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BMX Racing News, Wednesday - November 30, 2011
Global SX Events Under New Ownership

November 29, 2011 - The world of BMX racing has entered the mainstream, particularly after its 2008 introduction to the Olympics. Global SX Events, Inc. a BMX event promoter has been acquired by active capital firm StrateSphere LLC on October 12, 2011. StrateSphere aims to make Global SX Events and subsidiary EliteTrax, Inc, global leaders in the BMX industry.

“I’m excited to have StrateSphere LLC onboard as new owners of Global SX Events. Their experience when it comes to business strategy and development is exactly what’s needed,” says Johan Lindstrom, CEO and founder of GSX Events. “Our current GSX team knows BMX and sports, but now we will also have the sharpest business strategist in our corner.”

Global SX Events (GSX) oversees the general management of the UCI (International Cycling Union) BMX Supercross World Cup. Under their management, the 2011 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup brought in record numbers of participants and spectators. The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup is the world’s leading BMX racing series and serves as the main qualifying event for the 2012 Olympics.

“StrateSphere is very excited about the acquisition of Global SX Events. BMX is rapidly gaining popularity among youth as a leading global action-sport, and we are very happy to join GSX in the promotion of such an amazing and unique sport. To be a part of a worldwide phenomenon, such as the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, is a great opportunity,” explained Tariq Farwana, managing partner of StrateSphere.

GSX will receive a wealth of new strategy and development experience and ideas from their new owners at StrateSphere. The business strategy and development will enable GSX to satisfy the increased demands for cutting edge events, as well as construction of high-level BMX tracks around the world through its subsidiary, EliteTrax, Inc.

About the Union Cycliste Internationale Founded in 1900, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is the world governing body of cycling. Headquartered in Aigle, Switzerland, the UCI is the International Federation of Cycling uniting the National Cycling Federations of 178 countries.

About Global SX Events, Inc. Global SX Events Inc. (GSX Events) is the premier promoter of professional BMX events internationally. The GSX team represents the leading edge of BMX events organization and have been instrumental developing the BMX Supercross World Cup series. GSX Events Inc. is headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio, USA.

Sell out crowds at Olympic Park London watched BMX Stars

like France's, Joris Daudet, battle for BMX SX Glory on the Olympic BMX track.


About EliteTrax, Inc. EliteTrax, Inc. (EliteTrax) is committed to the development, design and construction of premier event tracks around the world. The EliteTrax team led by Tom Ritzenthaler is globally recognized delivering BMX tracks of the highest standard and is the preferred construction company of the UCI as well as the appointed track builder for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio, USA, EliteTrax is a subsidiary of Global SX Events, Inc.

About StrateSphere LLC StrateSphere, an active capital firm, is a unique blend of a private equity and a management consulting firm. StrateSphere’s primary competency is of enabling small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to maximize their enterprise value in local and global markets.

StrateSphere aims to be a vested-interest partner of choice for SMEs in providing a comprehensive solution to their needs. In essence, StrateSphere has set out to carve a new niche in the private equity market. StrateSphere’s aim is to evolve the traditional venture capital model by blending it with aspects of management consulting, thus providing a synergistic and comprehensive offering that enables SMEs maximize their potential. StrateSphere has coined the term active capital to describe this new level of a comprehensive business proposition.


Its wintertime, and the heady days of summer are but a distant memory for most of the BMX racing community. Chilly days and nights don't stop you from wanting a hot slice of BMX action though! Get your fix of BMX racing when its too cold to ride by picking up issue 5 of Twenty24 magazine which is available now and contains all manner of news, reviews interviews and race reports.

Dale Holmes is our stateside scoop supplier and we managed to drag him away from the podcast microphone long enough to give us the lowdown from the US of A! Race reports come thick and fast with the NBL Grands in Louisville, the Bob Field Grands in Crewe, national racing from Gosport and Manchester, and the biggest race ever to hit the UK (till next August!) the London UCI SX and Olympic test event. Add in an in depth interview with GB team rider and 08 Olympian Liam Phillips on his return to BMX from track racing and you've got some serious reading in issue 5 of Twenty24 BMX magazine.

So settle down on the sofa with a hot steaming mug of something wonderful, kick back, and let winter do its thing. Keep the BMX fire burning with Twenty24.

Check out for more details.

Available direct from 2024. Order yours through PayPal by sending your payment to:

Issue 5 posted within the UK - £6.00 ... Issue 5 posted to Europe - £8.00 ... Issue 5 posted to USA & rest of the world - £10.00

"BMXRACEITALIA was officially born in 2010 and is present with his shop at all the races in Italy and offers a lot of good stuff for good prices!

The boss is Sergio Moretti who is helped by his wife and his daughter Claudia to go on with this kind of business!!

We import stuff from all over the World with good prices so that people can have a big choice of the products!"

