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archived news / May 2014

BMX Racing News - weekend edition - may 30, 2014

Motive Power Racing Signs Austin Hiatt

PRESS RELEASE: Sacramento, CA May 28, 2014 – Motive Power is a boutique consulting firm based out of Northern California. Motive Power offers a wide variety of services to assist businesses with managing projects efficiently by saving time and money, as well as business development and software implementation.

In 2014, Kevin Shankel, an employee of Motive Power, was given the opportunity to make a Motive Power-backed BMX race team. The team debuted with a large presence at the USABMX Silver Dollar Nationals in January 2014. “Motive Power Racing's core value is development of riders to be in the top echelon of the sport,” Shankel explains. “We work to improve riders on our team, as well as doing clinics in Northern California.”

Joining the newly-formed Motive Power Racing team will be top pro Austin Hiatt. The Fresno native started the 2014 season as a privateer, securing 7 podiums and 2 wins. Austin will continue to represent his sponsors Box, Freewheel Project, SRM Powermeters, Deft, and Onyx Hubs. “We are beyond excited to have Austin join the team. He shares the same outlook as the team and is a top contender of his class. With his work ethic and positive attitude, there is no doubt that Motive Power Racing will get to the next level on the national scene,” Shankel said.

Hiatt will make his debut on Motive Power Racing this coming weekend at the USABMX Great Salt Lake Nationals representing Fly Racing, Vee Tires, and Rennen sprockets. He will be seen wearing Fly Kinetic Blocks and Evolution Clean gear. “I am pumped to be a part of Motive Power Racing for the rest of the 2014 season,” Austin said. “Being a privateer is tough! Motive Power Racing approached me to join the team after Albuquerque as their premiere pro. I think they have a great program after seeing what they've done this year at nationals and clinics they've put on. I'm stoked to come on board.”

Austin Hiatt can be found on Facebook and followed on Twitter & Instagram @austinhiatt.

Follow Motive Power Racing on Instagram @motivepowerracing.

Like our Facebook page “Motive Power BMX Racing” .

Motive Power Racing is backed by Fly Racing, Vee Tires, and Rennen Design Group.

Sun Bru Hosts "Rad, Road To X-Games" Blow Out At Gas Monkey!

This hot event put on by Sun-Bru BMX, featuring "Cru Jones"/Bill Allen and Sun Bru Brandon, who will be hangin' with all the Sun Bur Dude and Dudettes at the world famous Gas Monkey Bar & Grill in Dallas.

Looks like Sue from Fast and Loud said she will be stopping by to eat in the Factory Pit area.

What more could you ask from a BMX event, except maybe a 'Cereal Bowl' in 'Hell Track'!?

This sucker is FOR SURE, BMX Mania Approved! Yee Haw!!!!!

Facebook - SunBruUSA

Answer-Rennen Music City National Race Report

The next stop on the Answer-Rennen schedule was the “Home of Country Music”, Nashville Tennessee. The first straight drag strip is one of the first things you notice when you pull up to the spectacular Music City BMX track which is situated in the beautiful Hamilton Creek Park. With the call for some great weather over the weekend, the team suited up on Friday to get the weekend off to a start with some fast laps in practice and some tough racing over the weekend.

Recap of your favorite Answer-Rennen rider:

Evan Okey (4yr old Strider) – Even though Evan is not officially a team member, he is definitely a part of the Answer-Rennen family. Evan did a great job of making it to his Strider main and finishing the day off with a solid 7th place. The smile on Evan’s face and his excitement when he brought his trophy back was a great inspiration to all the older riders…Great job Evan.

Nate Coyman (11X) – The “President” was riding hard on Saturday working his way into his qualifying rounds when he came up a little short in his 20” semi, but Nate came back with a strong showing in his cruiser semi and earned himself a spot in the main event. During his cruiser main Nate got tangled up with another rider and they were sent over the first turn which resulted in a broken elbow and an end to Nate’s weekend. We will see Nate back real soon; stronger and faster…Get well soon Nate.

