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archived news / June 2012

BMX Racing news - weekend update - June 28- July 1, 2012


With the X Games in town, Stay Strong's, Stephen Murray got a chance to light up the Fox News/L.A. Studio with a MAJOR interview about his journey from his career ending X Games BMX Dirt accident to his present involvement with staying alive, Stay Strong and being one of the coolest most motivating people in the world!

Watch this interview with tears in your eyes and respect in your heart, cuz Stephen Murray will make you embarrassed that you ever thought you had a bad day! Click on the Stephen Graphic above, and note that it takes you to a different web page!


The Olympics are coming up FAST and since there's no official list yet, we've put together a list of who "seem" to be the riders in attendance.

Please note that BMX Mania is NOT perfect and we may have some adjustments to make on this list, but from the info that we can gather, this seems to be the roster.

Read it and be VERY impressed, cuz these are some of the FASTEST BMXers in the world! The scary thing is that there are many other fast BMXers who will be sitting at home watching the whole thing on TV, knowing that THEY could have been there!

That's the Olympics for you.....The BIGGEST little race in the world!

Olympic Roster corrections can be sent here! :-)

Country UCI Nation Ranking Rider (Listed by first name)
First Qualifying Criteria by Nation Ranking Points by finish at UCI World Championships, UCI SX World Cups & UCI Category 3-6 races.


1st Brian Kirkham
Australia 1st Khalen Young
Australia 1st Sam Willoughby
USA 2nd Connor Fields
USA 2nd David Herman
USA 2nd Nic Long
France 3rd Joris Daudet
France 3rd Moana Moo Caille
France 3rd Quentin Caleyron
Latvia 4th Edzus Treimanis
Latvia 4th Maris Strombergs
Latvia 4th Rihards Veide
Netherlands 5th Jelle Van Gorkom
Netherlands 5th Raymon Van Der Biezen
Netherlands 5th Twan Van Gendt
Colombia 6th Andres Jimenez
Colombia 6th Carlos Oquendo
New Zealand 7th Kurt Pickard
New Zealand 7th Marc Willers
Germany 8th Luis Brethauer
Germany 8th Maik Baier
Italy 9th Manuel De Vecchi
Argentina 10th Ernesto Pizzaro
Canada 11th Tory Nyhaug*

*Pending Medical Approval


Second Qualifying Criteria is best finish at the UCI Worlds. Only countries not qualified in the first criteria qualify here.

S. Africa 15th Sifiso Nhlapo
Switzerland 18th Roger Rinderknecht
Belgium 21st Arnaud Dubois
Philippines 24th Danny Caluag
Brazil 27th Renato Rezende
Denmark 31st Morten Therkildsen

Third Qualifying Criteria is if the Host Country is not qualified above, they are allotted this position.

Great Britain   Liam Phillips*

*Pending Medical Approval

Fourth Qualifying Criteria is if all 32 places are not filled, then the next highest qualifying country will be allowed to go.
Ecuador   Emilio Falla


Country UCI Nation Ranking Rider
First Qualifying Criteria by Nation Ranking Points by finish at UCI World Championships, UCI SX World Cups & UCI Category 3-6 races.


1st Caroline Buchanan
Australia 1st Lauren Reynolds
U.S.A. 2nd Alise Post
U.S.A. 2nd Arielle Martin
France 3rd Magalie Pottier
France 3rd Laetitia Le Corguille
Czech Rep. 4th Aneta Hladikova
Czech Rep. 4th Ramona Labounková
Colombia 5th Mariana Pajon
Netherlands 6th Laura Smulders
New Zealand 7th Sarah Walker
Second Qualifying Criteria is best finish at the UCI Worlds. Only countries not qualified in the first criteria qualify here.
Brazil 6th Squel Stein
Lithuania 10th Vilma Rimsaite
Venezuela 11th Stefany Hernandez
Third Qualifying Criteria is if the Host Country is not qualified above, they are allotted this position.
Great Britain   Shanaze Reade
Fourth Qualifying Criteria is if all 16 places are not filled, then the next highest qualifying country will be allowed to go.
Latvia   Sandra Aleksejeva



BMX Racing news - Thursday update - June 28, 2012

Supercross picks up Alan Hudson

Alan has been around the Supercross program and family for a few years, and we are very proud to welcome him back into the program at the Factory Level.