You can find more info on





BMX Racing News, Tuesday - November 29, 2011

2011 ABA Grands Jets To A record breaking Finish in Tulsa!

2011 ABA Grand Nationals/Tulsa, Oklahoma - With 3425 total riders at the 2011 ABA Grands, the last ever, "ABA Only" Grand Nationals was a ROARING success. As amateur racing wound down, Sunday evening, ABA Staff had seen 603 motos for the Grands alone, and counting Friday's, President's Cup/Race Of Champions race, they cranked out OVER 4000 motos in three days. AMAZING!

While the common theme was "Three Motos On The Track" at all times, it seemed that there was a moto starting, two 'motos in the middle' and one crossing the Finish Line many times. All this was done while maintaining and presenting one of the most exciting races anywhere to be seen.

Pro Championships.....

ELITE MEN ... How much more exciting could the AA Pro ABA National Championship end up? With Title Contender, Sam Willoughby, almost not making it out of qualifiers, only to squeak out a spot in the Main the tension was so thick you could cut it with a Ti Spoke.

For the Saturday night, Pro Spectacular, the ABA went with their patented Three Main Format, which makes for some REALLY great racing, but let's face it......Marc Willers is on a TEAR this year and he would NOT be denied!

With a BIG win in Main 1, a fourth coupled with a Sam Crash in Main 2 and a Final Main win, Willers capped off a TREMENDOUS season with an ABA National Pro Title and a big fat 'ol $15,000 payday from the ABA.

ELITE WOMEN - Dominique Daniels and Brooke Crain put on a BATTLE in the Girl Pro class. Battle? All out war might be a better description. When you compare the two ladies, it kind of doesn't add up. Dom is one of the most powerful riders ever to grace a Women's BMX race and Brooke just doesn't look, powerful, she just looks kind of........Little?

The little lady with the Insane Nickname sent a message on Friday night at the UCI points race when she passed 3D in the rhythm section to ignite the crowd with a thrilling win over Daniels who was a returning three time ABA Girl Pro National Champion. What would Saturday bring.

Saturday was a LONG day on the BMX track. With a new schedule planned by the ABA organizers, the pros showed up at noon instead of 'O Dark Thirty' like in the past, but the entire Pro Contest was planned for Saturday instead of being spread over two days as in the past. At the end of both Brooke & Dom's motos, both girls were still in the hunt and made it thru to the 3 main final.

Mains 1&2 were pretty much Biz as usual, with Haro's little lady challenging STRONG in the 2nd straight only to see 3D hold off the attack to take the win. Going in to the last final, there were still enough points to win the title, so a LOT was on the line. Dominique blasted out to another one of patented hole shots, setting up Brooke's patented Second Turn passing attempt and that's where it all went down.

Coming out of the 2nd turn, the combatants BANGED together and went down in a heap. Amanda Geving motored on thru to take the win while the two title hunters scrambled to get back on their bikes. The Diff? Brooke had to detangle her bars/brake cable while 3D clipped in quickly, got back on her bike and collected her fourth ABA Pro title! It's a good rivalry, shaping up for future ABA Nationals, with Brooke looking to take down the Champion. Ought to make for some GREAT BMXing.

Want more? Check out the BMX Mania Rockn' Race Report Page, just go here for complete pro results, national championship finalists and national team champions!



BMX Racing News, Weekend update - November 25-28, 2011

2011 BMX Mexico National Championship!


ELITE MEN - Marc Willers ELITE WOMEN - Dominique Daniels

CHECK OUT All Three Elite Men's Main Event Races VIDEO!

From ABABMX / YouTube




Vet Pro-Matt Pohlkamp ... Junior Women-Dani George ... Junior Men-Rusty Nesvig

A Pro-Jeremy Rommel ... Junior Devo Boys-Santiago Marin




Go211 Live Video Coverage Of The ABA Grands!

You WILL be able to watch the ABA Grands live this weekend on Go211.COM!

Braving serious emergency surgery and daunting technical difficulties, Rich Montalvo and his ABA Grands Video Team will bring you coverage of the Greatest Show In BMX this weekend.

After undergoing an emergency appendectomy this past Wednesday, Rich made a gallant effort to travel to Tulsa, Friday and bring you the video coverage that we've come to expect at these great races.

Thanks, ABA/USABMX and Thanks, Rich and the Go211.COM Video Crew!

Cyclecraft JAX BMX Race Report

Well, we want to thank Jax BMX for a great weekend. The CycleCraft Factory team turned in a #2 both days for Money Team Competition…not bad.

The 2012 CycleCraft Team has a new look coming out and some great new talent has been added to the squad.  We want to take a moment to officially welcome new riders Tony Lehman, Shane Hall, Bobby Owens, Kody Garrett, Joe Leto, Mckenzie Gayheart, Randy Winfrey and Ryan Halligan.  The new factory pilots along with a very strong returning team will be something to watch out for in 2012.

We had many gold and silver medals taken in at the Jacksonville event, and can’t wait to take home some more gold.  The 2012 season will bring a whole new look that is sure to impress not only Florida, but the nation as well. We will take on a full load of racing nationally as well as in the state.

