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November 2008


Today's BMX Racing News - sunday, November 30, 2008





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Complete Friday/Race Of Champions

friday night pro spectacular

Results & pHOTOS Posted!




Tulsa, Oklahoma

Formula Bicycle Company pulled off the coup of the coming off-season by working a deal with UCI Jr Men’s World Champ Sam Willoughby.

The young ripper, who will still be a Junior at the 2009 UCI Worlds in his home country of Australia, has turned heads on the international scene ever since his dominating win at the ’08 World Championships.

Sam proved he was no fluke with huge win over the USA’s best at the ABA Pro Spectacular Friday night at the ABA Grand Nationals.

Look for a full report coming next week, in the meantime, congrats to Sam and thanks for proving once again, the best riders in the WORLD ride Formula!




Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, November 28, 2008

International Riders Take Big ABA Grands Wins!

Willoughby Takes AA Pro Win & Reade Wins Girl Pro Class

During Friday Night Feature Racing!


AA Pro - 1 Sam Willoughby 2 Joey Bradford 3 Danny Caluag

A Pro - 1 Josh Meyers 2 Gavin Lubbe 3 Vance Weisendanger

Vet Pro - 1 John Purse 2 Chad Street 3 Kenth Fallen

Girl Pro - 1 Shanaze Reade 2 Dominic Daniels 3 Alise Post

NAG Challenge/Men - 1 Nic Long

NAG Challenge/ Women - 1 Taylor Wolcott



Moana Moo Caille Web Videos

Some high speed video guys at CarpeDiem Creations will be following U.S. Pro Bikes Pro, Moana Moo Caille around during the next BMX Race Season, getting some slick web-videos of him.

They've made the first one already featuring MMC at the trails, check it out at his tight looking web site, located at

If you don't know Moana very well, you got to get with the program, cuz, he's one of the coolest pros around. AWESOME looking bike, fast as lightning and STYLE for miles, like in his Trails web-vid.







Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, November 26, 2008



Pro of the year – Mike Day

Rookie Pro – Denzel Stein

Team of the year – Intense / Phantom / Ontrac

Bike of the year – Intense

Danny Caluag Interview On

GO211's Danny Caluag is answering the Who? What? Why? Where? and How? from the GO211 community as he prepares to make history again by winning both ABA #1 titles in AA Pro and Pro Cruiser in the same season.

So ask this history making, Disneyland lovin' BMXer anything and everything about little bikes, losing bets and traveling the world with Nanna's Brat.

Fire Away he's all yours..... Be sure to watch Danny go for the ABA titles live on Go211 Nov 28th-30th! Wish him luck!

You can ask Danny a question directly by visiting the GO211 Q&A section at

Questions from Go211's Tricia Byrnes

Who do you consider to be the most influential BMXer?

from: Tricia Byrnes  

Probably Randy Stumpfhauser because he is always professional. One of my favorite pros since I was an amateur. He was very consistant.


What do people consider to be your greatest accomplishment and what do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

from: Tricia Byrnes

People and myself would both agree that my greatest accomplishment would be winning the ABA National Pro title in both AA Pro and Cruiser in the same year.


What are your goals in BMX? Life?

from: Tricia Byrnes

In BMX, it would have to be in the Olympics. I would love to make the Olympics, also just to have fun in BMX. In Life, one day get married to my girlfriend Stephanie Barragan and have a family and provide for them. Also to be healthy.


Best advice you have ever received?

from: Tricia Byrnes

Never ever give up!


What would it mean to win this years title in both AA Pro and Pro Cruiser?

from: Tricia Byrnes

I would mean the world! Last year was just plain amazing. This year would be astonishing. Can't wait to see how it pans out.


What is your nickname and Why?

from: Tricia Byrnes

It is Easy Money. First off people might think that name came from me making money, but it's not. Greg Leasure gave me the name. It all start when I was amateur, I would always make little bets with him on who is going to win and if I could jump this or that and I would always lose the bet to him. I never won a bet from him not until recently. So I would pay him up and he said, "Man, that's EASY MONEY" and that's how I got the nickname. Greg still gives me a hard time from time to time.


What do you like to do?

from: Tricia Byrnes

Go to Disneyland or sightseeing California. I'm a tourist in my own state.


What's the best thing to happen to BMX?

from: Tricia Byrnes

I found my girlfriend of almost 8 years in BMX. Also traveling the world.

Crupi-Europe / Rockstar

Press release - November 11, 2008 - Bergeijk, Netherlands

CRUPI-Europe is proud to present ROCKSTAR as one of their major '09 sponsors

Orangeville Indoor winter MTB and BMX - 4-cross series

Round One race report

November 25, 2008. - Round one is in the history books and we're still grinnin from all the fun! Some challenges with packing the new soil didn't deter the riders from making the most of Ontario's first indoor dirt series in over a decade. The incredible Orangeville Fairgrounds facility was greeted by riders from Kingston to London, with its large track area, heating, grandstands, clean washrooms and full concession it suits the riders and spectators ideally.

With 71 racers and 23 motos of BMX and Mountain Bikes combined, the racing was as exciting as we've seen in awhile. Highlights included 16 year old young lady Ameila Walsh signing in for the 16 over boys expert bmx class and proceeding to win, but not without getting bumped, cut, dirty and crashing! This chick rocks, and her fans were pumped.

The young guns were also out in full force with some awesome battles and impressive jumping, the wood doubles worked out sweet where the little guys could get some fun airtime. J.J. Kocsisan was impressive with a perfect 3 motos and has an early series lead on the 12 expert class. James Hedgecock was turning heads with jumpin the doubles and a win in 7 & Under.

Pro Mountain bikers had a stacked class, with 12 riders and 50% payback there were greenbacks on the line. Each of the three pro MTB gates was full of riders capable to make the main, no single rider dominated these motos, with finishes switching up each lap and transfers missed by single points, or ties with 3rd moto finishes to decide. In the end it was Milton's Alex Brancier on top, Harold Woolnough in tight for second. The pro BMX class saw 8 riders and me (Organizer, Brent "Smitty" Smith) race for the first time in over 5 years, 40 years old and a perfect 3 wins in the motos! Bob Rowley did the same in the other moto, then smoked us all like a AA pro should in the main.The loose track had us all workin some skills to hold speed and lines and made a lot of the races anyone's' chance to win, with many close to the line finishes.

Orangeville Indoor winter MTB and BMX - 4-cross series Round One Results

7& Under Novice BMX -1st-James Hedgecock, 2nd-Romyk Soltys, 3rd-Justin Rowley, 4th- Grant Colwell.

8 & 9 BMX -1st-Josh Samells, 2nd-David Richard, 3rd- Noah Simms, 4th-Matthew Hickey.

10-12 BMX/MTB - 1st-Anthony Richard, 2nd-Will Summer (MTB), 3rd-Josh Seitz, 4th-Troy Bishop.

12 & 13 Expert BMX-1st-J.J. Kocsisan, 2nd-Nick McKay, 3rd-Andrew Ketchin.

12-13 Girls BMX-1st-Kaitlyn Richard, 2nd-Kristen Brooks.

14\15 BMX-1st-Corey Walsh, 2nd-Jason Mckinnon, 3rd-Chris Hardie, 4th-Hunter Foster.

16 & Over Am MTB-1st-Aaron Smith, 2nd-Kyle Sangers, 3rd-Peter-John Wegrynawski, 4th-Matt Gillies.

16 & Over BMX Expert-1st- Amelia Walsh, 2nd-Ryan Wright,3rd-Taylor Rowlands, 4th-Paul Schiavone.

16 Over Girls-1st-Christine Schiavone, 2nd-Stephanie Huiskamp.

30 & Over MTB-1st-Cam Milliken, 2nd-Corey Kantola, 3rd-Micheal Doushen, 4th- Rob Calma.

30 & Over Cruiser-1st- Cam Milliken, 2nd-Glenn Cressman, 3rd- Derek Nischan, 4th- Mike Paveo.

Pro Open - 1st- Alex Brancier-MTB-$72.00, 2nd-Kyle Pearson-BMX-$36.00, 3rd-Bradie Johnston-BMX-$20.00, 4th-Greg Bidwell-BMX.

Pro BMX - 1st- Bob Rowley-$72.00, 2nd-Bradie Johnston-$54.00, 3rd- Brent Smith-$36.00, 4th-Kyle Pearson-$18.00.

Pro MTB-1st-Alex Brancier-$108, 2nd-Harold Woolnough-$81.00, 3rd-Brandon Cassells-$54.00, 4th-Jeff Faulds-$27.00.

We have 8 more races to go. A new layout each weekend, a heavy duty packing roller and more dirt on order for round two. Also a bunnyhop contest and a draw for a complete Haro bike at the series end, we expect this series will get even better.

Check out the OCA website (, or the facebook group- Orangeville Indoor MTB and BMX- for dates and info and plan to hit up Orangeville for some good old fashioned fun in the dirt this winter.

Huge thanks to my crew, the volunteers, OCA, the Orangeville locals and our sponsors, Haro bicycles, Kona bikes and Ryders eyewear.

Orangeville Indoor BMX and Mountain Bike 4 Cross Series

Orangeville Fairgrounds, Winter, 2008/09

Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Directions - From 401 follow 410 North Brampton (11 miles) to Mayfield rd. Exit left and follow (2.5 miles) to Hurontario/hwy 10 North. Turn right and follow highway 10 North to Orangeville, follow 2km past Orangeville. Turn right on Hockley Valley road, follow signs 1.5 km to Fairgrounds.





Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Miami, FL – November 25, 2008 – BAWLS Guarana today announced their sponsorship of the #1-ranked NBL Elite Woman Stephanie Barragan for the 2009 BMX racing season!


“I’m so excited to be a part of the 2009 BAWLS Team,” said Stephanie. “I am looking forward to Bouncing with BAWLS on top of the podium at next year’s national races!”  


Stephanie, a native of Montclair, CA, began racing at 7 years old at her hometown track - Riverside BMX.


Now a seasoned rider, Stephanie is the NBL Elite Women’s Champion after winning the title the 2008 NBL Grand Nationals in Louisville, KY!  


