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January 2009


Today's BMX Racing News - Friday, January 30, 2009


2009 UCI Continental Event #1 and ABA BMX PRO Standing through Sooner Nationals- Guthrie, OK

The American Bicycle Association hosted the Sooner Nationals this past weekend, January, 23 -25 in Guthrie, OK. This weekend was a momentous occasion in the sport of BMX racing as it marked the first ever UCI Continental BMX event hosted by ABA BMX! If that wasn`t enough the Sooner Nationals also launched the kick off of filming for our new NBC Universal Sports Network TV show!

The racing at the Sooner National event was second to none! ABA BMX stepped it up in the track department and Billy Allen built a very challenging track to kick off the second event of the season. This was the second PRO Series event of the year and Guthrie has become one of the PRO Riders favorite stops on the tour. Guthrie has some of the best dirt in the country, the Lazy E. Arena is HUGE and there is always some sweet PRO section jumps added into the PRO mix and there was lots of air time to be had for TV and  fans!

With 2009 being the debut of UCI Continental events with ABA BMX racing, the buzz is all around. There`s lots of media on hand and many of the sports top athletes from around the world were on hand to take a shot at getting some much needed points towards the UCI ranking and ABA BMX titles.  The first UCI event of the 2009  season seemed to be the Mike DayKyle Bennett , and Khalen Young show! Day one saw 2008 Olympic Silver medalist, Mike Day take the big win and 1st place UCI points for himself andf the USA. Mikey has often been referred to as a UCI Supercross specialist, but after his performances in both Reno and Guthrie he`s fastly showing the fans, media, and industry he's a specialist at what ever track he's riding.  USAC National BMX Champ, Kyle Bennett kept Mike honest with a solid 2nd place UCI points for the USA. Kyle looked very strong all weekend long!  ABA BMX National #1 PRO, Khalen  Young is always a threat for a win. Khalen stayed consistent all day long and nailed down a respectable 3rd place for the UCI Continental event.  Khalen is stoked on his new ABA BMX #1 PRO title and is ready to take his shot at going Back-to-Back on another one.  Day two was all about ABA BMX PRO pints for everyone. Kyle Bennett sits in the points lead after Guthrie and has his sights set his first ABA BMX PRO title. Guthrie puts him one step closer to his goal after his win on Sunday. This was  his first AA PRO win of the season for the Free Agent World team. This should get him lots of play over on the GT`s Mike Day held down the 2nd place spot on Sunday. One of the weekend sponsors, Hyper Bicycles had their rider Donny Robinson round out the podium with a 3rd.for the day. That puts all three riders from Team USA in the Olympics on the ABA BMX podium on Sunday.

On the Ladies side once again mutli-time ABA BMX Champion, Alise Post and Dominique battled out hard. Alise Post has been getting use to here new ride with Redline Bicycles and has been doing Gork and the Redline crew proud. She`s been making some great moves on the track and jumping like nobodies business. After placing 2nd on both the UCI day and the ABA BMX PRO day, Alise will be up for the ABA BMX PRO title once again guaranteed. ABA BMX National #1 PRO lady , Dominique Daniels continued to impress taking home the victory on both days. Dominique looks to be on track to defend her title, but there are several women that are looking to take it away from her.  Stephanie Barragan really turned some heads again in Guthrie. Stephanie picked up a  very solid 3rd on Saturday`s UCI day. GT Bicycles had a surprise for the ladies in Guthrie. GT picked up Utah`s own Arielle Martin  and should be every happy with her performance. Arielle  scored a 3rd on Sunday and earned some much needed ABA BMX PRO points.  Give Arielle a little more time to get use to her new ride and she should be back on top the podium in no time  The new crop of ladies PRO`s looks to be a great addition to the class. I can hardly wait to see who ends up the champ this year!

Vet Pro was a heck of a show in Guthrie. Can you say THE JACKAL is BACK! John Purse was on fire in Guthrie. Jackal nailed down the win both days and looked to be back in form cleaning the PRO section every time with ease. John`s won the ABA BMX PRO Title before and knows what it takes to get it done! Current ABA BMX National #1 VET PRO, Kenth Fallen  continued to show he`s the "Real Deal" in Guthrie. Kenth picked up solid 2nd`s  win both days and now holds the points lead for the season. "Coach G" Greg Romero made his presents known this weekend. Greg was on the box both days with impressive 3rds. Greg took some time away from his racing to work with Mike Day and his Olympic quest. Greg`s back on the track and plans on making it out more events in 2009. If so, Coach G will be right in the thick of things come ABA BMX GRANDS time!   Things are only going to get tougher for this class. It`s starting to look more and more like the AA PRO class of the 90`s out there. I for one am pumped to see all the guys back out on the track! has tons of  videos posted from the ABA BMX Sooner Dollar National weekend!

Check it out at:

The ABA would like to thank all the participants, families, teams, sponsors, and BMX industry for helping make the Guthrie, OK. event such a huge success!

