August 20-21, 2007 - Beijing Olympic Track - China


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Donny Robinson & Shanaze Reade Win

Beijing Supercross Titles!

UCI BMX Supercross Results - Round 2 - Beijing

Menís Final

Womenís Final










Donny Robinson

Robert DeWilde

Jared Graves

Raymon van der Biezen

Pablo Gutierrez

Martijn Scherpen

Rob van den Wildenberg

Arturs Matisons










37.134 + 0.185

37.371 + 0.422

37.580 + 0.631

37.621 + 0.672

37.629 +0.680

37.629 + 15.442










Shanaze Reade

Anne-Caroline Chausson

LaŽtitia le Corguille

Gabriela Diaz

Jill Kintner

Sarah Walker

Nicole Callisto

Tanya Bailey










38.043 +1.120

38.203 +1.280

38.329 +1.406

39.507 +2.584

40.063 +3.140

40.345 +3.422

40.702 +3.779

Men's Quarter's, Semi's & Finals Women's Semi's & Finals

Tuesday Photo Gallery

        Anne Caroline Chausson is a fun rider to watch. Style, speed and a winning experience from years of MTB and BMX world titles make her a THREAT in any World Class race. Australia's, Jared Graves had a good day at the office in Beijing. Sign Jared up for a big Third Place finish at the Olympic Test Race. "Want Some?" UCI SX China winner, Donny Robinson wants to share his Big Moment with the fans. dR was Livin' Large in China. BMX Rock Star Status!      

The Afro Bob Files

Fun and Games with 'ol Fuzzy Head!

    One of the best! Big Bob, out front and looking in fine Olympic form the "year before". The heat was INTENSE, Tuesday, and Robert showed the strain after the Final. In his semi, he had to crawl hand over hand up the stairs because his legs were cramping/whipped. The Fro'd One offers some props to First Placer, Donny Robinson. Nice show of sportsmanship, Bob! Dutch Coach, Bas De Bever gets an Ice Cold Victory shower and abrasion to his scalp at the hands of....Uno Who after Uncle Afro took a BIG 2nd place in Beijing! Just kidding about the abrasions, but Bob Don't Play when he plays. Robert and Jared Graves have a little Champagne Shootout while Donny works on gettin' his bottle ready to blow! Afro Bob Attacks! After the Medal Ceremony and spraying it out with Jared Graves, Bob hopped off the Medal Stand and headed across to the spectators with an evil grin on his face! Check out the look of TERROR on the face of the Trophy Babe. Evidently she's never seen the Dutch Wildman before! BAM! The Afro'd One serves up some champagne for UCI Johan, Trackbuilder Tom and Macho Mati, the UCI Event Team. No higher honor than to get served by the riders, good job, guys! Chek out the Trophy Chick now, she's hiding behind the guy in the suit!  

Roundup: Dancing in the X-Games cyclone

From Good Luck Beijing News Service

The "Good Luck Beijing" 2007 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup wrapped up its 2-day competitions this afternoon as Donny Robinson of the US and Shanaze Reade of the UK won the titles in the men's and women's events respectively.

The event, held in China for the first time, will not only help promote the sport among young people in this country but also enable the local organizers gain precious experience for the hosting of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

West countries set the trend

Judging by the results of the World Cup, west countries still dominate the sport with 18 European and 8 American riders entering the men's last 32. On the women's side, Europe and the United States combined for 11 spots in the top 16. Besides, Australia is also making progress, as many of its riders cruised into the second round.

On the contrary, all the Asian riders were eliminated in the group races.

Originated in the state of California, USA in the late 1960s when teenagers imitated their motocross heroes on their bicycles, BMX has been popularized not only in the States but also in the world, making its way to Europe and Australia in the next few decades.

First BMX track for the Olympic Games

Covering 1.89 hectares of land, the Laoshan BMX Venue boasts a competition track, a warm-up track, 2000 seats for spectators and 190 seats for the media, as well as two temporary stands and supporting facilities.

Speaking of the venue, the first of its kind in the world, British rider Shanaze Reade who won the women's event said: "It's a great track and it's a whole new experience for me to compete here. I really enjoy it."

The International Cycling Union technical officials Mats Notlind and Johan Lindstram also applauded the venue: "Even if it's not the best, it's one of the best."

X-Games and youngsters

The X-Games is a multi-sport event featuring action sports.

Competitors perform in many different categories and styles. The competition has helped to make action sports more popular among sports fans, especially youngsters around the world.

In addition to world-class competition, the X-Games events also showcase X Fest - ultimate action sports and music festival complete with live music, athlete autograph sessions, interactive elements, a mini skate park and BMX park, demos, and more. Combined X-Games produce a festival-like atmosphere.

