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Today's BMX Racing News ..... Tuesday - March 31, 2009


Way to go racers!!!   We are looking good in Redmond and can't wait to get racing !!!

We have had rooms available through Comfort Suites (our host hotel), the brand new Sleep Inn, Best Western Rama Inn, Motel 6, and Super 8  ----   Dear Riders and families please treat these folks with respect -    DO NOT RIDE YOUR BIKES IN THE HOTELS !!!!      No furniture in the pool ---  we've asked they provide rags for you to polish your bike so you look spiffy crossing the finish line so leave the good terry for the shower. 

I've heard some of those making late decisions to join us are having a hard time finding a room in Redmond -    Shilo Inn and Suites in Bend 541-389-9600 has offered up a team rate so although you'll have a little drive it is all highway so you'll be here in a jif  -- I've heard some of those making late decisions to join us are having a hard time finding a room in Redmond

Don't forget to pre-sign by Wednesday to save some money -   $5 discount if you register on-line and can avoid standing outside in those lines at the ABA trailer

Friday action:    Schedule practice A:     Redmond Chamber of Commerce Business after Hours 4:30 - 5:30;  Anthem by Sasha Abarca (who has diligently been practicing her O' Canada Eh! Racing action t 6pm 

Saturday and Sunday offerings:      SIDEHACKS ARE IN THE HOUSE -  including a facehouse at main break -  who's the best Monkey TV or Radio??  -   Sportscaster Keith Bleyer of KOHD with his driver Redline's own Mike Albright will scare off against  C.O.D.  Power 94's own DJ host of the Prime Time Party hour hanging on tight while Supercross' Ken Pliska hits the dirt  -   don't miss your chance at 50/50 -  Sasha will be back -  along with the Canadian award ceremonies  ---   Racing on Saturday at 11 a.m. and Sunday at 8am

The Great Northwest Grill off is shaping up ---  teams are stepping up to the plate and warming up the grills - the flavors are gonna be flowing -  Judge Jerry Jones and myself will be hitting the RV part between 5:30 - 6:30 with our taste buds  --  who will garner those bragging rights -        (just drop me a note if you are gonna grill)

DON'T FORGET YOUR BIKE LOCKS - no bikes in the grandstands - a bike corral will be located in staging -- any questions or info needed - stop by the Team Oregon table -  pick up your 2009 Oregon racing calendar only $2 !!!

Keep it rubber side down -  and see you at the races!




Hey riders, the NBL BMX Spring Break is coming up in Florida and there's tons of extra stuff to do this year. Check out what's going on in the Sunshine State.


The Easter Classic is a full-blown NBL Elite Series race and tons of the top riders will be there. 


The Olympic Gold Medalist, Maris Strombergs, will be there along with NBL's reigning Champions, Randy Stumpfhauser and Stephanie Barragan. 


Watch the live webcast of the Easter Classic on GO211.

Friday April 3 - NBL Future Stars Clinic / High Springs BMX

*       Time: 11am - 2pm. Cost $30 includes goody bag and professional instruction
*       Featuring Excalibur's Josh Meyers and NBL Head Trainer, Justin Travis

Gator Nationals Pre-race:

*       16 & over PRO/AM Open $500 purse + 100% of entry fees
*       Pro-Am Entry fee $10
*       Prizes for top 3 in amateur opens during Friday's pre-race (must race class as well) <>

Tuesday April 7 - Pro-Am Race / Sarasota BMX

*       $5 points only race for all riders.
*       16 & over PRO/AM Open $500 purse, contingent on at least 8 riders, entry fee $10
*       14-15 open 100% payout, entry fee $5
*       Amateurs must race class to participate in their opens.
*       Registration and practice will start at 6 pm, with the first gate dropping at 8:00. <>

Wednesday April 8 - Pro-Am Race / Tampa BMX

*       Tampa BMX 16 & over PRO/AM Open $500 purse + 100% of entry fees
*       Entry Fee $10
*       Practice and Registration: 5-6:30pm, Racing at 7pm <>

Friday April 10 - St. Cloud BMX / Intense Pro Clinic

*       Intense Pro Skills Clinic 11am - 2pm. Cost $25
*       Featuring Danny Caluag, David Herman and Stephanie Barragan

Easter Classic Pre-race:

*       16 & over PRO/AM Open $500 purse + 100% of entry fees
*       Entry fee $10 <>





Today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday - March 30, 2009


Connor Fields Is Down But Not Out!

One of the 'Cool Kidz', "Conman", "The Condor", Connor Fields went down in flames at the USA Cycling National Championships last weekend in Desoto, Texas. Connor, who is one of the rising stars in World Class BMX, just signed on to a Factory Deal with Free Agent BMX, was looking strong in ABA racing, NBL racing and was anticipating a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark in May to hit up his first UCI BMX World Cup in Europe is and now sittin' on the sidelines. Let's check in with this talented rider and see what's up!

BMX Mania – Yo, Connor! We heard that you got busted up last weekend, what got hurt?

Connor – I had a grade 3 laceration of my spleen and some internal bleeding, luckily the bleeding stopped and I was able to to keep my spleen.

BMX Mania – Wow, cool, no scars, huh? How did it happen?

Conman – It was the semi final of the Friday UCI race and I was in 2nd down the 2nd straight when I unclipped and got a little loose, I got back on it and was battling for 4th out of the second turn with another rider and we tangled up through the rhythm and when I fell my body slammed the top of a roller.

Right when I fell I knew something was wrong and we went to a local hospital but they didn't have the right equipment so I got flight for life (helicoptered) to another one which was kinda cool ha-ha

BMX Mania – Man, that sucks! What’s been the response from your new sponsor, Free Agent?

Connor - They are being super supportive. They are here for me and believe in me and I have had nothing but well wishes from them. We are already working on my come back training program with some of my team mates. We are like a family.

BMX Mania – What happens now? You can’t train your spleen back to health, can you? Do you have firm advice from the Docs to follow?

Connor – Doctor said no school for 2 weeks (I went back in 1) and I can start rehab training in 4-6 weeks with swimming and riding stationary bikes. No racing for 4-6 months. Hopefully it will be shorter than that, we are having some other doctors look at my CT scans, and stuff to see if it's really that bad

BMX Mania – What are you going to do while you’re getting all healed up?

Connor – Get my grades up, spend time with friends, and when I can train again I will train...HARD. And while I'm not going to races I'll be checking up on to see what's going on in the BMX world.

BMX Mania – Well, you know you have the prayers and best wishes from all of us here at BMX Mania, we sure hope to see you back on the BMX Track as soon as you can get everything back to good health.

Connor – Thank you, I appreciate it, Jerry and to everyone who has prayed for me, Thank You!

BMX Mania – Any parting shots, er, I mean, parting THOUGHTS!

Connor - Ha-Ha thanks for the interview, thank you to Free Agent for being supportive, thank you to everyone who has called or e-mailed to wish me well. Out!


American Bicycle Association

Hosts USAC National Championships

& ABA Super Nationals



The American Bicycle Association hosted the Super Nationals this past weekend, March20-22 in Desoto, TXIn conjunction with the ABA Super Nationals, this was also the 3rd annual USAC BMX National Championships. Riders came from all around the USA to compete for the coveted Stars and Stripes jersey a shot at becoming a USAC National Champion. The weekend also had UCI events #5 and #6 and the top elite athlete form around the world were on hand. If you have never been to the Metroplex BMX facility you are missing out on a real gem for sure. It's the first BMX only facility built in the world and Gary Elmore and his crew always pull out all the stops every time the ABA comes to town. This year saw another great track rebuild by ABA's Billy Allen just a few weeks prior to the event. The track and facility were in tip top shape as always, but the Metroplex really wanted to WOW the fans so they brought in a Jumbo tron for the entire weekend. this was a great addition as the fans could watch the feed through out the weekend and the crew did an excellent job with instant slow motion replays and such through out the weekend. the Universal Sports filming crew was in full effect all three days as well capturing all the athletes in action for the up coming BMX Racing TV show they have been filming all season long. You can expect to see the show airing in the coming months. Be sure to watch for the press release real soon!

The 2009 UCI Continental events are in full swing now and the ABA BMX scene is really starting to get the format down. Having been around the racing scene since 1980, and talking with several of the top PRO's both past and present. Most will agree this just might be the hardest the PRO/ELITE class has ever been. The AA PRO/ELITE class is STACKED, STACKED, STACKED with comp and to even make a main these days pretty much means "YOU'RE THE MAN!" The fifth UCI event of the 2009 season was a crazy one for sure. Intense/BAWLS Guarana rider David Herman proved to all the fans you can't let a some bad luck on the track get you down. David came back from  a terrible crash during practice to race for the day. During the moto rounds David then had a HUGE get off coming out of the first turn at the base of a jump when his chain derailed. It was a scary looking event for sure! 1/4 mains were posted an low and behold David made the cut and suited up for the 1/4 mains. Long story short David battled his way to the main event and was able to take a HUGE win on the day. David was due and has rode strong all season. It was only a matter of time before he was on top the podium for the day. Second place for the day went to ABA National #1 PRO Khalen Young. Khalen's the lead rider on the Haro squad and is living out his BMX dream of coming to the USA from Australia. Khalen has been a solid contender all season and has been proving to the media and fans his ABA BMX #1 title was no fluke. Third place went to one of the most consistant riders this season. "J-Rog" Jason Rogers was once again standing on the podium. Jason hails from Texas and is considered a Metroplex local by the fans and with an amazing 36 Elite Men on hand making the main is a impressive in it's own right.

Men's Elite    Total Riders = 36    Groups = 6



JR. Elite saw Redline's Denzel Stein lay the law down in JR. Elite with the HUGE win. Denzel really had the support of the home town fans this weeknd and truly lives up to his nickname of "The Peoples Champ".  Formula's Sam Willoughby was going waaaaaaaaaay fast to say the least and it was know surprise to see him take the second place for the day. Crupi's own Jelle Van GORKOM was in the house from the Netherlands. Jelle has been hot on the scene this season and has been making a solid name for himself. This podium in Desoto, TX, really helps him out in the UCI rankings of 2009.

Junior Men    Total Riders = 21    Groups = 4


Elite Women went down like this, Dominating Dominique Daniels continued her win streak at Desoto TX. for the 2009 season. Dominique took the win both  both days with Redline's Alise Post keeping here honest. Alise was wowing the crowd with her jumping skills down the second straight, but Dominique showcased her raw power down the first straight. It was a pretty good battle to watch for the fans. RaceplaceBMX and BAWLS Guarana rider Stephanie Barragan brought home a solid third for the event. 

Women's Elite    Total Riders = 15    Groups = 2




The sixth UCI event of the 2009 season saw a new set riders ontop the podium. Two time ABA BMX National #1 Nic long was the an to beat on this day. Nic hails from San Diego, CA. is know stranger to winning UCI events. The Intense/Phantom/ON'TRAC rider won the UCI SX event last year in SLC, UT. and rocked the BMX world in the process. NIC and Khalen Yound were battling for the lead going into turn with Khalen going down hard and leaving nothing but open track for Nic. Nic fought have the hard charging Donny Robinson for the win. "dR" Donny Robinson gave in his best for the day. The Hyper rider and Olympic Bronze medalist was out front a lot this weekend and looks to be  aman with a plan for the 2009 season. Third place went to Oldsmar, FLA winner "Big C" Cristian Becerine!. The Free Agent rider is known for his incredible holeshots at all the big events.


Mens Elite    Total Riders = 37    Groups = 6



Day two UCI for JR. Elite was won by Australia's Sam Willoughby. The Formula rider and current UCI World Champ has been making big waves over here in the USA. Sam's an awesome rider with a great personality and he's pretty dang fast to boot! Second went to Excalibur rider Tommy ZULA. Tommy might have had the race of his life on this day. He opened an lot of eyes this past weekend and looks to be a big contender for a podium spot each weekend. Crupi's Jelle Van Gorkom was once again sitting in third for the day. Jelle is solid as ever and we're glad to have him in the USA racing the ABA scene.


Junior Men    Total Riders = 20    Groups = 4



On the Ladies side once again defending Champ, Dominique Daniels took the top honors in the class. Redline's Alise Post was all over Dominique this weekend and looks to have plans to grab her #1 plate back this season. These two ladies really put on a great show for the fans. Once again RaceplaceBMX and BAWLS Guarana rider Stephanie Barragan brought home a solid third for the event. Stephanie has been SUPER SOLID all year long and is always a threat to win on any given day. 


Women's Elite    Total Riders = 15    Groups = 2



USAC BMX National Championships

For a full report on the USAC BMX National Championships click here: has tons of  videos posted from the ABA BMX SUPER National UCI/USAC weekend!

Check it out at:

Elite Men:
Junior Men:
Elite Women:

Elite Men:
Junior Men:

Elite Men:
Junior Men:
Elite Women:

The ABA would like to thank all the participants, families, teams, sponsors, and BMX industry for helping make the ABA BMX SUPER Nationals event such a huge success!


ABA BMX would like to thank all the 2009 National Series sponsors: Dan’s Comp ( )  BAWLS Guarana ( ) Bawlstyle ( ) Redline Bicycles-( ) FLY Racing-( ) Intense BMX-( ) T.H.E. ( ) Tioga-( ) Tangent-( ) ( ) Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex ( ) Sponsorhouse-( ) ABABMXRACERS- (


Without their support, we couldn't make the 2009 ABA racing season such a huge success. Support the sponsors that support ABA BMX racing.

Matt Pohlkamp Inc.

AA Pro/Elite Men's Superstar, Matt Pohlkamp and his lovely wife, Jessica have started their own business manufacturing Celly Smellys, scented cleaning wipes for personal electronics (cellphones, laptops, etc).

The Pohlkamps are psyched and couldn't be happier with their new biz.

According to Matt, "These things are great and I'm addicted to them." The Celly Smellys are moving out and they've picked up a new distributor......"all of the hard work is paying off as we are now available on the Toys R Us website. Please check it out!"

Thanks, Matt, we'll do that, and if anyone out there wants their Cell Phone to have that 'Springtime Fresh' feel to it, you to can join us at.....

Liberty BMX Mourns The Loss Of Nine Year Old Team Member

FLORENCE, ARIZONA - Dustin Michael Kemp, 9, of Florence died Feb. 22, 2009 at home.

Dustin was born Sept. 7, 1999 in Wenatchee, Wash. He was well-loved and devoted to his family.

He loved school and was an excellent student and known for his character. He was charismatic and concerned for others.

He was a member of the Liberty BMX team and spent much time outside practicing his bicycle skills.

He wanted to finish school and college, compete with BMX in the Olympics and become a police officer. He had a goal for 2009 to raise $1,000 through the ABA Race for Life of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Survivors include his parents, James and Randi; a brother, R.J. Kemp; and grandparents, Blake Brown, Karen Skager and Mary Lou Kemp. He was preceded in death by his grandfather William Kemp.

Contributions may be made to the Dustin Kemp Memorial Fund at any Wells Fargo Bank or through PayPal ( to help with funeral expenses and for Race for Life.

Falcon BMX Track Rental

Westfield Road, Meriden, CT

Available to all teams to rent the track for a day/days.


-Groomed Facility


-Gate Starter

-NBL Sanctioned Liability Insurance

-Publicity on Falcon Web Site to Advertise, if wanted.

-Lodging blocks available at reduced BMX rate at track sponsored hotel.

-Jug of Gatorade/Water

-P.A. System for microphone/music

**Price per day to cover all the above costs: $100.00**

Extras to be negotiated:


-Track Lighting

****Contact G. Layman @ 860-638-9441****

Fat BMX Celebrates Historical Sugar Hills!

All good things have to come to an end. The Sugar Hills spot will not survive the year 2009. The dirt jump spot at the Valkendijk lasted over 20 years though so really, we cannot complain. The first Mini-FAT-JAM was held on 22 April 1990. It was an excuse to get together and ride together.

Nothing has changed about that idea with the upcoming jam on 4 April next. As usual the week before the Mini-FAT-JAM some serious work needs to be done to get the jumps back in shape. Locals will dust off their bikes and call up their friends to see if they're down for a session. Party place OJA will make sure they've got enough beer in stock and some extra boxes of frikandellen and smikkelsaus are on order at the local snackbars.

If you haven't experienced a FAT-JAM or Mini-FAT-JAM in your life at the spot on the Valkendijk, this is your last chance. A historical BMX spot is going to die but something new is in the works somewhere else in Aarle-Rixtel so no, this is not going to be the last ever FAT-JAM in Ale Blie. We've got to keep a reputation up.

Shred the Sugar Hills one more time, get dirty, bring the BBQ, party like crazy, you know how we roll!