As a BAWLS-sponsored rider, Stephanie will take on 2009 ABA and NBL national races in a one-of-a-kind BAWLS-branded helmet while enjoying an endless supply of BAWLS Guarana drinks, including her favorite flavor – G33K B33R!  


Stephanie will be joining the rest of the BAWLS BMX Team which includes recently re-signed #4 NBL rider Matt Pohlkamp, #1 ABA Pro Danny “Easy Money” Caluag and ABA Rookie Pro of the Year David Herman!


As THE Drink of Choice of BMXers everywhere, BAWLS Guarana is giving back to their favorite sport in a big way! BAWLS BMX cans are available nationwide and 5% of the proceeds of each can sold will be given to the ABA and NBL to build new tracks and to develop rider programs across the US!


For more BAWLS BMX news, check out



Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, November 24, 2008

BMXers Honored At Australia Cycling's "Cyclist Of The Year" awards

BMX racers, Jared Graves, Nicole Callisto, Sam Willoughby and Lauren Reynolds were awarded 2008 Australian Cyclist of the Year honors this past weekend in Melbourne.


The Awards were presented at a gala celebration at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne Hotel.


Canberra's Caroline Buchanan won an impressive two categories last night at the 2008 Australian Cyclist of the Year awards in Melbourne. The 18 year old won the elite and junior females Mountain Bike Cyclist of the Year. She was a finalist in the junior female BMX Cyclist of the Year but that award went to Lauren Reynolds from Bunbury.


Apart from Anna Meares who won three categories, the Sir Hubert Opperman medal, the people's choice and the female track cyclist of the year Buchanan and Sam Willoughby (Adelaide) both claimed two awards each. Willoughby doubled up by winning the junior BMX and junior Mountain Bike Cyclist of the Year.


Reynolds and Willoughby are currently overseas racing BMX in the American ABA races.


For the fifth year in a row, Sam Hill (Perth) has taken out the male Mountain Bike cyclist of the year award. Hill is currently in America testing his new equipment for the upcoming season.


For the second year in a row Nicole Callisto (Perth) took out the female BMX cyclist of the year award but was unable to attend.


Buchanan will compete in the National Mountain Bike Series second round this weekend on the Gold Coast along with other award winner, Jared Graves (Toowoomba).


Elite BMX Cyclist of the Year - Male - Jared Graves (QLD)


Jared Graves (QLD) Graves was a consistent performer at international level in BMX in 2008. He claimed the Australian Championship and was seventh in the World Championships. He picked up a silver medal in the Copenhagen round of the Supercross World Cup Series and finished the season ranked second in the world. At the Olympic Games in Beijing he was unlucky to be caught up in a crash in the final and finished sixth.


Kamakazi (QLD) The flamboyant showman notched up a podium place in the Supercross World Cup Series when he finished third in the Adelaide round. At the World Championships he qualified for the semi finals and was a semi-finalist at the Olympic Games in Beijing.


Luke Madill (NSW) Madill ranked sixth in the world at the end of the BMX season and was a semi-finalist at the World Championships, silver medalist at the Australian Championships and placed sixth in the Adelaide round of the Supercross World Cup Series. He also represented Australia at the Olympic Games.


Elite BMX Cyclist of the Year - Female - Nicole Callisto (WA)

Nicole Callisto (WA) Her Olympic debut saw her win through to the BMX final where a crash brought her campaign undone and she finished the event in sixth place. At the Adelaide Supercross event she placed seventh.


Tanya Bailey (WA) Bailey was a semi finalist at the Olympic Games in Beijing and at the World Championships. She placed fourth in the Adelaide round of the Supercross Series and was the silver medallist at the Australian Championships.


Melissa Mankowski (NSW) Mankowski won the gold medal at the Australian Championships and had her sights set on the Olympic Games before a knee injury derailed her campaign. Junior Cyclist of the Year - Male BMX & Male MTB - Sam Willoughby (SA)

Sam Willoughby (SA) Willoughby has an impressive year including being crowned Junior World Champion. He also won the Australian Title and the Probikx Series overall. In the elite level Supercross round in Denmark he placed ninth.


Josh Callan (VIC) Callan rode home in fifth place at the Junior World Championships whilst back in Australia he finished the 2008 season ranked second in the BMXA Probikx Series.


Stevie Janssen (QLD) Janssen claimed the silver medal in the junior division at the Australian Championships and was ranked number three on the BMXA Probikx Series for 2008. Junior Cyclist of the Year - Female BMX & Female MTB - Lauren Reynolds (ACT)


Lauren Reynolds (WA) As the reigning Junior Australian Champion Reynolds set her sights on the World Championships and didn't disappoint coming home with silver medal. Riding in the Adelaide Supercross round she finished 11th.


Caroline Buchanan (ACT) Buchanan took home the bronze medal from the Australian Championships and in the Supercross round in Adelaide finished 13th in an elite level field.


Rachel Bracken (QLD) Bracken collected a bronze medal at the Junior World Championships and back on home soil was the silver medalist at the Australian Championships.



Supercross BMX's Icon Completes now available Worldwide!

When Supercross BMX released it's line of Race Ready Completes, the Icon Series earlier this year, it was available immediately in the U.S.A through it's Authorized Dealer Network, and through J&R Bicycles for mailorder.

But it was tough for BMXers outside of the USA to get their hands on one of the Supercross Icon completes.

After 6 months of working with an international Distributor network, these awesome completes from Supercross are now available on almost every Continent World Wide.

Radical Rydz in New Zealand, just took delivery of their container last week, Alan's BMX in England has them available, Bikeshop LTDA in Chile, MIZ 29 in Singapore and soon the Completes will be arriving in South Africa, Latvia and in the Czech Replublic.

So now Racers world wide have easy access to the Race Ready Supercross Icon completes in all 5 sizes ( Mini, Jr., Expert, Pro and Pro Cruiser ) and 3 color ways ( Snow White, Candy Blue/White, and Sammy Cools Pearl Pink/White combos ).

Please be sure to visit for more information on your local dealer and the full list of specifications on these race ready completes.

Stile Ind./Transit BMX Bail out sale

In light of the current economic struggles Stile Industries(BMXican and Transit) will be having a "BMX Bail Out Sale" at the ABA grands this year. 

The Federal Government might not be helping to "Bail Out" the BMX industry, but Stile Industires will be doing their best to help out all BMXicans. 

Stop by the Stile Industries booth to watch some of the Transit DVDs and check out the sales. 

This weekend will be the only time that prices will be this low. 

Unless you are at the "Greatest Race on Earth" you will miss out on all the BMX savings. 

All Transit Race DVDs(excluding How to Race) will be on sale for $10 each. 

If you need to complete the collection of Transit BMX history, this will be the best time to do it. 

All Stile/BMXican T Shirts will also be on sale for only $10. 

This BMX Bail out sale will be ABA Grands weekend only. 

We take saver stamps so if you have been saving them up all year this will be the ti! me to use them. 

There will also be some other items on sale. 

If you need to get some great deals or just want to kill some time watching some Transit DVDs during the long day just make sure to find the Stile Industries booth.

Weisenberger Out For 2009

Kyle Weisenberger will not be in competition on the BMX Scene for the 2009 season.

Monday Nov. 17th Kyle underwent his 3rd ankle surgery and in January he will be undergoing his 4th knee operation.

This will be his 9th surgery (BMX related) in his last 12 years of competition.

Kyle plans to be taking the year off to finish college and give himself time to heal properly.

Kyle sends some props and thanks out to his parents, friends, and ADDISON BIKES for all the support!








Today's BMX Racing News - Weekend Edition, November 23, 2008


GHP Complete Bikes

Have you heard the news? 

GHP Complete bikes have arrived! 

The 20" Jackal and the Twenty4" Cruiser. 

Race ready! 

If you are a already a dealer or would like to become one,

now is the time to place your orders!

ABD supporting BSX



When: Monday 19th January 2009 (During Track Attack week)

Where: Pheasant Creek (60kms North East of Melbourne's CBD)

Classes: Open Men, Open Women, 30 & Over open wheel

Why: The BSX is a fund raising event for the Royal Children's Hospital

Video: Click here to download a video of the 2008 event. (64Mb Windows Media file)


ABD supporting BSX 2009

"As BSX event organiser I am pleased to welcome ABD as the naming rights partner for fourth annual BSX in 2009. From now on the event will be officially referred to as the ABD BSX." BSX event organiser, Shane Jenkins, announced this morning.


ABD's significant contribution to the event will help raise much needed funds for new equipment at the Royal Children's Hospital. The products that ABD have provided, including two complete race bikes, are sure to generate a lot of interest and help attract larger crowds and bigger donations.


ABD's BMX racing program helped New Zealand's Sarah Walker to achieve her life long dream of becoming one of the first BMX Olympians and a very respectable fourth place in the women's Olympic final. Now the ABD BSX will be able to provide much needed funds that will ultimately help thousands of children from Australia, New Zealand and beyond to fulfil their dreams.


The goal for the ABD BSX in 2009 is to raise an additional $4,000 on top of the $11,678.45 which has already been raised over the past three years. Weather we fall short of our goal or surpass it we are just happy to be helping out such a great cause. It's with the support of companies like ABD, and the ongoing support of many others since the first ever BSX in 2006, that it's possible to make such a huge difference to the community. It's events like BSX that remind you of how important services like the Royal Children's Hospital to the general public.


Visit for more information about ABD.


Win one of two ABD race bikes.....We will have an XL and an Expert up for grabs at the ABD BSX, but you'll have to be there to win. More details coming soon.


Open day coming soon

Saturday December 6 from 11am until 3 pm we'll have a small get together on the track to see how the changes hold up, take feedback and make any final tweaks if time allows. Hopefully the starting gate mechanism will be fitted by then and we can have some practice races.



One of the various ways you can help BSX is to make a donation for the Royal Children's Hospital, even if you can't make it on race day.

Each donation over $2 is tax deductable. If you would like to make a donation, all donated funds via cheque, cash or credit card will go directly to the RCH, just fill out this form and mail it as directed.

BSX2009 Donation Coupon (PDF document)



Each year it takes many people to keep BSX running smoothly. We need people to help with parking, on the gate, in the merchadise stand, selling raffle tickets, and around the track. If you can help out on the day please email


Partnership opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a BSX partner we have many packages available, contact us at for details.