We would also like to take the time to thank our great sponsors for their support.  We couldn’t do it without them: SmoothieKing, Daytona Toyota, Subway, Monster Energy, J&R Bicycles, Fly Racing, MCS, Profile Racing, Answer BMX,  Kenda Tires,  Deuce Brand sports watches, Alienation and Chick-Fil-A.


BMX Racing News, Wednesday - November 23, 2011

Strider World Cup Rolls Into Tulsa To Race At ABA Grand Nationals

Toddlers Race Alongside The Big Boys At QuikTrip Center On November 26th 

Rapid City, SD (November 21, 2011) – Strider Sports International’s signature Strider World Cup™ is joining “The Greatest Race On Earth” – the American Bicycle Association Grand Nationals – at the QuikTrip Center, 4145 East 21st Street, Tulsa, OK 74114 on November 26th. 

The Strider World Cup™ series gives toddlers ages two to five the chance for friendly competition at events across the country. The 2, 3, 4 and 5-year-old Strider classes will be featured during the ABA amateur race program at Noon on Saturday.  

The $25 entry fee will get your toddler a one-year USA BMX membership, making them eligible for all Strider World Cup races at USA BMX Nationals this upcoming season. The top finishers in each age group will receive huge trophies during a podium presentation, and every finisher will earn a medal. Register on Friday from 2-4pm or Saturday morning from 8-10am. 

Join the Strider crew all weekend at the Strider Adventure Zone, the perfect place for toddlers to practice on their Striders with ramps designed just for them! Stick around Saturday night to watch the top BMX Racing pros in the world battle for ABA Pro titles during the first-ever Saturday Night Pro Spectacular. There is something for the whole family Thanksgiving weekend at the QuikTrip Center!

Strider Sports International CEO Ryan McFarland says, “At Strider, we love seeing really little kids light up with excitement when they get that first taste of freedom, mobility, and adventure that comes from their first bike experience. We’re thrilled to have the ABA and USA BMX promoting Strider World Cup racing and the Strider Adventure Zone program as we believe it will further fuel that budding passion for riding on two wheels and inspire other kids to get outside, get on a bike, and give it try.”

Special thanks to our partners: Nutcase Helmets (, Y Water (, Go Pro (, and USA BMX (

About the Strider World Cup™

The Strider Cup™ and Strider World Cup™ events are play experiences designed to let toddlers and young kids age 18 months to five years old explore the world on TWO wheels. Whether it is test riding a Strider™ No-Pedal Bike for the first time or racing Striders on a dirt track with other toddlers, Strider World Cup™ events have something for every family interested in giving their child a head start. Balance, coordination, and confidence all develop naturally when children experience group play and friendly competition on Striders. For more information, visit

 About Strider™ No-Pedal Bikes

If your toddler can walk, your toddler CAN ride a STRIDER™! Avoid tricycle tip-overs and training wheel wobbles. Go straight to riding on TWO wheels. STRIDER™ No-Pedal Bikes help toddlers age one to five years old learn balance and coordination BEFORE pedaling, which develops glittering confidence and amazing bike handling skills. So ditch the tricycle and training wheels, and teach your child to ride a bike sooner, better, and safer with a STRIDER™. Available at




BMX Racing News, Tuesday - November 22, 2011

Free Agent / Rockstar So-Cal Clinic Tour Prize Winners!

ATTENTION: Free Agent / Rockstar So-Cal Clinic Tour Attendees!

Here are the winning ticket numbers, do you have one?

Ticket #057116 ..... Ticket #0573410 ..... Ticket #057232 ..... Ticket #057187

If you have one of these Winning tickets in your possession, please take a digital image of the ticket and email it, so that we can get your Team Package to you! Good Luck! More info Face Book Free Agent BMX

Mason (Stay Strong/Stephen Murray's "Little Factory Pro") was STOKED to be part of the Free Agent / Rockstar So-Cal Clinic Tour!


Located At The THE RIDERS GATE PRACTICE GATE LOCATION At The Rear Of The Grand’s Arena

3-6pm Wednesday at the Grands Track $20 per riders, email to reserve your spot.

Email =

Welcome to the 2011 ABA Grand’s Gate Clinic.

We will spend several hours working on gate technique, gate timing, 2nd pedal acceleration and track management.

As these clinic’s usually take upwards of 8 hours to do properly we are going to focus on the meat and potatoes for the maximum benefit to participants.

As this is the Grand’s and the most important race to both rider and parent we will do our best to follow your progress throughout the weekend and assist as much as we can.

First we cannot change your gate procedures in 3 hours but we can give you insight and help you improve your techniques to maximize your starts.

Why the focus on starts? It is the most important aspect of racing and IT IS THE ONLY THING WE CAN CONTROL IN A RACE.