Rider ABA BMX PRO wins after Sooner Dollars Nationals –
AA PRO - Joey Bradford - GT Bicycles - 1 ..... Mike Day –  GT Bicycles – 1 ..... Kyle Bennett – Free Agent - 1

Woman’s PRO Dominique Daniels – 3 ..... Stephanie Barragan – 1

PRO CRUISER Barry Nobles – Clayborn Bicycles - 1 ..... Tyler Brown - Crupi – 1 ..... Danny Caluag – BAWLS/Intense - 1

VET PRO Kenth Fallen – Supercross - 2 ..... John Purse – GHP - 2

2009 Pro Standing through Sooner Nationals






ABA BMX would like to thank all the 2009 National Series sponsors:

Dan’s Comp ( )  BAWLS Guarana ( ) Bawlstyle ( ) Redline Bicycles-( ) FLY Racing-( ) Intense BMX-( ) T.H.E. ( ) Tioga-( ) Tangent-( ) ( ) Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex ( ) Sponsorhouse-( ) ABABMXRACERS- ( ) Hyper Bicycles-( )

Without their support, we couldn't make the 2009 ABA racing season such a huge success. Support the sponsors that support ABA BMX racing.

Intense/Phantom/On-Trac Sweeps the Sooner Nationals!


The Lazy E Arena rises up from the distance as you drive parallel to the road’s white picket fences off in what seems to be the middle of nowhere.  But for die-hard BMXers who regularly make the pilgrimage to Guthrie, we know exactly why we’re there. 

A great arena, great dirt and often one of the best tracks of the ABA season.  This weekend was made all the more exciting as it was the ABA’s immensely successful debut of UCI racing AND the ABA’s new television contract with NBC Universal Sports.  And with a decision-maker Pro set and many of the world’s top racers, what racing it was.   

The weekend was very good for several of our riders starting with our two lovely ladies in attendance; Kristen Long and Felicia Stancil.  Felicia doubled in 11-13 Girls Cruiser and took a 1st and a 2nd in 13 Girls.  Felicia’s power was obvious on the track as was her academic prowess in the stands as she did homework between motos.  Grades are forever kids… 

12 Girl Kristen Long with her explosive gate, crashed vying for 1st on Saturday but recovered Sunday to take the win.  Apparently she and Dad had a deal if she didn’t win, she’d be going to some school dance and she wasn’t into that at all! 

E-Dogg Wolthers had a productive weekend taking two 1sts in 7X.  Shayne Lewis, riding fierce all weekend, put together a solid outing of his own notching two 1sts in 7-8 Open and a 1st and 2nd in 8X against a very competitive Bryce Batten.  Seanie, Seanie Gaian had a breakout weekend showing off superb gates, great track skills and no fear of larger riders as he flew to his season’s first double double in 11-12 Open and 12X. 

Rusty Nesvig is putting together some amazing win streaks and his run continued in Guthrie.  Rusty’s skills continue to evolve and he totally dominated the 14X Class and mauled the Pro section.  Next week, he’ll be trying his hand down in Chula Vista at the Olympic Training Center where those skills will be tested in

a B - I - G way.  Jake Peebles came through when it mattered and took a 1st and 3rd in the unpredictable 17-18X Class.  

In the Pro ranks, newly minted Pro Nic Long had his hands full on Saturday racing in one of the largest, most stacked Elite Classes of the year.  Nic survived the Darwinian elimination process and made it to the main eventually finishing 6th.  On Sunday, he managed a 3rd in Single A in what looks to be several months of great battles with Josh Meyers and Cory Reid.  Finally, Chad Street, our Vet Pro rode super consistent all weekend and took 4th both days, just a hair off the podium.

When the scores were tallied, Intense/Phantom/On-Trac put together a “keeper” score of 228 and a solid score of 213 on Sunday.  The team goes in to the Lake Perris race in two weeks with a solid lead in the Factory Division and 3 scores useful at the end of the year.  2009 is starting off right for the guys and gals in yellow!   

We’d like to thank our great sponsors including Intense BMX (, On-Trac Garage Doors (, Phantom BMX Products, Fly Racing, Bombshell (,  FSA (, THE Products (www.the-, SINZ Racing (, Intense Tire Systems, ( ), BMX Jerseys (, and Scott goggles (


Vendetta/Elite Bikes - #1 Bike Shop Team @ the Sooner Nationals!!

Well, this was a successful trip for sure!! Vendetta/Elite Bikes left Guthrie, OK, with 1st place for both days! How'd they do it? They came loaded with an action-packed crew, executed their plan and went home happy!!

Let's hear it for Patty Metzger! She picked up a respective 6th, stepping down to the 17-27 Girls Class on Saturday, while also picking up a 1st Place in her 36-40 Cruiser class. On Sunday, it HAPPENED! Yes, that's right, she DOUBLED! 1st Place in 28 & Over Girls and 36-40 Girls Cruiser!