Everyone remembers Alan as “Hot Pants” the infamous nick name given to him by Mike Redman, and one day you may have to call him Coach Hot Pants, or Professor Hot Pants, as he is now going for his Political Science Degree and is doing Coaching, Recruiting and Racing for Mars Hill University along with Supercross.

Alan, is proving part of a continuing tradition of what we stand here at Supercross with the academics. Kenth Fallen our Vet Pro earned his degree while racing, Blake Carney our 4x Pro getting his degree while traveling the World 4x Series, Speedline/Supercross’ Kim Hayashi is finishing up her Dental Degree while racing, Dani George became the Valedictorian of her School while racing, and now with Alan being the BMX Coach/Scout while finishing up his degree and racing, it is further proof that Academics and Racing to go hand in hand.

With his program at Mars Hill, Alan will not only just be doing BMX, but will be involved with all aspects of cycling, BMX, MTB, Cyclocross, and Crit racing. And will be doing all disciplines on his Supercross’, some of them may be custom one off’s such as a Cyclocross or Road frame, but he will be helping along with the rest of the Supercross Factory team to help us continue to bring you the best racing chassis on the market.

Now unique to Alan’s sponsorship with Supercross is that he is official sponsor title is Supercross / . some of you may be wondering what is? Well it is a non profit scholarship foundation that Dani George has started up to try to offer scholarship assistance to BMXers that wish to go on to College and need a little bit of extra financial assistance. It is a great program that is going to help many many BMXers over the years and is just getting started. You will be hearing more and more about it as it gets rolling, but Alan, aside from Dani is the first BMXer to wear the name and help promote the awareness of this foundation. It is a great program where BMXers are helping BMXers. If you want to help by donating to the foundation, there will be links on the site to help as soon as it is ready. We here at Supercross will keep you updated as we think it is a great idea and program to continue to help the future of BMX and BMXers.

When Alan was asked how it felt to be back on Supercross, he said “I’m glad to be continuing my relationship with Bill and Supercross as I transition into this new and exciting part of my life. Finishing my education has always been priority that I put off, until it almost fell by the wayside. But with more and more schools broadening their cycling programs, and not only welcoming those of us in the BMX discipline, but offering help with tuition. I felt it’d be foolish to not take advantage of this very unique opportunity. I’m also very happy and proud to be a part of Dani George’s very inspirational and admirable pursuit to promote education within our sport with her Dream For Your Future Scholarship Fund. To say that I’m excited to be involved and outfitted with the most thought out and best crafted products across the cycling spectrum would most assuredly be an understatement. I look forward to not only finishing my education, but being apart of the Supercross family. I definitely don’t feel weird using the phrase family, because by design the Supercross team contains people that I’ve had the deepest relationships that I’ve encountered while racing. So again, I am happy to look forward and continue being competitive while at the same time hastily and whole-heartedly pursuing my degree!”

Alan will be riding his ENVY v2 Pro for all of his BMX racing, and he is on the 2103 Shine Prototype for his 4x racing. Be on the lookout for some cool Cyclocross prototype frames soon and most likely another short run of custom Supercross Road frames so Alan can have his stable full.

Shovel Wizard Builds awesome pump track for Santa Cruz County Parks!

"BMXer’s Nation wide! has completed construction of an amazing bike park for Santa Cruz County Parks and Recreations.

The bike park is located in the Polo Fields county park at 2255 Huntington Drive, Aptos, CA.

The park is free to the public and open seven days a week.

Also please visit for more information about having a bicycle park, pump track or race track built in your yard or local community as well."

Two Minutes With Connor Fields!


Want to know more about 1/3rd of The BMX Olympic Team from the USA?