Date: 4 April 2009. Starts at 13:00hr(-ish)
What: Dirt juming at the Sugar Hills trails. Last jam at this spot!
Free to ride, free to spectate. Bring all your friends.
Location: Valkendijk, Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands
More info at: Ph +31.492.382114.
Sponsored by: EBC,
Paul's Boutique, FATBMX, Mirra Bike Co, Monster Energy, VANS, and SNAFU.

After party info:
Date: 4 April 2009
Time: Starts at: 20:00hr
Entry fee: Free
Bands: Body Shot, Grey Days, Let me Out (Sweden)
Place: OJA, Schoolstraat 2, Aarle-Rixtel, NL.







Today's BMX Racing News ..... Saturday - March 28, 2009



Hey riders, the NBL BMX Spring Break is coming up in Florida and there’s tons of extra stuff to do this year. Check out what’s going on in the Sunshine State. The Easter Classic is a full-blown NBL Elite Series race and tons of the top riders will be there.  The Olympic Gold Medalist, Maris Strombergs, will be there along with NBL's reigning Champions, Randy Stumpfhauser and Stephanie Barragan.  Watch the live webcast of the Easter Classic on GO211.

Friday April 3 - NBL Future Stars Clinic / High Springs BMX

  • Time: 11am - 2pm. Cost $30 includes goody bag and professional instruction

  • Featuring Excalibur's Josh Meyers and NBL Head Trainer, Justin Travis

Gator Nationals Pre-race:

  • 16 & over PRO/AM Open $500 purse + 100% of entry fees

  • Pro-Am Entry fee $10

  • Prizes for top 3 in amateur opens during Friday's pre-race (must race class as well)

Tuesday April 7 – Pro-Am Race / Sarasota BMX

  • $5 points only race for all riders.

  • 16 & over PRO/AM Open $500 purse, contingent on at least 8 riders, entry fee $10

  • 14-15 open 100% payout, entry fee $5

  • Amateurs must race class to participate in their opens.

  • Registration and practice will start at 6 pm, with the first gate dropping at 8:00.

Wednesday April 8 – Pro-Am Race / Tampa BMX

  • Tampa BMX 16 & over PRO/AM Open $500 purse + 100% of entry fees

  • Entry Fee $10

  • Practice and Registration: 5-6:30pm, Racing at 7pm

Friday April 10 - St. Cloud BMX / Intense Pro Clinic

  • Intense Pro Skills Clinic 11am - 2pm. Cost $25

  • Featuring Danny Caluag, David Herman and Stephanie Barragan

Easter Classic Pre-race:

  • 16 & over PRO/AM Open $500 purse + 100% of entry fees

  • Entry fee $10

Dirt Jumper against BMX Racer Grudge Races!

Chuck Groh, the new Track Operator at The Hill BMX race track in Elgin, Illinois has evidently been checkin' out old videos of dirt jumping's stars doing a race.

This video activity has stimulated an idea on Chuck's part.

The Hill BMX would like to get a call out to any of Illinois bigger name or anyone else interested in holding a grudge race.

Dirt Jumper against BMX Racer Grudge Races!

This idea could could be done anytime during the season, and any rider interested needs to:

1. Signup for a one day membership, which is $12.00 to race. 2. Have brakes 3. Helmet - open or full face 4. Long sleeve shirt 5. Pants

If anyone is interested in helping get this set up they can contact Chuck through the track web-site: or you can call or email at Track Phone # 224-489-1893 and E-mail



The Powerhouse Inc/Bike Alley/ VRP Team came ready to represent the USA!  

Once again it all kicked off with their little big man Kyle Stan. He dominated the competition and came away with the Stars and Stripes USA #1 Jersey and was named Rider of the Weekend in Texas at the USA National Championships.. He continues to dominate with one win after another and will do the USA proud at the World Championships in Australia this year. Kyle was soooo excited that he not only wore his jersey on the plane he also wore it to bed. The team is extremely proud and I know the ABA and USA are as well. Way to go Kyle and keep up the great work. 


Next was Danielle "Thunder" Sanchez who had a solid 3rd place finish to podium as well. She has been working hard to get back into shape and make some noise this year. 

That takes us to Reid "The Rocket" Campbell who also had some strong finishes. He battled his way for a 3rd in Cruiser to make his way on the podium and also grabbed an 8th after many riders in class. Nice job Reid and keep up the good work. 

Then there is the "Conquistador" Kyle Fernandez. This name fits, this kid battles for every position in every race. He never settles and always goes down swinging. He finished with a 6th in the 13-14 Cruiser class. The Conquistador can't wait for his next battle, so look out because he is coming to conquer a town near you real soon. 

Last but not least is Dani George. She has more skills and style then many of the boys in BMX. She rides with skill, style and power. Dani finished with a strong 3rd in the 15 year old girl class to grab a podium position representing the USA as well. 

This leaves the team with 5 Powerhouse/Bike Alley/VRP riders to represent the USA in Australia in the 2009 BMX World Cycling Championships. 

Thanks to all of our sponsors for making this happen. Powerhouse Inc., Bike Alley, Intense, Sinz, THE, ODI, Troy Lee Designs, Chism Inc., Red Brick Pizza, Vapor, House of Stickers, LDC Components  and for the hydration that fuels the team  to victory Vitamin Water! 












Today's BMX Racing News ..... Friday - March 27, 2009


'Team Oregon' is Gearin' UP for The Great Northwest Nationals!

The Great Northwest Nationals are here!!   and we can't wait to see everyone.    Let's plan to rock it in Redmond next weekend.    The weather forecast looks like it is going to make up for last year and it is due to be in the 60's by the weekend.     The famous Billy the Builder will be arriving this weekend to begin his magic on the dirt so we will be ready to rock and roll on Friday.

Bring your sidehack if you've got it ....

Don't forget your bike locks as bikes are not allowed inside the grandstands.

Who will win the "2009 Golden Tongs"  -  the first annual BBQ cookoff in the campground is underway.  We are looking for more competitors -   Judging will be between 5:30 and 6:30 on Saturday --  will it be The Grilla from MANilla Steve Manley -  or saucy Harold's Rocking Ridge Brothers ribs?   I know the cookin' clouds are planning to bring it too!    So if you are in to a little tasty friendly competition - light up your grill and BRING IT ON ...    (an email would be appreciated if you are participating).

Team Oregon calendars are here and are a great way to keep up with the events in BMX - they will be on sale during the race.

If you need anything please do not hesitate to call or email and we can't wait to see ya here!!!

Tracy Stephens, on behalf of Team Oregon ..... Smith Rock BMX, High Desert BMX, Emerald Valley Indoor & Outdoor, Cottage Grove BMX, Chehalem Valley BMX, Molalla River BMX, River City BMX, Medford BMX, and Roseburg BMX








Today's BMX Racing News ..... Thursday - March 26, 2009

G’Day in DeSoto – Morphine Industries’ Reeves and Savarese Make the U.S. Team


The Morphine crew showed up to DeSoto with an abbreviated crew of 4 riders to race the ABA Super Nationals and the USAC BMX National Championships for a berth on the US world team going to Adelaide, Australia in July.


The moto count was around 190 all weekend with a who’s who list of riders due to the combination of UCI and USAC.


A Pro-Tyler Faoro, raced the weekend in Elite Men for the UCI #6, #7, and USAC BMX Championship.  Coming off three straight wins, Tyler rode great all weekend however it wasn’t his time narrowly missing semis and mains.


15X – Ace Savarese moving up a class to 16X for the USAC race, let it all hang out making the main and taking a 5th place earning a spot on the US World Team.


12X/11-12Cr – Noah Reeves with a December birthday was also moved up a class to 13X to race for a spot on the US team.  Making the main and cruising to a 6th place he did just that.  Racing class and Cruiser for the Super Nationals Friday and Sunday, Noah came away with 5th in the mains across the board.


41+ Jonathan Reeves – strapped on the bike for the Super Nationals Friday and Sunday.  Racing a combined class he finished with a 3rd and 2nd place main finish.


If you have never had the opportunity to race at DeSoto, you definitely are missing out on a top notch track. 


The Morphine Industries circus will be rollin’ into High Springs, FL for the Gator Nationals and St. Cloud, FL for the Easter Classic.  Be sure to stop by to check us out and learn more about our outstanding group of sponsors.


Thanks to Mike Carruth for the shot from


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; Staats Motocross Bicycles (, Alienation (, Fly Racing (, Lost Energy Drink (, Tioga (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (




March 24, 2009 – 2008 NBL Elite Women Champion and BAWLS Guarana/Race Place BMX Pro Stephanie Barragan continued her hot streak in Desoto, TX as the ABA played host to this season’s fifth UCI Event and USAC Nationals Championships. Following her UCI first place finish in Phoenix, Stephanie made another podium on USA Cycling’s biggest stage, the USAC National Championships, finishing with the silver medal. Showing off her brand-new BAWLS Helmet, Stephanie Barragan continued to turn heads and leave her mark on the elite female class. Stephanie’s helmet was customized by Noah Ennis of Eagle Graphix. Barragan is now leading all Elite Women in the UCI standings, and is now ranked #2 in the NBL’s Elite Women’s class and #3 in the ABA’s Pro Women’s class making her one of only two Pro Girls to be ranked in the top three in both leagues, respectively.  

Two-Time ABA Amateur of the Year and 2007 ABA Rookie of the Year winner, BAWLS/Intense Pro David “The Herminator” Herman did his part to impress in Desoto as well. David took 1st place in Friday’s UCI Race. The Herminator has been working hard at the Olympic Training facility in Chula Vista, CA this season and has been building on last season’s success, which ended with a UCI Supercross win in Australia and a third place finish in the US Olympic Team trials. David continues to be one of the sport’s rising stars and is a 2012 Summer Olympic hopeful.

For more BAWLS BMX news check us out at

Pre-Easter Classic-Intense/Bawls Clinic







Today's BMX Racing News ..... Wednesday - March 25, 2009

Formula Europe's Merle Shines

at "Coupe de France"!

This weekend the 3rd and 4th round of the French Cup Series were held in Frontignan (Herault).

Formula Europe¹s Bastien Merle was racing 20 and 24 classes and made it to both finals.

Saturday he took a firm 2nd place in the Cadet Cruiser Category.

Also in the 20 inch Category on Sunday, he was going strong and was riding in second position when a crash kept him from the podium.

Next "rendez-vous" for Bastien the French Cup Series will be in Pernes les Fontaine on April 10-11.

The Formula Europe Team is supported by:

Formula, Shimano, UFOplast, EuroBMX, Formco, Swatch, AlienationBMX, SixSixOne and Navada.Net.

Intense/Phantom/On-Trac Heats up the Winter Nationals in Phoenix!


Black Mountain BMX earns its reputation as one of the best West Coast tracks every year by providing a well-groomed track and some of the best vittles you’ll ever eat at a BMX race!  It also boasts great competition and great rider counts for those in the hunt for NAG plates and National titles.  The Intense/Phantom/On-Trac crew rolled in with a commanding lead in the Factory Division and with lots of riders atop their respective age categories.  Tons of our riders made the most of the weekend, as did the team. 

Our up-and-coming recently turned Elite Pro Nic long, missed out on the UCI Elite main for the first time this year Saturday, but came back with a vengeance Sunday and snagged the A Pro win, making him the newest AA Pro on the circuit.  Look for him to stir up THAT pot and make plenty of mains throughout the season.   

Our littlest lady Sumi Yuki had a solid weekend taking 3rd and 1st in 8 Girls.  Kristen Long is a feisty competitor as shown from her results this weekend.  She managed two 2nds Saturday in 11-12 Mixed Open and 12 Girls and on Sunday fixed that buy winning both.  Felicia Stancil had some fierce races this weekend and traded wins.  Felicia posts a 2nd and 1st in 11-13 Girls Cruiser and 13 Girls and reversed that on Sunday for a 1st and a 2nd.   

Christopher Blevins was like an automaton all weekend and did his usual damage to the class notching a fine double double in 10 Cruiser and 10 Expert.  New pick-up Brock Heffron showed why he’s on the # 1 team in BMX by adding his own collection of first over the weekend taking 1st in 11-12 Open Saturday as well as 1st in 11X.  Sunday he mixed things up a bit winning 11 Cruiser and 11X.  Nice finishes all the way around! 

Carolina Cole Tesar put the hammer down again this weekend with his long-standing power and home-grown gate skills.  Cole records yet another double double in 12 Cruiser and 12X.  Fergus Fall’s favorite son has a stellar weekend in Phoenix taking home wins BOTH days in 13X and 3rds in 13-14 Open. 

Rusty “Razzleberry” continues his maniacal dominance of 14X taking wins in 13-14 Open and 14X.  His birthday can’t come fast enough for that class, I’m sure!  Finally, Jake Peebles smashes the 17-18X class taking home two huge wins and notching up some great rider counts moving him towards the top of the Amateur standings.   

The team managed two excellent scores of 240 and 256, both keepers and both helping extend their lead in the Factory Title hunt. 

Our kids go fast and go with style thanks to our great sponsors who include:  Intense/Phantom/On-Trac’s great sponsors include Intense BMX (, On-Trac Garage Doors (, Phantom BMX Products, Fly Racing, Bombshell (,  FSA (, THE Products, SINZ Racing, Intense Tire Systems (, BMX Jerseys (, and Scott goggles (

Wanna Get Sponsored By GT?

GT Bicycles Announces Co-Factory Team Website!

The GT Bicycles Co-Factory team was founded in 2008 to get more riders on bikes and strengthen relationships with our GT dealers. Our riders come from all over the nation - they love GT Bikes and they love to ride. If you share the same passions, check us out and become one of the Co-Factory members.

Co-Factory Members Receive:
- Special pricing on GT BMX race frames and bikes
- Special pricing on GT Co-Factory jerseys
- One 10 x 10 tent for shop team
- Other swag like t-shirts, hats and stickers
- Discounts from Pro Team Sponsors
- Be a part of a local team that represents GT Bicycles

To become a member or find a GT dealer to start your team click
For more information about GT or to see the new 2009 BMX bikes, log on to

Co-Factory Team Co-Factory Riders







Today's BMX Racing News ..... Tuesday - March 24, 2009


NBL Elite Series Checkpoint

- League of Champions attracting Olympic and National stars -


The NBL Elite BMX Series is gaining momentum and after only four rounds in the chase, new leaders are emerging.  A favorite of both national and international stars, the series, also known as the ‘League of Champions’, continues to feature the country’s best races and world’s best riders.  Here’s a peek at what happened at the NBL Jackpot Nationals from Nellis BMX in Nevada, March 14 & 15.

 Elite Masters, makin' it happen at the NBL Jackpot National. - Photo by Kevin O'Brien/NBL Maris Strombergs leads the Elite Men's class. - Photo by Kevin O'Brien/NBL

Free Agent’s new star, Maris Strombergs, who is both the Olympic and World Champion, continued his winning ways and now boasts a 3-for-4 win ratio in the series.  Strombergs, who has recently moved to America and trains in California, took Saturday’s Elite Men’s final beating out his team mate, Cristian Becerine and Redline/TLD’s Robert de Wilde - All three competed at the Olympics in Beijing only 6 months ago.  On Sunday, Becerine took advantage of more congestion in turn one and rode to the big win ahead of Formula’s Sam Willoughby and Intense/BAWLS’ David Herman.  Strombergs leads the overall series while last year’s champ, GHP’s Randy Stumpfhauser, missed the cut both days and has dropped back to 3rd in the standings.  

In Elite Women’s racing, Redline’s Alise Post made her NBL season debut in Nellis and took the win ahead of current points leader, Dominique Daniels (Formula).  Daniels had troubles from the start and this allowed Post to cruise to the win over Insieno’s Ashley Verhagen who outlasted Daniels to the line for 2nd.  Daniels was not to be outdone again and took the convincing win on Sunday with Post and Verhagen in tow.  2008 NBL champion, Race Place BMX’s Stephanie Barragan, had an off weekend and dropped to 3rd overall on the season and she now has her sights set on the NBL Easter Classic for revenge.

 Matt Kelty's got the inside line in this Super Ex lap around Nellis BMX. - Photo by Kevin O'Brien/NBL Alise Post, going for glory in Elite Women's racing action at Nellis BMX in Las Vegas. - Photo by Kevin O'Brien/NBL - Photo by Kevin O'Brien/NBL

In Master’s action, Free Agent’s Dale Holmes made it 4-for-4 beating out a tough field both days. SE’s David ‘Outfield’ Bittner and GT’s Eric Rupe each earned a 2nd and kept pace in the standings. Holmes now has a solid lead going into the Spring Break races in Florida.  