BMX is one of the action sports demonstrated at these Games. The riders, with dauntless courage, make unremitting efforts to make their dreams come true. As a Chinese rider put it, "If you fear to get injured, stay away from it."





Monday/Time Trials

Time Trials, a preview To BMX Olympic Insanity?

Men's Page One

Men's Page Two

Men's Page Three

Women's Results

Complete Time Trial/Qualification Results Above

Top Hopefuls, Bubba Harris (Dislocated Ankle) & Khalen Young (Chest Injury) Injured.....Out For The Race!

(Whew! Somebody pass me my heart medication, I may not be able to take much more of this!)





Monday Photo Gallery


  The Olympic Track is AWESOME! French Guys, Moana Moo Caille and Thomas Hamon chase a little practice before Time Trials. Both guys made the Tuesday race. UCI BMX World Champ, Kyle Bennett turned in the second fastest time of the day. New Zealand's, Marc Willers made the Field Of 32. It's a BMX Field Of Dreams. Some Chinese press people getting a chance to talk up one of their new BMX riders.  





This is NOT a test, but there were a lot of questions!

Argentina's, Cristian Becerine, getting "Reflective", waiting for practice to begin at the UCI BMX Beijing Supercross Race.

CHECK IT OUT.....A SUPER HOT Sunday/Practice Day greeted the 140+ riders who made the trip to Beijing for Round Two of the UCI BMX Supercross. For the ladies, this was Day One of the series as they will only be racing Two Rounds this year as the UCI work them in to the High Speed/Big Hill/Track format which has been going on for the men now for four years. The "Question Of The Day" was, "Can the Elite Women handle the BIG starting hill/jump combination that marks the beginning of the UCI BMX SX races?"

    'Afro' Bob DeWilde, loomin' large over the Olympic Village!    

Good question, but before that one was ever answered, another BIG "Question Of The Day" showed up! Say GOODbye to the "Slingshot Start", boys and girls cuz the UCI just rolled out the first ever implementation of the Random Start in BMX! Long a staple of Mountain Cross/Fourcross and Downhill Mountain Bike racing, the day has finally arrived when it showed up at BMX and guess what? It wasn't that big of a deal? It was strange to hear the Gate Voice say telling the riders that the starting sequence was going to be "Random Start". After that, it was just a matter of waiting 1 to 3 seconds to hear the normal voice cadence and 'four horn beeps' that mark the beginning of every UCI related race. It was handled well by the Elites, no problemo. Everybody better get used to it, because there WILL be a Trickle Down Effect as the major national series races will all have to use it if Elite and Junior Men's and Women's racing is in effect. NOBODY went over the gate because they were too anxious or too nervous about 'waiting' for the cadence to begin.

    Kamakazi should be named Kama Krazy! The Netherlands', Ivo Van Der Putten, airin' it out over the second straight.  

Question #2 Of The Day was answered when Team USA's, Arielle Martin (Read all about Arielle's exploits at ( and Kim Hayashi eyeballed the slope, ramped up and were the first Elite Women down the Massive Olympic Starting hill, and "Question Two Of The Day" was answered. NOT easily though! The MASSIVE speed and Mach One First Straight took it's toll on several of the Elite Women as Australia's, Mellissa Mankowski, got busted UP when she nose wheelied down the back side of the first doubles at Way Too Fast Speed, went Over The Bars and chest/face planted BIG TIME. It looked SOOOOO bad, you could hear an audible gasp from the crowd. Mel, tried to gut it out (If you don't know her, she's a toughy, Fo Sho!) but after pretending, maybe 'hoping' that she was going to be able to just sit it out, the med staff rolled her up and trucked her off hospital. Most recent word is that Mellissa will be OK, but tore up a bunch of stuff and will NOT be racing. Bad Deal. Another couple of casualties with the First Straight Blues were Krystal Hime (USA) and MTB legend, Anne Caro Chausson, both of whom got up and walked (Slowly!) from their respective blow ups!

    BMX Tourist! Not really.....Pierce Barker is the guy who makes the Pro Gate system, it's probably a business photo. Yeah Right!    

AND, several of the Chinese Elite Women, many of whom couldn't have been on a BMX bike more than a couple months, exploded in different fashion at some point on the Jet Set Warpath that served as a First Straight, but, 'Hey', gotta give em some BMX Mania Good Effort Buttons, cuz, they got up dusted them selves off and motored back up to the Launch Ramp to do it up again. It was interesting to savor the smell of burning rubber sometimes, though as some ladies had to lock up the brakes on the way down El Biggo Rampo, to keep from incinerating over the first dubs! I swear, BMXers, this UCI Supercross Series is the BEST, and worth the price of admission to see. Still time to plan a BMX Vacation for Salt Lake City, USA or Frejus, France comin' up!