Well then check out this little video of Connor Fields from your friends over at Chase Bikes…

Thomas Hamon (France) Vendetta Racing DRAFT Bike

French BMX Superhero, Thomas Hamon sent us a nice instagram photo of his new Vendetta Racing (France) DRAFT bike with some cool Vendetta Racing parts (pivotal race seat, pivotal carbon seatpost, american bars, new tommy gun fork...)

The testing is going well. The bike works very great on all types of tracks: SX and Traditional. Yeah!

photo :



BMX Racing news - Tuesday update - June 26, 2012

Chase BMX / Tioga BMX and USA Cycling Junior Development Camp #2 Wrap up report

The 2nd USA Cycling BMX Junior Development Program series camp was held the week of June 18-23rd. 13 of the top Jr Devo riders that qualified from racing the Jr Devo series at the USA BMX events were hand picked to attend the camp.

Designed to give the next generation of BMX riders not only a chance to ride at the USA Olympic training center on 2 of the Supercross tracks on site, but learn all aspects of training from the staff at the OTC Jr Devo Program.

An outlined program from Camp Directors Brian Fell, Jerry Bradford, and Elite Rider Tyler Brown gave the riders direction for the week.

The Jr Devo campers go through seminars and hands on instruction in many different areas, such as Nutrition, Recovery, Dynamic Warm Up, Gym, Weights, and more.

Riders are also tested in many areas to further help develop training programs and address areas of improvement that the riders may need help in the fundamentals for BMX racing.

The riders were also on the Supercross track for 2 training sessions a day while at the camp. This camp was special, as with the newly completed London replica track, the campers were able to ride both SX tracks on site and see the true progression of the SX tracks.

The riders went through the entire camp honing their skills and it would all culminate on Friday with a time trial for each rider to qualify for a mock race, held on Saturday. The riders were given 2 chances to complete the track, and the faster of the 2 times would be used to seat the racers for the motos for Saturday race.

Chase BMX Olympian Connor Fields was on hand for a few days of the camp as well to ride with the Jr Devo riders, as well as give advise and tips to the riders. Also on hand during the camp were fellow BMX Olympians Nic Long, Arielle Martin, and Alise Post.

The Jr Devo Riders that attended the camp were: Shaelen Reno, Carlie Ferree, Cameron Moore, Collin Hudson, Gavin Nelson, Tucker Rice, Hunter Pelham, Matt Chism, Tyler Wagner, Caleb Minthorn, Ryan Zinzow, Luke Roarty, and Justin Knapper.

The riders were quite impressive on the SX tracks as well as at the camp itself. The men's overall winner in the mock race was Collin Hudson, with Cameron Moore in 2nd, and Tucker Rice in 3rd. You can watch a video of the final here (iPhone Video)

Hunter Pelham was on the rear wheel of Hudson but crashed out in the final over the berm jump. Hunter walked away from the crash.

The future of BMX in the USA is very bright and the Jr Devo program is helping guide the young riders to the top of the SX podium in the future.

Prizes were donated to the camp by Chase BMX's team supporters and some of the best in BMX: Tioga, Oakley, Kicker, ODI, USA BMX, Insight, Elevn, and Kingstar. Thanks so much for your support of the Chase BMX team and the Jr Devo Camp series.

The USA Cycling BMX Junior Development Program Series (JDP) is designed to take our next generation of young talented amateur BMX athletes to the highest level of BMX racing. The goal of this program is to prepare this group by allowing unprecedented access to the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California.

The program is targeting all 15 and 16-year-olds using the 2012 UCI BMX calendar. There are 2 more camps left for the 2012 year: Aug. 13-18 and Oct. 15-20.

Riders qualify to attend the camps with results during one of four qualification periods in USA Cycling's BMX Junior Development Series. To learn more about the series, camps or how to qualify, please visit USA Cycling's BMX Junior Development Program web page.


The USAC Junior Development Program is proudly supported by Chase BMX, Tioga BMX, and J&R Bicycles:


Chase BMX - Chase BMX frames were created to bring the BMX racing world a new standard for the Elite level of BMX racing frames. No gimmicks, just straightforward technological advancements to offer you the lightest and stiffest frames.