Turn one provided some extra drama in several of the mains and Super-Ex was no exception. Morphine’s Gavin Lubbe came out on top of a stacked Super-Ex class on Saturday in what was considered a mild upset that left a few riders on the ground.  Excalibur’s Josh Meyers and OFR/’s Matt Kelty were 2nd and 3rd. Matt Kelty then managed to win it all on Sunday in a crash-filled final that saw the tables turned once again. Clayborn’s Logan Collins and Dan’s Weston Pope were runners-up and the overall standings are now tighter than ever.   

Visit the NBL website to see full results and standings. Next Masters/Super-Ex Race:  April 4-5, Gator Nationals - High Springs BMX, FL. Next Elite Series Race:  April 11-12, Easter Classic – St. Cloud BMX, FL. 

The 2009 NBL National Series is brought to you by BAWLS Guarana (, Intense BMX (, Kenda Tires (, UGP ( Sinz Racing (, THE Industries (, in association with GO211 ( and Camp Woodward (



9 JARRETT KOLICH CA 36-2        
10 YVAN LAPRAZ SUI 31-2        





'Pro Shop' Display Areas Available At UCI BMX Worlds

The 2009 UCI BMX World Championships will be held in Adelaide, Australia from Thursday 23 – Sunday 26 July, 2009 and is expected to attract more than 2000 riders from over 30 countries.

The track and grandstands (seating for over 3,500 people) will be built in the Jubilee Pavilion at the Adelaide Showground with Pro-shops being located in the adjoining Duncan Gallery in air-conditioned comfort.

As this is a brand new facility, we will be providing carpeted stalls which will be located down the eastern wall opposite the entry doors into the Jubilee Pavilion.

All public and riders not competing will be entering and exiting through these doors.

The UCI BMX World Championships will represent a once off opportunity for your business to showcase your products and wares.

Corner booth or 3m x 3m with walls.

Each stall will include: walling, charcoal carpet, fascia sign and 2 trestle tables.

Lighting and power is extra.

To contact a sale representative to arrange your display area at the UCI Worlds,

you can contact Darrilyn Wood by email at

Powerhouse Racing, Inc takes on VRP/Bike Alley Team



March 23, 2009 

Powerhouse Racing, Inc announced today an agreement that will bring VRP/Bike Alley team under the Powerhouse Racing, Inc umbrella.  The transaction was completed in an effort to align the VRP/Bike Alley nationally ranked team with Powerhouse Racings financial stability.  The new team, Powerhouse/Bike Alley/VRP remains intact and will continue to race its planned schedule for 2009.   

Powerhouse Racing, Inc was established in 2009 to promote BMX racing, BMX products, and BMX events.  Powerhouse Racing, Inc will now field a bike shop team and a trophy team that will compete in ABA sanctioned events. 

For more information about Powerhouse Racing, Inc visit our website at

The current VRP/Bike Alley website will remain the Bike Shop nationally ranked team website at

2009 Powerhouse Sponsors:

Bike Alley – Laura Scudder’s – – Zito’s Pizza – Vaypor Designs

Two Athlete Representatives Named to the NBL Board of Directors

- NBL welcomes Tim Dinger and Shayne Robinson -

The National Bicycle League (NBL) is proud to announce the appointment of two athlete representatives to the Board of Directors.  As part of the ongoing effort to stay connected to our growing membership, two new athlete representatives were named to the Board of Directors in March.

The Elite Athlete representative is Tim Dinger of South Carolina. Tim has been an active rider since 1994 and currently competes in the NBL Masters division where he was ranked 3rd overall in 2008. He has experience in marketing and brings with him, a BSBA in Business Administration from UNC. Tim’s experience and fresh perspective promises to enhance NBL’s reputation at the Elite level around the country.

The Amateur Athlete representative is Shayne Robinson of Georgia. As the current State Commissioner of the Peach State, Shayne has been successful in growing both her local and state program and with membership on the rise, expect more great things in the Southeast region. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, where she earned a Diploma in Marketing Management, Shayne has more than 7 years of BMX experience and she and her husband, Anthony, are active riders locally and nationally. 

They will join a re-energized Board at a time when their input will be more valuable than ever.  They both have experience in the development of local and national levels of racing and their input will further serve the many dedicated, loyal, hard-working volunteers from all across the country. Welcome to the team!

NBL would like to acknowledge the two previous athletes who served as Elite representatives on the Board. Jason Richardson of California and John Purse of Texas are both highly respected and accomplished athletes, and the NBL appreciates your years of service to the NBL and the sport of BMX. 

To view a complete list of directors, visit the NBL website at


We have all been affected in recent months, by the critical & even fatal injuries that have taken some of the best athletes in Actions Sports. Stephen Murray in June 2007, Mike Aitken in September 2008, and just last month the tragic loss of Jeremy Lusk. BMX rider, Eric Stein of Pittsburgh Pa, after recently being injured himself, has begun the BMX Life Fund. Wanting to make a difference and help his fellow riders, he will be organizing a “Life Tour” from the east to west coast.

Plans for the BMX Life Fund, launch party are in the works, with a date to be announced within the next two weeks. Riders & sponsors have already jumped on board to help support the cause. Dennis Enarson, has donated his 2008 competition frame & helmet to be auctioned off on Ebay in March. Rockstar, Oakley, Pro tec, Vans, Skull Candy to name a few, have donated product for the 2009 season.

BMX Life Fund Mission Statement

The mission of the BMX Life Fund, a non-profit charity and information service, is to generate revenue to assist professional BMX riders who have sustained life-altering injuries in pursuit their goals in the sport of BMX riding and competitions. The funds and contributions are to be used to subsidize expenses associated with medical care and other significant needs as a result of their injuries. These funds may assist both rider and their immediate family. Additionally, the BMX Life Fund will dedicate many of its programs to the next generation of riders. Programs will be developed to inform present and future riders of the risks and consequences of the sport. The emphasis will be placed on prevention and riding safety through riding demonstrations and additional information provided. This will be accomplished through a series of “live” riding events and contests throughout the region. This series, to be known as “The Life Tour”, will be the principal source of revenue for the organization. An important long term goal will be to progress the sport and that it can be conducted safely by taking the appropriate and necessary precautions.

For information on the BMX Life Fund, Product donations or monetary contributions please contact Eric at,


Dominguez Hills, Calif - Free Agent and Kenda are pleased to announce the new Free Agent/Kenda European BMX Race Team for 2009. The team will consist of four riders from England, Norway, Latvia, and Holland, and is looking to expand even more in the future.

“Free Agent has built a great relationship with Kenda over the years. They’ve supported both our Free Agent BMX and our KHS Mountain bike teams,” said Team Manger Dale Holmes. “We decided it only made sense to set up a joint team project in Europe.”

The 2009 Free Agent/Kenda BMX Race team line- up includes: Kelvin Batey (England) – 20x British Champion, 18x National Champion, 2x World Medalist Sebastian Kartfjord (Norway) – 2x Scandinavian Champion, 4x Norwegian Champion, 4x National Champion, Olympian Kristers Lejins (Latvia) – 4 x Latvian Champion Sharon van der Kolk (Holland) – 2 x Dutch Champion The team is based in Europe and will compete European and National Events.

In addition, the team will work in conjunction with the Free Agent US and International Teams. The first major event will be the first round off the European Championships held Holland on April 3-5th. 20720 Ventura Blvd. #100 • Woodland Hills, CA 91364 • (818) 713-1678 •

In addition to Free Agent and Kenda, the 2009 European Race Team will also be sponsored by Tioga Seats, Sun, THE, Sinz, Shimano, ODI, Thompson, Samox, and Amino Vital

ABOUT FREE AGENT – Free Agent is one of the worlds leading BMX bicycle brands, with distribution around the world. Free Agent has a long and celebrated history of supporting top racers from around the world, and currently sponsors reigning world champions. In the most recent season, Free Agent won a total of eight national and world championships. The Free Agent brand is produced and distributed by KHS Bicycles, Inc. Their website is








Today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday - March 23, 2009

Adelaide is gearing UP for the BIG SHOW…..The UCI Worlds, July 2009!

BMX Mania – BMX Mania had the opportunity to sit down recently with John Leary, BMX Australia’s Event Director. John is responsible for overseeing the organization of the UCI BMX World Championships in Adelaide and will be one of the busy folks making it happen at the UCI Worlds in Adelaide this July. John, how’s the planning going for the UCI World in July?

John Leary - Jerry, BMX Australia as host organizer is responsible for all infrastructure required by UCI for the World Championships and we are very fortunate to have a professional event manager Darrilyn Wood based in Adelaide to manage the set up.

We have now received a draft CAD design of the track from UCI. The set up of the race building and administration will be like a military operation in its planning and execution as not only do we have to build a track but we also have to build grandstands, start hill and ramp all in just 4 days.

Those wanting to attend should check on a regular basis it is being updated by a very creative young lady Rebecca Webb from Cycling Australia. Rebecca has even added a contact us and frequently asked questions section. For us on the ground it is around 112 sleeps to build time.....WOW, how time flies when you are having fun.

BMX Mania – John, one of the cool things about the UCI Worlds is that it’s got to be the hardest race of the year, with all of the best of the best from all over the world looking to claim a world title for their country. Are Aussie BMXers up to the challenge, of facing the best in the world?

John Leary - Are the rest of the World up to taking on the Aussies? I have just seen the list of riders who want to qualify to the Worlds via our National Championships there are over 3000 race entries. Be afraid be very afraid of those green and gold Australians is all I can say. The thing is that some of these guys and girls will be unknown to the rest of the World and I am sure we will have a few surprises. I am also hearing that a number of Olympic medal winners will be in attendance including Maris Strombergs so the action will be fantastic in the elite level.

BMX Mania – Is weather going to be a factor in Adelaide, is the venue up to the challenge?

John Leary - Weather not a problem all weather is catered for from the big bike building to the race track will all be under cover. The venue will be up to it.

BMX Mania – Do you have any plans for special events during the week of the worlds?

John Leary - Just be there for the opening ceremony on Saturday is all I can say at this stage.

BMX Mania – John, what is the outlook for travel to Australia for that time period?

John Leary - We have been doing some tracking ourselves of flights both internationally and domestic within Australia. Flights are very cheap right now. This coupled with the low value of the Australian dollar to US dollar and euro means a very cost effective trip for those from the northern hemisphere.

BMX Mania – Any words for BMX fans out there who are still deciding whether to attend the race or not?

John Leary - Jerry, If people want great racing, great hospitality in a safe environment and the opportunity to see things that they haven't seen before is get to Adelaide do well and then stick around to enjoy a great country.

BMX Mania – Thanks for the interview, and we look forward to seeing some great BMX racing action at the UCI Worlds in July!


HRVfitness Picks Up Jaden Rice

HRVfitness is proud to announce the latest addition to the HRVfitness team roster.

Jaden Rice has been on the HRVfitness Training Programs for the past few years and the results speak for them selves, World #6, Australian #1, and Victorian #1.

This kid is the future of BMX and we are stoked to have him on board. 

Team HRVfitness: Olivier Hoarau, Madison Denholm, Jaden Rice. 

Sponsors: Intense, Skin Industries, BMXpress magazine, Phire Bird design co, Altegra, Kompressorz

Maliek Byndloss wins US title for ONE/Kenda

ONE KENDA press release


The 2008 NBL National #1 in 13 Boys, Maliek Byndloss from Cape Coral, Florida, USA now owns the USC Cycling 2009 National # 1 plate and jersey for the USA in 14 Boys and cruiser 13-14.

ONE/Kenda’s Maliek Byndloss won both cruiser and 20 inch in the 2009 USA Cycling BMX National Championships in Desoto, Texas.

Maliek will be one of ONE/Kenda’s riders at round 1 and 2 of the European Championship in Zwolle, Netherlands on April 4 and 5.


ONE KENDA is sponsored by: 



Western Australia has just held the Round 4 SuperSeries at Southside BMX Club. With over 600 Entries, THUD Industries riders showed their structured training Clinics are paying off. Just in time for the Australian National Titles. THUD Industries trained riders dominated by winning no less than 15 Classes. We at THUD Industries would like to thank all our riders as not only did we have 15 1st Place finishes, but all mains were riddled with THUD Industries members. In one Main, all but one rider were Members of Thud Industries.

Another first has been THUD Industries support of each of the SuperSeries Races. So far, with 4 rounds complete, THUD Industries have donated over $3000 worth of prizes to the Series. The largest Donation being $1000 worth of BMX Goods to the Southside SuperSeries [Main Prize being an Expert Hillbrick Race Frame] This is how our way of thanking the clubs who have supported us and encouraged our growth.  No other coaching system has provided for a Racemeet in this capacity ever before.

What makes THUD Industries different to all the other BMX Systems? THUD Industries BMX Training Systems are developed to cater for Riders of all levels. From Beginners, to Novice to Expert to Junior and YES, we are qualified for Elite as well. No other BMX Training system can boast 13 Training Clinics per WEEK.

Our system also has been developed for Affiliated Clubs to take on as a structured programme, where Thud Industries train up the Clubs' existing Coach with a Sprocket, Novice and Expert Planned System. This has been highly succesful where we now have several Coaches utilising these Systems at Tracks across Australia. We are currently developing a system for a very well known Vet Pro rider in the USA where our system will cater for not only his current stock of riders, but also for the Clubs in his State.

Riders, Coaches  Clubs and Countries interested to know more about how our Training Systems can work and cater for you, please email 

THUD Industries

Beating the opposition...with a THUD !

Comisión Mountain Bike de Puerto Rico

Medalla Light Ultimate Dirt Challenge 2009

29 de marzo de 2009

UCI OXC Class 1 Race

Num. Vueltas: 6 – 40.8kms

Mountain Bike DH Festival

BMX Dual Slalom Trails Race

Location:                              Rincón, Puerto Rico

Friday (Viernes) 27 March 2009

10:00am to 6:00pm-                   Official practice for XC riders = Práctica oficial de corredores XC

2:00pm to 6:00pm-                    BMX Dual Slalom Trails Practice: 18 & Over

Saturday (Sábado) 28 March 2009

10:00am to 4:00pm-                   Official practice for XC riders / Practica oficial de corredores XC

12:00pm to 6:00pm-                  BMX Dual Slalom Trails Practice & Registration: 18 & Over

4:00pm to 6:00pm-                    Official practice for DH riders / Practica official de corredores DH

10:00am to 12:00pm-                 UCI Rider Registration / Inscripción de categorías UCI

                                                Inscripción Categorías Nacionales, categorías Novatos.

                                                Race venue = Area del Evento

12:30pm to 1:00Pm-                  UCI riders meeting = Congresillo

                                                Race Venue = Área del Evento

* Importante: Categoría UCI inscripción obligatoria sábado. Corredores categorías nacionales tendrán oportunidad de inscribirse domingo.

Sunday (Domingo) 29 March 2009

9:00am to 11:00am-                   UCI Elite International Race

(Carrera UCI Cat. Elite/Sub-23/Masters/Juniors)

12.00pm-                                  Awards Ceremony = Ceremonia de Premiación

11:30pm to 1:30pm-                  Open Downhill Race

10am to 1:00pm-                       BMX Dual Slalom Trails Registration: 18 yrs & Over

2:00pm to 6:00pm-                    BMX Dual Slalom Trails Quailification & Finals: 5k Purse

2:00pm to 6:00pm-                    National Race = Carrera Nacional

6.30pm-                                    Awards Ceremony = Ceremonia de Premiación

Cost/Costos Inscripicion:           UCI Class 1 Race $25, Nacionales $15, BMX Trails $25


Accommodations- Group Rates Available

Standard room w/one or two beds:

The Lazy Parrot 1-800-294-1752 Promotional Code- MEDALLA BMX

Villa Cofresi 787-823-2450  Sandra- Promotional Code- MEDALLA BMX

Rincon of the Seas 787-823-7500 Promotional Code- MEDALLA BMX One and two bedroom units:

Villa Antonio 787-823-2645 *These special rates are exclusively for reservations made at the web site: Must use PROMOTIONAL CODE: ANT4109

Pools Beach Cabanas 787-823-8135 Promotional Code- MEDALLA BMX

Bunger’s Bon-Accord Inn 787-823-2525 Migdalia or Rosa Promotional Code- MEDALLA BMX


San Juan- Standard rental car agencies

Aguadilla- Standard rental car agencies or

* Contact Albert “Capitan” Perez w/Rincon MTB Pro Shop 787-967-7575

Related websites:








Today's BMX Racing News ..... Weekend edition - March 20-22, 2009

2009 USA Cycling BMX National Championships

Desoto, Texas (March 21, 2009)-The third-annual USA Cycling BMX National Championships welcomed nearly 500 athletes to suburban Dallas on Saturday as competitors of all ages and abilities raced for national titles in the newest Olympic discipline of cycling. And despite all three 2008 U.S. Olympians in the elite men's field, local Dallas-area resident Jason Rogers (Mesquite, Texas) wound up capturing one of the biggest wins of his career.