ABD BSX is presented by and proudly supported by Platinum Partner ABD ( Gold Partners Dirt Designs ( XBR ( Silver Partners Elite Cycle Imports (S&M, THE Industries, Alienation, Sinz and Profile Racing)

Supporting Partners

BMX Australia

BMX Victoria

BMX Press Magazine


For more information see


About BSX

BSX (Bicycle Supercross) is one-on-one sprint trails style racing on a backyard track built specifically to test a rider's skills. The short straights, lofty jumps and tight corners are very intense under race conditions but also fun for competitors and create quite a lot of entertainment for spectators. The event provides a unique experience for the local Victorian riders, as well as the interstate and international visitors during an off day of the Track Attack series. The events primary function is to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation. In just three years the event has raised $11,678.45 which has provided the hospital with new equipment.

Funds have been raised through gate takings, raffles, auctions and donations.


About the Royal Children's Hospital

'The Royal Children's Hospital is the major specialist paediatric hospital in Victoria and provides a full range of clinical services and health promotion and prevention programs for infants through to adolescents. Each year the Royal Children's Hospital treats tens of thousands of children through our Emergency Department, inpatient admissions and outpatient visits. The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation plays a vital role in providing additional funding to support important research projects and purchase state of the art medical equipment to ensure that every child receives the very best treatment now and into the future.








Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, November 20, 2008



Hilliard, OH - November 19, 2008 - NBL membership is on the rise and this year’s Bring-A-Buddy Program played a significant role in the increase. The new incentive-based prizing structure and more track support combined to make this year’s program the most successful to date with a record 10% increase in both Recruiters and Buddies. In addition to more than $40,000 in prizes, 13 lucky recruiters made the 2,000 point club and they will be recognized in BMX Today Magazine as the year’s top recruiters. Their efforts helped make this year’s program a huge success.

To reward outstanding efforts, Camp Woodward will present the Top Recruiter from each region with a free week’s pass in 2009 - The 2008 Camp Woodward Top Recruiters are:

    * West - Aiden Holt, 6 - Estrella Mtn BMX, AZ (8,600 pts)
    * Midwest - Dakota Buenneke, 12 - Detweiller BMX, IL (6,800 pts)
    * Northeast - Joey Lynn Henderson, 11 - Kingston Point BMX, NY (5,300 pts)
    * Southeast - Sarah Gross, 12 - Cape Coral BMX, FL (2,800 pts)

The tracks were even more involved this year and all of the regions were more active than ever. Throughout the season the NBL awarded Top Recruiting Tracks monthly with complete bikes from Intense BMX and Free Agent BMX. Congratulations to all of the active tracks – you’re efforts helped grow the sport.

NBL - Overall Top Recruiting Tracks:

    * Midwest - GTC BMX, Traverse City, MI
    * Northeast - Trilogy Park BMX, Pottstown, PA
    * Southeast - Cape Coral BMX, Cape Coral, FL
    * West - Santa Maria BMX, Santa Maria, CA ** New Track **

The Bring-A-Buddy Program has become an integral part of the NBL's grass roots programs and this year's result indicates that the sport is growing.  The program is sponsored by Intense BMX, Free Agent, Camp Woodward, Kenda, UGP, THE, and Sinz Racing in association with BMX Plus! Magazine, BMX World Magazine and BMX Today. “We truly appreciate the huge effort our tracks and members made this year. Our sponsors helped make the program even more exciting and the riders enjoy getting to choose their own rewards - It's a win-win situation for everyone” said Kevin O’Brien, NBL Marketing Director.

The next program is set to launch in early 2009 in time for the school year. For more information about the program contact your local track and get ready to recruit and win! Visit the NBL website ( and click your way into the Bring-A-Buddy section to see the final standings and prizes.

Click here to see it all:

The 2008 Bring-A-Buddy Program was proudly sponsored by Intense BMX (, Free Agent BMX (, Camp Woodward (, Kenda Tires (, UGP (, THE Industries ( and Sinz Racing ( in association with BMXWORLD, BMX Plus! and BMX Today magazines.

dR Voted US Olympic Committee "Athlete Of The Month"

Arielle Martin scores votes

The United States Olympic Committee announced BMX cyclist Donny Robinson (Napa, Cailf.) as its male Athlete of the Month for October.

Robinson won the overall 2008 UCI Supercross BMX World Cup title in October.

After finishing second in the final round of the World Cup in France on Oct.11, Robinson secured the top spot in the final World Cup standings.

Another BMX cyclist, Arielle Martin (Pleasant Grove, Utah), finished third in the women's voting after winning the overall 2008 UCI Supercross BMX World Cup title.

Greg Hill Offers

Training Plans & Clinics

To Help Make YOU Go Fast!

Want to get trained by one of the best in the sport?

Greg Hill Speed Seminars offers one of the best training opportunities in the world.

With TONS of experience at training some of the top riders in the pro ranks, Greg Hill brings his 2009 Training Programs to your tool box of things that make you go fast.

Training Opportunities are available for one time clinics at your track or a day to day world class training schedule, you can't go wrong with Greg's Speed Seminars programs.

BMX MANIA APPROVED: From Jerry Landrum, BMX Mania Owner/Editor ..... "As a former Track Director and nationally ranked Cruiser rider, I can say with GREAT conviction that Greg Hill does the BEST clinic that I have ever seen, scheduled at our track or been involved in! Greg gives of his time in a way that goes above and beyond the call of duty or clinic fee. He is motivating, he knows his stuff and he knows how to give you that little bit of knowledge that will make you faster than the next guy!"

Greg is available for training opportunities right now and can be contacted by email at the 'Contact Us' link at






Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Kuwahara Says Thanks

As the 2008 season comes to an end, we at Kuwahara would like to take this opportunity to thank our teams and riders on our support program for making this year a success.


Natarsha and I are honored to have the opportunity to bring back the legend of Kuwahara to the US BMX market and we wouldn't be here today without all the efforts of our teams and racers on the program, as well as all that Matt Pohlkamp, Justin Posey, and Jeffery Upshaw have done to help promote the brand.


A big thanks goes out to Bruce and the Excalibur team for lugging our display bikes and set up to most of the races this season for us.

And a big Happy Birthday goes out to Justin Posey who just turned 15 and he wants to thank his parents for giving him such a great ABA birth date.

The 2009 model bikes will be here shortly and we've got some big things planned for 09. Stay Tuned!

Thanks, Ryan and Natarsha Birk - Contact us at and


Mike Redman and Co., pulling the legendary 48' Redman/Rockstar Factory Team trailer, will be making the annual trek to Tulsa for the ABA Grand Nationals and will be once again offering bike transport services for a fee of $60.00 round trip.

Contact Redman at 951.334.7396 or email them at to reserve your spot.

Special arrangements can be made to drop-off your ride at either the Redman Boneyard in Murrieta or with Jeff Glynn in Corona.

Special arrangements possible upon request.





Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, November 17, 2008

Redline TO SEND Four Olympians to the ABA Grands

Shanaze Reade Makes Debut Appearance At The "Worlds Greatest BMX Race"!

Tens of millions of Olympic fans watched BMX racing make its debut this year as a Medal sport. And of those 48 men and women who made the cut, eight of them were members of the REDLINE GLOBAL force.
And this coming Thanksgiving weekend, four of the infamous Redline Olympians will be making their way to the U.S.A., to race at what all BMXers know as “The Greatest Race on Earth;” The ABA Grands.

The four Olympians heading to Tulsa next week are Italy’s MANUEL DeVECCHI, France’s Olympic main maker DAMIEN GODET, the Netherland’s ROBERT deWILDE and UK’s fastest woman on a BMX bike – SHANAZE READE.


“I am really looking forward to racing at the ABA Grands in Tulsa,” commented UK’s Shanaze Reade, who crashed in the final turn in Beijing, while going for a Gold medal-making move. “This will be my first BMX race since the Olympics, and I plan on showing America what I am made of, and redeem myself after my disappointing result in Beijing.”  As the reigning UCi World Champion, Reade was the Gold Medal favorite going in to the Olympics, and will likely be the one all Sports writers are talking about in 2012, when the Games lands in Great Britain. 

But that’s not all - the REDLINE pits will also be popping with other Global Team members, such as Japan’s MASA SAMPEI, Canada’s TORY NYHAUG and Redline’s domestic Elite superstars KIM HAYASHI and DENZEL STEIN.


This years’ Grands will be the final race for Arizona’s Kim Hayashi in her familiar red, white and black colors of Team Redline; putting an impressive exclamation point on a nine year sponsorship where she won two ABA National No.1 titles, five-straight NBL No.1 Elite Women championships and one UCi World Champ title.


By contrast, Redline’s Denzel Stein, will be wrapping up his first year of Pro competition – and will find out on Wednesday afternoon if the BMX world voted him “Rookie Pro of the Year” for 2008. Already with two double-A Pro victories notched in his belt, the 17 year old DeSoto, Texas native has just began his BMX journey, with dreams of Olympic qualification in four years. Going in to this weekends’ race, Stein is impressively ranked No.5 in ABA’s Pro standings. 

Being the industry leader in selling complete BMX bikes, REDLINE will be hosting their Olympic athletes and Global Team riders in the Factory compound – where autograph-seeking fans, and spectators alike, can meet these dedicated athletes, get a free special edition poster or have their picture taken with them.

Four days of insane BMX racing takes place on Thanksgiving weekend at the Tulsa Expo Center – where thousands of riders, from all across the Globe, gather to see who is truly the BEST in their age classes (from 4 years old to 50 and over). 

Wednesday, Nov 26th at 2pm – Hall of Fame inductions & Golden Crank Awards ceremony.

Thursday, Nov 27th is all day practice.

Friday, Nov 28th is the Race of Champions, followed by the spectator-friendly Pro Spectacular Show at 6pm.

Saturday, Nov 29th kicks off the first two rounds of Qualifying for The Grandnationals.

Sunday, Nov 30th concludes the eleven month season, with the handing-out of eleven National No.1 titles during the Main events – which start around 4 to 5 pm.  


