2007 NBL Christmas Classic

December 26-30, 2007

Greater Columbus Convention Center - Columbus, Ohio

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Wednesday/Practice Day - Thursday/President's Cup-UCI Points Race - Friday/Christmas Classic 1/UCI Points Race - Saturday/Christmas Classic 2

Friday/Christmas Classic 1/UCI Points Race

Strombergs & Cools Win UCI Day two In Columbus!

Denzel Stein & Alise Post sweep Junior Classes Both Days!


Official ELITE finishes


Elite Men

1 Maris Strombergs/LAT 2 Kyle Bennett/USA

3 Christian Becerine/ARG 4 Randy Stumpfhauser/ USA

5 Steven Cisar/USA 6 Matt Pohlkamp/USA

7 Mike Day/USA 8 Donny Robinson/USA

Elite Women

1 Samantha Cools/CAN 2 Amanda Geving/USA

3 Kim Hayashi/USA 4 Rachel Smith/USA

5 Arielle Martin/USA 6 Erika Short/USA

7 Regula Runge/GER 8 Stephanie Barragan/USA

Junior Men

1 Denzel Stein/USA 2 Gavin Lubbe/USA

3 Logan Collins/USA 4 Steven Weimar/USA

5 John McDermott/USA 6 Jake Trevino/USA

7 Leroy Moses/USA

Junior Women

1 Alise Post/USA 2 Liz Passwaters/USA

3 Nicole Woodrow/USA 4 Jessica Patton/USA


    The NBL ran a Bike Building contest in between motos, here's the winning team, Felt's, Joey Albright and Kendall Polis. Reality TV Show Man / J&R BMX Pro, Jason Bennett and his co builder, Joey Krohn. Nice Job! The winning crew, from left, Kendall, Intense's Pete Dylewski, Joey A, Joey K and NBL guy, Justin Travis.    
    F - A - S - T! It's going to be SO much fun to watch Alise Post race regularly in the Elite Women's class. 2 wins in Jr. Hard Chargin', Amanda Geving showed up at the Classic in Redman Factory gear, nice pick for both. Speakin' of 'pick ups'. 'Fast Phil' Delizia showed up 'New' too. In Factory Felt stuff! It must be something in the water in Latvia, but this guy, Arturs Matisons, showcases the classic BMX style that makes them winners.    

Elite Men Semi Final Finishes - Joey Bradford/5th - Afro Bob/5th - Lukas Tamme/6th - David Herman/6th - Tyler Brown/7th - Nic Long/7th - Ramiro Marino/8th - Danny Caluag/8th

Elite Men Quarter Final Finishes - Not Available

Elite Men Moto Finishes - Bob Rowley 6-6-6 ... Phil Delizia 4-4-4 ... Bubba Harris 4-4-4 ... Jason Rogers 3-2-3 ... James Brown 5-5-5 ... Arturs Matisons 7-7-7 ... Patrick Lebel 6-6-6

Will Greathouse 5-5-7 ... Randall Neave 6-6-6 ... Derek Betcher 5-6-5 ... Khalen Young 6-2-4 ... Fausto Endara 6-7-5 ... Michal Prokop 3-5-2 ... Jason Richardson 4-3-3 ... Javier Colombo 3-2-4

Jeff Upshaw 4-3-6 ... Warwick Stevenson 2-3-3 ... Dean Holdstock 5-4-5 ... Josh Meyers 6-6-5 ... Rodrigo Alarcon 7-6-6 ... Lukas Mechura 5-5-4 ... Javier Larrea 7-7-7 ... Scott Erwood 5-5-5





Thursday/President's Cup-UCI Points Race

Elite Men - 1 Cristian Becerine 2 Arturs Matisons 3 Jason Rogers 4 Donny Robinson 5 Randy Stumpfhauser 6 Maris Strombergs 7 Kyle Bennett 8 Javier Columbo

Semi Finishes/Elite Men - 5 Michal Prokop 5 Tyler Brown 6 Mike Day 6 Danny Caluag 7 Steven Cisar 7 Robert De Wilde 8 Khalen Young 8 Jason Richardson


Elite Women - 1 Samantha Cools 2 Amanda Geving 3 Regula Runge 4 Arielle Martin 5 Rachel Smith 6 Kim Hayashi 7 Erika Short 8 Stephanie Barragan


Junior Men - 1 Denzel Stein 2 John McDermott 3 Jake Trevino 4 Gavin Lubbe 5 Steven Weimar 6 Leroy Moses 7 Logan Collins 8 Sebastian Guerrero


Junior Women - 1 Alise Post 2 Liz Passwaters 3 Nicole Woodrow 4 Jessica Patton 5 Kyrstin Bluhm 6 Frances Maycroft




Wednesday/Practice Day

Tim Dinger, Elite Masters Legend, makin' his sponsor, Factory Formula PROUD! Josh Meyers is making the move the Elite this week at the Classic. This ought to be interesting. Derek Betcher, "Mr. Motowhip", doin' what he does best, Moto Whippin at the NBL Christmas Classic! The 'dirty old man' mustache is IN these days in BMX. Diamondback's, Nate Berkheimer was sportin' at the ABA Grands. At the Classic, it was Jrog and dR. BMX Mania Factory was represented by Kris Lundgren, seen here. motorin' thru practice. Mikey Day made the scene, lookin' good, no jeans, and Stylin! Jeff Upshaw is RIDICULOUS! Jeff's been makin' some mains recently in Elite/AA, all the while makin' BMX Life look GOOD! Check him out, here, makin' it look SOOOO easy, but this kid is going Fast As!

Check back, Friday for MORE from the NBL Christmas Classic!!!!!