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Pro Results

Elite Men -  1 Cristian Becerine 2 Jason Richardson 3 Tyler Brown 4 Javier Colombo 5 Barry Nobles 6 Jeff Upshaw 7 David Herman 8 Danny Caluag

Elite Women - 1 Stephanie Barragan 2 Danielle Brisson 3 Rachel Smith 4 Amanda Geving 5 Frances Maycroft 6 Madison Pitts 7 Kim Hayashi

Masters - 1 Dale Holmes 2 Kenth Fallen 3 Tim Dinger 4 Tome Opincar 5 Percy Owens 6 Domingos Lammoglia 7 Raul Gomez 8 Ronnie Gaska

Super Ex - 1 Carlos Oquendo 2 Kris Fox 3 Matt Kelty 4 Edzus Treimanis 5 Logan Collins 6 Randall Neave 7 Harrison Britt 8 Jose Diaz



Pro Results


Elite Men

1 Barry Nobles 2 Cristian Becerine

3 Javier Colombo 4 Tyler Brown

5 Jason Rogers 6 Matt Pohlkamp

7 Maris Strombergs 8 Jason Richardson

Elite Women

1 Stephanie Barragan 2 Kim Hayashi

3 Madison Pitts 4 Amanda Geving

5 Rachel Smith 6 Danielle Brisson

7 Frances Maycroft

Elite Masters

1 Tim Dinger 2 Tome Opincar

3 Kenth Fallen 4 Ronnie Gaska

5 Domingos Lammoglia 6 Percy Owens

7 Bill Madden 8 Dale Holmes

Super Ex

1 Carlos Oquendo 2 Kris Fox

3 Logan Collins 4 Matt Kelty

5 Edzus Treimanis 6 Harrison Britt

7 Jose Diaz 8 Jon Miller

Saturday Photo Gallery


Men's Final...On the left, Cristian Becerine is groovin' with Barry Nobles in the first straight OOPS! Barry's got a slight lead, and contact IS made. High flyin' Nashville BMX racing, folks. Cristian 'bounces' off of Barry and both continued on their way to 1st and 2nd in the Final. Close! Scott McMahon's Dad works at Standard. How cool is it that your Dad can make your gears for you. And THEN, etch lots of rad stuff on them to make em even cooler! Cool!



    The first straight at Nashville is long and downhill, and ends with a HUGE step up in to turn one, making for some exciting racing. It's got a definite trail rider's feel to it. Team USA's, Kyle Bennett was doin' a little spectating with his friend Frank Hoskins and the boys. Don't worry, KB's not spectatin', Saturday! Troy Lee's, Josh Meyers is always excited to be at the races, but today he was REALLY psyched! Yikes! It's the Latvian's! Ivo Lakucs (above) and UCI World Champ, Maris Strombergs are on their way to the Olympics and stopped by for a little race action.    
    Nashville is the last NBL National before the NBL Grands in Louisville, Kentucky next month and a lot of people were wanting to get "one last race" in. The Nashville track, under the leadership of Robert Campbell was looking GOOD!

Local hot shot, Haro Factory rider, Logan Collins, no stranger to fast tracks and good competition was in the house and looking good as well.

The NBL was saying that there were six confirmed Olympians in Nashville to compete, Latvians, Ivo Lakucs and Maris Strombergs, Team USA's, Kyle Bennett, Colombia's, Augusto Castro and Andres Jiminez and Argentina's, Cristian Becerine. Team Argentina's, alternate and 06 UCI World Champ, Javier Colombo was going FAST, and all that adds up to HOT BMXin' IN NASHVILLE......It ought to be a good race.