CJ McGuire on MCS Bicycles!

MCS Bicycles is very excited to announce our newest rider to the family, CJ McGuire!

Coming out of Orlando, Florida, CJ has been racing BMX for over 15 years.

He knows what it takes to get the job done and is fully committed to make it happen.

"We are extremely excited about CJ being a part of our 2009 program!" said Brian Fell, MCS Marketing Director and Team Manager. "CJ has been a friend of ours for a long time and I?m psyched on what the future holds for both him and MCS."

CJ will be contesting the Florida State Series, as well as, the NBL National Series and a limited ABA National schedule.

Currently, he is testing the new 2009 MCS Speed Freak frame, which should be available in early 2009.

Australia Cyclist Of The Year Award

Cycling Australia is pleased to announce the finalists in the 2008 Cyclist of the Year Awards.

The Awards will be presented at a gala celebration being staged at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne Hotel on Sunday 23 November.

The night will culminate with the presentation of the Sir Hubert 'Oppy' Opperman Medal and Trophy to the 2008 Australian Cyclist of the Year.

"I congratulate all the nominees who have been and will continue to be outstanding ambassadors for cycling and for Australia," said Mike Victor OAM, President of Cycling Australia. "We have a wealth of talent in our sport from masters to juniors and across all the disciplines and we continue to rank amongst the worlds top nations in the sport.

"I look forward to enjoying a night of celebration to mark the great achievements of our cyclists in 2008."

The complete list of finalists in the respective Award categories is listed below. For more detailed information on each of the finalists please go to the Cycling Australia website.

Finalists in the 2008 Cyclist of the Year Awards

Elite BMX Cyclist of the Year - Male - Jared Graves (QLD) ... Kamakazi (QLD) ... Luke Madill (NSW)

Elite BMX Cyclist of the Year - Female - Tanya Bailey (WA) ... Nicole Callisto (WA) ... Melissa Mankowski (NSW) Junior Cyclist of the Year - Male BMX - Josh Callan (VIC) ... Stevie Janssen (QLD) ... Sam Willoughby (SA) Junior Cyclist of the Year - Female BMX - Rachel Bracken (QLD) ... Caroline Buchanan (ACT) ... Lauren Reynolds ( WA)

Elite Mountainbike Cyclist of the Year - Male - Jared Graves (QLD) ... Sam Hill (WA) ... Nathan Rennie (QLD)

Elite Mountainbike Cyclist of the Year - Female - Caroline Buchanan (ACT) ... Dellys Starr (VIC) Junior Cyclist of the Year - Male MTB - Shaun O’Connor (NSW) ... Rhys Willemse (QLD) ... Sam Willoughby (SA) Junior Cyclist of the Year - Female MTB - Caroline Buchanan (ACT) ... Rebecca Henderson (ACT)

MCS BMX Factory Team Hooks It UP With DNA Energy Drink

We are very excited to announce that we have a new sponsor, DNA Energy Drink !

“This is the best tasting energy drink that I have ever had!” said Brian Fell, Marketing Director for MCS Bicycles. “I am very excited about what the future holds with our partnership with DNA.” he added.

DNA which is located in Boca Raton, Florida is super close to us here in South Florida and they share the same type of enthusiasm for racing which is clearly evident in their support of motocross with Butler Brothers Racing, also located in South Florida.

Combine that with the other action sports individuals they are involved with Freestyle BMX, Skateboarding and Wake Skate and DNA is sure to be the next big thing!

DNA is available at Circle K, 7-Eleven and finer stores all throughout Florida.

So stop in and try it out, you’ll be glad you did!

For more info on DNA Energy Drink, check out there super hot web site located at!

Formula goes French

November 18, 2008

With France being one of most important BMX countries in Europe, Formula and EuroBmx -Super Smart racing- are proud to announce the collaboration with Custom's BMX to promote the Formula brand in France.

The Custom's BMX team will rock the French tracks on their Formula bikes.

On the Customs Bmx site ( will be all the hot news about the Formula Euro Trade Team as well.

Interested French dealers, can contact Jan via

Furthermore, the Formula Euro Trade Team added Bastien Merle, a young French talented rider, to their ranks to complete their definitive 2009 team setup.

The Team is also happy to announce the collaboration with Shimano. The

2009 Euro Team bikes will be equipped with the complete Shimano DXR group.

For more information about the DXR group for BMX, check out the Press Release from Shimano: Dedicated to BMX racing - Shimano DXR. (.pdf )

The Formula Europe Trade Team is supported by: Formula Bicycles, Shimano, EuroBMX, Formco Parts, Swatch Watches and Navada.Net Web Design.

Steven Wong honored

by Hong Kong President

November 6, 2008

Recently, Formula¹s Steven Wong was invited to meet the President of Hong Kong, who honoured him with the chief executive's commendation for community service award.

Steven received this recognition for his fine results from the past years in BMX and his excellent efforts promoting the sport to the HK youth.

Steven has obtained somewhat of a celebrity status after winning the All China Games in 2006.

This was the introduction of BMX racing for most Hong Kong citizens.

In 2009, the first ever official BMX track will be built in Hong Kong in support of the Hong Kong Cycling Federation. 

Without a doubt, a lot of HK youngsters will try to follow in Steven¹s tire tracks.

Formula Bicycles, EuroBMX, Formco Parts, Swatch Watches and Navada.Net Web Design.

EuroBmx - Super Smart Racing-  is still looking for dynamic dealers in France, Latvia, Norway, Spain, Italy, and the Czech Republic to promote the Formula brand. If interested, check








Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, November 17, 2008

2008 ABA BMX PRO Spectacular/N.A.G. 5 Challenge Racers Announced!

We all know what this time of year means its ABA BMX Grands time. The ABA Grands is "The Greatest Race on Earth", and this year will be no exception. One of the highlights to the ABA Grands weekend has always been the PRO Spectacular/N.A.G. 5 Challenge. This event pits the best of the best against each other in a special racing format. We take the top riders from across the country and line them up on the gate. For all the top Am`s this race isn`t about N.A.G. points, it`s about bragging rights and an awesome prize list to all who make the main. After the HUGE success in past years ABA is excited at having N.A.G 5 women on the show as a permanent fixture. This will add even more outstanding racing to an already stacked field. The crew will be on site, so be sure to catch all the "Live" action on the web-cast as well. Good luck to everyone and we'll see you in Tulsa!

These are the Top 5 age class riders in the nation going into the ABA Grands: 

 N.A.G. 5 BOYS

Age 15/1 JARED GARCIA  1601  VICTORVILLE, CA ... 2 PAUL WASSENAAR  1582  BELLFLOWER, CA ... 3 BILLY RUSSELL 1582  DESOTO, TX ... 4 AUSTIN LOEBE  1517  DOVER, DE ... 5 JORDAN RYAN  1462  Springfield, Il.



Age 19-27/1 NIC LONG  1626  LAKESIDE, CA ... 2 KORY COOK  1600  ORANGE, CA ... 3 DENNISON  1574  BETHANY, OK ... 4 LEE LEWIS 1571  CARLSBAD, CA ... 5 THOMAS VALLEJO 1564  BONITA, CA











N.A.G. 5 Challenge Prize Contributors: Kicker Audio Equipment ... FLY RACING ... T.H.E. ... Intense Bikes ... ... BAWLS Guarana ... Clif Bar and more great prizes to be named at the event!


Once again VSI Products has stepped up big time for the N.A.G. 5 Challenge. All N.A.G. 5 Challenge main makers will receive: T.H.E. B1 Jump Helmet, T.H.E. Track Pak Backpack, T.H.E. Bike StandT.H.E. Full Face Helmet BagT.H.E. Socks!


ABA BMX would like to thank all the 2008 National Series sponsors: American Suzuki-( ) ... Dan's Comp ( ... Jig-A-Loo-( ... BAWLS Guarana ( ... Bawlstyle ( ... Redline Bicycles-( ... FLY Racing-( ... Sponsorhouse-( ... Tangent-( ... ABABMXRACERS- ( ... Intense BMX-( ... T.H.E. ( ... Fire Magic Premium Grills ( ... Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex ( ... (

Without their support, we couldn't make the 2008 ABA racing season such a huge success. Support the sponsors that support ABA BMX racing.


Action Sports Depot has been busy this year. We recently moved our satellite business offices, shipping and receiving, sales and warehousing to one location near two major freeways in San Diego. The new location has allowed us to open a retail sales store front with showroom. It may not the biggest shop in town, but its a start, and we sure have been busy since we opened. We have spent the last few months building inventory, adding displays, stocking up on BMX race gear, bikes, frames and parts. At the same time we have branched out into MTB, street and road biking. If we don't have an item you are looking for in house, or if you want to special order something, we can usually have it ordered and delivered within a few days.

Our current store hours are Monday - Friday 9 -5 but we will soon be open on Saturdays 10 - 2.  Website open 24/7

Action Sports Depot's own Randal Lee Lewis, who races for Formula Factory,  handles ASD's warehousing, shipping and receiving, inventory management, and is the team manager for the Formula Factory team.

Lee, along with our newest member of ASD, Justin Morgan, are now taking ASD to some of the local tracks around San Diego with track side vending twice a week.

In the last few months we launched our newly updated website, which now has over 30,000 items at your disposal!  As always, ASD guarantees it will meet or beat any of our competitors published prices!


Action Sports Depot (ASD) has been building a Factory team over the last few years and has been expanding outside of California. We currently have a full team competing in Canada, which is joined from time to time by members of our west coast team such as Shelby Stacy, and Austin Hiatt. Our US team is also joined from time to time by some of the Canadian riders such as Nick Goertzen, Michel Berti, Abigail Cantelon, Christopher and Anthony White. ASD also has a complete team on the north east coast in Delaware and a number of members scattered around the US from Missouri, Texas, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Indiana and Arizona. ASD also supports a team in Florida, Jesters BMX Racing, 48 riders strong, run by Pat Marchese, and is well represented by his team. Jesters also makes all the ASD and Formula Factory team riders very welcome when they come to Florida to race. Check them out at Recently, ASD has picked up the sponsorship of a San Diego local team that has 28 members. This team will represent ASD at local, regional and some national series races the rest of 2008 and throughout the 2009 season.

meet the ACTION SPORTS DEPOT 2008 team members

asd - west
Jordan Cervantes - Shelby Stacy - Michel Berti
Abigail Cantelon


Shelby Stacy
Disney Cup Champion


asd - west
Billy Anderson - Mike Gul - Trevor Mead
 Blake Gil - Tyler Ayon


asd - East - Delaware
DeCarlo Clan - Ashley, Amanda, Jeff, Amber


Asd - california
Carlos & CJ McCowan


Asd - california
Flying with - Austin High-att


This is Michrin's Formula, and if you touch it ...
Well if you're smart, you won't touch it!


