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archived news / July 2012

BMX Racing news - Tuesday update - July 31, 2012


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 31, 2012 - Global SX Events Inc. is pleased to announce professional BMX racer Mike Day as the new part owner of GSX Events Inc. Mike Day is one of the most well-known BMX athletes in the world, being the silver Olympic medalist at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, a Red Bull athlete and a constant front-runner at the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.

Apart from being a dedicated BMX racer, Mike is a strong advocate and spokesperson for BMX with a genuine passion for the sport. “When I first heard about GSX my interest was immediately peaked. I was intrigued by their exciting vision and the genuine passion for BMX. Aligning myself with this awesome group of industry experts has been one of the best decisions, and I am super pumped to see where it goes from here.” Says Mike Day.

Global SX Events (GSX) oversees the general management of the UCI (International Cycling Union) BMX Supercross World Cup, the world’s leading BMX racing series. Under their management, the 2012 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup so far has brought in record numbers of participants, spectators and an increased media and TV coverage world-wide.

“I have been involved in BMX since I was 9 years old, and I have witnessed it take many different leaps and bounds as a sport. I never thought that we would be as widely recognized as we are and I attribute that to companies like GSX who believe in the sport of BMX racing” says Mike Day. “Through my years in BMX and all the events I have attended, I feel I can bring a level of authentic-nes to all GSX events and programs”

Although Mike will continue his current occupation as a professional BMX athlete, he will act as vice Marketing Manager within the GSX organisation. Mike will bring considerable knowledge and a athlete insight moving the sport to the next level.

“We are very excited of having Mike Day onboard” says Johan Lindstrom, CEO and founder of GSX Events. “Not only will Mike bring an athlete view on things, but his vision and passion for the sport of BMX is definititely something we value” continues Lindstrom.

Mike Day's involvement will certainly support GSX mission to promote cutting edge events, as well as answering to the increasing demand of constructing high-level BMX tracks around the world through its subsidiary, EliteTrax, Inc. In the upcoming Red Bull R.Evolution event in Berlin, Germany 24th August 2012, Mike has already been involved giving valuable input on track design and the event format.

About Global SX Events, Inc. Global SX Events Inc. (GSX Events) is the premier promoter of professional and amateur BMX events internationally. The GSX team represents the leading edge of BMX events organization and have been instrumental developing the BMX Supercross World Cup series. GSX Events Inc. is headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio, USA. GSX Events Inc main stake holder is StrateSphere LLC.

About EliteTrax, Inc. EliteTrax, Inc. (EliteTrax) is committed to the development, design and construction of premier event tracks around the world. The EliteTrax team led by Tom Ritzenthaler is globally recognized delivering BMX tracks of the highest standard and is the preferred construction company of the UCI and the appointed designer and track builder for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio, USA, EliteTrax is a subsidiary of Global SX Events, Inc.

For more information please call GSX CEO Johan Lindstrom 1000 Creekside Plaza, Suite 300, Gahanna, Ohio 43230 USA Phone; +1 (614) 416 7680, Fax; +1 (614) 750 1212

Mike Day photo by Justin Kosman

Global Supercross Releases Ground Breaking Video History!

The Rad Dudes at GSX have started a fantastic chronicling of the modern day SX BMX discipline, with a couple of great videos that you can check out on their site, www.BMXlive.TV, your one stop shop for all things SX BMX related.

The Road To Beijing is the story of BMX Racing from it’s historic roots in California in the 1960’s right through the development of the sport to becoming an Olympic event in Beijing in 2008.

Check it out here, at !

annual hot rod industry BMX challenge Race at Louisville BMX, August 4th!

Come out to Derby City BMX in Louisville, Kentucky and enjoy some BMX Racing fun!

