> 2003 gmc envoy after market radio won't turn on?

2003 gmc envoy after market radio won't turn on?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I tried installing the radio by myself and checked the connection between the wires twice and it still won't turn on

By even trying to install it yourself, you will set off a service engine code in the body control module when it tries to check the radio circuit. Bad idea to try to install it yourself with little know how. When you install your aftermarket radio, you have to use a scan tool to reporgram the body control module or you get the light.

No I don't and the stock radio still works. What kind of light do I need?

Factory radios must programed im GM dealer

Oh OOO!!!!! I guess your installation procedures suck. You got power?? Is this one for your vehicle or did you just figure you slap any ole radio in your vehicle & not checking to see if you need any other add on kits to make it work?

Do you happen to have a test light, they work a lot better then checking.

try checking the fuse box.