Friday/National 1 - Saturday/National 2 - Sunday/National 3

Saturday/National 2 foto gallery


Friday/National 1

1 Connor Fields 1 Mariana Pajon 1 Maliek Byndloss 1 Felicia Stancil 1 Cristian Becerine 1 Jeff Upshaw
2 Vincent Pelluard 2 Arielle Martin 2 Andrew Townsend 2 Domenica Azuero 2 Matt Pohlkamp 2 Chase Hines
3 David Herman 3 Simone Christensen 3 Tyler Whitfield 3 Shealen Reno 3 Javier Colombo 3 Olijuwan Davis
4 Tory Nyhaug 4 Dani George 4 Chris Christensen 4 Mika Shaw 4 Beau Richards 4 Phil Delizia
5 Corben Sharrah 5 Amanda Geving 5 Justin Knapper 5 Shay Glynn 5 Domingos Lammoglia 5 Thomas Siinmaa
6 Sylvain Andre 6 Alise Post 6 Hunter Pelham 6 Adrian Sanders 6 Tim Dinger 6 Daniel Smith
7 Joey Bradford 7 Dominique Daniels 7 Brandon Ceslok   7 Will Murray 7 Marty Wisehart
8 Kory Cook 8 Amanda Carr 8 Sean Gaian   8 Yo Thach 8 Brandon McCoy


Connor Fields was looking extremely fast, Friday. Fast enough to take the Elite Men's Final. Dominique & Mariana battlin' it out in moto action. Dom got MP this round but Pajon took the final. TRI-POWER! 3 fast dudes! From Left, Justin Posey, Connor Fields & Marc Willers. Free Agent, TM, Dale Holmes & Maris Strombergs. Maris didn't race due to bike trubs. Back at it Saturday Corben Sharrah (Right) took a Fifth in the Final. Donny Robinson (Left) took a trip to the hospital after a ROUGH crash in the Pro Section. Get better SOON, dR! Collin Hudson is a Rock Star. Well, a 16 year old Rock Star! Good enough to take ANOTHER 1st in 16X!

BMX Diversity! Left, Denmark's, Simone Christensen & the Blue Lady, Thailand's, Amanda Carr! "Jerry Likee!" A sure way to get your picture on BMX Mania! Don't SMILE for the camera, STYLE for the camera! Dan's Comp stud, Alden Volle with a classic Bar Hump over the Pro Section! French Dude, Sylvain Andre (Who is BMX Mania Approved) took a respectable 6th place in Elite Men. Podium Time for The Hermanator! Chalk up a Big 3 for Free Agent's, Deadly Dave! 'Slammin Sam'! Sam Willoughby had a rough day at the office. After cruisin' all day, he crashed out in his Semi. Tomorrow?