They will be featuring a Special Race along with the Bob Warnicke (Double Pts) race

Registration 4:30 - 6:30 ..... RACE around 7 PM

Special Race - Anyone vending or showing at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals - come out to the track and show us your skills! See Street Rod superstars like Tim Strange, Tommy Boshers, DW Horton, Dave Tucci and many other famous Hot Rod Builders.

Free Event T-shirt to all entries!

Entry fees - $20 for class $35 for class and cruiser $15 opens.

IF YOU are participating in the Hot Rod Challenge (You MUST have a participation button, vendor pass or media pass) then it is FREE!!

Registration for the race (USA BMX membership) will be at the Derby City trailer.

Registration for the Hot Rod Industry Challenge will be at the Strange Motion Pit area. ALL T-Shirts will be picked up at the Strange Motion Pit Area

The Team of Pierce Barker & Danny Oakley are Olympic bound

The 2012 UCI BMX World Championships were a huge success for Pierce Barker & Danny Oakley, where at the indoor race in Birmingham, England, in front of the BMX World, they unveiled the NEW Pro Gate Crescent Moon Gate.

Pierce Barker, President of ProStuff, formally announced the Partnership of Pierce Barker & Danny Oakley, during Pierce's presentation at the 2012 USABMX Summit in Louisville, Kentucky, with Pierce being a Machine Builder & Danny being a Rocket Scientist.

In addition, Danny is a World Champion BMX Racer, Hall of Famer, and BMX Legend. The BMX World Championships were yet another successful outing for the Partnership.

The official announcement may have come during the USABMX Summit in Kentucky, and during interviews with Pierce, but it is obvious to anyone in the BMX World, and anyone attending any of the UCI Supercross World Cup events, and UCI BMX World Championships, that Danny Oakley has been supporting the Pro Gate product and the ProStuff company for well over a year.

Pierce & Danny traveled to UCI Headquarters last year in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics, along with helping define the World standards for BMX.

At the 2012 London Olympics, the Pro Gate Straight 8 Gate will be deployed for the World's best athletes, another crowning achievement for the Team of Pierce Barker & Danny Oakley.

For more information, check out:

Contact: Pierce Barker at

Danny Oakley at

Promo by DOD 2012

Moana Moo-Caille Olympic Frame

“After only one year Prophecy is proud to be at the Olympic game.

It was for us an exceptional year with first the 3rd place at the Elite World Championship of Moana Moo-Caille and his selection for the Olympic Games.

We also saw the selection of Joey Bradford to the US Olympic trials, which is a huge honor and only earned because you are one of the best!

To celebrate this we decided to prepare for Moana Moo-Caille a special frame color….So here is the color of the frame of our current W3 elite men Moana Moo-Caille with the French flag color with a special star Blue, white and red shiny color.

A special color for an exceptional rider…Moana is ready now to go for one of those medals. to order on line.”

MCS Announces 2013 BMX Race Line!
We have been VERY busy over here at MCS Bicycles! After much blood, sweat and tears... We are proud and excited to announce unveil the 2013 additions to the MCS BICYCLES line-up.






BMX Racing news - weekend update - July 27-29, 2012


DIVEBOMB Clothing is psyched to announce their hot new web site is off the ground and divebombn' BMXers all over the world with great looking designs that are the official Tee's of the UCI BMX Supercross Series! They are celebrating with a big Buy Two, Get 20% Off discount on every model tee that they have, check out what's hot and set the style meter at your track with some good lookin' shirts!

But that's not all, my friend! While you're there ordering your official BMX SX World Cup Series shirt or trying to flag down Mike Day's 365 All Day, Every Day tee, make sure to check out their extensive selection of tasty media clips from what it's like to ride the classic "Beijing Track" at Chula Vista to webisodes from several of this past year's UCI SX races.

Dive Bomb the competition with Divebomb Clothing from the Rad Ones at GSX!

Check em out at !

Answer BMX Supports Riders To The Olympics On Answer Forks!

