> 26 mph over the speed limit what's going to happen?

26 mph over the speed limit what's going to happen?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I'm 16 years old and go my license in March of 2014 and it's now august of 2014. I got a speeding ticket 2 1/2 weeks after I got my license 19mph over and got off and I just got another ticket 26 mph over. It was 71 in a 45. Is there any chance I can get off again. If not how long will I be suspended. I have a job play sports and go to school. Thanks

You again are lucky the officer didnt tow your car for reckless driving.. You never know what will happen in these cases your paper work should be on fine at the court house now so call in and give them the citation number and see if the judge would like to see you. If you are so lucky to see a judge on a bench warrant good luck you will probably see your license suspended for at least 6 months to a year and another year of probation PLUS the fine which im guessing is up around 300 bucks. Then if your insurance doesnt drop you your rates are going to probably double.. Just hope it doesnt go to a judge they like to teach young kids a lesson and with previous tickets so close together you will get nailed. So if driving is SO important for school , work and play but screwing around is more fun huh..

In my state you would automatically lose it for 6 months minimum. Probably longer considering how fast you were going and the other offense. You should probably consider slowing down if/when you drive again. If you get caught again at that speed, I wouldn't be surprised if you get jail time.

Youre obviously too immature to be driving.

Maybe wait a few years then try again.

I don't expect you to listen but you're really screwing yourself over. I've seen it before.

Hopefully they take away your driving privileges until you are 18 years old, at least.

You will be lucky to see your driving privileges reinstated at the age of 18.

I hope you have a high paying job because you will need it to pay the increase in your insurance as well as the $700.00 or so in fines .

You need to invest in a good bicycle

Exactly why kids should not be driving. Hopefully your licence will be taken away.