    Jill Kintner & Afro Bob talkin' a little BMX shop, hangin' out at the Olympic Venue...Nice!    

Even though this practice day wasn't a test for the riders, a lot of the Elite Men had to go to Study Hall to work out their trajectories for the Second Straight Elite Men's Pro Section. Very few riders made the whole straight, and the list was not limited to guys who just started recently. This whole track, while it was designed and built by UCI BMX's, Tom "The Builder" Ritz, who has built more tracks than most people will ever see in their entire racing career, it was very different in that Tom had to work with a building crew that had never built a BMX track before, and the track was built a long time ago and was maintained by the new helpers while Tom's been off building all over the world. So, a few adjustments between the first round of Elite Men and the second round led to a better flow and as happens on a pretty regular basis in BMX, adjustments will be made before the big race and, believe me, everybody will be Jammin' Tomorrow. Jammin' to the terrible reggae/hip hop music that played over and over all afternoon......But that's another story.

    Bubba Harris gets lots of attention. "Uh Hum, Bub, your briefs are gappin!" Bubba don't care he just wants to ride hiz Redline! UCI Video c/o Sandy Stevenson.    

Lots of stories floatin' around, but there'll be MORE stories hatched as another round of Morning Practice for all three practice groups will roll, followed in the afternoon by the ALL IMPORTANT Time Trials.

    French Dude, Damien Godet, lookin' good at the SX BMX race. Dman likes these deals, look out for him.    

Each rider will get two rounds, and the fastest Men and Women will be selected to go on to the moto/finals action on Tuesday.

    There's the Harris Kid again, with his undies showin'. The Chinese fans don't care and Afro B is busy takin' some style points.    

Whew! It's hot out there on the track, but you know what????? It's gonna git a LOT hotter before this party is over, so hang on, check in with BMX Mania and we'll have all the UCI BMX Supercross racing action for right here, cuz we're all about All BMX Racing, ALL The Time!

Jerry Landrum/

Here ya go, Sports Fans.....The Olympic Track in all it's glory!




Who's At The Race.....
Elite Men Page 1 Elite Men Page 2 Elite Men Page 3 Elite Women




Friday & Saturday/Travel Day

"Good Luck Beijing" Welcoming Committee with BMX Mania Guy. Shuttle Bus time! Luckily the road signs were also in English, but then no one trusted the driving to BMX Mania!


Great Flight/Long Flight.....South Bend, Indiana USA to Beijing, China = 20 hours of mostly "In The Air Time" but it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was going to be. Made all my connections OK, everything went very well. I read a lot of my 'Band Of Brothers' book, watched a two hour movie, slept a bunch, it worked out fine.

When I got to the Aeropuerto in Beijing, I "sailed" thru Customs, no worries, the Chinese were very organized and friendly, well, as friendly as Custom Officers go! :-) When I got out the door from Customs, there were HUNDREDS, maybe as many as a thousand people all lined up looking for their friend, contact, etc. And there right in the front, head bobbing over the crowd was a kid in an orange shirt with a big sign that said.....BMX! Nice!

After walking for what seemed like forever to the end of the line of people crowded up against the barrier between the public area and the secure Customs area, we met and he took my bags and we headed outside where we found about a dozen other little "Orange Shirted" kids. Evidently they are all volunteers who are working with the "Good Luck, Beijing" group that is organizing this event and then on to the Olympics. Of course, our people are all just working the BMX Cycling venue.

There have been Olympic "Test Events" going on here since July 1 in everything from Beach Volleyball to Archery. Baseball is the event that is going on at the same time as our event. They have six countries in theirs, we have over 30 countries represented in ours. After an hour drive we arrived at the Event Host Hotel, the Holiday Inn Chan An West. Itís a very nice hotel, definitely on the pricey sideÖ.itíll be in such demand during the Olympics that even the UCI BMX staff will not be able to stay there. Whoa! The foodís good, the bed is perfecto and Sunday begins the official ďBikes On The GroundĒ stuff, opening up with a full afternoon of practice.

It ought to be interesting, itís definitely the road to the Olympics for 32 men and 16 women.

UCI BMX Supercross Beijing, off and running!!!!!