These advantages allow you to get all the human generated power to the ground, and give you the biggest advantage offered from any current BMX frame - The winning advantage.

Tioga BMX - Tioga BMX is the maker of the winningest tire in BMX history and has deep roots in the sport. Working with the worlds fastest pro riders, Tioga uses feedback from the best R&D team you could ask for to continue to improve on our winning products. Tioga's commitment to that is the Fast 2 line. Fast 'squared' is Tioga's commitment to developing BMX racing components that gets you from point A to point B Faster. Than. Ever.
Whether getting faster requires lighter components, components to give you greater control, or something else,2Tioga will keep tweaking and innovating to find it. Race with Tioga components and be confident that you are racing on Precision Fast2 Gear.
J & R Bicycles - The mission at J&R Bicycles is to provide the highest quality of service and products to BMX riders from around the world while supporting the growth of the sport. J&R Bicycles has been around since the late 70's but wasn't a major mark on the BMX scene until the Morrison family purchased it in 1990. Since then J&R has traveled over a million miles to BMX races across the country.

With our website ( and our switch to a BMX only store several years ago our focus has strengthened J&R into the largest BMX only store in the world.


BMX Racing news - Monday update - June 25, 2012

Willoughby & Buchanan head Australian Olympic BMX team

World champion Sam Willoughby heads Australia's BMX campaign at the London Olympics after being named in a five-strong team on Monday.

Heading to London as the top-ranked nation in men's and women's BMX, world No.1 Willoughby is joined by No.2 women's rider Caroline Buchanan, who won the world time trial championship last month in Birmingham, England.

Joining Sam & Caroline are Brian Kirkham and Khalen Young on the Men's team and World No.5 Lauren Reynolds on the Elite Women's squad.

E.J. Dorrian BMX Clinics....."How To Manual"

Lookin' for a little expertise in expanding your BMX skills?

E.J. Dorrian has the answer for ya. Some quick snappy video info on how to get your manual on the next time you're at the track.

Check it out, then grab your bike and make it on over to the track to polish your new BMX racin' skills!

For more, check out E.J. Dorrian BMX Clinics at

Or, you can hit E.J. up on, I mean.....Facebook.







BMX Racing news - Thursday update - June 20, 2012


Connor Fields, goin' fast and makin' it happen at the U.S. Olympic BMX Trials this past weekend at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. Connor's had quite a year so far, winning 3 of the last 5 UCI World events and securing a spot at the Olympics with his win this past weekend, where he'll be one of the favorites to secure his place in BMX History with a Gold Medal!

SE BMX Wants You!

SE Bikes is Hiring for Product Manager Position


Position: SE Bikes Associate Product Manager
Location: Philadelphia, PA

We are seeking an organized, detail-oriented person for the SE Bikes Associate Product Manager position.


Strong communication skills, advanced knowledge of Excel (or similar), college education and BMX background preferred. Position requires accurate management of SE model spec, negotiation with vendors, and international travel.


The SE Associate Product Manager will work closely with the SE brand Manager on various marketing strategies throughout the year.


Must have a positive outlook on life and like to have fun!


Interested in a job that can change your life? Reply to:


What an awesome State Series! Win cool prizes! Score a custom Hot Shoppe 4 Star Series jersey! Win cash in the Pro Am? Race seven Rad California BMX tracks! You got it all, baby! DO IT!




BMX Racing news - weekend update - June 15-17, 2012


Connor Fields wins the winner-take-all final to secure an automatic nomination to London.

2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – BMX

U.S. Olympic Training Center – Chula Vista, Calif.

Saturday, June 16

FINAL - 1 CONNOR FIELDS 38.203 ... 2 MIKE DAY 38.623 ... 3 CORBEN SHARRAH 38.765 ... 4 BARRY NOBLES 45.565

TIME TRIAL - 1 CORBEN SHARRAH 37.964  ... 2 CONNOR FIELDS 38.229 ... 3 NIC LONG 39.047



Redline Road To London With Alise Post

Part 3 in the ROAD TO LONDON series of interviews with the global Redline team.