Jack Kelly (11X) – The “Cannonball” just keeps getting faster every time I see him race and Nashville was no exception. Jack was seen out front airing it out all weekend long, whether it was in open or class, the “Cannonball” was tearing it up. We thought Jack’s secret to winning was in the sock’s he wears, but we found out it has something to do with Eggos and meat…go figure.

Markwane Billingsley (14X) – “Scooter” as he is called by his friends has been slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the 14 expert class and in Nashville it was not unusual to see him out front in his moto’s and in Saturday’s main event he went on to a 2nd place finish. Sunday was a little different with a bobble in the last straight which allowed him to be passed at the finish line just missing out on the last transfer spot. Look for Markwane to put the Sunday bobble out of his head and be up front again at the next National.

Abby Macleod (15G) – The lone female rider for the team this weekend was seen mixing it up in one of the toughest girl classes in USA BMX. Fresh off some secret training with a few of her fellow riders, Abby fought her way through her semi’s with some great riding to make her mains both days and finish with a 5th & 4th for the weekend. With Abby’s great work ethic and will to win, it will not be long before you see this young lady standing on top of the podium.

Erik Meyer (15X) – The “Mid West Muscle” is working his way back after a broken wrist in the winter and watching him in Georgia a few weeks ago and then in Nashville, I will say it won’t be long before you start seeing Erik out front and contending for a NAG plate in November. On Saturday the outside gate bug bit Erik in his semi and he was forced to sit and watch the mains from the sidelines, but Sunday was a different story as Erik not only raced his expert class but he also jumped into the USAC Boys class (Junior Development) for some strong laps. Finishing his Sunday off with a 5th in the USAC and a 7th in class, I know the “Mid West Muscle” will be working hard and will be in top form soon.

Cameron Moore (16X) – Recently finishing his lacrosse season the “Dirt Devil” showed up to Nashville to get some hot laps in on the fast Music City track. After making his way through his qualifying rounds on Saturday and having an outside gate in the main, Cameron made a great move in the first turn to take over the 2nd place spot and was pushing for the top spot but ran out of track. The second day was similar to the first day but this time a first turn jam up put the “Dirt Devil” in the 3rdspot for the day, finishing off a strong weekend of racing.

Justin Knapper (17X) – Being able to ride on a consistent basis is starting to show in Justin’s racing, coming off a good performance in Georgia, he was looking to be in the mix in the tough 17-18X class in Nashville. With some strong laps on Saturday, Justin was able to use the inside gate advantage in the main event and walked away with a 2ndplace finish. Justin’s Sunday was similar to his teammate Cameron’s day, a jam up in the first turn left him in fourth until a pass in the 2nd turn allowed him to finish the day off with a solid 3rd place.

Derik Bergh (18X & 19X) – The birthday boy had the chance to race in two separate classes in Nashville as he was 18X on Saturday and 19X on Sunday, getting older didn’t seem to slow him down in the least. Strong laps on Saturday during moto's and in qualifying had Derik moving on to the main event where he finished with a 3rd. On Sunday after a small birthday celebration under the Answer-Rennen tent, the “Ice Man” went on to show the 19-27 class that he will be a contender in his new class, breezing through to the main, the first turn jam up seemed to be contagious and had Derik working his way to a 4th place finish…Happy Birthday Derik.

Jeremy Knapper (23C) – Jeremy came to Music City after sitting out last year due to a crash on the first day to see how fast he can go on the first straight drag stip. After having a total point’s race in Georgia, Jeremy was happy to see a bigger class in Nashville and proceeded to lay down the law. With strong laps on both Saturday and Sunday, the “Amish Batman” (inside joke) was able to walk away from the weekend injury free and with a pair of 1st’s under his belt.

Pat Parker (32X) – With this being his first National back since February, “Mr. Positivity” was looking to knock off the winter rust and get back into the swing of things and decided to make Nashville his starting point. After struggling a little to get his legs back on Saturday, Pat made it to his main was able to put together a solid 2nd place main event finish. After a good showing the day before, Pat went into Sunday’s main with a mission to better his finish from the day before but getting tied up in a crash ended the day with a 7th. Look for double “P” to be working hard and getting some more track time in the coming weeks.