Answer BMX would like to take this opportunity to wish Good Luck to all of our Answer co-sponsored athletes competing in the 2012 London Olympics Games next week. The following 16 athletes will be representing their respective countries as they go for the GOLD with Answer BMX forks on their bikes:













A couple of our athletes have already been a part of some amazing Olympic experiences. Shanaze Reade from Great Britain was chosen to be the first athlete to carry the Olympic torch once it reached London. She did so, of course, while riding her BMX bike. And Mariana Pajon from Columbia was chosen by her country to carry their flag during the Opening Ceremonies. Congrats to those two champion athletes for being chosen for those distinctive honors.

And a special Good Luck goes out to Answer Factory Team alumni on the USA Team. Arielle Martin, David Herman, and Connor Fields all were members of the Answer Factory during their amateur days.

For more information on Answer BMX and our products, visit or find us on Facebook at Answer BMX.



BMX Racing news - Tuesday update - July 24, 2012

"A whirlwind of a dream" Shanaze Reade

Another great video short from BMX Media Genius, Corinne Walder chronicling the legendary Shanaze Reade as she makes her run up to the London Olympics.

Follow Shanaze from her childhood introduction to BMX, thru the ups and downs of her career, this video is AMAZING!

"A whirlwind of a dream" Shanaze Reade. from Shanaze Reade Series on Vimeo.





BMX Racing news - Monday update - July 23, 2012

MARK WILLERS grabs two wins, preps for the
Olympics & rips it up AT USABMX ROCKFORD!

HOT DOUBLES in Rockford! The City Of Rockford is going to be called the City Of Doubles after this past weekend's racing at "The Rock"! All pro style classes had the same winner both days except for Vet where Javi and Cristian split the wins, but they're both from Argentina so that's "kind of" a double!

Marc Willers notched another win on his quest to take the USABMX AA Pro Title away from current TitleHolder, Sam Willoughby while "The Dominator" / 3D / Dominique Daniels  flattened out the track both days with speed, power and PULL.

In Junior Women, Felicia Stancil is clearing away National Wins, two at a time, while Rusty Nesvig was doing the same thing in Junior Men against a tough crew. Other double wins came from Joey Berthiaume in A Pro and Sean Gaian in USAC Jr. Devo.

5 out of 6 DOUBLES.....AWESOME!!!!!

To check out the Official Results and Sunday Photo Gallery, just click on Marc Willers being chased by an angry mob of AA Pro above in the first turn at THE ROCK!!!!! OR.....Click Here!


The weekend of 7, 8 and 9 September 2012 will see a HUGE Open Race in Switzerland, with a total prize money of 12,000 Swiss France for Junior & Elite, Men and Women.

Elite riders from all over Europe will be coming to challenge the BIG money. This race will also be open to all challenge categories, and a great meal with musical entertainment will conclude the day. it WILL be a awesome!

For all the information, check out their web site at






BMX Racing news - Thursday update - July 19, 2012

GSX & Redbull Team Up For Redbull Revolution in Berlin & 25000 Euro prize money!

Here's the plan! Win The Olympics, go on TV, shake lots of hands, then go directly to Berlin, Germany where Global Supercross / GSX is running the RedBull R.Evolution International BMX Race, August 22-24!

This one is new, new, new, but it looks like a hybrid race, 'ala' the UCI SX Format, but with twists and turn that promise to "put the fun back in BMX!"

Held in Berlin's, MellowPark, the event will feature a layout sure to thrill built by well known track builder Tom Ritzenthaler and the EliteTrax crew including dirt sculptor extraordinaire, Dave King (known for his work at the Red Bull Elevation and Red Bull Dream Line dirt comps). In addition, well known riders Mike Day, Barry Nobles and Nate Berkheimer will be an integral part of the build team. WHAT????? Wow!

The insanity will begin Thursday with a Qualifying Event, that will replace Time Trials as a way for riders to qualify in regardless of invitation or UCI ranking. Nice move, GSX, that one is for sure, "BMX Mania Approved"! The qualifying event will conclude with a main event, and the top sixteen riders will go on to the Friday final.