Asd - california
Michrin Bradford


asd - Arizona
Jason Silva - Vet Pro


a few of the 28 members of the recently formed
asd - San diego
Jim Medlin & Jake McCurdy - Managers



Back Row - Walter Berti (Team Manager), Lynden Chartrand ,Anthony White, Christopher White, Josh Pedersen, Brandon Reid, Nick Goertzen, Michelle Berti, Shelby Stacy, Tia Doerksen, Abigail Cantelon    Front Row - Isyk lee, Alison Grecht, Alex Grecht, Aiden Grecht


asd - Canada
Walter Berti - Michelle's Dad
Team Manager


Shelby Stacy is a bit of an adrenaline junky. Besides racing BMX, attending more races than anyone else on the team, all over the world, she also likes to race a mini stock car.

asd - Canada
Marc White - Anthony & Christopher's Dad
Pit Crew


Asd - Arizona
Tyler Tinsley


asd - Indiana
Teresa Nowdomski “Flying T”

asd - Indiana
Nicole Maslanka

asd - South Carolina
Evan Gresham

asd - East - rhode island
Kyle Timoteo


asd - missouri
Dalton Barnett

asd - East - Delaware
A.J. Chvostal


jesters factory (Florida) - asd / formula / formco / profile
Pat Marchese - Team Manager  -




Asd - Texas
Brandon Elmore


Action Sports Depot would like to thank FORMULA BICYCLES FORMCO FLY WIRED-X Bear Mountain Fence Company - Bakersfield. A special thanks goes out to Robert Stacy, Shelby Stacy's Dad, for his overall team support and contributions and extra assistance with the ASD team in Canada. I would also like to thank Walter Berti  for his efforts in establishing the ASD Canada team and promoting Action Sports Depot, Formula, Formco, and Fly in Canada, and Pat Marchese for making Action Sports Depot part of his Jesters Factory Sponsored team ( and his promotion of Action Sport Depot, Formula and Formco in Florida.



Today's BMX Racing News - Saturday/Sunday, November 14/15, 2008

FREE AGENT BMX to be distributed in the u.k. by REECE CYCLES

Dominguez Hills, CA—Free Agent, the world champion BMX race brand FREEAGENT have announced it has signed a distribution agreement with REECE CYCLES, UK. 

“Having been involved with BMX since 1983 & owning an original FA back in the 80’s I feel it’s an awesome opportunity for myself & Reece to re establish the brand here in the UK. I am also very proud that we (FREEAGENT) will be the frame sponsor for the “STAY STRONG”, UK BMX race team for 2009.The team has been created to increase awareness to the fund for Stephen Murray, who was tragically injured whilst competing” said Jason Boness, Product Manager, Reece cycles

“Having the Free Agent name back in the UK with Reece makes sense with the brand doing so well World wide right now. With the global expose of BMX Racing in the recent 2008 Beijing Olympics, alongside the success of the Free Agent Team in the last few years, plus the recent signing of the Olympic Champion Maris Strombergs, 2009 is going to be the year FREEAGENT dominate” Said Dale Holmes, FREEAGENT world team manager 

The 2009 bikes are due to hit the UK shores later this month; the range contains the World Championship winning race bikes, and a range of Freestyle & Dirt Jump bmx bikes. 

ABOUT FREEAGENTFree Agent is one of the worlds leading BMX bicycle brands, and has been in the BMX business since 1984.

FreeAgent has a long and celebrated history of supporting top racers from around the world, and currently sponsors several reigning Olympic & World champions.  

FREEAGENT is distributed in 38 Countries throughout the world. - -







Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, November 14, 2008


Lauren Reynolds to Hit up the ABA Grands!

Look for some added excitement in the Girl Pro class at the ABA Grands in Tulsa, Oklahoma over Thanksgiving, as Australian Lady Pro Sensation, Lauren Reynolds makes her debut Girl Pro appearance in America!

Fresh off blasting her way into winning the Senior Elite State Title in Western Australia, Lauren has set her sites on making a name for herself in the good old U.S of A.

This year has been hugely successful for this young Factory GHP/Fly {Aus} rider where her overall UCI Ranking is #1, along  with a dominating National Junior Elite #1 Title.

To come and race at the Grands is a Dream come true and Lauren is looking forward to the hard paced challenge.

The word out there is that this Girl Can Fly.

In her latest Title win, Lauren was jumping sections even the Junior Elite boys weren’t jumping.

At this years Adelaide Supercross, many spectators saw her as one of the first and few women to jump the feared first straight, only to miss the main by 1 point.

Please note that this is the pro section that humbled many an Elite Men's rider competing at the Supercross.

Lauren also turned in a sterling Main Event appearance at the UCI BMX World Championships in Taiyuan, China.

Look out for this exciting high flyer at the Grands as she will not only be in the mix but also handing out autographs at the GHP Compund along with the USA GHP Factory riders.

Look out for the flying blonde hair, brilliant smile and that  famous Aussie Accent.

Come and say “Gidday Mate”, Lauren is looking forward to meeting everyone.


Andres Jiminez leaves Free Agent.....Lookin' for a ride!

The Colombian rider Andres Jimenez, 4th at the Olympics and 3rd in the last world cup in Frejus is looking for sponsor to race the next season in the States or in Europe.

Andres did a great job the last 2 years racing for Free Agent, giving great results, like the only rider from the team to make the main at the Olympics! Andres came one spot away from making the Bronze Medal position, ending up with a STRONG Fourth Place finish.

Other big results for Andres were the 2 Finals at the UCI BMX World Cups in Madrid, Spain and Fréjus, France where he finished on the podium.

Next season he will focus on the world cups and the worlds of course.

Besides, dependant on the sponsors he will have, he will race the European or North American championships.

If you would like to contact this great rider u can do it here at

“Thank you to all who will support or will get interested in me.”

Dale Holmes "Pre-Grands" Clinic

At Peninsula Indoor BMX!

Dale Holmes will be doing a Pre-Grands Clinic at Peninsula Indoor BMX in Port Orchard, WA.

Dale Holmes Clinic Date: November 22 & 23.

Clinic is limited to 25 riders

Cost is $75.00 both days

Saturday session is from 11 – 3 pm

Sunday sessions is 1 – 5 pm 

For more information or to register contact: Alan Mazuti via email at

More information is available at







Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, November 13, 2008



For more info, go to, the online home of Armadillo BMX in Conroe Texas.

The clinic is taking 30 kids only, so if you want to try to get on the list get ahold of Keith at!



To see the full sized clinic poster, click below!





Miami, FL – November 12, 2008- BAWLS Guarana, the Official Energy Drink of BMXers everywhere, today re-signed a sponsorship deal with National Bicycle League (NBL) Elite rider Matt “Ruckus” Pohlkamp for the 2009 season! 

I'm very excited to continue my relationship with the BAWLS family,” said Matt. “BAWLS has been great to me and the sport of BMX racing for the past couple years. I'm honored to be a part of an awesome company that supports the sport I love.” 

“With our 3rd year as the Official Energy Drink of both BMX sanctions coming to a start, I can’t think of a better representative of our brand than Matt,” said BAWLS Marketing Director Sabrina Gonzales. “He’s a hard-working rider with a lot of heart, and we’re proud to see him in our colors on the track!” 

Team Kuwahara member and long-time pro, Matt has recently enjoyed a number of podium finishes at NBL nationals races, including a big win at South Park over the summer. Matt also ended the season ranked as the #4 NBL Elite Men rider. Under his sponsorship, Matt will stay energized with unlimited access to BAWLS Guarana and will continue flying down the track in the hottest helmet in BMX – his custom red and silver chrome BAWLS Guarana Cherry helmet, created exclusively for Matt by DB Customs! 

As the Official FUEL of the NBL, riders can enjoy cold samples of BAWLS Guarana drinks at all nationals races and at several NBL tracks across the country. Also now available are BAWLS’ BMX cans, whre 5% of proceeds from each can sold go to the NBL and ABA to benefit BMX racing in the US!

For more BAWLS BMX news, check out

MCS Factory Team Florida State Series Update

This past weekend kicked off the 2009 Florida State Series with a qualifier Miami South BMX in Miami, Florida. The race drew about 115 motos each day even with the threat of a possible hurricane coming from the south. The weather held out though and we only saw a couple of sprinkles all weekend long, not enough to even slow things down at all.

The MCS Factory Team was on hand to do some damage! Raul Gomez has made the switch back to amateur status and scored his first qualifier perfect of the new year, as did Tucker Rice in 11 Expert and Petey Peters in 19-25 Expert. Tucker had to settle for two 3rd?s in cruiser and Petey brought home a 4th and a "snowman" in 16 and over open. Bryan Kipp has seen better weekends taking home a fifth the first day and a DNQ on Sunday. Jeff DeVido got a 7th on day one and followed it up with a 4th on Sunday. Perry DeVido has bragging rights over his older brother Dean with a 7th and a 5th over two DNQ?s.

Over all, it was a pretty relaxed weekend. We are hoping to get our last two riders off the IR list before Christmas. CJ McQuire is back to riding the Orlando Track as we speak, so he should be good to go in about a week or so. Cory Watts dislocated one of his fingers playing "No, that's my spot" with his roommate before this race so he will back soon as well.

As always, we would like to thank our sponsors for helping make it all possible... Profile Racing, Answer BMX, THE, Intense Tire Systems, UGP, Odyssey, ODI, Sun Rims, Hot Shoppe, Hammer, PowerBar and DNA Energy Drink. See everyone at the next stop on the Florida State Series Tour in St. Petersburg, FL in January!