1. Warm Up ..... 2. Practice Drills ..... 3. Sprint Drills ..... 4. Gate Position ..... 5. Second Pedal ..... 6. Power Down 1st Straight ..... 7. Race Strategy

Located At The THE RIDERS GATE PRACTICE GATE LOCATION At The Rear Of The Grand’s Arena

3-6pm Wednesday at the Grands Track $20 per riders, email now to reserve your spot.

Email =

Geving & Larev Offer Skills Clinic At Oldsmar!

On Sunday December 4th, 2011 Amanda Geving and Jason Larev will be putting on a skills clinic at Oldsmar BMX located at 3120 Tampa Road Oldsmar, FL 34677

For more information you can email Amanda Geving at



Alienation BMX sponsored rider, Mariana Pajon took the BIG WIN at the 2011 UCI BMX World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark in July.

In honor of that world title, Alienation wanted to highlight Mariana's HUGE victory with this cool Media Show, check it out, Mariana's one of the GREATEST!




BMX Racing News, weekend update - November 18-20, 2011

Kovachi Wheels Factory Team Ends an Era

ABA Grands Spectators to Witness Final Ride


Marietta, GA - It is with a heavy heart that we announce the end of the Kovachi Wheels Factory Team.


The 2011 ABA Grands will be the last official factory rider representation of Kovachi Wheels.


We make this announcement today to alert the BMX community at large of the availability of the Factory Riders for other team consideration.


All of the Kovachi Factory Team riders were selected for the same reason, their love for the sport of BMX and their ability to continuously strive to increase their skills while representing John Kovachi in the best manner possible.


If you personally know any of the factory riders you can attest to John’s uncanny ability to select riders that would always shine, no matter how they finished in a race, but by the way they stood out in the crowd without asking for the spotlight.


Some of the best riders in the nation rode for Kovachi Wheels at one time or another.


We have tried to assemble the complete team for the Grands and will be spending our last week together in the team area.


Please take a moment to stop by, shake a hand, give a hug, for they are John’s legacy and they are darn proud of it.


Buddy Floyd & Art Heinrichs - Kovachi Wheels Factory Team Managers

The 2011 Kovachi Wheels Factory Team

Crystal Kalgoris PRO WOMEN
Seth Utz A PRO
Tyler Heinrichs JR. ELITE / EXPERT
Blake Floyd Expert / Cruiser
Kalee Reynolds Girl / Girl Cruiser
Kommanche Jordan Expert
Jeremy Montelius Cruiser
Mark Mitchell Cruiser
Alex Palmer Expert
Vinny DeCastro Expert
Will Hayes Expert
Ezra Poole Expert
Danny Wall Cruiser
Caleb Wall Expert
Tony Lehman Expert / Cruiser
JW Irwin Expert
Alan Farmer Expert / Cruiser






It's not very often that you get to get in to the mind of an Olympic Gold Medalist, but you NOW have the chance on DaleHolmesDotCom. Maris Strombergs, one of the coolest guys on the World BMX Circuit, lets you take a look at his thinking, race strategy, training, his battle with injury last season and a whole lot more with Podcast Guru, Dale Holmes and TonyD.


BMX Racing News, Wednesday - November 16, 2011


Prophecy BMX is developing a hot new strategy to help young riders to reach their Optimum Potential through the new Prophecy OP BMX Co-Factory program.


This program will be available in our U.S. market, to riders performing with a Junior or Expert XL frame size.


A special price will be offered to select riders joining the Prophecy BMX family.


OP Co-Factory team members will receive an awesome 30% discount on a full Prophecy BMX race package: Frame + Saddle + Seat post + Headset + Spacers + Chain tensioner + Front number plate + Frame protector + BMX team jersey personalized = 783.29 USD (freight included) instead of 1097.55 USD (freight included).


We are looking for riders to join the Co-Factory Team for the 2012 BMX Racing season. We will work with the Co-Factory Team Members during the season and we will be offering a Full Factory Product Sponsorship to the Co-Factory rider who has the best performance at the 2012 USABMX Grand Nationals, joining BMX Superstar, Joey Bradford on the Factory Team......UNREAL DEAL.


The places are limited, so if you are interested, you can contact us immediately at with information about frame size between Junior or Expert XL, your past results, your birthday date & class for the 2012 season.



Sylvain André, Euro BMX Rounds 5 and 6 ... Genève, Switzerland 2011




BMX Racing News, Monday - November 14, 2011



Alienation BMX, with one of the hottest BMX racing component lines in the sport is now accepting applications for its 2012 Grass Roots Sponsorship Program. 


This sponsorship opportunity is set up for the individual racer or team and is designed to give back to hard core BMX racers everywhere. 


Want to join some of the best riders and teams in the sport riding hot Alienation product? Riders and teams like Barry Nobles, Caroline Buchanan, Shanaze Reade, Gavin Lubbe, Tommy Zula, Sarah Walker, Jeff Upshaw, Dom Daniels, Ramiro Marino and UCI Elite World Champions Joris Daudet & Mariana Pajon!


