ABA Midwest Nationals and UCI North American Series Finale

Rockford BMX - Rockford, Illinois

June 20 & 21, 2009



AA Pro Girl Pro Vet Pro A Pro

AA Pro - 1 Sam Willoughby 2 David Herman 3 Jeff Upshaw 4 Randy Stumpfhauser 5 Kyle Bennett 6 Nic Long 7 Mike Day 8 Donny Robinson

Girl Pro - 1 Alise Post 2 Brooke Crain 3 Amanda Geving 4 Stephanie Barragan 5 Krystal Hime 6 Afton Schrimpf 7 Amanda Carr 8 Allie Dragoo

Vet Pro - 1 Kenth Fallen 2 John 3 Chad Street 4 Joey Albright 5 Paul Caldwell 6 Tim Dinger 7 Robert Harris 8 Dan Maier

A Pro - 1 Vance Wiesendanger 2 Weston Pope 3 Jason Larev 4 Mike Moeller 5 Tyler Faoro 6 Logan Collins 7 Jordan Seward 8 Josh Meyer

Pro Cruiser

1 Danny Caluag

2 Tyler Brown

3 Eric Rupe

BMX Mania's, Vance Wiesendanger, clips in as he makes his way OUT of the Turn Two carnage (see below) while riders are still entering the fray. Vance went on to take the win, earning ABA announcer, Mike Redman's comment of "Vance is on the Redemption Tour" after a controversial disqualification in the Elite Men's UCI Semi Final on Saturday.
Vet Pro Power headin' out of Turn One. Chalk up a Big Ol Double for Kenth Fallen. A Pro madness in Turn Two. Josh Meyers goes down with the pack behind. Seward goes flyin' and Vance W. bounces off the pack. Ozzie Sam Willoughby, in the middle with the Big Dogs on either side. In Turn One, Donny catches Herman's tire and Mikey slams dR...Both go down.
Wiesendanger's a happy camper as he approaches the Finish Line. Sweetness. Alise Post brought a "friend from home" with her to watch her race. Another "Friend Of Alise". Mr. Alise, Sam Willoughby. Who's this guy? Haro's Shannon Troglia runs the rig and is the Pit Master and he made his main twice in X this weekend. Corben Sharrah, one tough customer. ABA X, UCI SX Elite.



Elite Men - 1 Kyle Bennett 2 Donny Robinson 3 Weston Pope 4 Randy Stumpfhauser 5 Nic Long 6 Cristian Becerine 7 David Herman 8 Danny Caluag

Elite Women - 1 Dominic Daniels 2 Alise Post 3 Amanda Geving 4 Stephanie Barragan 5 Amanda Carr 6 Krystal Hime 7 Afton Schrimpf 8 Carley Young

Junior Men - 1 Denzel Stein 2 Sam Willoughby 3 Tommy Zula 4 Juan Marin 5 Alex Anthony 6 Jordan Seward 7 Corben Sharrah 8 Sean Lechner

Vet Pro (ABA Points) - 1 Kenth Fallen 2 Chad Street 3 Tim Dinger 4 Eric Rupe 5 Paul Caldwell 6 John Purse 7 Joey Albright 8 Robert Harris