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archived news / November 2013

BMX Racing News - Wednesday/Thursday - November 27/28, 2013

FBN says C-Yaa in 2014

Bizzarro BMX, Inc. in conjunction with FBN Plastics of Salem, NH is proud to announce the addition of C-Yaa frames as our 2014 title sponsor!

C-Yaa frames, the brain child of Don Olish (Team ORF fame), are produced by Yess with a schedule market release date of June 2014.

C-Yaa model frames include Easton 6061 tubing, wishbone chain stay design, and integrated head tubes.

Stop by the FBN pits this weekend in Tulsa to see a prototype C-Yaa frame. 

Special thanks to Mark at Riderz Ready, and Rolando at Blot out graphics for the assistance on this project! 

Any grassroots level teams interested in joining the C-Yaa family please contact

Also follow us at for product information, FBN/C-Yaa team announcements and much more.

Sarah Walker's 96 Dreams!
 BMX Olympic Silver Medalist, Sarah Walker has teamed up with fellow BMX New Zealander, Daniel Franks to host a pretty sweet Sarah Video Blog on what's up with Sarah's training, racing efforts and BMX Life, leading up to the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

96 Dreams will be fun for Sarah's fans and a must for anyone who loves BMX at it's highest level and what it takes to get there!

For sure, this one is BMX Mania Approved!!!!!







BMX Racing News - Monday/Tuesday - November 25-26, 2013

Morphine Industries Makes an Addition to the Family

The end of 2013 started with stirring up the pot and we aren’t done yet.

We are stoked to announce the addition of 19 -27X Dakota Cody to the Morphine ranks. Dakota is from our hometown out of West Palm Beach Florida and Okeeheelee BMX. Dakota is a natural fit to the Morphine crew with his well-known style and speed on the track as well as his park and dirt skills.

We are excited to be behind Dakota and have him represent Morphine Industries as he continues to make his mark the 19-27X class and beyond.

Dakota will debut the Pink, Black and White at the Grands this coming week. Be sure to check him out in the 19-27X class.

Dakota joins A Pro – Brandon “Fly Boy” McCoy, 16X – Noah Reeves and 11X – Dylan Shipley to round out the new Morphine crew pumped and ready for the 2014 season.

The pot stirring is not done yet. Stay tuned as we make additional announcements in the next few weeks ans well as release of new product!

Factory Team Sponsors: HARO BIKES (, Fly Racing (, Alienation (, Hawk Racing (, Rennen (, DNA Energy (, HRP designs (

Chase BMX is excited to announce the arrival of the RSP 2.0 Frames!

2014 Chase RSP 2.0 Frame

The best frame in BMX just got a little bit better, as we refined a few areas of the original Chase frame to take the Chase RSP 2.0 to the next level.

The RSP 2.0 features a refined newly shaped integrated head tube that directs the brake cable routing through it. The brake cable runs through the head tube, alongside the steer tube, into the top tube and the cable exits in the rear of the Top Tube- This gives the frame and ultra smooth look while hiding the cable! The RSP 2.0 frames come with brake cable housing already threaded into the frame.

The RSP 2.0 also features a refined BB shell to not only help reduce weight, but offer the rider a stiffer design, that helps reduce flex and put more power to the rear wheel by increasing the surface area and adding strength to the chain stays. Another new feature on the 2.0 frame is the curved seat stay brace, again reducing weight and increasing stiffness slightly from the 1.0 frame. Its a small change, but its the attention to detail on the RSP 2.0 frame is what makes it the best Alloy Frame in BMX racing today.

We are also excited about the new design of the graphics, for a clean, factory look. Chase only uses an ultra hi tech process to utilize super thin decals under the clear coat, than not only keeps your frame looking better, but it also helps keep the weight of the all over graphics on the frame to a minimum. it may not seem like much, but when a race is decided by inches, the reduce weight is a key to victory!

The Frame is offered in 3 color options - Black, White, or Limited Edition Polished. The RSP 2.0 has expanded to 13 sizes, as we have added an Expert Cruiser size.