If you have what it takes contact Rob Morgan at Alienation BMX to find out what is required to get this awesome product support package started.

Caroline Buchanan has been on the GO lately, racing BMX SX in California, catchin' the Dew Tour in Vegas and racing ABA Redline Cup Finals in Boulder City. Catch the action with CB on her new video blog, Highway 68!
Hwy68 - October from Caroline Buchanan on Vimeo.


BMX Racing News, Weekend Update - November 11-13, 2011

Yeah, Caroline! Caroline Buchanan wins the Cycling Australia, Female BMX Cyclist of the Year!

What a year for Caroline. She's had a lonnnng year of BMXing all over the world, racing more than probably anybody on the planet, winning many races, and racking up big points for Team Australia in qualifying riders for the Olympics, capping a HUGE year with this stunning title! Congrats, CB!!!!!

2011 Female BMX Cyclist of the Year from Caroline Buchanan on Vimeo.

Join The Stay Strong Team, Help BMXin' Legend, Stephen Murray!
STAY STRONG are working with GT for 2012 on this “Limited Edition” frame offer and “Co-Sponsor” package. Stephen Murray rode for GT for 5 years before his accident in 2007 which left him paralysed after a crash on the Dew Tour in the dirt finals. GT wanted to help their former rider with this special project with all profits from the frames being donated back to Stay Strong to help support Stephen’s family.

Rockstar Energy have also sponsored Stay Strong with accessories for the “Co-Sponsor” packages that are available exclusively by pre order through Stay Strong before November 25th. After this date any frames that are left will be available on a “frame only” basis but numbers in certain sizes are already very low so it is first come first served.

Packs will include a 2012 custom Hot Shoppe Stay Strong race jersey plus tee shirts, hats, SS grips etc, so this is your chance to join the BLACK & YELLOW CREW and wear the colours with pride and represent Stephen Murray. By purchasing the co-sponsor pack you will be entitled to 20% discount on other Stay Strong items when pre-ordered together with your frame, all info is on the pre order forms.

Shanaze Reade will also joining for Stay Strong for 2012 and going for Gold in London’s Olympic Games next summer on this frame.

Stay Strong will shortly be announcing all new additions for the 2012 World Team line up and our new co- sponsors who have joined us for the 2012 season.

For an order form and any further information on the offer please email : Like us on Facebook – STAY STRONG STEPHEN MURRAY

Liquid Image Camera Goggles / Fly Racing

There are many types of cameras on the market that attach to a helmet or goggle. The problem with this is having to worry about trying to make sure the camera is pointed in the right direction to record what you want, damaging the camera in a crash, and the possibility of the loosing the camera while riding. With the new Liquid Image camera goggles, you will no longer have to worry about this.

The LIC HD Camera Goggle has a true POV HD video camera integrated in to a goggle. It’s simple, what you are looking at is what is being filmed. The camera features a 136 degree wide angle camera to capture all the action. With a heads up display inside the camera, you are notified when filming starts and stops, as well as being notified when photos are taken. Designed to work with just about any helmet the LIC Camera goggles are perfect for bmx, mountain biking, snow sports, motocross, jet skiing, and many other action sports.

Two different types of these camera goggles are available, Summit series for snow sports and the Impact series for offroad. The Summit series features a vented dual lens to aid in anti-fogging and the Impact series features a single lens designed for summer use. Both goggles film in Hi-Def quality and are available in either 720p and 1080p. You can toggle from recording a video to taking individual photos. All models include a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, micro bag, 4GB micro memory card, and USB cables. Black, White, and Red frame options are available along with a variety of replacement lenses, accessories, and replacement parts. MSRP is $249.99 for the 720p and $399.99for the 1080p. LIC Camera Goggles are distributed by FLY Racing/WPS and available through your local bike shop or favorite mail order.

Morphine Industries’ BMC cleans up in Puerto Rico

There is nothing worse than someone hanging in Florida calling his boys up north in Ohio and rubbing it in that it is 90 degrees and they are training hard and hanging at the beach. After Disney, deciding that the racing and weather in Florida are too good to leave yet, Morphine Industries', 19-27X Brandon McCoy made the jump to Puerto Rico to continue his run at the title at the ABA Isla del Encanto national.

Brandon hit the track Friday for practice and loosen-up after the flight and long 3 hour drive from San Juan airport. Rumor has it that he had to sit by someone’s grandma holding her pet goat for the three hour ride.

The race proved to be small with less than 30 motos. However, 19-27X had some comp and BMC made quick work of it taking the top spot in the main event on Saturday. Sunday was groundhog day as Brandon dominated from start to finish with another earned top spot at the line.

The Morphine Crew will be in full force headed to Tulsa in a few weeks. With Most riders in top NAG positions, it will be a great weekend of bumping and banging and we hope you are there to be part of the fun.

