> Am I a dangerous driver?

Am I a dangerous driver?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Just got my license 2 months ago. I feel like I'm pretty good at driver but I also get a little stupid when I drive. Like I forget the essential driving steps. Sometimes I forget my seat belt, forget to put the car in park before I turn it off, try to make a yellow light, or make turns that are too wide/tight. I never text and rarely mess with the radio. Can anyone give me any tips? I really want to be a safe driver but I feel like I'm being a little risky.

i had the same problem like you when i 1st got my license. to improve that, i drove everyday all by myself for 2 hours until i learned every mistake i was making and dangerous situations. you should practice driving in a busy city. after i learned all that, i practiced parking for 2 hours everyday especially parallel parking. it took me 200 hours of practice to master driving. you just need more experience. practice with someone for 2 hours everyday and learn from your mistakes. don't give up

Take an advanced driver safety course. The course you take to get your license is good but it sounds like you need more training to be a good driver, seek professional help.

Things happen out if your control

you always prepare when you drive.. always present of mind to avoid accident..