Friday will see 32 invited athletes (BMX racers) selected by the Red Bull R.Evolution team. Those will be joined by 16 wild cards (riders with former BMX racing background and/or freestyle riders) In addition, 16 athletes will qualify through (Thurday’s) qualification event.

The Friday comp will feature the insane BMX SX track, plus, every round will have money payout for the "Best Trick" during that particular race lap. There will be live music, a rad After Party and who knows what else will happen in Berlin, one of the happenest cities around!

It ought to be one of the best races of the year!

Find Your Way To The Races With!

A quick introduction

“I’m a BMX racer from Severn, Maryland and Web Engineer over at Graph Paper Press, which is a WordPress theme shop.”

So tell us about the site?

“In short, it’s an event and location search engine tailored for BMX racing.”

Why did you build it?

“I got tired of updating my spreadsheet of race events I was attending, and finally learned how to build a website. Now, not only can I add races to my schedule, but I can have my friends register or login using Facebook, create their own schedule, search for events, find new tracks to ride, comment on events, submit new events, and share each other’s schedule.”

So, how does it work?

“Simple, just go to, it should default to your local track, showing you the events happening this month, next month, and all upcoming multi-point races, Nationals are also listed. Click on an event you want to attend, and you can view the description, an aerial photo of the track, an estimate of how far it is from your location, and you can help get the word out by ‘liking’ or ‘tweeting’ about the event. If you want to add it to your schedule you’ll need to either register or login using Facebook.”

Anything else?

“Yes, clinics are also listed, but limited to only Maryland, I’d like to get more clinics on the site, but I’ll need help from local track operators or the clinic instructors to submit the events so they can be listed.”

Feel free to contact me




BMX Racing news - Tuesday update - July 17, 2012

Life Behind Bars: Pedal To Medal, Australian film release 24th July 2012

After 5 years, factory47, in celebration of the 2012 London Olympic Games will release the long awaited documentary Life Behind Bars Pedal To Medal.

Life Behind Bars Pedal To Medal is an in depth look into the highly misunderstood sport of BMX racing and its birth into the Olympic program, at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. This feature length documentary focuses on five Australian athletes striving to make the cut for a three man team over an eighteen month period. An insight into the career ending injuries, highly competitive team environment and the individual personal stories of inner strength and self sacrifice stacked against the daily pressures of life.

The film will initially be released in Australia with an international release in the coming weeks. Australian audiences can purchase the film via from the 24th July.

Starring Khalen Young, Jared Graves, Luke Madill, Jamie Gray, Glenn Codega & featuring Kamakazi. Directed by Ian Maclachlan. A film by Ian Maclachlan & Chantel White. Produced by factory47. Narrated by Nitro Circus Live Announcer Bruce Robson. Olympic Photography by BMX Mania's own Jerry Landrum. Soundtracked by the who's who of the independent Australian music scene. Commentated by Alan Phillips.

For further updates and details "like" the factory47 page on facebook or follow @factory47films on twitter.

Click on this link ( for the official Life Behind Bars Pedal To Medal trailer

Click on this ( link to watch an interview with Warwick Stevenson conducted in 2007 during the making of the film.







BMX Racing news - weekend update - July 13-15, 2012


Buchanan & Pottier Take UCI Worlds Title On Alienation Rims! 

July 15, 2012 - Alienation BMX is sending out some BIG congratulations to several UCI Elite World Champions that rode their way to victory on Alienation rims. 

In the Elite Women’s class, we welcome Magalie Pottier to the list of Champions who ride Alienation BMX rims. Magalie has been hunting for a championship for several years now and her dedication has paid off with a HUGE win at the UCI BMX World Championships in Birmingham, England.  