Photos courtesy of Jerry Landrum /

Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; HARO BIKES (, Fly Racing (, Alienation (, DK Bicycles (, Folmer BMX (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (, Tioga (, Black Crown (


Supercross BMX has worked with long time partner Alienation to be able to provide the best Custom BMX Wheelsets available.

Custom Anodized and drilled Alienation Rims, built around our Supercross Pro LT and Supercross Quick Twitch Hubsets, you can custom order your wheelset how ever you would like it.

You want a 24” Pro Wheelset with Purple Alienation Rims, Gold Supercross Pro LT Hubs, Green Titanium Spokes and Gold Alloy Nipples, no problem.

Want a set of 20x1 1/8” wheels with Red Alienation Rims, Gold Pro LT Hubs, with Black Stainless Spokes and Black Alloy nipples, no problems. 28 hole 1.5’s in Green, easy. Now you can custom match your wheelset to your custom anodized Supercross ENVY Frame.

And all Supercross Wheelsets are hand built in the Supercross BMX shop with the same care and precision that goes into all of the wheelsets for the Supercross BMX Factory Team riders, like Bubba Harris, Dani George, and Jeremy Rommel. Not to mention freestyle Riders like SE’s Kris Fox.

Take a look at today and figure out how to build your dream wheelset.

Your solution to cheap, gnarly, already built wheelsets! The wizards at Supercross have come up with a SuperSweet deal with custom colors from the BMX Mad Secret Lab at Alienation BMX, add your fav spoke color and a groovy set of SX hubs and you have what we'd call an AWESOME wheelset! For more info, visit at the link below! Custom To The Max!!!!!




BMX Racing News, Wednesday - November 9, 2011

The Big Race is coming in November for TULSA. Have you booked your room at the WYNDHAM HOTELS?
(Former Radisson)
Don't leave booking until too late! Rooms are going quickly!
Only $69.00 per night
Former Radisson Hotel.
Rooms have two queen beds
Complementary shuttle
Indoor Water-park
Outdoor pool and Spa
PRICE ONLY $69.00 PER NIGHT 13.5 tax
Note: The hotel is presently being renovated. Some of the rooms are complete. Because of the improvements bikes will not be allowed in rooms. One of the conference areas has been set aside with 24/7 security where the bikes can be left.
Note: We will take SAVER STAMPS in part or full payment for the ground portion of your trip. A transaction fee of 10% with a maximum of $25.00 will be applied, please allow at least 4 weeks to process.
Visit our web page at: or call 253-531-1757 or e-mail:

Everyone knows the story of Stephen Murray and the heroic struggle he faces everyday.

The Stay Strong foundation approached us to do the rims for the charity, we were honored. We chose our most popular rims in the Runaway and Skylark making them in a stronger material for the SS editions. For every rim that is sold, Alienation will donate $5 to the foundation. Although this is a nice little chunk of change, I had the opportunity to do a little something extra in the form of a Benefit.

This will be an evening of dinner and drinks. Special guest Stephen Murray will be in attendance. We will have many things to raffle off including bike parts and gift certificates from world renown Tattoo artists!

The band Perro Bravo will be playing the event. This is going to be a great evening. If you are in the So. Cal area, please come out and show some support!

For more information please contact Rob Morgan at


One of the biggest names in BMX has launched a hot new online shop. Check out the good stuff from the THE Family.....

Shannon Gillette's one of the inside guys at the new USABMX mega sanction.

He's got the scoop on the in's and out's of what's goin' on at USABMX, and of course, there is LOT's going on!

Wanna check out what's happenin' with the "New Deal" and Shannon?

Git on over to and check it out.



BMX Racing News, Tuesday - November 8, 2011

Redline Pit Walk at Florida Disney Cup
Redline Pit Walk at Florida Disney Cup from Redline Bicycles on Vimeo.
Vet Pro and Team Manager Jason Carnes talks with other Redline owners and winners on a stroll through the pits at the Orlando Florida Disney Cup on Oct. 22 2011.

The Parliament ... Episode 2
The Parliament - Episode 2 from BarryNobles on Vimeo.
Episode 2 of my video series is posted. Have a look and see what Khalen and I have been up to!

New T-shirt design From MCS
CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA - HAMMER BODYWEAR is pleased to announce the latest T-shirt design to be added to our collection, “Un-Plug... Go Ride!”

This T-Shirt will be printed on a Gray, 100% Pre-Shrunk Hanes Beefy Tee.

It will be available in sizes: Adult Small thru Adult X-Large.

Distributed through Custom Cycle Supply (, it will be available at better bike shops and mail order houses world wide!


For more from Caroline on her Caribbean tour, CLICK HERE!



BMX Racing News, Monday - November 7, 2011


Photos Courtesy of SNIPERSHOTS! / Rich Snipes


Approaching the end of year means one last party and what place better than Orlando, FL and the Disney Cup….and hey the Morphine Crew is always down with a party. We all headed to Orlando for a three day week end of fun, party, pranks and some racing. We knew it was going to be a weekend to remember when we rolled into the hotel to find the county jail complex next store.