Lighten-up and Stand-out with Tioga’s New BMX Racing Saddle

Tioga is going back to the basics with the introduction of the D-Spyder BMX racing saddle.  Inspired by the simplicity of the molded one-piece BMX saddles so iconic in the 80’s, the D-Spyder is an updated version with modern aesthetics and functionality designed for the new generation of BMXers who demand components with style and substance.   

Pad-less saddles generally offer the distinction of lighter weight and better durability compared to padded saddles, but are often considered much less comfortable.  The D-Spyder pushes the limits of pad-less saddle designs by incorporating Tioga’s patented SpyderWeb saddle shell technology, designed to flex and conform to the rider’s anatomy and provide a level of comfort unimaginable from its stunning appearance.  “The flexibility of the shell has much greater impact on the overall riding experience than the pad itself” explains Kai Cheng, Tioga’s Marketing Manager.  “The SpyderWeb technology allows us to save substantial weight by eliminating the pad while retaining great overall comfort” concluded Cheng.  At 5.6 Oz, or 160g, the D-Spyder is significantly lighter than most BMX saddles on the market. 

Durability of the D-Spyder is heightened by its Carbonite shell, a proprietary blend of polyamide, reinforcing fibers and chemical additives, tested to withstand the rigors of BMX racing.  D-Spyder is also equipped with Hollow Composite Alloy seat rails that exhibit greater strength to weight ratio than solid Titanium rails.  Finally, add the fact there’s no pad or cover to rip and tear, the D-Spyder is the poised to become the prototypical BMX racing saddle.   

The D-Spyder saddle is available in black or white with an MSRP of $80.00.  Expect the D-Spyder to hit fine retailers in November 2008.





Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Super ex/Single A pro,

Chase Campbell signs


Nashville's, Chase Campbell has signed on to ride for

Chase has been really focused this year, not getting over a 4th in mains in the nationals he's entered for the NBL 08/09 BMX National Season.

Chase is on it this year and will be bringing his great attitude and sweet skills to represent BMXMANIA.COM.

Chase would like to thank his family and his brother, Logan Collins for keeping him in BMX, and helping him with the training to get him where he is today.

According to Chase, "I am looking forward to rock it this year for!"

According to BMX Mania, we are looking forward to having him rock it with us!




Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Morphine Industries’ Factory Team Report Florida State Qualifier – Miami South BMX




The Florida State Season kicked off this past weekend with its first qualifier at Miami South BMX.  As a sponsor for the Florida State Series, Morphine Industries showed up in grand fashion along with our Florida based crew +1.  Jason LaRev made the trek down from Georgia to add his Wonder Twin Powers and rip the track.


We opened up shop on the first straight in front of the big step table to ensure we had a front row seat for the carnage that would take place over the weekend. 


Even with this qualifier being as far south as you can go in Florida we had a decent turn out of around 120 motos with the quality of riders equal to any national.  There were 3 racks in the Men’s Open and 2 racks in the Women’s Open.




Saturday’s racing started out great with A Pro team riders Tyler Faoro and Jason LaRev ripping through their motos to the main, with both getting squeezed out of the gate on the tight Miami South track and finishing 3th and 8th , respectively.





Kyla Reed made her first official debut as an elite rider with a stacked women’s open.  Kyla raced toward the front of the pack in her motos and finished with a strong 5th in the main.


Talbott Cross made his way through the 17 -18X class to the main and took a hard, hard digger going into the third turn.  Fortunately, he was able to walk away – Thank God for ODOT Helmets.  However he did suffer an injury to his wrist, possible break.



Noah Reeves made a clean sweep of his motos in 11X to blow a pedal in the main and finish with a 5th place.


Sunday proved to be another solid day for the Morphine crew.  A Pro riders Tyler and Jason once again rode solid through their motos with Tyler lining up three unos.  In the main, Tyler got stuck out in lane 8.  With a tap on the gate as it dropped, Tyler pulled a hell of a first straight, railed the first turn and came to the front of the pack to only run out of asphalt and be forced in the bushes.  He was able to get back on and maneuver to a 5th pace finish.


Kyla Reed once again rode solid with a 5th place finish in the main.


Talbott Cross with the help of ice and pain killers raced with a bum wrist and still pulled a 6th place in the main.


Noah Reeves returned to take dueces in motos and a solid third in the Main.


Watching the racing on Saturday proved to be too much for Jonathan Reeves.  Sidelined for the past 4 ½ month due to broken bones, he got in the action on Sunday.  He was able to pull a perfect in the 41+ combined class.


We had a great weekend racing and supporting our Sponsors with a crowded booth answering questions and spreading the word.


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; Staats Motocross Bicycles (, Alienation (, Fly Racing (, Lost Energy Drink (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (



Contact: Jonathan Reeves - Morphine Industries -

Emerald Coast Dirt & Vert TV Promo

Speaking of Florida!

Bill Madden's, Emerald Coast Dirt And Vert, Trail and Track paradise in Fort Walton Beach is hitting the TV airwaves with a hot new ad on local TV to get some new riders out to the facility.

If you wanna check it out, they've posted it to YouTube, located.......HERE! <>

Welcome a new Winter Indoor Track In Michigan......Midwest Winter Riding!

There's a new BMX practice track in Michigan for you snow bound BMXers in the Midwest.

Michigan Indoor BMX features a 4 man gate and 4 straights. It's located in Davison, near Flint, right on I-69.

If that's too far for ya, don't forget Indianapolis, Indiana's, Crossroads Indoor BMX (; Dayton Indoor BMX in Dayton, Ohio (; Steel Wheels Indoor BMX ( in Hobart, Indiana; Walworth Indoor BMX in Elkhorn, Wisconsin ( and Farmer City Indoor BMX ( in Farmer City, Illinois.

Don't forget to check out the Michigan Indoor BMX at their MySpace account, at dominates Knox Thunderdome

Aussie Racing Spectacular!!!!!

Wow! What a weekend of racing, was representing in full force on the weekend at the Knox Thunderdome (Victoria Australia). All three of the fitness machine were there strutting their stuff. Madison Denholm has just turned 14 and has now stepped in up to the A pro class. Maddie had his work cut out for him after giving away almost 30 kgs weight advantage to the rest of the field, but the little guy was still in there mixing it up. Maddie did an awesome job for his first official Pro race by making finals both days.

In the AA class Victoria’s best were out in force, with world plate holder Josh Callan and last years Victorian AA champion Michael Chasteauneuf and the two fitness boys Olivier Hoarau and Matt Dunsworth. Olivier Hoarau was looking good all weekend making finals both days but was unable to put a good final together finishing with 4th and a 5th. But the talk of the weekend was Mad Man Matt Dunsworth, the big fella was able to take the win on both Saturday and Sunday with some brilliant riding. Chasteauneuf came out strong in both finals but it was Dunsworth who brought home the bank and took out the wins.

All three riders are on the training program and it’s only going to get scarier for the competition as we head to the Victorian state titles in 3 weeks. has programs available for riders of all ages with 24 hour online assistance. So no more excuses and get up on that podium with online training. 

Pics by HRV sponsored by: Avent, BMXPress, Skin Industries, Louis Garneau, Body Science, Kompressorz

For more info, contact, Tony Harvey - Web: - Myspace:






Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, November 10, 2008

It's the Wildman!!!!!SE Bikes Releases

Hot New Web Site

Limited Edition

PK Ripper Looptail!

The Wildman Sezzzzzz!

First of all, SE has an all new website that just went live the other day. Peep it out at

Secondly, our 2009 PK Ripper Looptail is shipping to dealers this week.

Our newest version is badder than bad.

The color matched components on this bike are nothing short of amazing.

Upgrades from last year are 48-spline cranks, a bottle opener built into the seat rails,

lightning bolt seat graphics, anodized alloy axle nuts, higher quality high flange hubs, and an SE logo’d Tange headset.

Keepin’ it real, yo!

MSRP is $830. And they are LIMITED! Get ‘em while they’re hot. - TODD LYONS | SE Brand Manager




Today's BMX Racing News - Saturday/Sunday, November 8/9, 2008


If you live in Florida or are going to make it to a 2009 Florida State Qualifier then you will have the chance to win a $2000.00 Dream Bike from J&R Bicycles BMX Superstore.  All you have to do is support the tracks 50/50 raffle to win a chance at the J&R Dream Bike Give-A-Way.  There will be 10 tickets drawn at each qualifier (80 in all) and 20 drawn on the State Championship (for a total of 100 entries).  During the award ceremony of the 2009 Florida State Series one lucky winner will get to build a custom bike from J&R Bicycles with a value of up to $2000.00.
This is a WIN-WIN situation.  Every time you buy a 50/50 ticket you will be giving money to support the track and one of the greatest sports on earth.  Not only will you get a chance to win the 50/50 money and other prices but you will also get a chance at building the bike of your dreams for FREE!!!!!





Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, November 7, 2008

Danny Caluag Clinic @ Whittier Narrows BMX

On Friday November 14 NBL & Golden State BMX will move into Whittier Narrows BMX for the California Commissioners Cup race weekend.

The weekend will start with Intense/BAWLS’ Danny Caluag having a clinic on Friday afternoon.

The clinic will include the training from ABA #1 Pro Danny C., French trainer “PH” Pierre-Henri Sauze, and NBL #1 Girl Pro Stephanie Barragan.

Clinic times will be from 1PM to 4PM with the pre state race practice following from 5PM to 8PM.

The first qualifying state race for the 2009 state series will take place on Saturday November 15.

Sign ups from 7:30 to 9:30AM with racing scheduled for 11AM.

NBL BMX action will continue Sunday at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park for the 2008 state awards presentation in the east grand oak picnic area at 10:30AM.

Competing in the state qualifier on Saturday will get you entry into magic mountain for Sunday!!!

Additional tickets for family & friends may be purchased at Whittier Narrows BMX for over a 55% discount!

State Qualifier race fee: $30.00, Danny Caluag Clinic on Friday will be a cost of $35.00.