Rogers took home the Stars-and-Stripes jersey from an elite men's final that also featured Olympic medalists Mike Day (Santa Clarita, Calif.) and Donny Robinson (Napa, Calif.), defending champion Kyle Bennett (Conroe, Texas), future star Joey Bradford (Monterey, Calif.), Barry Nobles (Wetumpka, Ala.), Danny Caluag (Chino, Calif.) and Matt Kelty (Dover, Del.).

After racing to a third-place finish in Friday's UCI Continental Calendar race, Rogers' momentum carried him to a national title Saturday, barely holding off a surging Robinson at the line with Nobles placing third.

In the other featured events of the day, Dominique Daniels (Gilbert, Ariz.) continued her winning ways, making a sweep of both the elite and junior women's titles look easy. Daniels, 16, dominated her qualifying heats and rode away from the rest of the field in the final to earn a pair of national titles. Like Rogers, Daniels kicked off the weekend in successful fashion, winning Friday's UCI race - her fifth consecutive victory on the international circuit. To claim her Stars-and-Stripes jersey, Daniels outrode other finalists Stephanie Barragan (Montclair, Calif.), Allie Dragoo (Grand Rapids, Mich.), Courtney Tomei (Moreno Valley, Calif.), Afton Schrimpf (Lakewood, Calif.), Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla.), Krystal Hime (Columbia Heights, Minn.) and Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn.). As one of the likely candidates to give Daniels a challenge, Post crashed on the second straight and left the eventual winner to ride away for the win ahead of Barragan and Dragoo.

In the junior men's contest, pre-race favorites Corben Sharrah (Tucson, Ariz.) and defending champion Denzel Stein (Desoto, Texas) provided spectators with arguably the most exciting race of the day. Sharrah took the early lead, but a late-race surge by Stein fell just short, giving Sharrah the title in a photo finish. William Grant (Largo, Fla.) claimed the bronze medal from a main that also included Alex Anthony (Santa Clarita, Calif.), Jordan Seward (Rockford, Ill.), Jeremy Rommel (Hesperia, Calif.), Elliot McGrath (Isanti, Minn.) and Fernie Jacquez (El Paso, Texas).

Although pros and elite juniors highlighted the competition, USA Cycling also awarded national titles to amateur competitors in various 20" and 24" cruiser class categories. Racers between the ages of 5 and 50 competed on the same track as Olympic medalists and world champions with two goals in mind - a spot on the national championship podium and eligibility to represent the United States at the 2009 UCI BMX World Challenge this summer in Australia. All athletes who qualified for the finals of their respective age groups earned an invitation to the amateur world championship event.

Hosted by the American Bicycle Association, the 2009 USA Cycling BMX Championships comprised the second of three consecutive days of world-class racing in Desoto. Sunday will feature another UCI North American Continental Calendar event with competitors from around the world racing for international ranking points in various categories.

Fans, friends and families can watch all the action live on

2009 USA Cycling BMX National Championships

Metroplex BMX; Desoto, Texas Saturday, March 21

National Champions

Standard 20" Championship Level ..... Elite Men: Jason Rogers (Mesquite, Texas)

Elite Women: Dominique Daniels (Gilbert, Ariz.)

Junior Men 17 & 18: Corben Sharrah (Tucson, Ariz.)

Junior Women 17 & 18: Dominique Daniels (Gilbert, Ariz.)

Challenge Level Masters Men: John Purse (Spring, Texas)

Elite Men

26 Riders

1 Jason Rogers

2 Donny Robinson

3 Barry Nobles

4 Mike Day

5 Danny Caluag

6 Matt Kelty

7 Kyle Bennett

8 Joey Bradford

Elite Women

10 Riders

1 Dominique Daniels

2 Stephanie Barragan

3 Allie Dragoo

4 Courtney Tomei

5 Afton Schrimpf

6 Amanda Geving

7 Krystal Hime

8 Alise Post

Junior Men

14 Riders

1 Corben Sharrah

2 Denzel Stein

3 Will Grant

4 Alex Anthony

5 Jordan Seward

6 Jeremy Rommel

7 Elliot McGrath

8 Fernie Jacquez

Masters Class (Challenge Class)

15 Riders

1 The Jackal

2 Coach Greg

3 Chad Street

4 Percy Owens

5 Tim Dinger

6 Will Murray

7 Kenth Fallen

8 Doug Crowell

Challenge Level ..... Boys 5-6: Cody Tippitt (Hitchcock, Texas) ..... Boys 7: Blake Gill (Dunedin, Fla.) ..... Boys 8: Devon Yeager (Amarillo, Texas) ..... Boys 9: Kyle Stan (Valencia, Calif.) ..... Boys 10: Michael Gonzales (Watsonville, Calif.) ..... Boys 11: Christopher Blevins (Durango, Colo.) ..... Boys 12: Brock Heffron (Gilbert, Ariz.) Boys ..... 13: Cole Tesar (Huntersville, N.C.) ..... Boys 14: Maliek Byndloss (Cape Coral, Fla.) ..... Boys 15: Rusty Nesvig (San Diego, Calif.) ..... Boys 16: Ryan Goderre (Chandler, Ariz.) ..... Men 17-24: Kory Cook (Orange, Calif.) ..... Men 25-29: Cody Wilson (Apple Valley, Calif.) ..... Men 30 & Over: Shawn Diprete (Brockton, Mass.) ..... Girls 5-7: Faythe Gilliam (Durango, Colo.) .....  Girls 8: Bailey Brannen (Dunedin, Fla.) ..... Girls 9: Korie Gilbert (Pearland, Texas) ..... Girls 10: Jenne Madrid (Belen, N.M.) ..... Girls 11: Lexa Jones (Hayesville, Kan.) ..... Girls 12: Legacie Dominguez (Arlington, Texas) ..... Girls 13: Kristen Long (Lakeside, Calif.) ..... Girls 15: Caryl Dyar (Gilbert, Ariz.) ..... Girls 16: Brooke Crain (Vasalia, Calif.) ..... Women 17 & Over: Amanda Crowne (Northglenn, Colo.)

Cruiser Class (24") Challenge Level Boys 12 & Under: Brock Heffron (Gilbert, Ariz.) ..... Boys 13-14: Maliek Byndloss (Cape Coral, Fla.) ..... Boys 15-16: Paul Wassenaar (Bellflower, Calif.) ..... Men 17-24: Brandon Elmore (Arlington, Texas) ..... Men 30-34: Howard Johnson (San Antonio, Texas) ..... Men 35-39: Chris Loy (Keller, Texas) ..... Men 40-44: George Goodall (Mesa, Ariz.) ..... Men 45 & Over: Eric Rupe (Chatsworth, Ga.) ..... Girls 15-16: Carly Dyar (Gilbert, Ariz.) ..... Women 35-39: Erin Moore (Fayetteville, Ark.)


Friday - March 20

ABA Supernationals - Desoto BMX - Desoto, Texas

Elite Men - 1 David Herman 2 Khalen Young 3 Jason Rogers 4 Tyler Brown 5 Nic Long 6 Joey Bradford 7 Cristian Becerine 8 Barry Nobles

Jr./Elite Women - 1 Dominique Daniels 2 Alise Post 3 Stephanie Barragan 4 Krystal Hime 5 Danielle Brisson 6 Amanda Geving 7 Courtney Tomei 8 Kaila Sweeney

Junior Men - 1 Denzel Stein 2 Sam Willoughby 3 Jelle Van Gorkom 4 Tory Nyhaug 5 Jordan Seward 6 Colby Landin 7 Tommy Zula 8 Corben Sharrah


Today GO211 is webcasting the ABA Super Nationals LIVE from Metroplex BMX in Desoto, Texas. The 4 UCI classes (Junior Men, Junior Women, Elite Men & Elite Women) will compete in the USA Cycling National Championship for a chance to qualify for the UCI World Championship. The exciting racing action continues on Sunday, where GO211 will also webcast all the races Live. 

While watching, fans can enjoy the GO211 chat room and discuss the day's races with other viewers. is the only place fans can watch all the races from the Super Nationals.

If you want more racing action, check out the On-Demand footage from all the 2009 ABA National Races.


Florida BMX qualifier 5 & 6 Punta Gorda
The Florida BMX program is going strong with 155 motos at the latest qualifier. People say that BMX is growing and Florida is definitely experiencing this growth. The Punta Gorda BMX track is one of the best in the state. It's unique design with an over/under bridge separating the third and fourth straightaway impresses riders of all abilities and is the only track left in the country with such a design.

Riders came to Punta Gorda looking to gain points towards the State Championship which is just around the corner. A new name has risen to the top of the Elite Open class this year, Tyler Faoro has been turning heads for the past year on the national NBL series and he's now the "Man to Beat" in Florida. A familiar name is also making a charge for the state title, CJ McGuire has been giving Faoro a battle and looks good for a title chase. And ofcourse Florida's favorite pro of all time Percy Owens is the veteran that can still show the young guys how to get around the track fast.

Day 1 in Elite Open was Tyler Faoro start to finsh with Percy Owens in a solid second place. Jonathan Villa had a good showing for third and Harrison Britt finished it up in fourth. CJ McGuire had some trouble in the semi final and did not make the final.

Day 2 in Elite Open CJ McGuire had better luck in the semi finals and was on the gate for the final. Tyler Faoro came out with a commanding lead into turn 1 but McGuire wasn't going to let him run away with it. McGuire did what he could to reel in Faoro around the truck but Tyler wasn't making any mistakes and he would win the final once again from start to finish. McGuire's second place keeps him somewhat in the points chance for the title. Harrison Britt made a good move on Jonathan Villa and snagged the 3rd place spot. Percy Owens had some trouble and crashed out in the final turn but was ok.

The race action was great in all classes and if you want to check out all of the videos of the finals from Punta Gorda make sure you go to the Florida BMX video gallery

Rich Montalvo
(305) 281-3465

Elite Open Day 1

Elite Open Day 2


J&R Bicycles isn't only the largest retailer for BMX racers all over the world....they are also big into their local street/park scene.  Coming Saturday March 28th at the SPOT (Skate Park of Tampa) is the sickest Jam to hit Florida..."Skate Park of Tampa Toilet Bowl Jam". 

The contest will focus on the SPOT BOWL.  You can register online at  Entry fee is $20.00 in advance and $25.00 day of contest.  There will be two divisions: Advanced and Sponsored/Pro.  Prizes will be awarded from 1st to 5th in both divisions. Get more details at and 












Today's BMX Racing News ..... Wednesday - March 18, 2009

BMX Mania Photo Of The Day!

SE's, Javier Colombo and Phatom/On-Trac/Intense's, Nic Long go down in flames in the First Turn at Nellis BMX in Las Vegas at the NBL Jackpot National this past weekend. Both riders got up and rode away, a little bit sore but still in one piece. Tough Racers, Tough Times.

UCI Worlds/Adelaide Track Layout

The UCI Worlds, Track and Facilities are located within the Adelaide Showgrounds, one of the finest indoor sporting facilities in Australia.

To view the track, click the above thumbnail graphic.

The 2009 UCI BMX World Championship track venue will feature over 9,000 square meters of floor space under one roof.

The track, which is designed by UCI Track Builder, Tom Ritz is a full length race track with a very technical layout, featuring a second straight Pro Section.

The hall provides space for riders to have a full size track of more than 350 meters in length with tons of room for world class berms and straights.

This venue is perfect all year round, with evaporative air conditioning and gas heating ensuring the atmosphere is just right for the level of international level BMX racing that will be taking place at the July event.

Bike security will be located inside a secure facility that is immediately adjacent to the track.

Other easily accessible areas will cater for undercover eating, pro shops and lifestyle expo.

Morphine Industries Dominates the NBL Podiums at Nellis and Port Charlotte.

Morphine Industries’ A Pro Gavin Lubbe topped the podium this past weekend at the NBL Jackpot Nationals in Nellis, NV on Day 1.    


Due to other NBL racing the southeast Morphine Industries’ sole representative at Nellis was A Pro Gavin Lubbe and he did just that in grand “LUBBE” style.


Gavin charged his way through a stacked A Pro class at the third stop in the NBL ELITE SERIES to edge out Josh Meyers, Matt Kelty and Weston Pope on Day 1.


Unfortunately on Day 2, Gavin’s podium quest was derailed after getting caught up in a crash in turn one and finishing 5th  in the Main.



Morphine Industries’ Tyler Faoro crushes the Pro Open Both Days at Port Charlotte.




A Pro Tyler Faoro threw down a riding clinic this past weekend on both days of the Pro Open at the third stop of the Florida State Series at Port Charlotte BMX.  Tyler got the holeshot on all but one moto narrowly missing a perfect weekend.  



In addition, 12X and 11/12 Cruiser Noah Reeves had a great weekend throwing one-handers and X-ups over the double and triple in second straight to take 1’s in all his motos with a 3rd and 2nd in mains on Day 1 and 2nd and 2nd in mains on Day 2.


Congrats to all the Morphine Crew this weekend.


Morphine Industries will be headed to Desoto, TX in this week to continue the assault on the A Pro title and the UCI rankings.


Special thanks to Jerry Landrum at for the great photos at Nellis.

Catching Up
Now fans can check out interviews with their favorite racers with "Catching Up," GO211's latest addition to their BMX coverage. Watch as GO211 Team Pro, Tim Dinger, "catches up" with BMX racers from all the ABA National events. Right now GO211 is featuring interviews from the ABA Winter Nationals in Phoenix, Arizona. Be sure to check back to see who else Dinger "caught up" with at upcoming events.

Catching Up with Mike Day

Catching Up with John Purse

Catching Up with Alise Post

Catching Up with Matt Pohlkamp

Catching Up with Dale Holmes

Catching Up with Kyle Bennet

Morphine Industries’ Takes a Podium Spot at ABA Winter Nationals.

Congrats to Morphine Industries’ Tyler Faoro for reaching the Podium Sunday at the ABA Winter Nationals in Black Mountain, AZ.   Tyler fought through a field of 44 A Pro riders to take a place along side Nic Long and Jelle Van Gorkom .


Fellow Morphine Industries A Pro Rider Gavin Lubbe made his mark in the Pro cruiser class taking an impressive 4th place in the main event.  In addition, Gavin ran into a few problems in the quarters narrowly missing the transfer spot on his 20”.


Both of these top riders are headed to Desoto, TX in two weeks to continue the assault on the A Pro title and the UCI rankings.


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; Staats Motocross Bicycles (, Alienation (, Fly Racing (, Lost Energy Drink (, Tioga (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (







Today's BMX Racing News ..... Tuesday - March 17, 2009


VRP/Bike Alley Website Launched!

Check out the new VRP / Bike Alley website ( it is up and running! Rider bios, Stats, photos and much more including product information.  

Team Riders include: Anthony Saldivar, Kyle Stan, EJ Pasowicz, Danielle Sanchez, Julian Vargas, Reid Campbell, Jordan Nopens, Matthew Chism, Kyle Fernandez, Dani George, Megan Chism, Joshua Klatman and David Archibald.

Thanks to all of our sponsors for making this happen. Bike Alley, Intense, Sinz, THE, ODI, Troy Lee Designs, Chism Inc., Red Brick Pizza, Vapor, House of Stickers, LDC Components and for the hydration that fuels the team  to victory Vitamin Water! ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;









Today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday - March 16, 2009

ONE BMX Ode To The Olympics

As an "Ode to the Olympics", ONE has come up with a "special edition" frame.

These are available in Junior and Pro cruiser, Pro, XL and XXL. 

The one shown is the exclusive "Golden Brown" frame with a gold metal flake on it - available in all sizes mentioned above.

The regular colors: green, raw, blue and black are also available - limited stock. 

Please contact for info.

BMX Trainer Wanted For Beautiful Caribbean Island Of Aruba!

Located in the Caribbean, Aruba is an island known for it's beauty, charm and friendly people.......AND it's BMX Intensity!

The Aruban's have been on the hunt in the last few years at U.S. nationals and the UCI Worlds, winning some races and making a name for themselves, and now they are wanting to step it up a bit.

The Aruba National Cycling Federation is looking for a qualified BMX trainer to work in Aruba for the year 2009.

The trainer will be working with riders averaging the age of 6 until 19 years.