For more information on the frames, please visit -

The Chase BMX Factory team is proudly sponsored by Shimano, Fly Racing, Kicker, Tioga, Elevn, Excess, Insight, Thomson, Kingstar, and ODI.





BMX Racing News - Wednesday/Thursday - November 20-21, 2013

"Pro Up" The Front End Of Your Bike!

BRG is excited to offer you the easiest way to upgrade your BMX bike to have the best front end you can have with the Elevn Chromoly Fork and Excess 20mm front wheels.

We now have in stock ready to go Front Excess Pro Wheels in 20 x 1.75 and 24 x 1.75 in both black and white, with the 20mm Excess front hubs.

Pair the wheel up with a Elevn Chromoly butted 20mm fork, and you have the same set up run by some of today's top pro riders!

Both Forks and front wheels are now available at better bike shops world wide, so get your bike ready for the Grands or just make it better, with the 20mm set up from BRG.

Check it all out, HERE!!!!!

The USABMX guys all ought to move out to Texas. They say that everything's BIG in Texas and things just keep getting BIGGER and BIGGER for USABMX and the Grand Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma is no exception.

The track is turned around a bit different this year, with the start gate in the far right corner from the Expo / Pits area. AND.....speaking of the Expo area, it just seems to keep growing every year with Vendors, National Sponsors, Factory Pits and Teams and Tracks almost out to the end of the building. Only the "Adventure Zone" holds back the growing pit area from bustin' out the end of the building.

And what a building it is! Tulsa's marquee expo center, the River Spirit Expo, provides one of the largest and most versatile exhibit halls in the Nation, with over 400,000 square feet of space. Billed as one of the largest clear-span buildings in the world, it is well-suited for big equipment and large exhibits and provides easy access for vendors, teams, families and racers alike. The River Spirit Expo is part of Tulsa's Expo Square, one of the premier event complexes in the country and annual host of the Tulsa State Fair.

The USABMX Grands is an annual event for the expo center and is the largest BMX race anywhere in the world! Definitely, "BMX Mania Approved"! See you there!

Yess BMX To Debut 2014 Frames At USABMX Grands!
Check out the sweet, stylin' YESS 2014 frame which they'll be unveiling in Tulsa at the USA Grands next week!
- Included 10mm Tensioners built in with optional 15mm
- Integrated head tube (this is not on the prototype but production run will have integrated down to Pro-minus size), Expert and below are still traditional 1" Press-in
- Included quick release clamps for 31.8mm sized frames
- All new tube sets for much more optimized strength to weight ratio (lighter than current frames)
- All geometry will be identical to existing models except ProXL and above will have 1/4" longer Chain stay length. (same as most recent XXL and XXXL)
- MSRP: $540USD (Pro- and above)
- MSRP: $520USD (Expert and below)
- Stock Colors will be Stealth Black or Magnesium (Gloss) White
- Custom colors available as before.
- Eliminating Expert Cruiser size for 2014
Scheduled release date is first quarter 2014: (Decal designs are not finalized and will be changed for production)

If you're in Tulsa next weekend for the USABMX Grand Nationals, make sure and check it all out at the YESS compound, and if you're not in Tulsa, stay in touch with YESS at







BMX Racing News - Tuesday - November 19, 2013

BMX Loses "The Ultimate BMX Dad", Big Jeff Upshaw

BMX lost a true BMXer, "Big" Jeff Upshaw this past weekend. Big Jeff and his wife Tina are the parents of one of the greatest all round BMX racers, EVER, "Little" Jeff Upshaw.

Here at BMX Mania, it was always a fun experience bench racing with Big Jeff, who always had a word about EVERYTHING and never hesitated to let you know what his opinion was on whatever the hot topic of the BMX day was.

Jeff had a ton of knowledge of the sport, the riders, the philosophy of the race and the 'politics' of our sport. Sometimes he waged a passionate effort to effect and influence the thinking on things, many times, he shared his knowledge of the sport with someone who didn't know what Jeff knew. One way or the other, he was never shy to share, he loved BMX.