For more details on the clinic or to pre register for the clinic check out

Details on the California state series along with race pre registration instructions are available at

Don't miss your chance to improve your skills with Danny C., start getting qualified for the 2009 series, check out or receive your NBL state Number Plate, Jacket, 100% awards and more from 2008 while taking in a whole day of roller coasters!






Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, November 6, 2008

CBS Sports Broadcasts Action Sports World Tour Events Starting Saturday, Nov. 8th

LOS ANGELES (November 5, 2008) – On Saturday, November 8th, CBS Sports will air the first of four shows featuring ASA Entertainment’s (ASA) Action Sports World Tour. ASA, the leading action sports event and television producer in the U.S., has partnered with CBS Sports for the fourth consecutive year to bring all the competitive action of the industry’s longest-running event series to its viewers this Fall. ASA’s Action Sports World Tour will air on CBS Sports as follows:

The Action Sports World Tour, including a special feature on ASA’s S3 Supergirl Jam - Saturday, November 8 at 2:00 p.m. ET*

The LG World Championships of Freestyle Motocross - following the weekly NFL broadcast on Sunday, December 7 at 5:00 p.m. ET*

The LG Action Sports World Championships (Skateboard Vert and BMX Street Championships) - Saturday, December 13 at 1:00 p.m. ET*

The LG Action Sports World Championships (Skateboard Street and BMX Vert Championships) - Saturday, December 20 at 1:00 p.m. ET*

*Times are subject to change.  Please stay tuned to your local listings and for more information and details.

Each of the Tour’s TV programs on CBS Sports combines behind-the-scenes footage, personality profiles, lifestyle features, cutting edge music and world-class competition from the top pros such as Pierre-Luc Gagnon (Montreal, Canada), Bucky Lasek (Baltimore, Maryland), Sandro Dias (Santo Andre, Brazil), Jamie Bestwick (Darby, England), Chad Kagy (Gilroy, California), Simon Tabron (Newquay, England), Daniel Dhers (Caracas, Venezuela), and Paul Rodriguez (Tarzana, California).  In addition to CBS Sports, additional event coverage is also airing on Fuel TV, VERSUS and Sportsnet.

ASA’s Action Sports World Tour (ASWT) kicked off in late July with its all-female S3 Supergirl Jam in Huntington Beach, California (July 25-27), then visited Orange County California with its high-flying Big-Air BMX Triples event (July 29-31).  In September, the ASWT continued with the LG Championships of Freestyle Motocross at the L.A. County Fair (September 27), followed by a stop in Cincinnati at the new Bank of Kentucky Center (October 3-4). ASA Entertainment’s 2008 Action Sports World Tour ended this past weekend with the prestigious LG Action Sports World Championships (October 31-November 2) at KeyArena in Seattle.

About ASA Entertainment: A leader in the action sports industry since 1994, ASA Entertainment, headquartered in Culver City, California is the largest action sports event and television production company in the world.  The company produces more than 200 events and 100 television programs annually around the globe that feature skateboarding, freestyle BMX, inline skating, freeskiing, freestyle motocross, snowboarding and music.  Its events are broadcast on CBS Sports, VERSUS, Spike, Fuel TV and Fox Sports Net domestically and distributed to more than 1 billion HH globally throughout Asia, Europe, USA, Africa, Canada, South & Central America and Australia. 

ASA’s properties range from large-scale international competitions such as the LG Action Sports World Championships to grassroots amateur contests, lifestyle and branded entertainment events, demonstrations, exhibitions and mobile tours.  As one of the oldest and most established organizations in action sports, ASA Entertainment leads the market in developing premium content around the fastest growing sector of American sports.  For more information visit or

new Ontario Indoor MTB\BMX series

Canadian Mountain Bike and BMX pioneer, Brent "Smitty" Smith has done it again! Smittybuilts' latest baby is a 9 event winter ride or race series heated indoors on a dirt and wood course.

The Orangeville Fairgrounds will play host to riders from all over the northeast region for some fun riding on a course similar to Smitty's bike show dirt courses with an infield area featuring some rhythm and technical lines to work the skills.

Open to all ages and skill levels, daily events will feature skills clinics, ride only times as well as a race time.

Four rider races for boys and girls on BMX or MTB from 7 & under, to 30 and over with Pro racing too.

Open classes will pit BMX vs. MTB's and best 5 of 8 races plus the double point finals will determine series rankings.

Event dates are Nov. 23/2008, Dec.07/2008, Dec.21/2008, Dec.27/28/2008, Jan.03/04/2009 and Jan.24/25/2009.

For more info,, Facebook group-Orangeville Indoor Mountain Bike and BMX, or email Brent at

Further info on sponsors, prizes and more to follow, plan to be there it will be fun for all and a series to be remembered!








Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Dominguez Hills, Calif. - Free Agent Bicycles is proud to announce the signing 16 year-old sensation Connor Fields to the Free Agent Team for 2009.

Fields, from Henderson Nevada, has won over 25 Nationals already this year.

He is currently the USAC number one, NBL number one and current ABA age group points leader.

“Connor is already ahead off his time with his skill, speed and maturity for such a young age,” said Free Agents Team Manager Dale Holmes.

“When Connor is out on the track even the Worlds best Pros will stop and watch, keeping a close eye on where the competition could come from in the next few years.”

Fields will focus on both the ABA and NBL National series, alongside the UCI North American Continental series and the World Championships in Australia.

He will ease into the UCI World Cup over the next few years with the Junior Olympic being the goal in 2010 and then the London Olympics in 2012.

This January, Fields will begin his role on the Free Agent Team as the ABA season gets under way in Reno where he looks forward to meeting and learning as much as he can from his Free Agent Teammates.

ABOUT FREE AGENT – Free Agent is one of the worlds leading BMX bicycle brands, with distribution around the world.

Free Agent has a long and celebrated history of supporting top racers from around the world, and currently sponsors reigning world champions.

In the most recent season, Free Agent won a total of eight national and world championships.

The Free Agent brand is produced and distributed by KHS Bicycles, Inc.

Their website is

Intense BMX Podium Frame Series

BMX frame technology just been risen to a new level with the arrival of the 2009 Intense Podium Frames.

The best frame in BMX, the Intense Podium has been improved for 2009 with frame tube advancements making it a bit lighter and made to look even better with a gloss white or gloss black finish with all new graphics.

We have put together the ultimate package of Hydroformed triple butted tubes with an internal head tube at the perfect race winning geometry.

We know have the latest in BMX race technology isn’t for everyone, but neither is winning.

The Intense Podium Premium BMX frame comes in 15 different frame Sizes- Mini, Mini XL, Junior, Junior XL, Expert, Expert XL, Junior 24”, Expert 24”, Jr Pro (Uses 1 3/8th Wheels), Pro, Pro XL, Pro XL Plus, Pro XXL , Pro Cruiser , and Pro Cruiser Plus. Each frame comes in 2 different colors, Gloss White and Gloss Black and includes an internal headset for the $389 suggested retail price. Frames are available at BMX dealers’ world wide.

For information on frame geometry, the 2009 line of Complete Race and Dirt Jump bikes, the line of the Intense Tyre Systems, or any other scoop on INTENSE BMX, please check out the all new website.

Intense BMX and Intense Tyre System are proud to be associated with the finest Bicycle dealers’ world wide. Intense BMX Products are a division of VSI Products. –


For information, call Gina Layman @ 860-638-9441

Don't Forget! - The deadline is November 10 to still be able to pre-reg for an official "Flaming Turkey" sweatshirt

2008 ABA BMX Hall of Fame Inductees

The American Bicycle Association is proud to announce this year's inductees for the ABA BMX Hall of Fame. The ABA is in its 31st year of operations as the largest BMX sanction in the world. The ABA BMX Hall of Fame began in 1985 and is now in its 24th year. The annual Hall of Fame Banquet takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma at ABA`s host hotel, the Crowane Plaza, Wednesday November 26th at 2:00pm. Seats are limited so be sure to get there early!

This year, the ABA BMX Hall`O Fame welcomes the following people for their contributions to the sport of BMX:

Marvin Church: Began his BMX career in the early 70’s, when the only bike to race was a Schwinn Stingray with 4 inch cranks. Marvin and his dad are credited with building the first straight-tube BMX frame in 1972, as well as cutting cranks apart and welding them to the future standard of 7 inches. He briefly rode for the famous Dirt Masters team. Marvin was a pioneer in the mono-shock and sidehack era. He also rode for Rick’s Bike Shop, Kawasaki, and Shimano. After years of retirement, Marvin came back in the early 80’s, racing cruisers for Mongoose. Marvin still shows up to race every few years in the older cruiser classes.

Brian Lopes: Starting at the ripe age of 4 1/2 years old, Brian took his Schwinn Pixie and Rams football helmet to the track at Saddleback Park in California, and the rest is history. From that day, he was a hard core racer until he turned 8 years old. He stopped racing, but was still active at the local jumps in the neighborhood. At age 10, Brian came back into the sport full-force, and started hitting the National scene. Riding for a local bike shop, future BMX Hall of Famer Toby Henderson would help the team out with their gate starts. That is where he noticed Brian and introduced him to the folks at SE Racing. At the age of 17, Brian was looking for a new challenge in racing and decided to turn Pro. His first Pro race, he scored a second, and within 5 races, Brian was AA. While sponsored by Elf Bicycles, Brian was enjoying the Pro life. He then moved on to Mongoose Bicycles, Brian had heard how ex-BMXers were making a good living racing mountain bikes. Mongoose, gave him a shot and the rest is history. Brian has won many national and world titles in the mountain bike world. At one time, he held the world record for bunny hopping and jumping on a BMX bicycle.

Jon & Chuck Raudman: Owners/founders of Skyway Products, of Redding, CA. Revolutionized the wheel business with the introduction of the light weight (compared to MotoMags) and (mostly) indestructible Skyway Tuff wheels. Makers of the state of the art T/A Frameset (circa 1982); it was one of the most well thought BMX frames at the time, utilizing tear drop and tapered True Temper tubing. They had a major impact on the freestyle frenzy of the mid 80’s introducing a variety of colors that would influence the entire 20-inch juvenile market. Supported the sport of BMX through sponsorship, from the early MT. Dew Demo Team, to their Skyway race team (which helped put Hall of Famer Cheri Elliott on the map), along with the Skyway freestyle team in the late 80’s (featuring Robert Peterson, Eddie Roman and Matt Hoffman). To this day, they continue to manufacture Tuff Wheels for the bicycle, lawn and garden and healthcare industries. They are also doing a re-issue of their ground breaking Skyway TA frame sets.