With almost a complete rooster, we hit he track, rig and all for practice Friday morning. Track was dialed and the weather was epic and the crew was riding well.

AA PRO- Mike Kapes started Friday racing by lighting up the track with a great set of moto laps. That had him heading to the main for sure. However, a bump or two and he fell short but looked great to open the weekend.


Saturday and Sunday, Mike was all about ripping his motos. However, in the AA ranks there is no room for mistakes and lane choice matters. Mike found himself just shy both days of the main as he battled with the BMX best.


A PRO – Jason LaRev was all about getting back in the groove for the weekend. He pounded out some great moto laps to start the weekend but found himself short of the main on Friday.. Jason came back Saturday and Sunday showing some stylist hot laps moving forward out of motos. However, JRev found himself narrowly missing the main again on Saturday. Sunday was another story as JRev swagged his way to the main and round out the weekend with a 7th.


Vet Pro – Tim Dinger coming back after a blown knee was welcomed as he hit the track for the first big race back. Tim showed no loss in flash and his ability to woo the crowd as he rolled into the main event. Dinger found himself in the mix during the main but a bump and a grind found him throwing some style and rolling thru in 8th.


Saturday and Sunday found Dinger making his way through the ranks and landing himself in the main. Déjà vu was in play as he found himself repeating both days with a solid 7th at the white line. Dinger has vowed to keep training and be on point for some glory in Okie. We got to say thanks to Tim for dressing up the pit area with some hotness - his fiancé Kim. That girl can drink some sweet tea.

36-40X –Doran Bradshaw coming off a busted up rib cage found himself in the mix and feeling close to 100 percent. Racing 20” on Friday, Doran cruised through the class and planted his tire on the gate for the main. When the gate dropped, Doran immediately was in the mix and banging bars down the first straight with his bike to a solid 5th at the line.


Saturday, Doran switched over the cruiser and flowed with the same grace as he did on the 20”. Doran cruised to a 4th on his 20” bettering himself by a spot from Friday. Sunday he rolled back to the start on cruiser. Doran continued to better himself by taking 4th for the day. Great weekend for Doran as he gets back on point for killing it at the Grands.

15X – Jared “Doc” Johnson hit the track smoking as well on Friday. Jared raged thru class and hit the main in cruise control. With an epic pass in the last turn Jared took over the top spot and didn’t look back.


Saturday, Jared was determined to join Charlie with the repeat. He rolled thru tough motos and battled to the end of the main to settle for s deuce at the line. Sunday was another great day for Jared as he battled his way to the main with dominance in his motos. He again battled in the main but having a bobble, Jared recovered to take the 5th place finish at the line.


14X –Noah Reeves looked great in practice and hit the first moto in the battle for first but was side hooked by a rider and took a bad crash over the second jump down the first straight. With most of his skin left on the track, Noah tried to come back for his second moto but was unable to hold on to his bars with a badly hurt left hand. Noah was forced to watch from the sidelines for the rest of the weekend trying to put the moves on Dinger’s fiancé….you dawg..

12X – Richie Dey started the weekend as a crowd pleaser boosting the first straight. Friday, Richie horsed his way to the main with a solid 5 in a stacked class. Saturday, Richie continued to ride and air it out weaving his way to the main taking a spot one better than Friday. Sunday Richie, pounded down the straights leaving his mark on the track and taking a solid 6th at the line.


The weekend gave us a solid peak in the 2012 season as a team with our riding, our brotherhood and ….ooh the pranking. My jaw still hurts from getting slapped with Big Black. And Brandon will never look at tooth brushing the same. Got to start getting this stuff on film for sure.


The Crew is strapping it on and head to Tulsa in a few weeks. Be sure to keep your eye on the Pink, Black and White. We will be sure to banging for the tops spots.


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; HARO BIKES (, Fly Racing (, Alienation (, DK Bicycles (, Folmer BMX (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (, Tioga (, Black Crown (



BMX Racing News, WEEKEND UPDATE - November 5&6, 2011


The BMX Mania Photo Of The Day for today is, Haro's, Nic Long at the 2011 Olympic BMX Test Event. Nic's taking on the super tough Second Straight with the Olympic Velodrome in the background, and is totally focused here in 'mid jump'. The Olympic track proved to be a good one, with unanimous approval from the riders. BMX Racing is in for some Good Stuff in 2012!