Dave Maltezos (36X) – Being in the same boat as Pat with this being his first National back since February, Davey decided to not only race class but to jump back onto a cruiser after not riding one for 18yrs, which after watching him finish the weekend with 2nd’s both days on cruiser you would never know it’s been that long. The cruiser wasn’t the only bike Davey was looking fast on as he was flying on the 20” as well, finishing the weekend with a 2nd & 3rd. Looking forward to seeing Davey at more races this year as he is a great guy and teammate.

Austin Loebe (Elite Men) - The young gun of the Elite Men class has been getting faster every time I see him and with his hard work and dedication it won’t be long before he is one of the top riders. In Nashville on Saturday, Austin was in the mix in his moto’s but just missed the cut off to transfer on to his quarter. On Sunday Austin made it out of his moto’s with some solid finishes, but like his teammates, the first turn jam up in his quarter left him fighting for a transfer spot and just coming up short at the finish line after a great day of racing.

The team had a great weekend at the Music City Nationals with a Factory team sheet win on Saturday, and second on Sunday. The team’s next race will be the East Coast Nationals in Chesapeake, MD.

Answer/Rennen Co-Sponsors: ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....



BMX Racing News - Weekend Update - may 16, 2014



Hey, kids! It's USABMX Spring National time in Albuquerque, New Mexico.....Time to Rock N Roll some great BMX racing at the USA's Largest Covered BMX Racing Facility.....Duke City BMX.....AWESOME!

The USABMX Pro Series is off and running and the battle for important USABMX and UCI ranking points will be HOT HOT HOT! In AA Pro, Sam Willoughby will be in the house to defend his lead on the AA Pro Series. Sam is just cooling down after his big win this past weekend at the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Papendal, NL, so he'll be ready to race and hard to beat as always.

The Women's Pro points chase got rocked with the major injury to 2014 Leader, Alise Post when she injured her leg seriously at the UCI SX race in Manchester, England. Right behind Alise is Great Britain's, speedster, Shanaze Reade who will be looking to take the lead this weekend, but right behind her will be Felicia Stancil who comes off of a BIG 2nd place finish in The Netherlands UCI SX race last weekend. Don't rule out Brooke Crain, Mariana Pajon and a whole group of Women Pros who will be hungry to join a red hot Caroline Buchanan who will be joining the series and aiming to take over the top of the series race!

The Vet Pro guys will get to run with the two leaders in their class, two of the fastest guys on the track and in the points lead, 1. Cristian Becerine and 2. Javier Colombo. These two guys have a HUGE lead, locked in a battle for First and ready to wage points war at Duke City BMX.

All in all, it ought to be a great weekend of racing at the USABMX Spring Nationals, so tune in to BMX Mania this weekend for awesome BMX race action photos and more, direct to you, RIGHT HERE!!!!!







BMX Racing News - Thursday - may 15, 2014

Chase / Stay Strong Dale Holmes Racing 'Ride To End Obesity' School Program, Rockin' The Kids With BMX Love!

The Chase / Stay Strong Dale Holmes Racing, Ride to End Obesity school program tour is going well. We set out with a focused goal of educating young people on the importance of eating well and exercising daily while introducing them to the sport of BMX.

With more than 6 completed visits to middle schools in Poway Unified School District, the program has been received well and the kids are very enthusiastic about learning more.

We have meetings set with a number of school districts in the San Diego County area and are slated for an expansion as we move into Fall.

As the school year wraps up in the next month or so, the Dale Holmes Racing team will roll out their summer camp program through a cooperative effort with the Mission Valley & Toby Wells YMCA facilities, "BMX Pro for a Week".

All registrations are handled through the YMCA (619)298-3576 - please contact the Y for further details.