Interested? Qualified? Here's how you can get in touch with the proper authorities.

Any trainer that is interested can contact Joseph Everon/BMX Aruba by e-mail: .







Today's BMX Racing News ..... Weekend Edition - March 13-15, 2009

NBL Jackpot National sunday Pro Podiums
Elite Men Elite Women Elite Masters Super X

1 Cristian Becerine

2 Sam Willoughby

3 David Herman

1 Dominique Daniels

2 Alise Post

3 Ashley Verhagen

1 Dale Holmes

2 Tommy Opincar

3 Eric Rupe

1 Matt Kelty

2 Logan Collins

3 Weston Pope



NBL Jackpot National Saturday Pro Podiums
Elite Men Elite Women Elite Masters Super X

1 Maris Strombergs

2 Cristian Becerine

3 Robert De Wilde

1 Alise Post

2 Ashley Verhagen

3 Dominique Daniels

1 Dale Holmes

2 Dave Bittner

3 Tommy Opincar

1 Gavin Lubbe

2 Josh Meyers

3 Matt Kelty



This is the first time in 5 years that we have gone to Phoenix for the ABA winter nationals that the weather was perfect. It was about 75 and sunny all weekend long.

This set the tone for The Jackal to dominate. John Purse came out fast and smooth Saturday for the UCI event and won every moto of the day to add another win to his dominating pro career.

As a team manager this is what you hope for. The guy shows up, is prepared, wins all of his motos, promotes GHP like crazy, stops for every autograph and picture, and never complains.

John added a third on Sunday to his 6 wins for the year and 72 pro career wins. The focus he shows in the pits is incredible, nothing seems to phase him.

In addition to Johns performance GHP had 2 other standouts for the weekend.

Ted (PEDRO) Brown flew out from Wisconsin to take two seconds in 31-35 cruiser and a second in 28-35 X on sunday. He has had a long layoff and came back to show what he was all about.

Don Fisher followed Pedro on cruiser to a 3rd and 4th for the weekend.

> These two have been battling for years and it looks like they will be keeping each other motivated.

The rest of the GHP crew will be training hard with Greg Hill in the next few weeks to get on the top of the podium.

GHP would like to thank their sponsors: Troy Lee Designs, Tioga Tires, Odi Grips, Capital Contractors, LDC, And Rhythm/Crupi.

Posted Saturday Morning! - Friday's Pro Practice from Nellis BMX!

It's the BMX Mania Race Report Page from the NBL Jackpot National at Nellis BMX in Las Vegas.

So check back during the weekend for some HOT BMX Race Action from this important NBL Elite Series Race!

Posted Saturday Morning! - Friday's Pro Practice from Nellis BMX!



Monday Night Racing*

Registration 5:30 to 6:30 - Racing ASAP - $8.00 Entry fee - Trophies 1st – 3rd


Wednesday Night Racing*

Registration 5:30 to 6:30 - Racing ASAP - $5.00 Entry fee - Ribbons 1st – 3rd 

Upcoming Special Events: 

Grand Opening Saturday March 21st

New Rider Clinic: Noon - 2:00 pm. Free with ABA membership!

Race Registration: 2:00 – 3:00 pm - $5.00 Entry fee

Racing ASAP - Potluck to follow the last moto!


Clinic with “Pee Wee” Lee March 28th

1:00 – 2:00 pm - Cost $25.00/ rider.


Great NW Nationals April 3rd – 5th

See ABA website for more details 


State Championship Qualifier Race  July 4th weekend

Check back here for more details.



Tyler Heinrichs of Tampa Bay signs national deal with a leader in the energy drink market 

Official News Release

Tampa, Florida: 13 year old Tyler Heinrichs has become sort of a National Treasure. In less than two and a half years Tyler has climbed the rungs of the rookie, novice and expert class in the National Bicycle League (NBL). Competing in the USAC (United States of America Cycling Federation) and UCI (International Cycling Union) World BMX Championships in Taiyuan, China last May Tyler currently ranks 12th overall in the world. He is a great representative of the bay area. 

DNA Energy was formed by a group of individuals who are just like the athletes they support. They were tired of tart tasting energy drinks and have been able to come up with an energy formula that tastes better than anything else on the planet. In three great flavors, Citrus, Lemon-Lime and Zero Carb Sugar Free Citrus DNA Energy packs a lot of flavor into every mouthful not to mention it's awesome energy boosting power. Available in Cricle K and 7-11 stores and Walgreens Pharmacies throughout Florida. This is a good fit for Tyler and DNA Energy. A young extreme athlete aligned with a young and promising drink company can only be a recipe for an awesome future for both. 

Tyler has consistently amazed his trainers by finishing in the top five positions on the state, regional and national level. “Rarely do you see this type of speed and competitive drive from a kid at this age” states Bill Young, Tyler’s Track Director where he trains. Maintaining a place on the school Honor Role is also important to Tyler. “I know that doing well in school will be good for my future but it makes my parents happy” stated Tyler recently in a live radio interview. 

Although Tyler is only 13 years old he is on track again to represent the United States in Adelaide, Australia for another World Ranking. BMX racing made its debut in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China as a medal sport. Tyler will be competing in DeSoto, Texas March 21st for a chance to be selected once again for Team USA.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Tyler Heinrichs, please call Art Heinrichs at 813-264-7434 or e-mail Art at








Today's BMX Racing News ..... Thursday - March 12, 2009



"The Jackal", John Purse, one of the most successful BMX pros of all time is hangin' out the 'Welcome' sign to YOU for an exciting Training Opportunity. John holds the record for more pro main events made than any other pro, has won BOTH ABA and NBL Pro Titles, is a NORA Cup winner, a UCI World Champion and you WILL be the better for signing up for "Training With The Jackal!" Check it out, you will NOT be sorry to "Train With The Jackal"!

John Purse is offering private and group training sessions!


John Purse Training- Monday training sessions beginning in April 2009!

One on One Training- Train with John on his personal training track and facility!

Camp Jackal- Available for groups to eat, sleep and train at the Jackal’s house!

Group Training & Club Training- Domestic and International training packages!

Course Construction- Want to hold an event? Build or change your track?


Check out the new for more information! has a new video gallery.

Hey all you florida bmx racers, I wanted to let you all know that I have created a new video gallery for all of the Florida BMX videos. With this new gallery you can easily get the embed code so you can put your favorite video on any website that allows HTML. The video to the left here is an example of how the embedded video will show up on your pages.

I am also working on setting it up so the videos can be downloaded to your computer, if there is a big enough demand for that I will make it happen so let me know.

I have all of the mains from Miami and St Pete up there now. All of the videos that were previously on the website from 2006, 2007, 2008 will not be re-posted. If anyone wants a particular video from those past races you can email me at, and for a small fee I might be able to dig through my archives and get you those videos maybe even on DVD.

Any question, comments, hate mail just email me.

Rich Montalvo

2009 UCI Continental Event #4

and ABA BMX PRO Standings

through Winter Nationals

Phoenix, AZ



The American Bicycle Association hosted the Winter Nationals this past weekend, March6-8 in Phoenix, AZ. What you say about Black Mountain BMX that hasn't been said before? That is a hard one for sure. How about Olympians, Gold medals, world famous dirt jumpers, television, and media! I can say this though, this weekend 's event was excellent to say the least. The riders, families, fans, and industry up in full force to an amazing 265 motos! Even world famous dirt jumpers like Cory "Nasty" Nastazio and Ryan Guettler showed showed up at Black Mountain BMX to try their hand at BMX RACING. BMX PLUS! editor Ben Crockett even went back to his roots and raced it out on the world famous Black Mountain BMX track! The sun was out in full force, the weather was a perfect mid-70's temp, and the track and facility were dialed in better then ever, The track was sooooo smooth you could almost eat off it! Thanks to ABA BMX track builder Billy Allen for working his magic on the rebuild this year. Also the Black Mountain crew getting the place in tip-top shape as always. Word with the fans was this was the best they had ever seen the track and they were pumped to be there. The racing at the Winter National event was INTENSE! A stacked international field in the AA PRO - Elite ranks was just INSANE! There was an incredible 57 riders in the ELITE class on Saturday and there have been record turn outs in the premier class this season and the fans, industry and media are just blown away!


With 2009 being the debut of UCI Continental events with ABA BMX racing, the buzz is all around, and the buzz was bigger then ever this weekendUCI's own Johan Lindstrom and Tom Ritz were even made the trip to Phoenix, AZ. to check out their first Black Mountain experience. There was lots of media on hand and many of the sports top athletes from around the world were at Black Mountain BMX to take a shot at getting some much needed points towards the UCI ranking and ABA BMX titles. The fourth UCI event of the 2009 season was dominated by Olympic Gold medalist, World Champion, and Free Agent's own Maris StrombergsMaris won lap after lap on the world famous Black Mountain BMX and has truly "arrived" here on the USA circuit. The man on a mission this season is Olympic Silver medalist Mike Day. Mike Day has made just about every main this season on his trusty GT steed. Mike kept Maris honest all the way to the finish line stripe. Kyle Bennett made another trip to the UCI podium with a very impressive 3rd for the day. Kyle has made tons of mains this season as well and looks to be as solid as ever. With an amazing 57 Elite Men on hand making the main is a impressive in it's own right. Talking with several of the top dogs about this weekend, many said it was the hardest they had ever seen the class! STACKED, STACKED, STACKED is all I can say!!

JR. Elite saw Redline's Denzel Stein lay the law down in JR. Elite with the HUGE win. Denzel was sportin' a newly designed USAC National Champs jersey for the event. Formula's Sam Willoughby was back on the gas as well. Sam's the defending World Champ and was coming off a big win in Oldsmar, FLA. Sam kept things very interesting for Denzel and they race it out hard with Sam coming in a close 2nd for the day. Canada's super fast and Redline's Tory Nyhaug was the man to bring home the 3rd place podium spot at Black Mountain BMX. This class is pretty stacked as well and you can get a glimpse into the future of our sport by watching these guys. These kids KNOW how to race! 

Elite Women went down like this, RaceplaceBMX and BAWLS Guarana rider Stephanie Barragan took the HUGE win for the event. Redman's Amanda Geving had a great showing nailing down the 2nd. Amanda's got mad skills and the Fla. native looks to be a top contender for the podium at each round. SX's Crystal Hime took the 3rd and last podium spot. Crystal took some time off and has been back and racing really well. I expect to see Crystal on top the podium very soon.

ABA National #1 Ladies PRO, Dominique Daniels keeps her streak alive and makes it four in a row for the top UCI podium spot. Dom has been an ustoppable force this season so far. All the other ladies are keeping her honest and making her work for each and every podium. 2nd went to the pride of Redline and Minnesota, Alise Post. Alise is getting back in the swing of racing after talking some time off for her gymnastics and is looking really good on her new Redline. Expect to see Alise on top the podium very, very soon. 3rd went to rookie PRO sensation, Ashley Verhagen. Ashley rides for Team Inseino out of Simi Valley, CA. Ashley is still making the adjustment to the PRO class and is getting better at every event. She's ready for the top spot on the podium!

ABA BMX PRO points day one saw 2008 Olympic Bronze medalist, Hyper Bicycles, Donny Robinson take his 2nd win of the season. Donny's made a bunch of mains this season proving to be very consistent, but this weekend it all clicked for him despite losing a chain in the first of three main events! 2nd place went to none other then the powerhouse named Maris Strombergs. Maris was gracious enough to bring his actual Olympic GOLD medal to the event and did a HUGE autograph session with the fans. The fans were allowed to touch his GOLD medal! This was no replica either. It was the REAL DEAL. Maris gained a ton of new fans at Phoenix for sure. 3rd went to the unsponsored Jason Rogers. I know I've said this a few times, but somebody needs to pick this kid up and fast! Jason has made many mains this season and has to be to have main the most mains for  guy wearing jeans ad T-shirt to race. All you team managers out there take note of this guy! It was a SUPER STACKED field at the Winter Nationals and there where a lot of heavy hitters on the side lines watching. Taking with many of the riders Super Nationals/UCI/USAC National Championship weekend looks to be the next big event around the corner and there are a lot of hungry guys looking to make their first podium of the season.

On the Ladies side once again defending Champ, Dominique Daniels took the top honors in the class.  Not much else I can say about Dominique except she's super fast! Two Time ABA Ladies PRO CHamp, Alise Post was all over Dominique this weekend and looks to have plans to grab her #1 plate back this season. These two ladies really put on a great show for the fans. Once again Ashley Verhagen made the podium with a solid ride. Ashley is helping step things up in the ladies PRO ranks and proved the new crop of ladies PRO are legit.

As usual the Vet Pro class was on fire this weekend.  The VET PRO class has become a who`s who in BMX titles of the past. Names like John Purse, Dale Holmes, Greg Romero, Jason Carnes, Kenth Fallen, Eric Rupe, and so on , and so on. One of the sports all-time greats GHP`s John "The Jackal" Purse nailed down yet another 1st on Saturday and a 3rd on Sunday on his quest for the ABA BMX VET Title.  Saturday saw defending Champ, Kenth Fallen bring home 2nd and Sunday saw the always consistent Chad Street bring home the 2nd as well. "Coach G" Greg Romero was on the gas in Phoenix as well. Greg took some time away from being a super trainer to jump back on his bike and put his money where his mouth is. Coach G was a solid podium maker on Saturday with a 3rd place finish for the day. Sunday was a new day and Greg powered his may to his first win of the season. Greg is always on the gas when he comes to play and you can never count out "Coach G" for the win in the VET ranks!

PRO Cruiser win went to two-time ABA BMX PRO Cruiser Champ Danny "Easy Money" Caluag. Danny been the man to beat the last few years in the Cruiser ranks and looks to be back on top of the heap after Phoenix.Crupi's Tyler Brown continues on his quest for an ABA BMX title by nailing down the 2nd for the day. Tyler is a main stay on the PRO Cruiser podium and doesn't look to be giving up one of the top three spots any time soon. 3rd went to Phoenix local Joe Sowers. Joe's been on the come back trail and has a new ride with team Misbeehavin. Joe had the home town fans on their feets for this main event for sure! has tons of  videos posted from the ABA BMX Gator National weekend! Check it out at:

The ABA would like to thank all the participants, families, teams, sponsors, and BMX industry for helping make the ABA BMX Winter Nationals event such a huge success!

Rider ABA BMX PRO wins after Winter Nationals –

AA PRO - Mike Day –  GT Bicycles – 2 ..... Donny Robinson - Hyper Bicycles - 2 ..... Joey Bradford - GT Bicycles - 1 ..... Kyle Bennett – Free Agent - 1

Woman’s PRO - Dominique Daniels –  8 ..... Stephanie Barragan – 1

PRO CRUISER - Barry Nobles – Clayborn Bicycles -  3 ..... Danny Caluag – BAWLS/Intense - 2 ..... Tyler Brown - Crupi – 1

VET PRO - John Purse – GHP -  6 ..... Kenth Fallen – Supercross - 2 ..... Dale Holmes - Free Agent - 1 ..... Greg "Coach G" Romero - Sun Bru - 1

2009 Pro Standing through Winter Nationals


































Today's BMX Racing News ..... Wednesday - March 11, 2009


JORIS DAUDET The French new talent


Joris Daudet is looking good to be the 'rider of the future' for French BMX!


Although he is only 18 years old (since February) he is rewriting French BMX record books as French BMX Legends, Christophe Leveque and Thomas Allier could have done it.


After being rewarded 3 national titles in the young categories, Joris marked minds, from his first year of junior, because he won the titles of French, European and world cruiser champion.


Nowadays, he enters a training centre in Bordeaux in order to get prepared to conquer all the international titles of the junior men's category in 2009; and why not the French elite title since he has been outperformed thanks to his level. And at the moment the races are going well since he won the 2 French open indoors of last winter as well as the second round of the French championship in this category.


Now, Joris is looking for some partners that are likely to believe in him for a partnership of 4 years long because his true objective remains the Olympic Games of London in 2012 when he will turn 21 like a certain Maris Strombergs.





Today's BMX Racing News ..... Tuesday - March 10, 2009

Custom cycle Unleashes Top Shelf Collection


March 9, 2009

Coral Spring, FL - Custom Cycle Supply is proud to announce the launching of the "Top Shelf Collection." The idea is simple, make a top of the line, no holds barred complete bike using product from the Custom Cycle Supply product offering. We carry the best brands imaginable, now you can solve the headache of matching up parts to make a complete bike, we have done that for you!

