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Sunday/ABA Sooner National 2

AA Pro (23 Riders) - 1 Kyle Bennett 2 Mike Day 3 Donny Robinson 4 Khalen Young 5 Cristian Becerine 6 Jarrett Kolich 7 Tyler Brown 8 Steven Cisar

Girls Pro (8 Riders) - 1 Dominique Daniels 2 Alise Post 3 Arielle Martin 4 Krystal Hime 5 Brooke Crain 6 Stephanie Barragan 7 Denielle Brisson 8 Missy Hartley

Pro Cruiser (8 riders) - 1 Danny Caluag 2 Tyler Brown 3 Barry Nobles 4 Matt Baisley 5 Eric Rupe 6 Adam Treadwell 7 Kenth Fallen 8 Ed Olson

Vet Pro (12 Riders) - 1 John Purse 2 Kenth Fallen 3 Greg Romero 4 Chad Street 5 Eric Rupe 6 Robert Harris 7 Doug Crowell 8 Billy Ross

A Pro (16 Riders) - 1 Corey Reid 2 Josh Meyers 3 Nic Long 4 Thomas Fernandez 5 Cody Hungerford 6 Jordan Seward 7 Jonny Rocket 8 Steven Jackson



All Photo GALLERY Photos by Jasen KrenEk/MJT Designs -

All Photo GALLERY Photos by Jasen KrenEk/MJT Designs -

How the sUNDAY finals went down

By Jenny Anderson


AA PRO - Great racing in this bunch. Kyle Bennett and Mike Day battle it out HARD for the top spot with Becerine, Robinson and Young always right there in the mix.

Main 1 ..... 2nd straight in pro section Kyle Bennett, Mike Day, Cristian Becerine and Khalen Young are all battlin' hard for the lead with Bennett on the gas out front where he leads to the end of the third straight. In to the last turn where Day cuts under Bennett to take the win (It's Day, Bennett, Becerine and Young) 

Main 2 ..... Hole Shot goes to Bennett. Bennett, Becerine and Donny Robinson are shoulder to shoulder over the first double in the pro section. The 2nd turn sorts things out and the order ends up Bennett, Donny, Cristian and Khalen.

Main 3 – Khalen Young, Mike Day, Kyle Bennett, Donny Robinson tight into the second turn … same order all the way to the end, but loosened up a bit. Final 4 for that round were Kolich, Brown, Becerine and Cisar.

Final AA Pro Results were Kyle Bennett, Mike Day, Donny Robinson, Khalen Young, Cristian Becerine, Jarrett Kolich, Tyler Brown, and Steven Cisar


Girls Pro – Dominique Daniels dominated the Pro Girls races, winning every main. Alise was always right behind as was Arielle Martin.

Main 1 it's Dominique Daniels, Alise Post, Arielle Martin and Brooke Crain wire to wire.

Main 2 – Alise grabs the Hole Shot, Dom passes Alise by Turn 2,  final finishes are Daniels, Post, Hime and Arielle.

Main 3 – Daniels Hole Shots, down the second straight, it's Daniels, Post, Martin and Hime. At the finish line, it's Dominique,  Alise, Arielle followed by a more distant Krystal Hime, Stephanie Barragan, Brooke Crain, Danielle Brisson and Missy Hartley.



Vet Pro – The Vet Pros always split into two groups: John Purse, Greg Romero, Kenth Fallen, and Chad Street always took the pro section; Eric Rupe, Robert Harris, Doug Crowell, and Billy Ross did not. Eric was always near or at the lead until the pro-section split ("Big Daddy" is the cagey veteran, and is still a very fast guy, AND, he DID take the pro section in Pro Cruiser....Amazing!). The leapers always lead at the end in various orders. John Purse never won a main, but he was the most consistent of the bunch and had the lowest points, securing a BIG Vet Pro win, followed by Fallen, Romero, Street, Rupe, Harris, Crowell, and Ross.

Main 1 Purse HS, Fallen passes in 2nd Straight pro section, end 2nd Str Fallen, Purse, Romero, Street. Street passes Romero 3rd Straight, but bobbles on the stepup before the 3rd turn and goes off the track giving Romero 3rd that round. Don’t know the rest of the order - finish in M1 was Fallen Purse Romero ?

Main 2 – Missed the 1st straight (don’t know how!) Pro Section – Purse, Romero, Street, Fallen From 2nd turn to the end is Street Purse Fallen Romero

Main 3 – Romero Holeshots and it's Romero, Purse, Fallen and Street all the way to the end.

Final was Purse, Fallen, Greg Romero, Chad Street, Rupe, Robert Harris, Crowell, and Billy Ross



A Pro - Corey Reid, Josh Meyers and Nic Long were the main players. In the second round, Johnny Rocket Woodmansee led Josh Meyers over the first double in the pro section. Reid, Long, and Meyers passed Woodmansee by the end of the second turn. The 2nd main event final order was Reid, Long, Jordan Seward, and Josh Meyers. The third round was lead by Meyers, Long, and Reid followed by Steven Jackson. Thomas Fernandez bumped Jackson hard in the second turn to take fourth place. The final points gave the lead to Reid followed by Meyers, Long, Fernandez, Hungerford, Seward, Woodmansee, and Jackson.

Main 1 - Corey Reid, Josh Meyers, Thomas Fernandez, Cody Hungerford

Main 2 - The order is Corey Reid, Nic Long, Josh Meyer, Johnny Rocket. 

Main 3 - Meyers Hole Shots followed by Long, Reid and Steven Jackson. In turn 2 Thomas Fernandez in 5th bumped Jackson HARD, knocking him to the end and taking 4th.  Final was Meyers, Long, Reid and Fernandez.

Final results were Corey Reid, Josh Meyers, Nic Long, Thomas Fernandez, Cody Hungerford, Jordan Seward, Johnny Woodmansee, and Steven Jackson


Saturday/UCI points & ABA Sooner National

Elite Men (33 Riders)

1 Mike Day 2 Kyle Bennett

3 Khalen Young 4 Marc Willers

5 Donny Robinson 6 Nic Long

7 Cristian Becerine 8 Jarrett Kolich

Elite Women (7 Riders)

1 Dominique Daniels 2 Alise Post

3 Stephanie Barragan 4 Arielle Martin

5 Krystal Hime 6 Danielle Brisson

Junior Men (13 Riders)

1 Denzel Stein 2 Tory Nyhaug

3 Riley Stair 4 Sean Lechner

5 Elliot McGrath 6 Connor Fields

7 Nick Benetti 8 Jordan Seward

Vet Pro (13 Riders/ABA Points Only)

1 John Purse 2 Kenth Fallen

3 Greg Romero 4 Chad Street

5 Eric Rupe 6 Doug Crowell

7 Jeremiah Oliver 8 Robert Harris


All Photo GALLERY Photos by Jasen KrenEk/MJT Designs -

All Photo GALLERY Photos by Jasen KrenEk/MJT Designs -



Friday Photo Gallery

All Photo GALLERY Photos by Jasen Krenek/MJT Designs -


All Photo GALLERY Photos by Jasen KrenEk/MJT Designs -