This episode features Alise Post discussing what it takes to be an Olympic athlete and her history with Redline.

Tommy Zula Edit & Bike Check
DK BMX Pro, Tommy Zula's got it goin' on with the whole bike check thing. He hit up the track at Utah's, Rad Canyon track, got in a few "Hot Laps" and broke it all down, tech wise on what's happenin' down on bike, just for you, so check it out!

USA Cycling announces 2012 Olympic team

Colorado Springs, Colo. (June 15, 2012) -- USA Cycling announced today 21 of its 24 nominees to the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team, including 10 male and 11 female athletes across the disciplines of road cycling, track cycling, mountain biking and bicycle motocross (BMX).

Six of these were automatic nominees and 15 were nominated to the Olympic Team via discretionary selection. All of USA Cycling’s discretionary nominations are made by a highly qualified, independent committee, facilitated by key USA Cycling staff, using the posted principles of discretionary selection which are centered on an athlete’s capability to medal or otherwise enhance team performance and create a medal capable environment.

As the discipline of BMX racing returns to the Olympic Games after its debut in 2008, the U.S. will field the maximum five-person squad which consists of three men and two women.

Automatic qualifiers include David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo./Free Agent-Rockstar) on the men’s side and Arielle Martin (Spanaway, Wash./Intense BMX) for the women. Herman and Martin earned automatic nominations as the top-ranked athletes in USA Cycling’s BMX Power Rankings.

Herman will be joined by the winner of the U.S. Olympic Trials for BMX on June 16 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., as well as a discretionary nominee who will also be named and announced on the 16th at the U.S. BMX Hall Of Fame banquet. Martin will be joined by a single discretionary nominee on the women’s squad who will also be named at the Hall Of Fame banquet.

“We have a strong team going to London with a solid combination of experience, leadership and young talented athletes who are all capable of standout performances,” said USA Cycling V.P. of Athletics Jim Miller. “Each member of the team is deserving, we’re proud to welcome them as a part of Team USA and look forward to a promising Olympic Games.”

All nominations are subject to approval by the USOC board of directors. More information on cycling in the Olympic Games, including complete selection procedures and athlete bios can be found at

2012 Olympic Games - London, UK  - July 28 – Aug. 12 - USA Cycling Nominees:

David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo./Free Agent-Rockstar)
Spot #2 Olympic Trials winner
Spot #3 discretionary nomination following Olympic Trials

* Arielle Martin (Spanaway Wash./Intense BMX)
Spot #2 discretionary nomination following Olympic Trials

8 BMXers set to compete for a ticket to London at the 2012 Olympic Trials

Graphic -

Chula Vista, Calif. (June 14, 2012) — On Saturday, June 16, eight men will vie for the chance to compete in London this summer when they put their wheel to the line at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials for BMX. The competition will take place at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., which features America's only London-replica supercross track.

With the overall winner of the event earning an automatic nomination to the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team, the competitors include: Connor Fields (Henderson, Nev./Chase BMX), Nic Long (Lakeside, Calif./Haro Bikes), Mike Day (San Diego, Calif./GT Bicycles), Barry Nobles (Menifee, Calif./DK Bicycles), Corben Sharrah (Tucson, Ariz./GT Bicycles), Donny Robinson (Napa, Calif./Hyper Bicycles), Joey Bradford (Monterey, Calif./Prophecy BMX) and Josh Meyers (Treasure Island, Fla./Ssquared-Answer). Tyler Faoro (Coral Springs, Fla./Phoenix-Profile) was named the replacement athlete, designating him eligible to replace any athlete who experiences injury, illness, or any foreseen incident prior to the start of the event.

Event Information

The event format includes a total of six races: two time trials, three motos and a final. Points will be awarded to the top three finishers in the time trial and the top four finishers in each moto. The top six riders who have the highest points after the second moto advance (the other two riders will be eliminated). Then the top four riders with the highest points after the third moto advance to the final (the other two will be eliminated). The final will only include the four riders with the highest points, and a one-lap race will determine the winner who will be named to the 2012 U.S. Olympic BMX Team.