The first Top Shelf Complete is the "Ian." Named after the Sunday Ian Shwartz frame that the bike is built around. This stellar offering is the absolute best of the best. 20.75" top tube, 175mm Profile cranks, 8" Sunday Triumph bars, Sunday Morning forks all rolling on a set of wheels that any pro rider would be right at home on, Alienation Rush V2 Freecoaster rear, Odyssey Vandero 2 front with Alienation Delinquent 20 x 1.75 rims, wrapped in Odyssey Path K-Lyte 20 x 2.10 tires. We didn't skimp on the little things either, ODI Longneck grips, Odyssey Twisted PC pedals, Profile Low 40 stem and an Odyssey Senior 2 Pivotal seat round this unique offering out.

Be one of the first to get this unique whip on your showroom floor. With a suggested retail of $1299.99, it is the most bang for your hard earned buck!

For more information, please call Custom Cycle Supply, 954-340-3501. ..... Custom Cycle Supply -

VRP/Bike Alley Tears It Up at the ABA Winter Nationals!

VRP/Bike Alley has another strong showing at the Winter Nationals in Black Mountain Arizona and a milestone was accomplished for their Little Big Man Kyle Stan being the Youngest in ABA history to win the Top Gun jacket. 

VRP/Bike Alley had some strong team scores (206 Saturday and 195 Sunday) finishing with two 2nds for the weekend behind Race Place. Hats go off to Race Place for another great weekend.  

VRP riders had some great finishes and some great riding. But, this one goes out to Kyle Stan. Kyle had a milestone weekend being not only the first rider of the year earning a "Top Gun" jacket but the youngest in the history of BMX.

The "Top Gun" jacket is received when a rider wins four Opens, Cruiser and Class mains and it took Kyle only three Nationals to accomplish this. He Triple Tripled in Reno; he Doubled in Perris; he again Triple Tripled at the Winter Nationals in Arizona.

Kyle has worked extremely hard to earn this milestone in BMX along with his Dad Mike who puts a lot of time into his kids success. VRP/Bike Alley is extremely proud to have him as a part of our team. Great job Kyle and keep up the awesome results and effort…it has definitely paid off! 

Thanks to all of our sponsors for making this happen. Bike Alley, Intense, Sinz, THE, ODI, Troy Lee Designs, Chism Inc., Red Brick Pizza, Vapor, House of Stickers, LDC Components  and for the hydration that fuels the team  to victory Vitamin Water! ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


Bastien Merle

finalist French Cup Round 1

This weekend Round 1 of the French Cup Series was held in Perrelatte.

On Saturday, under extreme weather conditions, Formula Europe's Bastien Merle, member of the SC SCO Dijon, fought his way into the Cadet Cruiser category.

In the last turn, Bastien crashed while he was in position for a clean podium finish, giving him the 8th position for the day.

Sunday the 20 inch categories were held under the best weather conditions.

Despite a pain full back from Saturay¹s crash, Bastien managed to finish on the podium, grabbing 3rd place in the strong Cadet category.

Formula Europe added a new sponsor to their support list. SixSixOne will equip the Formula Europe Team with the Evolution Legend helmet.

The Formula Europe Team is supported by: Formula, Shimano, UFOplast, EuroBMX, Formco, Swatch, AlienationBMX, SixSixOne and Navada.Net.

Multiple Sclerosis Benefit at Okeeheelee BMX

There is going to be a benefit race for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

It will be held at Okeeheelee BMX track in West Palm Beach, FL. on Sunday, March 29, 2009.

The plan is simple... Hold a clinic followed by a "Pro/Am" race in conjunction with a local event.

A local "Hop-Up Shop", Speed and Truck World, has signed on as the major sponsor.

They are giving $2500.00 for the "Pro/Am" purse, plus, they are helping with some other expenses for the benefit race.

The NBL has waived ALL fees for this event as they see the spirit for which this is being done.

Please help us make this a truly unique event come out and support a great cause!






Today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday - March 8, 2009

Excalibur BMX Clinic At NBL Nellis National This Weekend!


Excalibur BMX to host clinic in the City of Lights!

Join some of the nation's best talent for a clinic during the NBL Jackpot National at Nellis BMX in Las Vegas, March 14

Super-Ex Pro and defending 19-25 National Champ, Josh Meyers, and 13 Expert National Champ, Jordan Bouch, along with Chris Hale, who has been killing the tough 19-25 Expert class, will host the clinic.

  • March 15 / Saturday afternoon, immediately after the mains

  • Registration: Excalibur Tent during the race

  • Fee: $30

Visit for team details

Learn from the sport's best riders and get every advantage to hit the jackpot at the totally redesigned Nellis BMX facility.

BMX Mania "Factory Chase" Reports In From the NBL Spring National!

BMX Mania "Factory Guy", Chase Campbell is recovering from recent surgery and had plenty of time to put together a little Mini Report from the NBL's Spring National in Morristown, Tennessee, here tis!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The first of March is here, and you know what that means......the NBL/Morristown's legendary indoor for the Spring nationals. Elite open had 18 riders on Saturday, and Sunday had 16 riders.

In Elite Open the stand out was Jeffery Upshaw who was showing his usual skill, taking a line through the rhythm that had the crowd on their feet. Other hot riders were Jason Sherrill and Logan Collins as well as Will Murray who is making a name for himself in the vet pro class. Some other notables were Weston Pope, Will Greathouse, Scotty McMahon, and Jason Larev. After some fierce battling in the motos, the main was ready and the hot riders to look out for looked like, Upshaw, Greathouse and Collins, so everyone was ready to see the BIG show.

The Gate dropped and Will Greathouse led around the whole track until the finish line where Upshaw showed his skill and pulled hard on the last straight to take the win. Kid is unbelievable!

The results looked like this 1.Jeffery Upshaw 2.Will Greathouse 3.Jason Sherrill- HBR 4. Logan Collins-NO FEAR/Clayborn 5.Jason Larev-Morphine Industries. 6 and 7th (can't remember)8th Matt Lindley- Shanewolf.

Day two looked a little different with two riders dropping out for Sundays elite open. The gate dropped, it seemed to be between Pope, Collins, Upshaw, and Greathouse.....Collins unclips and comes back from 8th to get the 4th and the 3rd place went to Accells racing Charles Davis. 2nd went to Dans Comp's, Weston Pope and first to Jeffery Upshaw. With the UCI points races going on at the ABA's Black Mountain BMX/ABA Winter National, this wasn't a bad elite turnout for the NBL.

In 19-25 ex, Joey Woelter is flying for Kovachi wheels, but you have to look out for two vets that made the comeback in Excalibur's, Derek Ramsey and Chris Coslow. 17-18 ex Rennen Intense's Max Egdorf, Morphine Industries Travis Woodruff and Excalibur's, Kyle McCory.

Most certainly the race of the weekend was 16 Expert, if you want to throw some names out there like Chase Hines, Brandon Murphy, Austin Loebe.....This was a battle all weekend! Dan's Comps-Justin Posey looked stellar all weekend long, Look out in the future for this kid.

Elite Women - In Elite Women, some of the fast girls to make it out to the races were, Maddy Pitts was there for BMX Truth and was dominant both days. Kayla Reed from Morphine Industries had a very good weekend, Jessica Cartwright was looking good, Rennen Intense’s, Kayla Gaddis was going fast and Ashley Lynch was speedin’.

Saturday, MadPitts had a BAD start and worked her way back to nip Kayla G at the line, ‘ala Jeff Upshaw’, for the win.

Morristown racing is always great, and we're done at least until next Thanksgiving when the NBL invades for their annual Turkey Race, but in the meantime, this was a great event. Make sure to head out to Nellis, Nevada for the Jackpot Nationals March 14th-15th.

Panamerican Championship Results from Sunday in Pasto, Bolivia


From BMX Mania Correspondent, Angel Vives


Big emotion was on the track for Round 8 of the Panamerican UCI Championships in Pasto, Colombia, Sunday. In the Challenge classes, the little kids from Ecuador almost dominated every final race, in the middle age titles the battles was between the Colombians, Venezuela and Argentina. Emotions ran high as the amateur battles were cheered loudly as parents went crazy for their kids, and lots of good South American Emotions were running high at the track. Good BMX Racing for sure!!!!!


At the end of the day, the staff and riders from Pasto City were happy with their opportunity to put on a good race at their facility and they were feeling pretty blessed to have some great riders from so many different countries to come to Pasto to lay down some AWESOME BMX Racing Action!


In the Elite clesses, the action was even more intense than the previous exciting Round 7. Elite quarters were full of important rider, fighting to bump each other from those top four spots in each action packed race.


As the semi finals lined up, it was, Semi 1 Carlos Oquendo COL, Cristian Jimenez COL, Fausto Endara ECU & Emilio Falla ECU get the 4 spots in main event, in semi 2 Andres Jimenez COL got the holeshot and secure his name in the final followed by Ramiro Marino ARG, Augusto Castro COL and Matt Kelty USA.

The final was simply unbelievable! From lane 1 Carlos Oquendo got the holeshot with all the hungry rivals pedaling hard down first jump but taking the lead in to the first berm was Ramiro Marino who cut his line and got the lead position followed by Oquendo COL and Kelty USA.

Ramiro Marino got some advantage after the pro berm jump but Carlos got some extra pedals in down all the jumps in the 3rd straight, passes Kelty and begins chasing Marino. In last turn the Argentinean rider closed the door and gets right to the front of Elite Man Panamarican Championships title! With the win, Ramiro also keeps leading the UCI points chase! Carlos Oquendo COL and Matt Kelty got 2nd and 3rd spot on the medal podium.

Junior Men was filled with amazing races, and all the favorites transfered to the finals. In the main event, it was Free Agent USA rider Connors Field who got strong gate and got the lead early, coming out of the first turn David Oquendo FA-COL was tearing up the track followed in Second by Renato Rezende BRA.

But, it was Ernesto Pizarro form Argentina who took the fast line and got in second!

Meanwhile, Connor's lead grew larger, and he had the Pasto track DIALED IN! With the win, he became the first ever US rider to be crowned as a Panamerican UCI champion. Pizarro ARG and Rezende was Silver and Bronze respectively.

Elite Man Cruiser winner was Fausto Endara ECU who took the win and Junior Man Cruiser saw David Oquendo COL get 1st, and both his titles as UCI Pan-American champs too.

Junior women and Elite Women Mariana Pajon & Andrea Zuluaga from Colombia had the local advantage and performed magnificently and are the new Pan-American UCI women's champions.

If you notice, Free Agent riders cleaned house and destroyed every main class so i think Dale Holmes has to be proud of Free Agent racers.

ELITE MENS - 1 Ramiro Marino Free Agent- Argentina ..... 2 Carlos M. Oquendo Crupi- Colombia ..... 3 Matt Kelty- USA ..... 4 Fausto Endara Free Agent- Ecuador
5 Andres Jimenez David Broaster- Colombia ..... 6 Augusto Castro GW-Shimano- Colombia ..... 7 Cristian Jimenez David broaster- Colombia ..... 8 Emilio Falla- Ecuador

ELITE WOMENS - 1 Andrea Zuluaga- Colombia ..... 2 Ana Sgobin- Brasil ..... 3 Belen Tapia- Chile

JUNIOR MEN - 1 Connor Fields Free Agent- USA ..... 2 Ernesto Pizarro Crupi- Argentina ..... 3 Renato Rezende- Brasil

JUNIOR WOMEN - 1 Mariana Pajon- Colombia ..... 2 Stefany Hernandez- Venezuela ..... 3 Estefania Gomez- Colombia

ELITE CRUISER - 1 Fausto Endara Free Agent- Ecuador ..... 2 Carlos M. Oquendo Crupi- Colombia ..... 3 Jonathan Villa- Colombia

JUNIOR CRUISER - 1 David Oquendo Free Agent- Colombia ..... 2 Camilo Marin J&R - Colombia ..... 3 Walter Perez- Colombia


Tioga Teams Up With Morphine Industries’ Factory Team

Coral Springs, FL – Morphine Industries announces the addition of Tioga to its family of Factory Team Sponsors.


“Our Factory Team is stoked to be working with Tioga and adding their superior line of tires to our rider’s bikes.  The recent introduction of the Powerblock tire has caused a lot of excitement in the race community and we are looking forward to representing the Tioga Brand”, states Reeves from Morphine Industries.


“We will be riding the new Powerblock tires on all our bikes for most track conditions and will be using the legendary Comp III tire when track conditions call for a more aggressive tread.  It is known that when the Morphine Crew is not on the track, we are at the park or in the street and for this our bikes will be decked in the Tioga FS100”, adds Reeves.


"We greatly respect Morphine Industries for bringing their special brand of attitude into the sport," said Kai Cheng of Tioga.  "So we are naturally psyched that the Morphine Crew will be racing and competing exclusively on Tioga tires," concluded Cheng. 


Be sure to check out the new addition to the family at


The Morphine Industries Factory Team will be at the following race in the next month:


March 13-15    NBL Florida State Qualifier                  Punta Gorda, FL

March 20-22    ABA Super National                            DeSoto, TX

March 21         USA Cycling BMX  Championship       DeSoto, TX

April 4-5          NBL Gator National                             High Springs, FL

April 11-12      NBL Easter Classic                              St. Cloud, FL


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; Staats Motocross Bicycles (, Alienation (, Fly Racing (, Lost Energy Drink (, Tioga (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (

dk flight bags!


DK Flight Bags are back in stock! These are made of durable rip-stop cordura. Poly roller wheels. Padded, zippered side pockets. Avoid those costly bike fees with the embroidered DK Golf logo. 

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Today's BMX Racing News ..... Saturday - March 7, 2009

ABA Winternationals/UCI N. American Points Race at Black Mountain BMX, Phoenix

Elite Men (57 Riders)-1 Maris Strombergs 2 Mike Day 3 Kyle Bennett 4 David Herman 5 Danny Caluag 6 Donny Robinson 7 Joey Bradford 8 Matt Pohlkamp

Elite Women (11 Riders)-1 Stephanie Barragan 2 Amanda Geving 3 Kyrstal Hime 4 Courtney Tomei 5 Terra Nichols 6 Cassie Bushnell 7 Rose Adams 8 Danielle Brisson

Junior Men (21 Riders)-1 Denzel Stein 2 Sam Willoughby 3 Tory Nyhaug 4 Jelle Van Gorkom 5 Jared Garcia 6 Alex Anthony 7 Riley Stair 8 Will Grant

Junior Women (6 Riders)-1 Dominique Daniels 2 Alise Post 3 Ashley Verhagen 4 Brittany Bates 5 Abigail Graalman

Vet Pro/ABA Pro Points (18 Riders)-1 The Jackal 2 Chad Street 3 Greg Romero 4 Jason Silva 5 Dale Holmes 6 Tim Dinger 7 Robert Harris 8 Dave Bittner


Dominguez Hills, Calif - Free Agent and Kenda are pleased to announce the new Free Agent/Kenda European BMX Race Team for 2009. The team will consist of four riders from England, Norway, Latvia, and Holland, and is looking to expand even more in the future.

“Free Agent has built a great relationship with Kenda over the years. They’ve supported both our Free Agent BMX and our KHS Mountain bike teams,” said Team Manger Dale Holmes. “We decided it only made sense to set up a joint team project in Europe.”

The 2009 Free Agent/Kenda BMX Race team line- up includes:

Kelvin Batey (England) – 20x British Champion, 18x National Champion, 2x World Medalist

Sebastian Kartfjord (Norway) – 2x Scandinavian Champion, 4x Norwegian Champion, 4x National Champion, Olympian

Kristers Lejins (Latvia) – 4 x Latvian Champion

Sharon van der Kolk (Holland) – 2 x Dutch Champion

The team is based in Europe and will compete European and National Events. In addition, the team will work in conjunction with the Free Agent US and International Teams. The first major event will be the first round off the European Championships held Holland on April 3-5th.

In addition to Free Agent and Kenda, the 2009 European Race Team will also be sponsored by Tioga Seats, Sun, THE, Sinz, Shimano, ODI, Thompson, Samox, and Amino Vital

Panamerican UCI Round Seven, Friday Racing Action

The Elite Men's class was a full house with groups of 8 riders in each one.... so the action was ready to rumble...

Racing in elite men was dominated by Carlos Oquendo-Crupi COL, who destroyed the competition... In the main event, he`s got the holeshot in lane one with Ramiro Marino right beside him.


At the first berm Carlos cuts down and got the inside line the puts some fast pedaling down the 2nd straight and got the lead with Emilio Falla and Jonathan Villa following after the pro berm jump, Carlos enlarges his advantage and was totally in control of the race.