Magalie brought home a podium finish in last year’s World Championship with a nice strong 3rd place finish, and kicked off 2012 with a win at the UCI SX World Cup in Chula Vista.  

She battled hard all thru the SX season, including a strong Second Place finish in Randaberg, Norway and surviving a back injury right before the SX race in The Netherlands that lead up to her stunning victory at the UCI Worlds.  

Congrats to Magalie, the 2012 UCI BMX Elite Women’s World Champion. Check out Magalie’s big win, just CLICK HERE!  

But Magalie wasn’t the only Alienation Equipped Elite to win a World Championship in Birmingham. Just one day earlier, Australia’s, Caroline Buchanan fought her way to the top of the competition to capture the 2012 UCI Elite Women’s Time Trial Champion. 

Alienation’s, Shanaze Reade came in to the Time Trial competition as the 2011 UCI Time Trial World Champion and is a fearsome competitor whenever she’s on the track. Both Shanaze and Caroline battled thru the 50 Elite Women entered in to the event to qualify for the Time Trial Superfinal, a 16 rider ‘run what cha brung’ shootout. Shanaze went 8th in the Superfinal and set the standard with a blazing hot 29.401 second lap. Shanaze took a seat in the Fiat Hot Seat and one at a time, Crain, Post, Valentino, Le Corguille, and Ailloud took a shot at Reade, only to be held off with her fast lap.  

The last rider of the day, Caroline Buchanan, slowly lined up on the gate……the gate slams down and WHAM, CB turns in the FASTEST lap of the weekend, and the only woman to break 29 seconds with a blistering 28.942.  

It all came down to the last lap and Caroline Buchanan rode her Alienation Deviant/Runaway combo to victory! While Caroline and Shanaze put on a great show on their Alienation hoops, they weren’t the only ones, as an AMAZING 8 of the top 10 Elite Women in the Time Trial Superfinal were on Alienation BMX Combo’s! 

Congrats to both Magalie & Caroline for their big wins on Alienation product, now it’s on to the Olympics to do battle there. Good luck, ladies!

Sifiso Nhlapo Olympic Prep: Month one boot camp recap

Being in the states over the last 4 weeks was a good choice. Being able to focus on what I needed to do was easy as I had no distractions. Training in the heat also helped a lot and the program that my coach and I put together seems to have worked well in conjunction with the next couple of weeks of training coming up. My preparation is on track and communicating with my coach makes it easy for us to both keep track of the training goals we set each week.

I am now in Lumbres, France where I will continue to train and ride a Supercross track for the next three and a half weeks. One of my good friends is here with me who also qualified for the Olympics from Ecuador and having a training partner is going to be awesome as most of my training I normally do alone.

The track out here is awesome to train on and work on technical skills. The track is around 400+ meters and is just what I need to do my technical training on to prepare for the Olympic track which is also over 400m long. It's open everyday of the week which makes it good for me to able to ride in good and bad weather conditions to prepare the best I can.

I also built my Olympic bike over the last few weeks in the states and rode it a few times. I'm still running it in to make sure it's in the best race condition come August 10. Having my own bike brand has been a big eye opener for me and I'm very fortunate to have made the connections I have made with certain people. My color scheme for my Olympic bike is black yellow and gold. Nothing really different in my set up all I can say is that it's really comfortable and rides like a dream.

Will keep you all up to date with my final weeks of training leading into London. Thank you all for the support.


Connor Fields: The Art Of Concentration


Connor Fields is on his way to London for the 2012 BMX Olympic Event. Here's a little look in to what it takes to get there.






BMX Racing news - Wednesday update - July 11, 2012

Bert Morrison Joins Morphine Industries







BMX Racing news - Tuesday update - July 10, 2012

REDLINE ROAD TO LONDON: featuring Sam Willoughby

REDLINE ROAD TO LONDON: featuring Sam Willoughby from Redline Bicycles on Vimeo.