Doors will open to the public on Saturday at 1 p.m., and the event begins at 3 p.m. with an opening cermony. San Diego-based ska band Buck-O-Nine will also be performing during the afternoon's festivities.

General admission tickets will be available for purchase by the public at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista as visitors approach the supercross track. General admission tickets are $10, and children 4 years old or younger are free. Parking will cost $10 per vehicle. V.I.P. tickets will also be available for purchase on-site for $75. V.I.P. tickets include premium spectator area as well as complementary food and beverage. Please note that the Olympic Training Center is a tobacco-free facility

The Road to London

Saturday's competitors will be seeking to join David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo./Free Agent-Rockstar), who secured an automatic nomination to the U.S. Olympic Team as the overall leader of the 2012 USA Cycling BMX Power Rankings following the 2012 UCI BMX World Championships.

Fields, Long, Day and Nobles all earned automatic nominations to USA Cycling's BMX Olympic Long Team and invitations to the Olympic Trials for BMX by virtue of their top five ranking in the final standings of the 2012 USA Cycling BMX Power Rankings. Sharrah, Robinson, Bradford and Meyers were all discretionary nominations to the Long Team and were extended invitations to the Olympic Trials based on various factors, including UCI BMX World Championship results and UCI BMX Supercross World Cup results.

On the women's side, Arielle Martin (Spanaway, Wash./Intense BMX) received an automatic nomination to the final Olympic Team by virtue of placing first in the BMX Elite Women's Power Rankings.

One additional female and a third discretionary men's pick for the U.S. Olympic Team will be chosen by an independent committee, and is set to be announced on June 16 at the National BMX Hall of Fame induction ceremony following the trials competition. All nominations are subject to approval by the USOC board of directors. More information on cycling in the Olympic Games, including complete selection procedures can be found at

Broadcast Schedule and More Information

The event is set to be televised on the NBC Sports Network on Saturday, June 23 from 6-7:30 p.m. ET. More information, including a complete schedule of events, media credential info and athlete bios, can be found on the U.S. Olympic Trials for BMX webpage.

2012 U.S. Olympic Trials for BMX - U.S. Olympic Training Center — Chula Vista, Calif. - Saturday, June 16, 2012

List of Competitors ... Connor Fields (Henderson, Nev./Chase BMX) - Nic Long (Lakeside, Calif./Haro Bikes) - Mike Day (San Diego, Calif./GT Bicycles) - Barry Nobles (Menifee, Calif./DK Bicycles) - Corben Sharrah (Tucson, Ariz./GT Bicycles) - Donny Robinson (Napa, Calif./Hyper - Bicycles) - Joey Bradford (Monterey, Calif./Prophecy BMX) - Josh Meyers (Treasure Island, Fla./Ssquared-Answer)

*Tyler Faoro (Coral Springs, Fla./Phoenix-Profile)
*replacement athlete – eligible to replace any athlete who experiences injury, illness, or any foreseen incident prior to the start of the event.

 BMX Mania Race Report Coverage Of The U.S. Olympic BMX Trials To Begin Sunday Morning! Check It!

Take A Ride With Corsa Racewear!



BMX Racing news - Tuesday - June 12, 2012

BMX Mania UCI BMX World's Race Report Updated

Yes, we know that the UCI BMX Worlds were two weeks ago, but we still have good news for you from that stunning event. BMX Mania has gotten a late start on getting all of the final details posted to our BMX Mania Race Report from Birmingham, so if you want to check out the final configuration, including all Official Time Trial and Race Results, plus, HUNDREDS of great race action photos from the worlds, just hit up the banner ad posted above and check it out.

Posted are results and photos from Saturday's Elite & Junior racing and Sunday's Challenge Cruiser race action!

J&R BMX At The UCI Worlds!

June Redline Flight School Clinics With Jason Carnes






BMX Racing news - Monday - June 11, 2012

Mike Day GT BMX Video Profile!