1. Carlos Oquendo Crupi-COL; 2. Emilio Falla ECU; 3.Fabian Hernandez COL; 4.Jonathan Villa COL; 5. Ramiro Marino FA-ARG; 6.Fausto Endara FA- ECU; 7. Matt Kelty USA; 8.Augusto Castro COL
Junior man was another nice race with David Oquendo/Free Agent COL on fire, he got the lead out in front followed by Renato Rezende BRA and Connor Fields/Free Agent USA, but after the berm jump David got tangled with Renato in his rear tire and collided.


From there it was a drag race between Rezende and Fields thru to the end of the race, and even the judges have to check the photo finish system to confirm who won...


After the video system was checked, the commisars declared Connor Fields USA got the BIG 1st place.

1. Connor Fields FA-USA; 2.Renato Rezende BRA; 3.Leandro Miranda BRA; 4.Juan C Marin COL; 5.Andres Arenas COL; 6. Deiby Corrales COL; 7.Jorge Quintero COl; 8. David Oquendo FA-COL
In Elite and Junior Women's classes the racing was dominated By Andrea Zuluaga COL and Mariana Pajon respctivley.


At practice tomorrow all the elite make his warm up laps ... with junior too.


Willoughby and Walker in first wins


New Zealand’s BMX Olympian, Sarah Walker (Rotorua), claimed her first win since competing in Beijing.


At the UCI Oceania Round in Canberra Saturday, Walker claimed victory despite only two weeks of preparation.


Walker took the win in a classy field including one of Australia’s Olympians, Nicole Callisto, and national series leader, Caroline Buchanan from Canberra.


In a close finish Buchanan finished in second with Melbourne’s Ziggy Callan in third.


Walker was pleased to be back competing in BMX.


“We’ve all had a bit of an off season lately,” explained Walker.


“We’ve all started racing at different times.  I only started a couple of weeks ago. I think the others have had a couple of months really.”


After losing to Buchanan in yesterday’s round today Walker had different ideas.


“Today I was feeling a lot better,” said Walker. “I had the advantage of not trying to get out of the gate as hard with the amount of training I’ve had.


Her long break from serious competition was deserved and well timed.


“I really made the most of it because I won’t get another one for three and a half years.


I had enough time to want to come back to come back to BMX and want to come back as hard as I can. I just love racing.”


The return to racing for Walker marks the beginning of her progress towards another Olympic dream.


“There won’t be many girls there from the last Olympics. It is promising that I will be there.


The youngest rider in the elite men’s field outclassed his older BMX counterparts to win.


Nineteen year old, Matthew Willoughby from Adelaide claimed the best win of his career.


Willoughby passed early leader Billy Jolliffe and was able to hold off Beijing Olympian, Luke Madill.


Willoughby led after the third straight in a tough final. Madill secured second and Newcastle’s Billy Jolliffe snared third.


"I was feeling really good all weekend," said Willoughby. "This is my best result ever."


Another Adelaide rider, Brian Kirkham, missed on making the final but still leads the national series.


Junior winners were Joshua Callan from Melbourne and World silver medalist, Lauren Reynolds from Bunbury.

Photos /








Today's BMX Racing News ..... Friday - March 6, 2009


Answer BMX


Bubba Harris


For Immediate Release: Warsaw, IN 

Answer BMX Products Inc is proud to announce the signing of 3X ABA Pro Champion and UCI World Champion Bubba Harris to a multi year sponsorship contract. 

This is Bubba’s second stint as a racer for Answer Products as he raced for the brand as a pre-teen back in the 90’s before going on to his previous longtime sponsor Redline Bicycles. 

Bubba will make his Answer BMX pro debut at the ABA Winter Nationals in Phoenix AZ on March 6-8 2009. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Bubba as our Pro for Answer BMX as he continues his comeback from a devastating ankle injury in China and additional injury at the Olympic Trials last summer. We can’t think of a rider with a bigger fan base and more desire to be a champion and ambassador for the sport of BMX than Bubba. He started his high profile career as one of the original “Answer Kids” and it’s our intention to keep him as the “Answer Pro” for a long, long time,” commented Ryan Birk, Vice President of Answer BMX. 

Answer BMX would also like to announce the sponsorship agreement between Burlin Harris and his BMX Supercamps as the new Answer Supercamp! 

Make sure you stop by and check out Lulu’s new look at the ABA Winter Nationals this weekend in Phoenix and meet Burlin and his staff of trainers to find out when the Supercamp is coming to your town. 

For more information on Answer BMX and it’s products, visit

For more information on Answer Supercamps, visit

Answer BMX Products Inc.

1394 S. Wausau Street

Warsaw IN 46580 - (574) 269-3373

Panamericano UCI championships practice day

Today was official practice time for the Elite and Junior riders only, and I have to tell you that it was unbelievable! All the riders are making the HUGE jumps including the Berm Jump and keep the spectators yelling in the stands!

The media are out in force, with National TV, Newspapers and Cable Channels doing interviews with the riders from so many different contries, and of course, and are on the scene gathering information and taking cool photos.

The U.S. Riders, Matt Kelty and Connor Fields were signing autographs for all the little kids, as the fans are psyched to see these up and coming fast guys from the States.

Round 7 will feature series leader, Ramiro Marino/Free Agent (ARG), who has a nice lead in the points, so keep an eye out for him to do well in the race.

Some bad news came about as of today, as the Colombian Olympic Team Member, Sergio Salazar crashed Wednesday during free practice and the doctor has diagnosed that he broke the heel on his foot that will keep him out of this race AND the next month at least. Bad News for Sergio.

Please keep checking BMX Mania for more updates from the Panamericano UCI Championships as I will keep you updated Saturday directly from the track.

Cyclecraft announces an addition to their Factory Team

CycleCraft Bicycle Company is pleased to announce another rider has joined the Factory team, Ocala, Florida’s own, Adam “The Gonz” Gonzalez

BMXicans may know Adam from his days of touring from track to track presenting BMX clinics with Stiles Industries, hanging around the Orlando BMX track, or from his current position with broadcasting ABA Nationals.

Adam has been racing for approximately nine years and is quite an accomplished rider. 

One of his greatest BMX achievements was National number five in 18-21 Expert.

Adam brings a record of success and a great attitude to the CycleCraft BMX team. 

As with the other members of the CycleCraft team, Adam has been and will continue to be a great ambassador for CycleCraft, our co-sponsors, and the sport of BMX. 

Welcome aboard, Adam

The CycleCraft Factory Team will be contending in the Florida State Series and a limited number of ABA National and NBL Regional and National events.

CycleCraft co-sponsors include: Bombshell, Profile Racing, HRP Designs, Cyberhorse Sports Wear, Odyssey, Kenda, XTRSKN, Kovachi Wheels, and 24/Seven Graphics

BMX Australia races into the capital

Over 700 BMX riders will converge on the country’s capital city, Canberra for three days of racing. The program kicks off with round five of the Hog’s Breath Café National Probikx Series on Friday night at the Melba BMX track. Saturday morning riders face another round, the sixth at Tuggeranong BMX track. Both of the rounds are also combined Oceania ranking rounds eight and nine and offer valuable UCI points as well.


Competing in the elite program will be three Beijing Olympians. Luke Madill (Penrith) and Nicole Callisto (Perth/Campbelltown) along with top New Zealand Olympic rider, Sarah Walker (Rotorua/Newcastle). Walker is currently ranked second on the world rankings and leads the Oceania Series.


Local stars include Caroline Buchanan (Kambah) with third place in the Oceania Series and a 20 point lead in the national series. Second in the national series is Victorian, Ziggy Callan (Healesville). National Champion, Melissa Mankowski (Moranbah) also returns to racing.


While the elite women’s leaders will be jostling for position the elite men’s racing sports a large field including riders from New Zealand and Hong Kong. Current national series leader Brian Kirkham (Adelaide/Port Augusta) is having his best season to date after amassing a lead of 129 points. Madill will compete in his first national race since the Olympics while local favorite, Leigh Darrell will be hoping his knowledge of the track will assist. Other names racing are Queenslander Jamie Gray (Beenleigh), New South Wales top gun Billy Jolliffe (Lake Macquarie/Tamworth) and South Australia’s Matthew Willoughby (Adelaide).


The junior women’s and men’s fields will test the dominance of two of Australian new BMX Elite Squad members Queensland’s Rachel Bracken (Townsville) and Victoria’s Joshua Callan (Healesville). While close behind them are Western Australian Lauren Reynolds (Bunbury) and Victorian Michael Chasteauneuf (Eastfield).


On Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday racing continues for the ACT State Championships.

ABA Northwest National Is Right Around The Corner!

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April 3-5, 2009 Deschutes Fairgrounds and Expo - Hooker Creek Event Center - NO CHARGE FOR PARKING!!!


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541.548.2711 EXT 4749

Free Agent's, Maris Strombergs Highlights

This Weekends ABA Winternationals!

2008 Olympic BMX Gold Medalist will once again be on hand at the ABA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix, AZ..

Free Agent's AA PRO, and Latvia's own MARIS STROMBERGS made his ABA BMX debut in Reno, NV. earlier this season and made a great impression with the fans.

He's really starting to hit his stride in the USA, having an excellent weekend at the ABA BMX Gator Nationals in Oldsmar, FLA.

MARIS is excited about the ABA BMX Winter Nationals and will be doing a few autograph sessions through the weekend at the Free Agent Team pit area.

MARIS will have his actual 2008 Olympic GOLD medal on hand for the fans to see as well!

Be sure to stop by the Free Agent Team pit area to say hello to MARIS.

He's a super nice guy, a great rider, and how often do you get to meet an Olympic GOLD Medalist with his medal in hand?

This is a great opportunity for the fans and a HUGE thanks goes out to Dale Holmes, Free Agent , and MARIS STROMBERGS for coming out this weekend.

We hope to see everyone there!

The Wildman To Be on MTV's Fantasy Factory, Sunday!

Straight from Todd "The Wildman" Lyons, his self!


Hey, Just thought I’d give you a heads up.....that I’ll be on "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" this Sunday night.


I went up to the “Factory” in LA a while ago & took some SE bikes & taught Rob & Drama how to do flips into the foam pit on BMX bikes.


Rob definitely had some trouble.


It was pretty entertaining to say the least!


Check it out, Sunday night. And if you miss the episode, you can watch it after it airs by clicking the link below.

Supercross BMX announces the signing of

Down Under's Jr. Elite Sensation Kurt Pickard

For Immediate Release - Apple Valley, CA

In a further expansion of our World Team of Elite Riders, Supercross BMX has brought the New Zealand Junior Superstar Kurt Pickard into the Supercross BMX Family.

For those of you not familiar with the name, be prepared to get used to it as he was previously the10 time New Zealand Champion and now under the wing of BMX Supercoach Ken Cools, Kurt is planning on taking his new Supercross onto the World Stage.

Kurt joins the Supercross BMX World Team of Elite Riders that Samantha Cools started handpicking last year to be her team mates and to further advance Supercross BMX’s visibility on the World Stage.

Along with the North American Supercross BMX Factory Team.

The current roster of World Elite Riders is:
Samantha Cools – 5 x UCI World Champion, 3 x North American UCI Champion, 2x ABA #1 Womens Pro and 2008 Olympian
Kenth Fallen – 2008 USAC Champion, 2008 NBL #1 Masters, and 2008 ABA #1 Vet Pro
Kris Fox – 2008 NBL #1 Super –X and 2008 USA Olympic Long Team
Courtney Tomei – 2008 ABA #8 Womens Pro
Jimmy Brown – 2007 CCA Champion and 2008 Canadian Olympic Long Team
Anders Gronsund – UCI Elite Mens
Amelie Despeaux – UCI Elite Women
Markus Huber -  UCI Elite Mens
Kurt Pickard – UCI Elite Junior -10 x New Zealand Champion

Keep an eye on these Elite Riders as they are going to be proving grounds for some of the newest BMX technology ( such as the new Easton ULR Tubed, Supercross enVy  Triple Butted Taper Wall Race Frame ) as they advance their careers on the world stage.

For more information on Kurt along with the rest of the Supercross BMX Riders and product be sure to check out for regular team and product updates.

The Supercross BMX team is proudly supported by : Alienation BMX, Block Alternatives, Campcools Training, Kid Fuel, LDC Components, MJT Designs, No Fear Clothing, No Fear Energy Drink, Speedline Parts, and TECH BMX.




Today's BMX Racing News ..... Thursday - March 5, 2009

Bensink BMX gates sponsor of the orange crush

and European round 1 & 2 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Bensink BMX Gates is proud to announce that they will sponsor the Dutch National Redline team for the next 4 years!!


Bensink BMX Gates will provide the team with different start systems, like their “1 man gates”, “4 men gates” and a “8 men gate”.


Next to the Dutch national Redline team, they also team up with Dutch Redline rider Frank Heijne and European 4-Cross champ Joost Wichman.


Joost will be using the 1 man BMX/4-cross gate so he will be able to fine-tune his snaps for the 2009 season.


European round 1&2 Zwolle, the Netherlands. During the April 4&5 weekend the European race season will kick of in Zwolle, the Netherlands.


Bensink BMX Gates is one of the major partners for this event and will provide their mobile starting system for the races.


Bensink BMX Gates was founded in 2005 and quickly started making a name for themselves and providing gates throughout Europe.


Bensink is working with the European safety certification (CE certification), so their gates meet all safety requirements.


The 8 men gates are made in a concrete barge and are easy to install on any kind of BMX starting hill.


You can find a movie and all kind of information on their website.


New 1 Man Gate Coming: Bensink is currently also working on a new concept 1 man gate, that can be easily transported overseas.


More information about this new concept and other products soon on:


Panamericano UCI championships in Pasto Colombia

The first day of free practice at Panamericano UCI championships in Pasto Colombia went down, Wednesday...


Lots of kids an even the elite riders were riding the track... The Star Ramp is a rush for little kids because it's is pretty downhill.


The track is dialed in and ready with only the roof of the starting ramp left to do but  the riders are looking amazing with the FAST Track Speed and all.


The entire first and second straights are SO cool and the riders have to use all their skills to clear the jumps.


Some of the stars of BMX who are in attendance are Ramiro Marino ARG, Fausto Endara ECU, Andres Jimenez COL, Emilio Falla ECU, Deivlin Baltazar BRA, Matt Kelty USA  Mariana Pajon COL, and so many other juniors and fast challenge riders such as Santiago Marin.


More later this week as the Panamericano UCI Championships continue from Pasto, Colombia!







Today's BMX Racing News ..... Wednesday - March 4, 2009


Answer BMX Announces Exciting Changes


Answer BMX is excited to introduce Luke Wilson of Calgary, Canada as the new owner and President of Answer BMX Products Inc.  Wilson and former owner Joey Licata of Valencia, CA have finalized a purchase agreement for an undisclosed amount effective immediately. 


Wilson has also hired former Sun Ringle’ BMX and Alienation BMX Brand Manager, Ryan Birk as Vice President.  And former Kuwahara US Sales Manager, Natarsha Williams-Birk will help oversee the daily operations of Answer BMX from the company’s new location in Warsaw IN.  “I’ve ridden and trusted Answer BMX products for years and Natarsha won 2 UCI World Titles on Answer Products so we obviously believe in the brand.  And Answer BMX is such a valued brand in the BMX race market due to Joey’s hard work over the years.  We look forward to continuing the growth of the brand by nurturing an already stellar product line and focusing on new product development as well.” stated Birk. 


Licata, the driving force behind the Answer BMX brand for years, will continue to own and operate his other three brands, Anarchy BMX, Drive BMX and KB from their current California location.


Look for the public debut of the new Answer BMX under Wilson’s ownership at the upcoming ABA Winter Nationals in Phoenix on March 6 where we will make more exciting new announcements.


For more information on Answer BMX and it’s products visit .


Answer BMX Products Inc.

1394 S. Wausau St.

Warsaw IN 46580

(574) 269-3373

Soon, these cool posters will be hanging all around Copenhagen, the beautiful capital city of the even more beautiful country of Denmark!

Lookin' for something cool to do in May and want it to be centered around your addiction to BMX?

Flights are cheaper than they've been in several years and you KNOW you want to check out a BMX SX Race!

None better than the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Copenhagen!

Check it out at!


Morphine Industries announces the release of a new color in the popular Helium Aluminum Bar line – GOLD.


Be sure to check them out at your local shop or our online dealers.


Rise: 4.0”, 5.5”, 6.5”

Upsweep: 2 Degrees

Backsweep: 7 Degrees

Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Gold


For additional product information check out:


More hot info on the Medalla Light Ultimate Challenge in Puerto Rico!