Jerry Landrum/

Hundred-plus riders vying for BMX World Cup
News Release: Good Luck Beijing - 2007-08-15 15:42:00
On 29 June 2003, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to include men's and women's BMX, or bicycle motocross, in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. This was the first time that BMX is listed as an official Olympic event in the Olympic Games history. As there is a strict limit on the number of participants in the Olympic Games, many outstanding cyclists are denied a chance to compete in the Games. However, the BMX World Cup allows more cyclists to join the competition, making it more exciting and competitive.

More than one hundred riders to compete in Beijing

At a pre-tournament press conference Cai Jiadong, president of the organizing committee and director of the Cycling and Fencing Administrative Center under the General Administration of Sport, briefed the media about preparations for the upcoming event. The 2007 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup has attracted a total of 147 top-notch cyclists, including 44 women, from 21 countries and regions. If the International Cycling Union approves Hungary's application to join in this World Cup, the number of the participating teams will be 22.

The event is not only part of an annual series organized by the UCI but also another qualifying competition for Beijing 2008. Through this competition, the riders can get to know about the venue and warm up for next year's Olympic Games.

Women's event included for the first time

The 2007 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup has two events: men's sprint and women's sprint, which are divided into four phases, namely time trials for points ranking, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. Through time trials the riders are divided into groups according to their results to avoid top athletes meeting each other too early before the finals.

According to Cai Jiadong, "the most distinct feature of this year's World Cup is that the women's event is added for the first time, which gives women riders a good opportunity to compete with each other and get to know the venue before the Olympics. As the second leg of this year's UCI World Cup series, the competition schedule and system, and the conditions of the venue in Beijing are all designed up to the standards of the Olympic Games."

Team China: No rivals, only friends

The bicycle motocross, a new type of cycling, started in the late 1960s in the United States. It was not until the end of the 1990's that the sport was introduced to China. However, it remained an amateur event dominated by private clubs and amateur riders. What were more popular at the time were such bicycle stunts as wallride, something like an extreme sport, and not the BMX sprint we are talking about today. After 2003, when BMX was included in the 2008 Olympic Games by the IOC, China began to promote the development of this sport.

Practised by more than 100 riders from 10 provinces and municipalities, BMX in China, especially the women's event, has grown very fast in no more than four years' time. Chinese women riders are now in a leading position in Asia, among them Ma Liyun even won the women's sprint title at the Asian Championships held in Thailand last May. In the meantime, Chinese men riders also rank high in Asia, most of the time between third and fifth places.

As for the lineup of the Chinese team in this year's World Cup, Cai Jiadong revealed that China will field four men and four women riders in the tournament. "We have 28 more riders from six provinces and municipalities registered for the event according to the rules, among whom 12 are women," he said. "However, on the whole China still has a long way to go to catch up with the high international level." Cai added. "We have difficulty qualifying for the Olympic Games, so we have to rely on the wild card. That's why we don't set any goals for the 2008 Olympic Games."

When asked who would be China's biggest rivals at this World Cup, Cai Jiadong said, "China is now lagging far behind the world in this sport, so I think at present we have no rivals at all, all we have are friends." His humorous remarks aroused a burst of laughter from those present.

Please visit the Good Luck Beijing Web Site for all the good stuff.






Sunday 19 August

09.00 - 10.30 Registration

10.45 - 10.55 Riders briefing

11.00 - 12.25 Elite Men Practice - Group A

12.30 - 13.55 Elite Men Practice - Group B

14.00 - 15.25 Elite Women Practice - Group C

15.45 - 16.00 Team Manager meeting

Monday 20 August

09.00 - 11.00 Transponder fitting

10.00 - 10.55 Elite Women Practice - Group C

11.00 - 11.55 Elite Men Practice - Group B

12.00 - 12.55 Elite Men Practice - Group A

13.00 - 14.00 Elite Women Time trials qualification #1

14.00 - 15.30 Elite Men Time trials qualification #1

15.00 - 16.00 Elite Women Time trials qualification #2 Top 16 qualify

16.00 - 17.30 Elite Men Time trials qualification #2 Top 32 qualify

17.45 - 18.00 Team Manager meeting

Tuesday 21 August

10.00 - 10.55 Warm up Elite Men

11.00 - 11.55 Warm up Elite Women

12.00 - 13.00 Elite Men Quarterfinals (3 rounds)

13.30 - 13.45 Elite Women Semifinal 1

13.45 - 14.00 Elite Men Semifinal 1

14.00 - 14.15 Elite Women Semifinal 2

14.15 - 14.30 Elite Men Semifinal 2

14.30 - 14.45 Elite Women Semifinal 3

14.45 - 15.00 Elite Men Semifinal 3

15.20 - 15.35 Elite Women final

15.40 - 15.55 Elite Men final

16.00 - 16.30 Awards ceremony