On the race team side, our elite rider, Anthony Dean continues to travel the world and draw attention. A couple of weeks ago, Anthony secured a 2nd place at the Australian National Championships before heading to Holland for the second round of the UCI World Cup/Papendal where he placed 4th in the final and carved out a 2nd place spot in overall points in the World Cup series.

Anthony is already back in the states to jump back on the USA BMX tour before heading out to Germany next month for the third round of the UCI World Cup/Berlin.

The rest of the team has been busy domestically and has a number of new clinic dates around the nation scheduled in the next few months.

For more updates on everything, please check out our social media sites: ..... ..... Face Book Dale Holmes Racing ..... Twitter @DHolmesRacing ..... Instagram @DaleHolmesRacing

All Photos - Corinne Walder

Caroline Buchanan UCI BMX SX World Cup Papendal Race Report
To check out CB's entire Race Report, GO HERE!

Philly Pump Track Opens!
Crazy Al Cayne / - Opening day went down recently at Philly Pump Track and it was awesome!

The turn out was huge and everyone was really excited about being a part of this historic moment for off road cycling in the Philly area and also the North East.

The awesome pump track was designed and built by Jim Dellavalle with the help a ton of local volunteers!

Philadelphia mayor, Michael Nutter came down to talk to the crowd and cut the ribbon for the grand opening of the track. He even hung out for a long time to watch the riders having fun on the track.

Sugar Cayne took a bunch of photos and video of the event. You can check out all the photos in the gallery HERE. Video coming soon!

'Pre-Worlds' BMX Evolution Academy With BMX Legend, Robert De Wilde

Going to the UCI Worlds in the Netherlands this year? This is your chance to go to the BMX Evolution Academy pre-world BMX clinic in Oud-Beijerland. Only 20 minutes from the Worlds event arena. BMX legend Robert de Wilde “aka Afro Bob #77” and Henry van der Vegt will teach you how to become a better BMX racer. 

Below you can find what Robert de Wilde (Afro Bob) and co-instructor Henry van der Vegt have been up to over the last 36 years. We both speak English and Dutch. We mainly will speak English during the clinic, so everybody can be part of it.

Robert: ’99 UCI Elite World Champion ... ’01 ABA World Champion ... ’08 Olympian ...2 Times European Champion ... 3 Times SX Overall Champion

Henry van der Vegt: 30 Years BMX experience ... Owner of “Vegt BMX Sport coaching and training” ... 10 Years of coaching experience ... 6 Years Dutch National Development Team coach

BMX Evolution Academy dates and times:

-          Saturday July 19th from 9:00 – 12:00 (12 and under, max 50 riders)

-          Sunday July 20th from 9:00 – 12:00 (13 and over, max 50 riders)

-          Cost €40 per rider with 50% off open practice for the rest of the day

Email to get registered. You will receive a conformation email that you are registered. Payment for the clinic will be taken 45 minutes before the start of the clinic at the track. For more information and new developments about the clinic, please visit this Facebook event.

The clinic is open to everyone. When we go over obstacles we will describe and demonstrate on how to do every skill set from the beginner level to the Elite level. We will focus on how to get faster out of the gate, over jumps and through turns. 

Make sure to come with a good attitude and willing to get out of your comfort zone. We can only help those who are willing to do what we think is best and if you give us 3 hours and listen to what we teach, you will be a better rider when we are done. 

Parents aren’t allowed on the track when the clinic is going on but we do allow parents on the track when we talk skill sets and help translate to your kid if you have to. We support you filming our skill set talks for later references. 

The local track will have the track open for free practice after the BMX Evolutions Academy. A great time to perfect you new skill set so you can use that skill set to pass another rider at the UCI Worlds. All BMX Evolutions Academy participants will get 50% off the free practice fee which begins right after the clinic ends. 

FCC de Spuicrossers will have a campground by the track with about 100 spots and lost of amenities. A great place to camp out and it is only 20 minutes away from the UCI Worlds arena. The track will be open for free practice the days before the UCI Worlds. Saturday night there will be a “no chain” World Championship.