The ABA would like to thank all the voters, fans, racers, and industry for their participation.  We would also like to send a HUGE congratulation to the newest ABA BMX Hall of Fame inductees!

For a complete list of all ABA BMX Hall 'O Fame members and past inductees, please click the link below

The votes are in and have all been tallied for this years ABA/BMXer magzines Golden Crank awards as well. This year we received more votes than ever and the voting was closer than ever. The Golden Crank Awards are voted on by the fans and are awarded at the ABA BMX Hall Of Fame banquet in Tulsa, Oklahoma at ABA`s host hotel, the Crowne Plaza, Wednesday November 26th at 2:00pm. Seats are limited so be sure to get there early!

2008 BMXer Magazine Golden Crank Nominees 

These are the Top 5 in each category listed in alphabetical order:

 AA Pro of the Year - Danny Caluag - Mike Day - David Herman - Donny Robinson - Khalen Young 

Rookie Pro of the Year - Deak Brown - Dominique Daniels - Kris Fox - Travis Ohrazda - Denzel Stein

Bike of the Year - GHP - GT - Intense - Redline - Staats

Team of the Year - Formula Factory - GHP Factory Racing - Intense-Phantom-Ontrac - Redline Factory - Redman-Rockstar - Tangent-Bawls-Fly Racing

*This year there was a three way tie for 4th place in the voting, so we included all three teams.

ABA BMX would like to thank all the 2008 National Series sponsors: American Suzuki-( ) Dan’s Comp ( Jig-A-Loo-( BAWLS Guarana ( Bawlstyle ( Bicycles-( FLY Racing-( Sponsorhouse-( Tangent-( ABABMXRACERS- ( Intense BMX-( T.H.E. ( Fire Magic Premium Grills ( Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex ( (


Without their support, we couldn't make the 2008 ABA racing season such a huge success. Support the sponsors that support ABA BMX racing.







Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Team Audiobahn is no more?

Due to an exciting new sponsorship deal, Team Audiobahn/ has undergone a name change. is now Intense/Dyna-Pep/  

Intense BMX, the #1 bike sponsor of BMX racing and Dyna-Pep, the world's first supercharged energy micro shot are joining forces as our new sponsors. "It is great to have sponsors that are as excited about BMX racing as we are about their products." said team owner Todd Lackey

 Veteran BMX racers, Darrin Houston and Mike Powers will remain the anchors of our 40 member team.  

The exciting new team additions include, World Champion: (Vet Pro) Tommy Opincar, (Elite woman) Amanda Geving, (17 G) Kyrstin Bluhm, (15X)Geoffrey Banser,  (Cru) Ezell Johnson, (Cru) Donny Beals.

We are grateful for the opportunity to promote Intense/THE/Sinz and Dyna-Pep products. will be featuring the Intense/THE/Sinz gear at the Florida State and National BMX races throughout 2009. 

Feel free to stop by the team tents and grab yourself a Dyna-Pep energy shot on us.  

We would like to express our gratitude to Audiobahn and all of our previous sponsors who have supported us for the past three years.

Without their support we would not be in a position to win a team championship in 2009. 

We are excited to have our new team sponsors: Intense/THE/Sinz, Dyna-Pep, Bawls Guarana, Nor-tech, Troy Lee Designs, Profile Racing, Prolink, HRP Designs, Trico Shrimp, Ciari, Snap, and ANS Graphix.




Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, November 3, 2008

Italian Club Lookin' to sponsor an Elite BMXer!

The Italian team BMX ACTION CREMONA, is looking for an Elite BMX Team rider for the 2009 season.

The rider will have to participate in 13 Italian National competitions, the European BMX Championships in Cruiser AND, the UCI BMX World Championships in both Cruiser and Class. An option is the European Championship BMX (Class?).

BMX ACTION CREMONA, offers euro 250,00 ; 200,00 and 150,00 for first, second and third position classified in the competitions above described.

BMX ACTION CREMONA, informs that for the 2009 season, in Italy, for the competitions of the Italian circuit (7 / cup Italy), they will be (still to be confirmed), first, second and third classified Euro 180,00; 135,00; 105,00.

Besides as a reward for competition from fourth to the eighth classification, Euro 90,00; 60,00; 55,00 ;40,00; 30,00;

The rider will have to belong and to compete with the uniform of the club.

For information -



Day two of the LG Action Sports World Championships brought the pros of BMX Vert and BMX Street to the fans and made them jump to their feet in celebration as the athletes laid down some of the most spectacular runs of the season.

The year’s most dominant stars in BMX Vert and BMX Street, Jamie Bestwick (Darby, England) and Daniel Dhers (Caracas, Venezuela) respectively, continued their winning ways in 2008 and captured the gold medal in their disciplines. Bestwick rode to his 5th LG World Championship title in six years.  He’s captured the BMX Vert Gold at every LG World Championships he’s attended, missing out on the title in 2006, the only year he did not participate. 

Daniel Dhers has also been rolling through all of 2008 in the Gold medal position and continued to do so today, decisively winning the BMX Street contest with two runs that far exceeded the competition.  He pushed himself to the end, even bettering his first round score with his second run.

“I always want to do a good first run.  But tonight I realized it’s been a long time since I’ve done two good runs, so I went out there to do it, and it worked.”

The Silver and Bronze medals went to Rob Darden (Greenville, NC) and Dennis Enarson (San Diego, Calif.) in a tiebreaker.  Both men produced 90.00 point runs, but Darden turned in an 89.50 point first run, which bested Enarson’s additional run by one point, thereby breaking the tie and securing him second place.

Clearly another highlight of the evening was Jamie Bestwick’s (Darby, England) winning performance in the BMX Vert contest. He soared above the ramp in what was described by announcers as “BMX insanity”, winning the contest with his first run.  “It feels great,” said Bestwick, describing his success.  “This Seattle stop is a great one for the ASA [Entertainment] Action Sports World Tour.  This event is a lot of fun.  There’s a lot of nerves beforehand and everyone is on edge, but it brings out the best in us.” Bestwick’s domination in BMX has been virtually complete in 2008 with him capturing nearly every major title this year.  When asked what he attributes it to, he commented, “I just enjoy riding bikes.  I gave up everything – my job, my family, my country – to come here and compete, and that’s what drives me to keep on pushing.”

The Silver medal in BMX Vert went to crowd-pleaser Chad Kagy (Gilroy, Calif.), and Simon Tabron (Newquay, England) received the Bronze medal.

BMX Vert Finals Results: 1) Jamie Bestwick (Darby, England); 2) Chad Kagy (Gilroy, Calif.); 3) Simon Tabron (Newquay, England); 4) Steven McCann (Melbourne, Australia); 5) Jimmy Walker (Gilberts, Illinois); 6) Francisco Zurita (Santiago, Chile); 7) Zack Warden (Ofallon, Illinois); 8) John Parker (State College, Penn.); 9) Jay Eggleston (Denver, Colo.); 10) Koji Kraft (Addison, Illinois); 11) Austin Coleman (Los Angeles, Calif.); 12) Jorge Jovel (Tela, Honduras); 13) Ben Snowden (Hornell, New York)

BMX Street Finals Results: 1) Daniel Dhers (Caracas, Venezuela); 2) Rob Darden (Greenville, NC); 3) Dennis Enarson (San Diego, Calif.); 4) Allan Cooke (Greenville, NC); 5) Anthony Napolitan (Youngstown, Ohio); 6) Gary Young (San Diego, Calif.); 7) Kevin Kiraly (Livermore, Calif.); 8) Morgan Wade (Tyler, Texas)



Today's BMX Racing News - Saturday/Sunday, November 1, 2008


Maris Stromberg Scores BMX Gold Medal Stamp!

Gerrit Does (Holland), the Godfather of Euro BMX, sent us a copy of this awesome Maris Strombergs / Olympic BMX stamp from Latvia.

MARIS STROMBERGS, our first ever Elite Men Olympic Champion BMX from Latvia, has his own "stamp" now.

This month the Latvian BMX Federation celebrated their hero in the city of Valmiera, Latvia where the government officials presented the "stamp" with Olympic Champ Maris Strombergs on it.

Enclosed you find a picture of an envelope with the Strombergs stamps on it as well as a set of Strombergs stamps, just for my collection of interesting BMX stuff "international" style. 

BMX finally gets the recognition which it deserves. Fantastic.

Thanks, Gerrit, another world wide chapter in BMX History!

Relentless/DialLed Bikes Score Big Finishes On British National BMX Circuit!

The 2008 UK national series is now over and the Relentless Dialled Bikes team members who completed the season had a pretty successful year. 

Scott Waterhouse brought home the National No.1 title as well as the No.2 plate from the British Championships. 

Jon Moore won the National No.1, South Region No.1 and South West Region No.1 titles as well as taking the No.2 plate at the Brits. 

Lauren Smith finished National No.3, Midlands Region No.1 and also took the No.3 plate at the Brits. 

Emily James achieved the National No.6 and Midlands Region No.2. 

Brad Spick ranked National No.7 and Midlands Region No.1. 

Shaun Andrews is the National No.8. 

And Mike Wong finished National No.15, South Region No.8 and Midlands Region No.4. 

Overall, the team finished 6th in the national series rankings and No.2 team at the British Championships.

JRICH Sez....."Go To School!

Everyone knows JRICH as a BMX racer.

Now, the former World Champion and PanAm Games Gold Medalist, who always put education first in his endeavors, hopes to help others with higher academic aspirations decide on and apply to a College or University that best suits you.

Jason is an advocate for change and as such, he thrives in an environment of transition and uncertainty.

Among his peers, family, and friends, he is known to be outspoken, balanced, and multi-faceted.

The best thing about life, according to Jason, is "you can do anything you want".

Jason believes in everyone's ability to realize his or her own potential.

If you are interested in furthering your education and do not know where to begin; or you want to increase your chances of acceptance to a College or University, please visit: