> 98 sportster clutch too stiff?

98 sportster clutch too stiff?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
My girlfriend has a 98 sportster that the clutch is way too stiff. She can't even squeeze it in. I took it for a long ride and now my hand and wrist are killing me. I compared it to my bike and to friends bikes and it is way harder than all of ours. it is probably about 5x harder to pull than any other bike. Any advise?

Burly makes an easy-pull clutch kit for a Sportster.

If everything is lubed, not kinked and in good nick mechanically, it may be that some giant human thing has put heavy duty clutch springs in it. Not that hard to replace, get the stock OEM springs, drain the oil, pop the clutch cover, remove anything obstructing your access to the retaining bolts, unscrew them EVENLY, remove each, swapping the spring for the OEM one. Then put it back together and enjoy changing gear without needing carbon fiber reinforced tendons in your hand lol

Change the spring or get the easy pull clutch assembly " Freak Show " mentions .

First, check the routing and make sure it's lubed properly.

Then look into an easy-pull kit.

Use a longer arm, or change the position of the cable connect to alter the pull ratio.