For more information about the campground and other activities, please visit their website, that you can find at

Cheers, Robert de Wilde

BMX Racing News - weekend update - may 9-11, 2014
Sam Willoughby & Laura Smulders Win
UCI BMX Supercross in Papendal, Netherlands!

Check out the BMX MANIA/PAPENDAL RACE REPORT PAGE for finals photos!

Caroline Buchanan & Joris Daudet Win Time Trial Superfinals At UCI BMX SX Papendal, Netherlands!

In a day filled with lots of weather related, sitting around and waiting due to lots of bad storms blowing thru the track area, two riders made it around the track in lightning speed to take home the top spot in the Time Trial Superfinals, Caroline Buchanan (AUS) and Joris Daudet (FRA) won it all in the respective class!

In Elite Women, Caroline bested Home Track Favorite, Laura Smulders (NED) with a winning time of 39.166 seconds to Laura's 39.185, a very close difference of 0.019! Rounding out the Elite Women's results was Brooke Crain (USA) with a hot lap of 40.149.

In the Elite Men's superfinal, Joris won his event in a controversial finish that left many wondering what happened. Edzus Treimanis (LAT) started 13th out of 16 men's superfinal competitors and turned in a super fast lap, bumping Joris Daudet out of the "Hot Seat". Next up after Edzus was Tory Nyhaug (CAN) who crashed hard in the second straight and did not finish, then Anthony Dean (AUS) and finally Liam Phillips (GBR), looking like he was the winner of the Time Trial Superfinal. In the mean time, UCI Chief Commissar, Euan Goodman (GBR) informed Edzus that he was disqualified as superfinal winner because he ran his Time Trial lap WITHOUT HIS TRANSPONDER! WHOA, sports fans, Trouble In Papendal! That might not have been a big deal if you don't care about whether you win the Time Trial Superfinal, but the rules state that, "all (Time Trial Superfinal) riders are qualified for the next round. A rider who fails to start on his designated start time in the time trial run will be classified as a Disqualified (DSQ) and will be ineligible to transfer."

The end all of the whole episode means that Treimanis was DQ'd from the Time Trial and will get to sit and watch the race from his team tent tomorrow, due to being disqualified. While all this was going on, a very happy Joris Daudet was called back from getting ready to head back to the hotel to instead, head over to the Time Trial Superfinal podium festivities and claim his First Place finish!

Who says Time Trials aren't exciting? And you can be assured that Edzus will NEVER race again without his transponder on his  bike! It was an unreal finish to a day filled with the track being covered and un-covered while trying to get practice sessions in, resulting in hours and hours of delays. The delays left spectators and race workers wishing that the rain would just Go Away! In spite of the crazy weather, the organizers and race staff did a great job of keeping the track in great shape and providing everyone with an exciting day of BMX Supercross racing, on one of the greatest tracks in the world!



Rainy Day Racing Underway In Papendal!

Practice Day at UCI BMX Supercross Papendal was a little bit of "On Again, Off Again" as several different rain storms swept thru the area. The last storm shut down the Men's "B Practice" and the Super Crew jumped in to action and had the track covered and kept it nice and dry so that the Elite Women could come in after the storm raced out of the track area and the sun came back out!

Check out the BMX Mania Race Action Photos from Friday's Practice, RIGHT HERE on BMX Mania Dot Com!



BMX Racing News - Wednesday/Thursday - may 7/8, 2014
STRIDER Bikes Launches National Championship
Racing Series For Toddlers!
First Series Race This Weekend In Vacaville, California!

Rapid City, SD (March 3, 2014) — Strider Sports International, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of children’s no-pedal balance bikes, has created a new national racing series known as  the STRIDER Championship Series. This groundbreaking program will give small children a chance to put their Strider Balance Bike skills to the test at four stops across the country this summer, plus the final worldwide event this fall.


The unique Strider Championship Series will cater directly to children between two and five years old who want to experience the thrill of racing. Children of all sizes and skill levels are welcome to participate. STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes are developed for both learning the ropes of riding and honing advanced skills in racing.


Find STRIDER Championship Series races in the following cities this summer:


·         Saturday, May 10: Vacaville, California at Andrews Park - Register HERE

·         Saturday, June 21: Rapid City, SD, at Main Street Square - Register HERE

·         Saturday, July 12: St. Cloud, MN, at Lake George, Presented by Scheels - Register HERE

·         Sunday, August 24: Denver, CO, as part of the festivities surrounding the final stage of the USA Pro Challenge professional cycling race - Register HERE


There will be heats for 2 and under, 3, 4, and 5-year-olds at each of the races. Registration fees are $25 online or $35 on site. Racers will receive a Strider goodie bag valued at more than $50 with their registration. Pre-registration is open now and can be found


A typical Strider race scene has young parents and grandparents holding their breath as the bright yellow cowbells are rung and the starting gate drops. Toddlers, some still in diapers, lean forward, grasp their mini grips, kick their short legs, and embark upon their 400-foot plus journey over obstacles from dirt mounds to wooden ramps. All young racers are treated to an Olympic-style podium award ceremony immediately following their race, where trophies taller than some of the riders are given to top finishers. All participants receive medals and pose for the crowd of proud parents and spectators.


Participating in any of these events will automatically qualify the rider for the Strider World Championship. The series-ending race will be held in Rapid City, South Dakota — world headquarters for Strider Sports International, Inc. The big event goes down this year on September 19, 20 and 21. Please visit our website at STRIDER World Championship for more information.


About Strider Sports International, Inc. - Strider Sports International, Inc. designs efficient, no-pedal balance bikes that encourage toddlers to ride, learn, and explore the world on two wheels. Founded by Ryan McFarland in January 2007, Strider Sports is a company full of passionate riders of dirt, mountain, street, and road bikes. The goal of Strider Sports is to simplify a bike to its essence, so that proper size, lightweight and simplicity combine to eliminate any fear of riding and instill confidence in young new riders. The patented STRIDER™ No-Pedal Bike is now distributed worldwide in over 70 countries. To learn more and to find a retailer in your area, visit


About Strider™ No-Pedal Bikes - We Create Riders! STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes were developed specifically to help toddlers and young children learn balance and coordination BEFORE pedaling. The simple, no-pedal design allows toddlers to learn to ride on two wheels, avoiding tricycle tip-overs and training wheel wobbles, and instilling considerable confidence and stellar bike handling skills sure to last a lifetime.  Strider No-Pedal Balance Bikes encourage the development of spatial awareness, balance and basic motor skills so that all children can reach their maximum riding potential faster, better and safer. Available at


About Scheels - SCHEELS is a 24-store operation with stores in 10 states including North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Nevada, Illinois; as well as a new store in Sandy, Utah.  Play, shop, and explore over 85 amazing specialty shops with the area's largest selection of sports, fashion, and footwear!


About USA Pro Challenge - Referred to as “America’s Race,” the USA Pro Challenge will take place August 18-24, 2014. For seven consecutive days, the world’s top athletes race through the majestic Colorado Rockies, reaching higher altitudes than they’ve ever had to endure. One of the largest cycling events in U.S. history and the largest spectator event in the history of the state, the USA Pro Challenge is back for 2014. Featuring a challenging course, the fourth annual race will spotlight the best of the best in professional cycling and some of America’s most beautiful scenery.

More information can be found online at and on Twitter at @USAProChallenge.

BMX Mania's On The Road To UCI SX Papendal!!!!!
Billed as one of the BEST races of the year, the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup at the Dutch Olympic Training Center IS a classic!

With a HUGE and very difficult track, BIG crowds and great organization, it is always an exciting and star studded weekend!

Check in with BMX Mania, Saturday morning for awesome Race Action Photos from Friday's Elite Practice session and then on thru the weekend for WHITE HOT BMX Racing from Papendal!

Caroline Buchanan wins 2014 BMX Oceania & Australian National Championships

To Check Out Caroline's Complete Race Report, Click Here!