ESPN Cribs With free agent's, Maris Strombergs

Good stuff here, sports fans. ESPN's, Justin Kosman stopped by Free Agent Factory Pro, Maris Stromberg's place before "The Machine" jetted off to Latvia to get ready for the Olympics and did a Cribs Style video with Maris and The Boys.

Click on the clip above to check it out. That bit pictured above is my favorite part of the tour. Maris comes in to wake his Coach, Ivo Lakucs and can't get him to get up so he threatens to be ".....Calling Romero", to switch coaches! Ha! Pretty fun!

Nice video.....Of course, Maris is one of the best, and it's a nice to check out his digs. NOTE - The above link opens in a new browser.....Don't forget to come back!

Quentin Caleyron's 2012 London Olympics Games gear!!!

French Olympic Battle Dude, Quentin CALEYRON ..... Ready to GO to London!!!

With Vendetta Racing Tommy gun fork, American bar, Take Off stem, Pivotal Race seat, Carbon Seatpost !!! Yeah !!! -

Also, Quentin has his helmet all shined up and ready to rock, check this out!

Italian BMX Trials!

Haven't gotten enough BMX in your bloodstream yet today? How bout some fast Italians battling it out for Olympic glory!?

Check out this 6 minute vid from Roberto Christofoli (Who got Third in the comp.) that eventually saw the Italian BMX Superstar, Manuel de Vecchi take the overall win and grab himself on the plane for London at the end of this month!


Australia's Premiere BMX Race ONLY Magazine for almost 14 years will be available globally.

BMXPress is the original modern day mainstream magazine covering 100% BMX Race ONLY.

More details to follow…


Yeah, all you schoolyard BMXers out there! Leave the pencils, notebooks and research material at home, grab your bike and head on over to Manzanita Park BMX for Dr. Bradford's, BMX Racing School!

Major in great starts, or awesome track speed like your instructor the one and only, Joey Bradford 75! This cat has more world championships than you can carry in your helmet bag and he knows how to get the job done!

This clinic opportunity is priced right, will definitely help you to become a better racer and Dr. Bradford is one of the coolest instructors you will EVER have, you'll have a ball! Give Joey a shout, he'll really help you out!




BMX Racing news - weekend update - July 7, 2012


Friday pro practice photo gallery FROM BMX MANIA ..... USABMX SOUTH PARK!

GT's, Mike Day knows......South Park is the place to race one of the legendary tracks of BMX. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this track has been known over the years as one of THE pro tracks in the world.

With each straightaway slightly lower than the last one, this is for sure a "Mach Speed" track. Also with it's world famous Pro Section, it's a fun place to launch some style and enjoy the ride!

BMX Mania is at South Park and will begin coverage of the USABMX Stars & Stripes National, Saturday morning with some HOT photos from Friday's Pro Practice.

It's the place to be.....Click on Mike, above to head on over to the track and check out some HOT BMX Race Action Photos from Jerry Mania!





BMX Racing news - Tuesday update - July 3, 2012

New Race Uniforms for Team Redline

In case you missed it, Team Redline was racing the Great Salt Lake Nationals in their new race uniforms this past weekend.

Featuring the new Redline logo, the new design represents a clean, bold and modern look for Redline’s very fastest riders.

Riders will have their choice of racing in either a black or a red jersey option while World Champion Sam Willoughby and National Champion Alise Post will have extra special champions jerseys to wear.

While the Team Redline professionals will be the only riders using these new jerseys, riders on Redline sponsored teams will be racing the new lightweight sublimated pants along with a jersey that shares many of the style que’s of the pro team jersey.

These will be available at your local dealer later in the summer.

Pro Gate Gets Pre Olympic TV/Video Promotion

Pro-Gate's, Pierce Barker is getting things all dialed in for the BMX Event at the London Olympics, and the word's gotten out to the staff at WREX TV in Rockford, the home of Pro-Gate and here's the word.

Note that this video opens up in a new browser.