UCI BMX World Cup - randaberg, Norway - Randaberg Arena - April 12-14, 2012

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Elite Men Elite Women
1 Connor Fields USA ... 2 Sam Willoughby AUS ... 3 Carlos Oquendo COL ... 4 Quentin Caleyron FRA ... 5 Brian Kirkham AUS ... 6 Liam Phillips GBR ... 7 Tory Nyhaug CAN ... 8 Khalen Young AUS 1 Caroline Buchanan AUS ... 2 Magalie Pottier FRA ... 3 Alise Post USA ... 4 Vilma Rimsaite LTU ... 5 Arielle Martin USA ... 6 Melinda McCleod AUS ... 7 Laetitia Le Corguille FRA ... 8 Sarah Walker NZL

It's elite Celebration Time At UCI Supercross Norway!

Connor Fields exploded with emotion after a photo finish transformed defeat to victory for him after Sam Willoughby had originally appeared to have won the Elite Men's final.

Caroline Buchanan had a similar but reversed experience as she came out of the gate at the back of the pack and wove her way thru her competitors to pass Magalie Pottier of France at the line!








Caroline Buchanan & Connor Fields Take UCI SX Time Trial Honors.......AGAIN!

UCI BMX News Service - Randaberg, Norway 13 April, 2012 – Caroline Buchanan (AUS) and Connor Fields (USA) again claimed victory in the Superfinal Time Trials during the second round of the 2012 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series in Randaberg, Norway. Less than a month ago this duo did exactly the same in Chula Vista California.

That is remarkable considering this a small, fast, custom-built, indoor track compared to the much bigger, downhill, Beijing Olympic replica track. In other words, these two riders are unstoppable in their current form and can win anywhere.

Tomorrow the racing continues. 64 men have qualified out of 121. 31 women, out of 41, will also forward into the finals in Randaberg Norway. Racing starts 4.00 pm (CEST) You can watch it live from 6.40 pm on

Connor Fields said that being happy makes the biggest difference. “What is the secret? ….I go out there and do my best it pays off. Good preparation good coaching…. You know, I am happy right now, I am feeling good and that results in great form and me riding well. Tomorrow I am going to go out there and do my best. I want to win every race I am in.”

“I don't think I have a certain kind of track that suits me. A lot of people have been saying that I am only good at Chula Vista. You know I just enjoy riding my bike that is all that counts.”

Caroline Buchanan, fastest girl on the track “I still can’t believe I won. I mean Chula Vista was the first time trials I had ever won. I know that Time Trials is one of my specialties. Doing 4-cross and downhill helped me having smooth runs. And I managed to transfer that smoothness to BMX. But I still can’t believe I won another one. It is great to win this but I really want to transfer this experience in to racing. This means that you are the fastest girl on the track. But so much can happen in racing you have to put that all together. In Chula (Vista) I finished fifth. If I get top three tomorrow, I am stoked.”

Results/Elite Men - 1 Connor Fields (USA) 2 Liam Phillips (GBR) 3 Joris Daudet (FRA) 4 Sam Willoughby (AUS) 5 Mike Day (USA) 6 Carlos Oquendo (COL) 7 Tory Nyhaug (CAN) 8 Raymon van der Biezen (NED) 9 Brian Kirkham (AUS) 10 Andre Fossa Aguiluz (NOR)

Results Elite Women - 1 Caroline Buchanan (AUS) 2 Laetitia Le Corguille (FRA) 3 Brooke Crain (USA) 4 Magalie Pottier (FRA) 5 Jana Horakova (CZE) 6 Romana Labounková (CZE) 7 Sarah Walker (NZL) 8 Eva Ailloud (FRA) 9 Alise Post (USA) 10 Abbie Taylor (GBR)


.....News around the track

Connor Fields has been on a tear lately. He swept both days in Chula Vista, now he starts off Norway by winning the TT Superfinal!

