told him I called towing company already. I did not move my car away. when the tow guy came he told me that was illegal, is it true? I mean if i don't stopped my car there, that person would've got away, i would end up paying the tow guy.

I think a better course of action would be to simply tell the driver there are assigned spots, he needs to park in a visitor spot or on the street, and that if they parked there again they would be towed.

Also write down the plate number and give that info to the landlord.

As for illegal, that word is over used. You are on private property. The police do not care or manage who parks where. The only thing they would mange/ticket/tow on private property would be a fire lane and handicapped parking.

Maybe if someone left their car in a traffic lane like you did, they could say was a safety issue, exert jurisdiction, and tell you to move the car or they will ticket you then, then if you refused to move it call a tow truck. And I would guess there is some statute about blocking a traffic lane, or causing hazard to other drivers.

What you did (blocking the other car) is illegal, even on private property. There's no law that says one must park in their assigned parking space. It's just a rule established by the apartment complex to help ensure people are able to park near their unit.

But there is a special law under ADA that says you can be cited for parking in an ADA space even on private property.

Parking in someone else's assigned parking spot is a very minor thing. Physically preventing someone's freedom of movement is potentially a serious crime. I would not recommend blocking someone in.

You should discuss the situation with the landlord. The landlord is the only person who has any authority over parking on his private property, and if the landlord promised you a certain parking spot, they are responsible for ensuring you can use it. Ultimately it is their problem to solve.

You are only allowed to tow it if the tow truck arrives before the owner of the vehicle. If the owner arrives before the tow truck, then you have to let the car leave.

Also, if you stop your car somewhere that it is not supposed to be stopped to block another car, then your car is supposed to be towed.

It is not your place to block him in. If I was the towing company I would charge you for the cost of the tow.

You aren't law enforcement. You are preventing someone from freedom of movement.


And keep doing it

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