J&R Bicycles BMX Superstore in Largo, FL. will host it's annual store-wide sale on November 18th-19th. Save on thousands of items and stock up for the Holidays before the season's mad rush! Here are a few reason you don't want to miss out:

*10%-70% on everything in the store
*Special blowout items - frames, wheels, t-shirts, race wear, helmets and more!
*over $1,000,000 in inventory
*DK Stunt Show (Saturday the 19th only)
*Free Food and Drinks (Saturday the 19th only)
*Free J&R T-shirt with purchase of $100 or more (1 per customer)
*97X Next Big Thing Concert ticket drop and give-a-way
*Register to win a DK street bike and other great prizes

This is the largest BMX sales event of the year and it only happens at J&R Bicycles BMX Superstore in Largo, FL. (Tampa Bay area). Two days only, Friday and Saturday (Nov. 18th-19th). Doors open from 10:00am-7pm

J&R Bicycles BMX Superstore
7000 Bryan Dairy Rd.
Largo, FL. 33777
(727) 545-1580

Need directions - click the Google directions below:
Google directions



BMX Racing News, Friday - November 4, 2011

Crupi BMX ..... Words and Pix with 3 Time UCI World Challenge Champ, Collin Hudson!

Here ya go, folks. The Good Stuff with Crupi Factory's, Collin Hudson. Check it out, Eight Minutes of some of the best in Am Racing.








BMX Racing News, Thursday - November 3, 2011

Marc Willers To

Switch Paystubs

BMX Top Dawg, Marc Willers will get a new race jersey as he  joins former sponsor, Toby Henderson In New Sponsorship Effort.

The sponsorship chatter is HOT on the BMX internet and the big news of the week is Marc Willers, taking off from the VSI corporate structure and evidently signing on with former sponsor and VSI main man, Toby Henderson, who just this year sold his interest in all things VSI, (Intense, Speed, THE, and on and on.) and moved on to another rumored company that he was going to start.

Well, evidently, he's begun "starting" cuz he just signed one of the hottest rider in BMX Racing at any track in any country over any jump IN THE WORLD......New Zealand's, Marc Willers.

While it looks like Marc's "left", he hasn't completely. Evidently the deal for Willers' racing includes Prime Time / Name Brand sponsorship with Toby's new company, which is evidently nameless at this point, and a secondary sponsorship with Speed which will keep him on the hot Speed 20-mil frame and fork setup.

Here's the straight scoop from Mr. Speed, himself, Michael Gamstetter, the VSI/Speed BMX Sponsorship Guy, released to BMX Mania for you to chew on.

MG. We were hoping to keep this quiet until after Grands, but now that the cat is out of the bag, here are the basics of the deal:

It's true, Marc is with Toby Henderson's new company as his title sponsor. But Marc will be riding a Speed in 2012. Marc loves the Speed frame and the 20-mil set-up and asked to stay on our frame and the 20-mil Sinz forks.

There are still a lot of details to work out, but when you see Marc on the track at Reno, other than a different name on the center of his chest, he'll look much the same as he does now. He'll still be in the black and white of New Zealand; he'll still be on a custom-painted Speed and he'll still be riding Shimano gear. The big differences will be he'll ride for Toby's company and he'll be using Toby's new products as they become available.

We're looking forward to working with Marc and Toby going forward. It's an arrangement that benefits everyone involved.

In addition, we're pleased to announce that Kory Cook has agreed to a deal with VSI and will be Speed's newest pro. More on that to come.

MCS Bicycles is pleased to announce that we will be doing the clinic at the opening round of the USABMX/SSA State Series in Jacksonville, Florida. The clinic will be November 11, 2011. Registration will be from 2-3pm, with the clinic starting at 3pm and ending at 5pm. Instructors will be: Amanda Geving, Raul Gomez, Petey Peters, Santiago Marin and Eric Clark. The cost will be $25.00. Cost includes: Instruction, Sticker pack and a chance for a raffle prize!

On Saturday November 5th, 2011, Amanda Geving will be hosting an “All Girls Clinic” at Tampa BMX located at 17302 Dale Mabry Hwy North, Lutz, FL 33548.

The clinic cost will be #35.00. Registration is from 9:30-10am and the clinic from 10am-1pm.

For more information you can email Joe Minichino at or call Joe Mathis at 813-838-1375.



BMX Racing News, Tuesday - November 1, 2011

GT's, ERIC RUPE Receives European BMX Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award
Chula Vista, CA - October 2, 2011
From Left - Eric "Big Daddy" Rupe, Gerrit Does & Greg Hill

Back in 2007 Eric "Big Daddy" Rupe was inducted into the European BMX Hall of Fame. 

This year Eric was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from that Hall of Fame. 

Gerrit Does, the president and founder of the European BMX Hall of Fame was on hand in Chula Vista, at the ABA U.S. Open Nationals to personally give Eric the award. 

Along side Eric was this year’s Hall of Fame inductee Greg Hill (past GT BMX Team Champion). 

Big Daddy was quoted as saying, “It’s an honor to have been inducted into the European BMX Hall of Fame, but now to also have been given their lifetime achievement award is really special." 

"I’m blessed to have had such an awesome BMX racing career, but even more importantly, to have touched the lives of so many BMX’ers the world over." 

"BMX is the greatest sport on earth and I’m proud to be part of it and to be forever remembered as part of its history”.

GT proudly represents the following partners: Maxxis Tires, Epic Cameras, Alienation, SDG Saddles, Profile, Sapim spokes, ODI grips and Troy Lee helmets.