We'll miss Jeff at the races, he had a way of making things fun.....He was just fun to be around, he lit up wherever he was. BMX Blessings on you, my friend, we'll miss you and we'll continue to marvel at your son's ability to ride a bike. None better! God bless you, Big Jeff! - Jerry Landrum/

Wedding Congrats To Mr. & Mrs. J&R BMX!

The main brains at J&R Bicycles Dot com, Kirk Morrison & Delaney Johnson, recently became The Morrison's in a Florida BMX wedding.

After a nice honeymoon, the J&R's hustled back to work at J&R's Seminole Florida headquarters, busily shipping BMX stuff to keep the BMX fans rollin' on and off the track.

BMX Mania congratulations go out to Kirk & Delaney, "Best Wishes and God bless.....See you in Tulsa!"





BMX Racing News - Thursday/Friday - November 14/15, 2013

2012 Olympic BMX Track Rebuild!

The 2012 Olympic BMX track was one of the best BMX tracks EVER made, but now there's a Legacy to the Legend! The Olympic track has finally begun the journey to turning it in to a public facility. The job is being done by the BMX Builders Extraordinaire at Clark & Kent, so you know it'll be a Dialed In BMX Race Course.

Thanks to Jonathan Hearn at 2024-BMX-Magazine in the U.K. for the cool Photo Report, since we couldn't be there in person to record the awesomeness.

According to Jonathan, it's not completely certain when it will be open to the public yet, but that's the plan, to make it available to the general public.

Just in case you can't remember what it looked like back in August of 2012, check this out......The BMX Fields Of Dreams!

Alex Fowler Picks Up Soul Electronics Sponsorship!
Alex Fowler, pro BMXer and pump track builder, is psyched to announce that he's picked up a new sponsor with Soul Electronics. Alex has hooked up a discount for his BMX brothers and sisters, so follow the instructions above and get your good deal, courtesy of a BMX Brutha!



BMX Racing News - Tuesday/Wednesday - November 12/13, 2013

UCI World Master's Champ, Kelvin Batey Heads Up GET Racing Team!

After making their debut in the 2013 UK race season, GET Racing is pleased to announce their new team roster and sponsors for 2014.

With big long term plans for the next few years GET Racing have put together a group of riders and sponsors that will develop together under the guidance of Team Manager Scott Evans whos passion and dedication to the team will keep driving things forward.

The team riders range from the 6 and under class all the way through to the Elite with 4 girls adding a bit of girl power to what is a very strong squad.

With National, British and World Champions making up GET Racing for 2014 there is a good mix of ages, characters and abilities in which riders will be able to reach their full potential.

Ryan Evans 6x ... Ralph Grimmett 7x ... Chad Hartwell 11x ... Mackenzie Rennison 11x ... Jake Evans 13x ... Terry Yates 15x ... Kody Evans 15x ... Oliver Webley 17-29x ... Dominic Skidmore Championship/Elite ... Kelvin Batey Elite ... Chloe Yates 8-9 girls ... Olivia Howard 13-14 girls ... Charlie Hartwell 15-16 girls ... Emily Batey Championship Women

As team coach and current Masters World Champion Kelvin Batey moves onto the team after 5 years of managing the Route 55 team. " There is some regret in having to let the Route 55 squad go as we have had some very memorable and successful times but now with GET Racing I am looking forward to seeing where we can take these riders in their careers and hopefully help them get the results their potential is showing at the moment."

"It's a very tight group of riders and parents so I'm already excited about racing in 2014. We are lucky to have such good support from the team sponsors and having rode the new Prophecy frame for the last few weeks I'm already seeing some improvements in different areas of my riding."

Riding alongside Kelvin in the showcase UK class is his training partner Dominic Skidmore #555 who has made the move up to the Championship/Elite after a few successful years in the 17-29 category. "With a few years of experience in the 17-29 class I think its time to take my riding to the next level and having enjoyed riding the pro sections for the last few years I feel I'm ready to compete with some of the best riders in the country. I've been on the team for almost half a year now and with some great support I hope I can also do well at the Europeans and Worlds next year."

The team are proud to be supported by some great companies and thank them for this support for 2014 and beyond ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Alienation Thrust Hub Video


New from Alienation BMX, the Thrust Hub. Check it out on this video, now!






BMX Racing News - Monday - November 11, 2013

GSX/Elite Trax Launches New Pump Trax USA Venture!

There's a new company around, that's manned by some of the most experienced BMXers on the planet. Pump Trax USA ( is the new effort from GSX, the organizers of the UCI BMX World Cup Series, run by BMX superpromoter, Johan Lindstrom and Elite Trax track builder extraordinaire, Tom Ritz.

THE FUN, SAFE, KID-FRIENDLY, PLAYGROUND ALTERNATIVE! Pump Tracks are sweeping the nation in popularity. They are an alternative feature to add to your park, campground, or backyard. Pump tracks are a great way to get exercise, keep kids from riding bikes in the streets, and can be enjoyed by all members in your family.

WHY CHOOSE A PUMP TRACK? Activities like biking have rapidly grown in popularity because it's an exercise the entire family can do together. Pump tracks will offer active families a new way to come together for fitness and help promote a life-long value of good health choices. Kids will want to ride endlessly, while the varied terrain of a pump track can offer a total body workout that will satisfy any exercise enthusiast.

Pump Tracks are sweeping the nation in popularity. They are an alternative feature to add to your park, campground, or backyard. Pump tracks are a great way to get exercise, keep kids from riding bikes in the streets, and can be enjoyed by all members in your family or community.

EXPERIENCE: THE BUILDERS BEHIND PUMPTRAX USA! Pump Trax USA is a division of Elite Trax Inc. Elite Trax ( has many years of experience building BMX race tracks all over the world, including the 2008 and 2012 Olympic BMX tracks. We will use our years of dirt shaping experience to create a safe and fun pump track for you and your bicycles riders.

Contact us now for more info or pricing, we are your pump track experts!

Hit up Pump Trax at

Amanda Carr Update From Corsa Racewear

Corsa Racewear would like to officially thank Amanda Carr for her support, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Amanda has been with Corsa since its racewear line was first launched, and has been a valued member of the Corsa family.

As we begin the new racing season though, Amanda will now be pursuing other opportunities with J&R Bicycles.

It has been a pleasure working with Amanda as an individual and a professional, and we wish her the best of luck in all her pursuits in the future.

Stephen Gerardi, President/CEO, Corsa Racewear








BMX Racing News - weekend update - November 8-10, 2013

TEAGAN O’Keeffe Joins Factory Promax Team

ANAHEIM, CA—Cycle Group, Inc. (CGI) is very excited to announce that South African National BMX Team member Teagan O’Keeffe will join the Promax Factory Team in 2014.

“Although she is relatively unknown in the U.S., Teagan has a promising future in BMX. She’s young, talented and well liked. We’re really looking forward to working with her and helping her develop as a professional racer,” said Toby Henderson, CGI’s founder.

CGI launched the Promax Factory Team with Arielle Martin and Kory Cook last July after their sponsor severed their contracts mid-season. At the time, CGI was unsure if the team would last beyond the end of the season.

“We were really happy with how things went for Promax. Arielle finished her career really strong and Kory continued to show he could ride with the big boys. With Arielle’s retirement, we had an opening. Teagan has been living and training in Orange County, not far from our offices. Her plan to race the full USA BMX season and UCI GSX Supercross Series fit well with our needs,” Henderson said.

CGI will supply O’Keeffe with a range of Promax components such as brake sets, cranks, stems, bottom brackets, headsets and seat clamps, as well as BOX handlebars, rims, number plates and one-piece saddles/seatposts.

“Next year I want to take my racing to a new level and what better way to do that than with the industry’s leading components and bike set-up. I am so excited to be working with Promax and the opportunity they have given me,” O’Keeffe said.

O’Keeffe will make her debut in a Promax jersey at the USA BMX Gator Nationals in Oldsmar, Florida, March 21. Cook will race at the USA BMX Grand Nationals later this month.

Profile Factory Team Cranks It Up

At The USABMX Disney Cup Nationals!

The last national of the 2013 national season was in Kissimmee, FL at the Silver Spur arena.

The Profile team was ready to get the 3- day race weekend underway and bring home some shiny Disney Cups as well as grab a few extra points going into Tulsa.

Charlie Golwyn, aka Mr. Prickle Pants, got things started off right.  He had a dominating performance winning every moto and main, all 3 days in both the 6 and under open and 6 expert classes.  Not only did he have triple-double wins, he now has 2 Disney Cups to take home.  While it was Profile’s Chandler Denton on this month’s Pull magazine cover, if Charlie keeps us this pace he will have a cover shot soon too!

Caleb Minthorn decided to break out his cruiser since there was no Junior Development class this weekend.  He ended up making the podium on both Friday and Saturday for third place each day.  That’s 2 cruiser podium finishes.  In his 17-18 expert class, he had the second largest group of the weekend with almost 40 riders and quarters.  Caleb’s training paid off with smooth rides and transfers into the quarter and into the semis in this ultra-tough class.  On Sunday, he was in the semi and poised to transfer but got pushed up and over the third turn.  He was so far over and into the stands he could have signed autographs!

Racing 13 girls, Lauren Lanzalotta, started the weekend off right on Friday with a solid performance in her motos and making the main event.  She got a tight squeeze on the first straight and took an 8.  On Saturday, she again had solid motos and made it to the semi.

Chandler Denton racing 19-27 Expert was riding high and showing why he landed a Pull magazine cover this month.  He had one of the biggest classes of the weekend, but managed to get out of the motos and through the quarters, semis and into the mains all 3 days.  Chandler finished with a 3 on Friday, a 6 on Saturday, and a 2 on Sunday and he took second overall for the Disney Cup challenge.

Racing 12 cruiser and 12 Expert, Casey was strong all weekend long with a main event appearance each day.  On Friday it was in his 12 Expert class where he brought home a podium with a 3rd.  On Saturday and Sunday it was in his 12 Cruiser class with a 4th and a 5th finish.

Tanner Engle racing 13 Expert was looking good in the motos all weekend.  He was smooth and fast in the semis but was not able to get into the main.

Tyler Faoro, racing Elite Men, showed up on Friday with his new frame that he picked up at Interbike.   He was getting the Dkoi bike frame dialed in and was really enjoying it.  Tyler’s cheering section was also in attendance in their custom 954 checkered flag dresses.  They helped him make it out of the motos but he was not able to make it all the way to the main.

John Pringle had a great weekend making 4 out of his 6 main events including all 3 days in 46-50 Cruiser.   On Friday after getting some traffic in the first straight he took a 6 but turned it around on Saturday with a 3rd and a 5th on Sunday. He also made his expert main on Saturday and finished 7th.

The team will be headed to Tulsa at the end of the month to put it all on the table at the Grand National Championships. Stop by and check out some of our new products.

Thank you to Jim, Nancy and the Profile staff for supporting the team.

Thank you to all our factory sponsors we could not do it with out you.
Check out Profile's, Mini Ripper, Charlie Golwyn, Takin' It To the 6X Class At Disney!

Charlie's, "Profile Crankin" In This Awesome USABMX Video Sweetness From G-Mo!

Strider Bikes Get Revved Up With New Harley-Davidson® STRIDER™ Bike

Officially Licensed Harley-Davidson® STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes

Perfect For Teaching Toddlers How To Ride


Rapid City, SD (November 4, 2013) - Strider Sports International is pleased to announce that the ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike for toddlers is the newest Harley-Davidson® officially licensed product. Building on the worldwide success of the original STRIDER bike (over 600,000 sold to date), the new Special Edition Harley-Davidson® STRIDER gives toddlers a bike with the classic look of the most famous motorcycle brand in the world.


Strider No-Pedal balance bikes are the fastest, safest, and easiest way to teach toddlers as young as 18 months to discover the world on two wheels. By using a Harley-Davidson® STRIDER bike, young riders from 18 months to five years get to experience the fun and freedom of riding a bike without relying on restrictive training wheels or tricycles. The new Harley-Davidson® model bike will be dealer-exclusive for six months before being offered through additional channels.


The Harley-Davidson®STRIDER bike is a must-have developmental tool for children aged 18 months to five years. It weighs just 6.7 pounds, is easy to control, and features an adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate a growing child. The newest STRIDER will be available worldwide by Thanksgiving and will come in two colors: black or pink.


"The Harley-Davidson®STRIDER is truly a special bike," says Ryan McFarland, Founder of Strider Bikes. "The iconic Harley-Davidson® brand evokes an image of feeling the wind in your face on the open road. We know the trademark Harley-Davidson® orange and black STRIDER bike will help children develop that same feeling of freedom and fun."


A recent study conducted over a four-week period with three to five-year-old children concluded that participants benefited from using a STRIDER bike by improving their balance and functional fitness, while likely reducing future injuries during their daily routines.


To learn more about the Harley-Davidson STRIDER bike, visit

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Limited Edition Stay Strong GT Speed Series Available, Get Yours NOW!
If you're lookin' for somethin' special, you can pre order the 2014 Stay Strong X GT Speed Series aluminum frame.

The specially branded Stay Strong is one of a kind and bound to be remembered as One Of A Kind!

Orders are now being taken by getting in touch with Marco Dellisola via email at

Hit him up for more info.

Don't wait too long, cuz it's a Limited Edition run , Pro and Cruiser are nearly sold out...




BMX Racing News - weekend update - November 1-3, 2013


With the USA BMX season winding down, the last regular national of the year, the Disney Cup, is always an anticipated event, for riders who are looking to grab a few more good scores before the grands, as well as traveling to the sunshine state of Florida to compete and go for the over all Disney Cup champion after the 3 day national event.

Connor Fields has had a great USA BMX season, with attending 14 USA BMX events leading up to the Disney cup, with 11 visits to the podium at those events! Sitting 2nd in overall points, Connor was looking for a 2nd or better result to gain points towards the over all title chase.

The indoor venue for this years events gave the riders a different type of track then they have been racing on all summer, but it was a welcome change to mix things up for the 33 of the worlds best BMX pro riders.

On Day 1 Connor looked strong on the track, making his way to the main events. The 3 main event format tests the ability of the Pros, as they need to be consistent to take the overall title. Connor had a great battle in all 3 main events with David Herman and Sam Willoughby, and the 3 would each swap positions in each of the 3 main events. When the points were tallied up after the 3rd main event, Connor would finish up 3rd overall for the day, again on the podium.

On Day 2, Connor once again negotiated his way back into the main event, and again, he would battle all 3 main events with Sam Willoughby, and this time Corben Sharrah was in the mix as well. It was some tight racing after the 3 main events, but once again, Connor was on the podium, with another 3rd place overall.

Connor had a slight strain feeling on Saturday night and decided he would sit out racing on Sunday, so he could take some rest and be 100% prepared for the USA BMX Grand nationals next month in Tulsa, OK.

Chase BMX will have a full display of our 2 lines of 2014 BMX Complete bikes, the Edge and Element, as well as the new RSP 2.0 Frame at the USA BMX Grand Nationals, along with a huge giveaway contest that riders attending can enter after getting their USA BMX Goodie bags!

Chase BMX is proudly sponsored by Shimano, FLY Racing, Tioga, Elevn Racing, ODI, Insight, Thomson, Excess, and KingStar.

Chase BMX is proudly supported by Tioga BMX, Shimano, Elevn, Kicker, Excess, Fly Racing, KingStar, ODI, Insight, and Thomson.

Chase BMX is a division of the BMX Racing Group.

For More info on any of the BRG Brands, please visit WWW.BMXRACINGGROUP.COM ..... Twitter: @BMXRACINGGROUP  FaceBook: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BMXRG ..... Instagram: BMXRACINGGROUP