'Afro Bob' ain't so afro'd after he got shaved due to injuries from being hit by a car while riding on the street. Minor bumps and bruises, he's tuff!

Bubba Harris had one of those deals where your stuff doesn't show up at the airport when you get off the plane! YIKES! So, he's now wearing Mike Day's jersey and riding Nic Long's spare bike. Bubba now on Haro Factory? For two day's only, Bub's bike should be here for his Saturday race.

Brooke Crain is lookin' pretty stoked to have her T.M., Haro's Derek Betcher in Norway. DB's lookin' like only he can, minus his whip over the pro section in South Park. We'll get to that in July, right DB? Right after this shot was taken, Marc Willers ATE IT in the first turn. VERY scary helmet slam. Tuff guy that he is, he got back on the bike and qualified for race day. WHEW!

Don't Forget! Time Trial Photos Coming LATE Friday Night, & Saturday Morning! BMX Mania's travellin' half way around the world, staying up all night, killing our feet standing around on a gnarly track all day and battling Jet Lag to bring you THE BEST media coverage of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Dot Johan, #KhalenYoung!

What's that sound? ..... Here they come! ..... Can you feel em comin? ..... Awesome BMX Radness Comin' At Cha Like A Florida Hurricane! ..... It's a BMX Media Avalanche, and it's parking HERE, just for you!

Those you see below will soon be hundreds of full color morsels of Photographic Genius! Direct from Randaberg! Come On Back And Get Em While You Can!!!!! You know you love it.....BMX brilliance fired down a massive start hill and perfected over HUGE jumps, lightning fast "Bubba Moves" and horrific crashes! UCI BMX Supercross, BMX at it's best! Right here, just for YOU! ........ And, by the way.....You're welcome! - Jerry Landrum/




Not At The Races......Where's Shanaze? No photos of Ms. Reade on the BMX Mania Race Report Page. Actually, she was in the house, but not in practice. Maybe sitting one out so as not to get dinged before the Worlds for the Home Crowd in Birmingham?

Where's Maris.....Mr. Gold Medal was also notable by his absence in Randaberg. According to sources at Free Agent, The Machine is sitting this one out as well. "Already made the Olympics, no reason to race in Norway when you can train in Sunny Southern California." Look for Maris to motor on over from SoCal to the USABMX Winternationals in Phoenix, Arizona next week. He's not "not racing", he's just picking and choosing.







Wednesday, pre-event.....The track's done, but the jumbo-tron is still getting put in place, the banners are still going up but the vibe is in the air. UCI BMX Supercross is about to TAKE OFF in Randaberg. WHOOOOOOOOSH!

This is the Olympic format of BMX racing. Bigger jumps, bigger starthill. More spectacular and spectator friendly. One of the key events leading up to the 2012 London Olympics, this BMX Supercross race is located in the scenic south western part of Norway in the beautiful area of Stavanger.

The event will be held indoors at the brand new Randaberg Arena (opened 12. January, 2012), a full size indoor soccer ground made available for this event, with a custom built track built for this event only.

Track Photos From Wednesday
Another panorama from the top of the Start Hill........NICE!
Tom Ritz (Track Builder) & Bas De Bever (Dutch Team Manager), talk things over near the Finish Line. The high altitude view from the top of the UCI SX Start Hill! Hellooooo, down there! Here's where all the secret stuff happens! Nah! Johan's more likely out on the track, makin' things happen! Check out the big supports holding the turns in place! BIG concrete tubes filled with dirt to keep the massive turns steady! The quiet  before the storm! Today, tents will be filled with the FASTEST riders on the planet, ready to GOOOOOO! Who sez that Mariana Pajon is small! Here she is giant sized on the side of the SX Start Hill! She's not only "big", she's FAST! It's quiet at the track for now, but not for long! Check back Friday morning for photo coverage of Thursday's Practice Day!

Massive grippage makes riders go fast and hard down the massive UCI SX Start Ramp. The transition area between the bottom of the Start Ramp and the first jump. PAVED!