The Medalla Light Ultimate Dirt Challenge- Sunday, March 29, 2009

Location: Rincon, Puerto Rico *Flights into San Juan, PR & Aguadilla, PR


BMX Dual Slalom Trails Racing: 18 & Over Open BMXR Classification- PRO PURSE: $5,000

Mtn. Bike Cross Country: 12- UCI Pointed Classifications

Mtn. Bike Downhill: 4- Individual Classifications


Accommodations- *Use Group Rate Promotional Code- “MEDALLA BMX” for all

Standard room w/one or two beds:

The Lazy Parrot 1-800-294-1752

Villa Cofresi 787-823-2450     *Ask for Sandra

Rincon of the Seas 787-823-7500


One and two bedroom units:

Villa Antonio 787-823-2645

Pools Beach Cabanas 787-823-8135

Bunger’s Bon-Accord Inn 787-823-2525 Migdalia or Rosa



San Juan- Standard rental car agencies

Aguadilla- Standard rental car agencies or

* Contact Albert “Capitan” Perez w/Rincon MTB Pro Shop 787-967-7575


Related websites: -

OzBMXcentral Felt Racing Team Southern Region Round 1 Race Report

Firstly a big thank you to the Southlakes BMX Club for hosting this event, the track was great guys. With the Air Show on as well there was something for all to see and made for a top day of racing.

Was great to see our new team member Jesse Thistlethwaite in action on his new Cola Felt Sector XL ripping up the track and getting some great air time.

Jesse Thistlethwaite had a top day on his new Felt flying high and pullin off a few 1st places in 16 boys to finish 3rd for the day.

Taneisha Griffiths rode well all day in Girl Sprockets and showed that when she move to the age classes she will be the one to watch.

Kory Griffiths did a great job only just missing out on the finals and finish 9th in 9 boys.

Ben Williams also did a great job but made a few wrong moves in his run off and missed making it the semi’s in 9 boys to finish 13th.

Jaydyn Griffiths had fun and rode well to come home 7th in 8 10 Cruisers

Amanda Williams did the team proud finishing 6th in 14 girls as there was not enough to fill 13 girls so they moved them up a class.

Chris Williams had an off day but still did well, he made a bad move in his run off and just missed the finals in 15 boys to finish 9th.

Cherone Griffiths had an awesome day out with the girls finishing 5th in A Pro Women and 1st in Master Ladies Cruiser.

Wayne Griffiths also had an awesome day out with the old boys to bring home 1st in 30-34 men and 1st in 30-34 Cruiser.

Well done team, see you all again under the Felt tent at the ACT Championships March 7th and 8th.

We also need to thank Felt Phil form Felt for coming to show the team some support, great to see you there mate and we look forward to having you as our guest at the ACT Championships.

Thank you to our sponsors: Felt Bicycles ( ), TLC Cycles, Tippo’s Cycles, INDZINE, Purple Gecko, OzBMXcentral ( )










Today's BMX Racing News ..... Tuesday - March 3, 2009


2009 UCI Continental Event #3 and ABA BMX PRO Standings

through Gator Nationals- Oldsmar, FLA.



The American Bicycle Association hosted the  Gator  Nationals this past weekend, February,  20-22  in  Oldsmar FL A. This weekend 's event was excellent to say the least. The sun was out in full force, the weather was perfect, and the track and facility were dialed in better then ever! The riders,  families, fans, and industry showed up in full force to an amazing 124 motosThanks to the efforts of the  Oldsmar BMX crew getting the place dialed. Word with the fans was this was the best they had ever seen the track and they were pumped to be there. The racing at the Gator National event was INTENSE! A stacked international field in the AA PRO - Elite ranks was just INSANE! There have been record turn outs in the premier class this season and the fans, industry and media are just  blown away!

With 2009 being the debut of UCI Continental events with ABA BMX racing, the buzz is all around. There's lots of media on hand and many of the sports top athletes from around the world were on hand to take a shot at getting some much needed points towards the UCI ranking and ABA BMX titles. The third UCI event of the 2009 season was r owned by Free Agent's Cristian Becerine. Cristian took a hard fall in the early stages of the race day hurting his hand pretty badly. But rather than pack it up for the day he stuck it out and was able to "holeshot" his way to another victory! Coming in a  solid  2nd to  Cristian was current  ABA BMX National #1 AM and Dew Tour SX winner Nic Long IPOT's Nic Long turned PRO in Reno earlier this season and is settling in to his new class just fine and seems to be adapting well to th e PRO/ELITE level of racing . To round out the UCI podium for the day would be  none other than unsponsored rider Jason Rogers. This kid has been making some big mains this season against a lot of odds. If anyone out there is looking for a top caliber rider you might want to take a look at this guy.

JR. Elite would  see the return of Australia`s  own Sam Willoughby The current UCI's JR. Elite World Champ came back to the state in a big way. Sam picked up the big win in the class first race back.  USA's own and Free Agent`s new wonder kid, Connor Fields rode to a 2nd  place podium once again. Canada's super kid and Redline's Tory Nyhaug was the man to bring home the 3rd place podium spot in Oldsmar, FLA. This class is pretty stacked as well and you can get a glimpse into the future of our sport by watching these guys. The kids no how to race!

Elite Women went down like this, ABA National #1 Ladies PRO, Dominique Daniels keeps her streak alive and makes it three in a row for the top UCI podium spot. Second went to  Redman's Amanda Geving. It was good to see Amanda out at the event as she is a Florida local. Third went to Stephanie Barragan. Stephanie`s always a solid podium contender and can never be counted out for the win!

ABA BMX PRO points day one saw 2008 Olympic  Bronze  medalist,  Hyper Bicycles, Donny Robinson take his first win of the season. Donny's made a bunch of mains this season proving to be very consistent, but this weekend it all clicked for him in Oldsmar. 2nd place went to none other then Maris Strombergs. The Latvian rider has moved to the USA under his new Free Agent sponsorship. Maris is ONE FAST GUY for sure. The 2008 Olympic Gold medalist and current UCI World Champion has been settling into the USA scene as has made big improvements at each event. It won't be long before Maris is on the top step of the box. Fellow Olympian and Free Agent team mate, Kyle Bennett also looked to be getting back on track Sunday. The USAC National BMX Champ worked his way to a 3rd place finish for the day and looks to be battling Mike Day for the ABA BMX PRO points lead.  It was a stacked field at the Gator Nationals and there where a lot of heavy hitters on the side lines watching. Taking with many of the riders Phoenix looks to be the next big event around the corner and there are a lot of hungry guys looking to make their first podium of the season.

On the Ladies side once again defending Champ, Dominique Daniels took the top honors in the class.  A very impressive second went to  GT  Bikes  Arielle Martin. Third went to  Crystal Hime Crystal took some time off and has made a big presence on her return.

Vet Pro  class was another one to watch this weekend.  The VET PRO class has become a who`s who in BMX titles of the past. Names like John Purse, Dale Holmes, Greg Romero, Jason Carnes, Kenth Fallen, Eric Rupe, and so on , and so on. It really is a exciting class to watch. GHP`s John "The Jackal" Purse nailed down two more wins on the weekend stretching his lead in the points even moreRennen rider Will Murray scored his first VET PRO podium on day one with an impressive 2nd place for the new comer to the class. Free Agent`s Dale Holmes  rode solid as ever both days leaving Oldsmar with a 3rd on #1 and a 2nd on day #2. If Dale's at an event you can pretty much count on him being on the box at the end of the day. IPOT's Chad Street was in the house too! Chad found his stride on day #2 with a solid ride to 3rd place and another podium finish. Things are only going to get tougher for this class. It`s starting to look more and more like the AA PRO class of the 90`s out there. I hear rumors of a few other ex-AA`s that might be stepping back into the ring. I for one am pumped to see all the guys back out on the track!

PRO Cruiser went down like this Clayborn`s Barry Nobles was not to be denied this weekend. He was riding way to fast to not win something. Barry laid down a super hot lap and took the PRO Cruiser win over  current ABA BMX National #1 PRO Cruiser rider Danny "Easy Money" Caluag. The third podium spot went out the Florida local boy Josh Meyers. Josh jump on his cruiser on his home track and put a great show on for the fans! has tons of  videos posted from the ABA BMX Gator National weekend!

Check it out at: gator nationals2009/

The ABA would like to thank all the participants, families, teams, sponsors, and BMX industry for helping make the Lake Perris, CA. event such a huge success!

Rider ABA BMX PRO wins after SO. CAL. Dollars Nationals –
AA PRO - Mike Day –  GT Bicycles – 2 ... Joey Bradford - GT Bicycles - 1 ... Kyle Bennett – Free Agent - 1 ... Donny Robinson - Hyper Bicycles - 1

Woman’s PRO - Dominique Daniels –  6 ... Stephanie Barragan – 1

PRO CRUISER - Barry Nobles – Clayborn Bicycles -  3 ... Tyler Brown - Crupi – 1 ... Danny Caluag – BAWLS/Intense - 1 

VET PRO - John Purse – GHP -  5 ... Kenth Fallen – Supercross - 2 ... Dale Holmes - Free Agent - 1

2009 Pro Standing through Gator Nationals










































































































ABA BMX would like to thank all the 2009 National Series sponsors: Dan’s Comp ( )  BAWLS Guarana ( ) Bawlstyle ( ) Redline Bicycles-( ) FLY Racing-( ) Intense BMX-( ) T.H.E. ( ) Tioga-( ) Tangent-( ) ( ) Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex ( ) Sponsorhouse-( ) ABABMXRACERS- ( )

Without their support, we couldn't make the 2009 ABA racing season such a huge success. Support the sponsors that support ABA BMX racing.


The Texas BMX Foundation is being established as a not-for-profit entity and will offer the following benefits to the BMX community:


On-line photographic and race report coverage of all State Series races and select National and International events.


On-line resource for Texas based teams, bike shops, tracks and facilities.


On-line documentation of "The History of BMX in Texas".


An annual scholarship program for Texas high school graduating seniors.


Creation of the "Texas BMX Hall of Fame" with an induction ceremony each year at the State Finals Race.


On-line memorial for deceased members of our Texas BMX family.

Ernesto Pizarro now on Crupi!

Arcadia, California - Crupi Parts, Inc is proud to announce the signing of Ernesto PIzarro.


Ernesto is part of Argentina's Olympic squad and the current top ranked Junior Elite rider in Argentina.


Ernesto has a long history of racing success in Argentina including a World Championship title in 2000 Ernesto will continue living in Argentina and race a full schedule of Latin America races.


Crupi continues to build its dominance in Latin America with riders who will not only win races but promote BMX and Crupi with a winning attitude!


Please help us in welcoming Ernesto to the Crupi family!






Today's BMX Racing News ... Monday - March 2, 2009


Winter Weather?

No better way to get ready for Spring Racing

than a trip to check out the specials at

Now, THAT's some good news you can use!


Alienation BMX Hires New Sales and Marketing Manager

Alienation BMX is proud to announce we have retained the services of Jerry Landrum to work in the Alienation Sales & Marketing Department.

Landrum, a native of Winona Lake, Indiana brings years of BMX experience to the Alienation offices. Landrum’s BMX racing resume includes 13 years running one of the world’s leading BMX Racing web sites (, organizing BMX races at the local, state and national level, having worked for twelve year with BMX promotions for Tektro Brake Systems, working as the official photographer for six years of UCI World BMX races, working on the only BMX racing magazine staff to cover the 08 Beijing Olympic BMX racing event, serving as a BMX racing team manager and continuing to actively race and ride his BMX cruiser regularly.

Working with Alienation, comes naturally for Jerry, as he says, “I have watched Alienation grow from just an idea, nurtured along and come to maturity as a provider of high BMX products, and I am VERY excited about joining the team.” For more information on Alienation BMX products, please visit,


Danish Race – Clinic with a legend!


The MBK maestro, Denis Labigang, had found time to visit the cold Denmark, to nurse and inspire a group of selected riders on the track of Sallingsund BMX Club. He arrived Friday afternoon, and after a short visit to the hotel, the Race Clinic started.


15 young riders, waiting to see, hear and learn, and they didn’t get disappointed. Denis might not be racing any more, but he certainly didn’t look like a retired rider. His attitude and his inspiring way to get the riders to do, what they didn’t think possible themselves, is amazing, and he really knows how to keep the hard practice at a level, where the riders still having fun. 7 hours a day on the track and at the indoor facility took its toll, and for certain, the riders didn’t have problems finding their beds on Sunday evening.


As the outdoor track was still relatively soft, the group used the indoor 4-lane pro-gate system, to catch some of the skills from Denis. Measuring starting time on Friday, and again on Sunday, showed improved time all over. No doubt that the riders had listened to the “master”!


From Sallingsund BMX Club and the riders, we really appreciate, that Denis took time of from his wife, kid and job, to give us that great experience of the weekend. Hope he will soon be back.









Today's BMX Racing News FOR The Weekend.....March 1, 2009


Rennen/Intense kicked off its 2009 ABA campaign in Oldsmar Florida this past weekend and fared well, tying for the factory team win on day one. Here’s how our individual riders fared:

Will Murray (Vet pro): The one lap no crap format was all Will’s style on Day 1 as he picked up a huge 2nd. Will found his way into the main event on day 2 but got caught up in a crash in the first main and ended 7th overall for the day.

Courtney Applewhite (17-27 girls): Missed the UCI Elite Woman’s main on day 1 but found her way into her class main, scoring a 5th. Day 2 she acted as TM as the “Dog and Pony” show headed back to the Northeast after a long week of clinics in the Carolinas. Once again Courtney transferred on to the class main event on day 2.
Alex Frey (15 Cru, x): Picked up a big win on the big bike in his first go around in the 15 age bracket. He was a player in all four of his mains over the course of the weekend and looks to be improving early in the 09 season.

TJ Maniscalchi (10x): Our newest team addition competed in his last race as a ten year old and using tips from his teammates picked up a pair of deuces over the weekend. Look for big things out of TJ this season with his new ride. 

Austin Loebe (16x): In yet another team age changer, Austin picked up a 3rd on day 1 in 16x in Oldsmar. Day 2 he improved on that by pulling in a 2nd place finish.
Rob McAllister (41-45 Cru): Mr. Consistent (Looks more like “Mr. Clean”) scored a pair of 3rds in the “old men who actually race, not just talk online like they know about racing” class.

Next up for the team is a trip to MoTown for an NBL National Team battle in a rodeo area.
Rennen Design Group( makers of the finest gears, chain rings, cogs and the ultimate training tool “G-Cog”! Intense BMX( makers of the ultimate racing frames and tires.
Co-sponsored by: Alienation, Black Crown designs, Cane Creek, Delta/Aztec, Finish Line Lubes, FLY, Johnson BMX Plates, KMC, Morphine Industries, ODI, PowerBar, SINZ, THE, Thomson and Twenty6 products.

Rennen/Intense Factory Team operated under the umbrella of Bizzarro BMX Inc.

Carlos Oquendo now on Crupi!

Arcadia, California - Crupi Parts, Inc is proud to announce the signing of Carlos Oquendo. Carlos is Colombia's top Elite rider if it were not for injury, would have represented Colombia in the Olympics!

South America has such a large and untapped talent pool and we are really excited to continue building our brand in South America and riders like Carlos will certainly help Crupi grow!

Carlos will continue living in Colombia and race a full schedule of Latin America races but there he will visit the states to race at some point this year and of course attend Super Cross races and the World Championships in Australia.

Please help us in welcoming Carlos to the Crupi family!

UCI BMX Pan-American Rounds 7&8 Coming To Colombia!

March 6 & 7, the UCI Pan-American battles will be raging at the track in "Pasto"... the starting ramp is 17 feet tall... has a 2nd and 3rd pro straight... so the track is ready. This is the official website .

Riders from Aruba, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, & Colombia, 2 USA Junior and Elite riders are in attendance to come to race in Pasto, among central American countries.

Up til now there are 550 entries for both days of racing in all classes and all the South American Elite & junior stars, such as Ramiro Marino ARG; Jonathan Suarez VEN, Deivlin Balthazar BRA, Fausto Endara ECU,  Gonzalo Ureta CHL, Hector Barrero MEX, Matt Kelty USA, Connor Fields USA, and the host Colombian riders Andres Jimenez, Augusto Castro, Sergio Salazar & Carlos Oquendo have confirmed their participation.

With a field like that, it can't help but be one of the BEST races of the year......ANYWHERE!

ABA Offers Money Saving Offer On National Registrations!

Effective March 1st, 2009 - Pre-Sign and Save $5 - National Post entry fees for Class, Cruiser and Pro classes now $5 more.

Save $5 by Pre-Registering.

National post registration entry fees for Class, Cruiser and Pro classes will have a $5 increase.

You can save by simply Pre-Registering by phone, fax, mail or at