Leading up to this week's Team USA BMX Olympic Trials, the legendary Pro BMXer, Mike Day has high hopes of Summer Olympics' glory! Check out Mike's dreams and goals for his career in BMX. AWESOME!!!!!

SPY Optics to supply DK Australia Race Team

The DK BMX Factory Team has announced premium Goggle brand, SPY Optics as a new co-sponsor for the team and official supplier of Goggles and accessories for the 2012/13 season.


The sponsorship is Spy Australia’s first with a BMX team and will help team riders, including world number 4 Anthony Dean and former Australian Junior Champion Matt Dunsworth, have crystal clear vision when competing.DK Factory Team Manager Corey Stafford said SPY Optics experience in action sports in Australia would be of great benefit to the team.“Spy Optics has long been a strong supporter of BMX in the United States and has a huge presence in everything from snowboarding to motocross, we are looking to emulate the same presence here in Australia” he said.


“We’re thrilled to have such an exciting and enthusiastic sponsor behind us and all our riders are very much looking forward to competing in SPY product.

Other athletes currently supported by Spy include US motocross stars Jeremy McGrath and Kevin Windham.


Gas Imports (SPY Australia) Manager Josh McFarlane said the company had been looking to enter the BMX market in Australia for some time and the DK Factory Team presented an ideal opportunity.


“The DK Factory Team is renowned for its professionalism, dedication to the sport and its proven record on track, all key elements that SPY Optics looks for in a partnership.”


SPY Optics joins LooseKid Industries, Skullcandy,Goodlife Healthclubs and Bioflex Supplements as co-sponsors of the DK Factory Team.

Spy Optics is sold globally through top retailers and specialty outlets. .....

Factory CycleCraft Lights up Nashville

A small contingent of the Factory CycleCraft Team pulled into Nashville for the Music City Nationals and had them-selves a thrilling weekend. While good music, good food and the rolling hills of a beautiful countryside define the background of Tennessee living, on this weekend it was all about the racing.


Who better to kick off the festivities than Tennessee's own Josh Fry. Small Fry entered a huge class at 14X facing 38 opponents but the whispers in staging indicated that the other riders were worried about facing him. Josh is an imposing figure even at such a young age and being a local rider helped secure him a clear advantage. He waded through the waves of riders making it to his mains taking 6th on Sat and 5th on Sunday.


Thomas Marchese had his hands full at 15 expert. Despite facing 30+ of the best riders in the country he did not give them an inch. Thomas fought for every placing in every moto. While he was unable to make the mains, he showed that no one was going to intimidate this dedicated rider.


McKenkie Gayheart was everywhere that you looked on the track. She was blasting out of the gate, rolling like a quad through the rhythm section and passing riders on the last straight. Little Mac took 3rd in the 10 and under Girls Cruiser class and made the main on both days at 9 Girls landing 3rd and 4th.


Two of CycleCraft's teen girls took to the clay at the Music City. Kalee Reynolds hopped the border from Georgia to take on the 14 year olds. While the class was not deep, it was top heavy with talent. Kalee raced hard against riders like Jamie Windholz and Lexa Jones earning herself a 6th place finish.


New rider to the team at 15 Girls was "The Princess" Michelle Huey. Clad in her new kit, on a new CycleCraft frame and wearing new clip shoes Michelle used Saturday as a testing ground. On Sunday she was ready to go, making the main and scoring 6th place.


Ryan Halligan brought his usual hearty smile to Nashville. No matter where this kid goes he brightens up the crowd. Ryan had to face a stacked class at 14X and didn't make the mains but he did enjoy styling through the air. If his race speed ever catches up to his jumping skills he'll be a tour de force on the track.


36-40 Expert was another amazing class to watch. CC's Randy Winfrey took on Rennen's Shawn Diprete and Morphine's' Doran Bradshaw for some spectacular racing. Randy pulled it all out with a huge win on Saturday and battled Diprete to the edge taking 2nd place on Sunday.


Finally Joey Leto dived into the icy waters of 11 Expert. With 28 riders throwing down some mad power these little guys mixed the motos full of doubt. However, Joey overcame that doubt! He made it to the mains on both days taking 7th and then 4th.