After one year competing for the country of Thailand, Elite Woman, Amanda Carr has claimed the new title of 2014 Thailand National Champion! Since 2011, Supercross has been Carr’s frame product of choice, taking her to 6 of 7 continents around the globe and even a SX World Cup Podium in 2013 at Chula Vista, CA. With the 2014 season ramping up, there is something else Carr plans to ramp up this year…..Prophecy BMX.

The Bike Build began at J&R BMX Superstore, Carr’s primary sponsor, where she had the opportunity to look through every top brand at J&R’s world’s largest BMX showroom. Carr chose to accessorize her new ride with Supercross and Speedline products. “I will always continue to support Supercross/Speedline, because I believe in the product” Carr says. “Prophecy is a unique opportunity for me to pursue, as a pilot for the frame I will be one of the only riders in Asia competing on the world stage with a Prophecy.”

Bill Ryan, the owner of Supercross, says, “We are sad to see Amanda move on from the Supercross Frames, as she pursues her Olympic dream, but understand the opportunity she is being given as being a rider on Prophecy and we are proud that she still chooses and will use Speedline and Supercross parts in the pursuit of her dreams.”

Taking on the 2104 BMX Racing stage with J&R BMX, Carr may ride any BMX part and her new Prophecy frames come with a side of Supercross/Speedline products!

SAVE 10% at Morphine Industries and help raise money for injured racer, Tanner "T-Bone" Sebesta

As we all know professional BMXers aren't signing multi-million dollar deals like other athletes in high-impact sports.

But, these hardcore, ride till you can't ride any more, living on the edge of the first berm, high flying racers push it to the fullest, making sure they fulfill our need for speed and adrenaline.

Sometimes they tend to push it to the limits and this is when the fans get to give back. Morphine Industries’ co-sponsored, Elite Men's Tanner "T-Bone" Sebesta took a pretty hard beating from the ground at the USABMX National in Powder Springs, GA.

Tanner suffered a badly broken wrist and detached ligaments that needed immediate surgery to make necessary repairs.

As you can image the medical bills have quickly stacked up on this outstanding BMX athlete.

To show our support, Morphine Industries is donating a portion of the proceeds from products sold at through the end of June. Not only can you save 10% with this discount code but money for each purchase will go to support our co-sponsored rider and fellow BMXer.

NEW Products for 2014:

NEW: STR8 Truth Bars

NEW: Helium V2 Aluminum Bars

NEW: Grom Lock-On Mini Grips

NEW: Pleasure Lock-On Pro Grips

NEW: 5-Star Chromoly Race Forks

NEW: Lockdown Quick Release Clamp

NEW: Morphine Industries Fork Compression Bolts

NEW: Morphine Industries T-Shirts

Original Products:

Carbon Headset Spacers

Deadbolt Headlocks

Thumbsucker Mini Stems

Chokehold Pro Stems

Use coupon code: TANNER during checkout at www/ to save 10% and support Tanner's recovery efforts.

"BUCHANAN On Air Episode 2", World Cup win & track walk recap

Caroline Buchanan is off and running with the beginning of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup season!

Check out her big win at the British Cycling Awesome Indoor BMX facility recently, it's AMAZING! It's a GREAT video from a GREAT rider!



BMX Racing News - weekend update - may 2-4, 2014
CCH Bicycles launches new website!
Walnutport, PA - After several months of planning, Cruisen' Chris, founder and CEO of CCH Bicycles has put the finishing touches on the brand new, spiffy, official factory website!

The new site features a clean and fresh design, professional photography, detailed product information, integrated shopping cart, and much, much, more. In fact you can find information regarding the origination of CCH Bikes, sponsorship information for both teams and individual riders, and news on exciting thing happening at CCH Bikes.

If all goes as planned you will soon see video bike checks, interviews and much more! Check out for all the BMX Goodness that is CCH Bicycles....

Chris Hoffman - CCH Bicycles | Real Time Action Sports, LLC