CycleCraft riders had a blast in Nashville but none of it would have been possible without all of their great sponsors.




BMX Racing news - weekend update - June 8-10, 2012



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Tom Sawyer Park just 3 miles! Airport just 11 miles!




BMX Racing news - Thursday - June 7, 2012

USA BMX and BMX Canada Announces $27,000 in Scholarship Awards

The Scholarship Committee at USA BMX announced today that $27,000 is being awarded to twenty individual recipients. "We had a number of strong candidates and the applications we received were all very good", said BA Anderson, CEO of USA BMX. "We are pleased to award 20 deserving individuals who have dedicated themselves in the classroom as well as on the BMX track", continued Anderson.


The Bob Warnicke Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to assist students and their families in meeting the costs of undergraduate college education, trade school, etc. USA BMX/BMX Canada members who have a current USA BMX/BMX Canada license or Track Operators/Officials who participate in BMX racing events sanctioned by USA BMX/BMX Canada were eligible to apply.


The following individuals have been awarded a Bob Warnicke Scholarship for the upcoming academic year:

First Name

Last Name














George Tyler

























Tyler James


























Smith III










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Funds for the scholarship are raised through Bob Warnicke Scholarship races held at individual BMX tracks around the United States and Canada. While not all tracks hosted scholarship races in 2011, many more tracks will be hosting races in 2012. With an increased number of tracks participating, funds awarded next year are sure to increase.



BMX Racing news - Monday - June 4, 2012

Tioga's Tylervision Travels To Clark&KentLand In The English Countryside!
Tioga's, Tyler Brown has been on the road to far off lands, racing BMX and his most recent travels took him to Birmingham, England where he hit up the UCI BMX Worlds.

Before the race, he stopped by the country estate of Clark & Kent Contractors, the renowned track builders to check out their Back Yard Pump Track. Of world level quality, the track is getting known as one of "The" places to ride in the U.K.

Check it out, fans......Tylervision......Just for you!



BMX Racing news - weekend update - June 1-3, 2012

Dale Holmes & Friends Hash Over The 2012 UCI Worlds!

Join World Champ, Dale Holmes as he and the Cast Of Experts talk over the comings and goings from the UCI BMX World Championships in Birmingham, England. Just click above to settle in with TWO HOURS of enlightenment.

USA BMX and NBC Universal Team Up To Offer Online Membership Renewal Benefit

USA BMX and NBC Universal have teamed up to bring USA BMX members renewing their license online a phenomenal deal!


For a limited time, any USA BMX member that renews their license online at the special Olympic promotion rate of $79, will receive a $50 redemption coupon that can be used at the website. That's like renewing your license for $29! If you have several family members that want to renew their license, you will be given the respective family discounts and will receive a $50 redemption coupon for each license renewed.


Gold Memberships, renewed online at the Olympic promotion rate of $130, will also receive a $50 redemption coupon. The redemption coupon will be included on your membership renewal email receipt. Renewing your license online also gives you the added bonus of being able to print out your membership receipt, at any time, until your USA BMX card arrives.


Everyone should check out, they have everything from awesome 2012 London Olympics souvenirs, Team USA merchandise, and lots more, all at reasonable prices. Gear up for the Olympics and get a great deal on your USA BMX membership!


When your license is renewed and you have your redemption code in hand, go to the website and shop 'til you drop! Since the redemption code can only be used once, be sure to pick out at least $50 worth of merchandise to get the most out of this offer. (If you only spend $35, you lose the balance of $15 as the redemption code can only be used once.)


Track Operators, rest assured, members can choose which track they credit their renewal to and you will be given full credit for track points. Look for this promotion to be rolled out within the next week with a large ad campaign on the homepage of the website.


Our next goal is to have the ability to process brand-new memberships online as well, and our programmers are hard-at-work developing that process. When that happens, this offer can be extended to brand-new members. As always, we will keep you posted on any new developments! This year is shaping up to be the best ever in our sport and we're glad that you are a part of it...