In 36-40 Expert, these two guys were tag-teaming it up all weekend to take home 1st and 2nd -

James Starks 1st Place Saturday/Sunday

Jerry Pricer 2nd Place Saturday/Sunday


Race Results for Vendetta/Elite:

Brett "The Threat" Benson - 9/10 Open - 2nd Saturday/1st Sunday

Brett "The Threat" Benson - 9 X - 2nd Saturday/3rd Sunday

Alyssa Canevari - 11 Girls - 2nd Saturday/3rd Sunday

Cody Dyer - 16 Cruiser - 6th Saturday/4th Sunday

Jerry Pricer - 36-40 Cruiser - 2nd Saturday/1st Sunday

James Starks - 36-40 Cruiser - 8th (crashed - while holding down 1st)/2nd Sunday - -


We'll see ya in Lake Perris!









Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, January 29, 2009



Two-consecutive NAG No.1 title holder DAKOTA SENGER (Oregon) will be highlighted in next weeks’ edition of Sports Illustrated – in their traditional FACES IN THE CROWD section. After having a stellar year in 2007 – with a NAG No.1 title and UCi World Championship, Dakota’s chance to defend it in 2008 blew up when a slip of the pedals while doing sprints busted up his ankle really bad. But he didn’t let it ruin his year, and wound up returning in July to begin a late-year charge back to the top of ABA age group standings. 

Thanks to a whole lot of consistency and a Grands victory in 12x, Dakota was not only able to defend his No.1 plate, but ended the year on a high note after what looked to be a terrible one.
The “Robot” then returned to his hometown of Oregon and celebrated by doing his second most favorite activity – fishing.  

CLICK HERE to catch a sneak peak at Dakota’s SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Faces in the Crowd feature.




Seventeen Junior Athletes Invited to Chula Vista for Training, Testing and Instruction

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Jan. 28, 2009)—Following the success of its various junior and U23 programs across other disciplines of competitive cycling, USA Cycling is expanding its efforts to develop America’s extensive pipeline of Bicycle Motocross (BMX) athletes.  With a focus on the future, the national governing body announced today plans to roll out a national BMX junior development program in 2009.   

“Throughout the course of the last two years, our primary attention was focused towards preparing our elite athletes for the Olympic Games and providing them with all of the resources necessary to succeed in Beijing,” remarked Mike King, director of BMX programs for USA Cycling.  “But now that the Games are behind us, it’s imperative that we begin focusing more intently on developing up-and-coming athletes.  We have an extremely deep talent pool here in America with more kids racing BMX compared to any other county.  Now we need to encourage them to think on an international level and prepare them for the opportunity to compete at the sport’s highest level.” 

One of the main goals for USA Cycling’s BMX junior development program is to bridge the gap between traditional BMX racing and the “Supercross” style – a bigger, faster and more technically demanding style of racing utilized at major international events such as World Cups and Olympic Games.  As youngsters ready themselves to step into the international racing scene, they must prepare to tackle the 40-foot jumps and 26-foot start ramps that are commonplace in Supercross racing. 

“We want to make sure these kids are well prepared for the transition to Supercross,” continued King, “which is why we’re initially focusing on 15- and 16-year-old athletes. As they complete our program and move into the UCI junior elite racing class, we want them to be confident and capable of racing on a Supercross track and ready to make some noise on the international circuit.” 

The first immediate initiative of USA Cycling’s BMX junior development program is a testing and instructional camp set for Feb. 1-6 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. – home of the only permanent Supercross-style BMX facility in North America.  Next week’s camp will welcome 17 junior men and women who were invited by USA Cycling coaches based on several factors, including past results and future potential. The camp’s agenda will feature training sessions on a replica of the Olympic track in Beijing, instructional clinics on nutrition, weight training and sports psychology, baseline physiological testing and a Q&A session with Olympic silver medalist and former resident athlete Mike Day. 

The February camp is one of four that are tentatively scheduled for 2009. 

Complementing the guidance of King, several other coaches will provide direction and instruction to camp attendees. U.S. Challenge Class team manager Brian Fell, along with certified USA Cycling coaches and BMX experts Jerry Bradford and Jeff Glynn, will serve as volunteer coaches at the February camp. 

While the overall goal of the USA Cycling BMX junior development program is to educate, inspire and prepare young athletes from a mental and physical standpoint for the rigors of international competition, King expects the graduates to leave the camp with a new perspective on what it means to be a world-class athlete. 

“No athlete is made in a week, a month, or a year, but it’s my hope that getting kids into this facility and providing them with all of the tools necessary to succeed at their chosen sport will put them on the right track,” explained King.  “After a tremendously successful Olympic Games last year, it’s already time to begin improving upon that benchmark for 2012, 2016 and beyond. This program is the first step in ensuring that the U.S. remains one of the top nations in the sport of BMX racing for a long time.” 

 Attendees for the first USA Cycling BMX junior development camp in Chula Vista include: 

Women - Jazmyne  Harvey (Buena Park, Calif.) - Shelby Stacy (Bakersfield, Calif.) - Tiffany Bontorno (Georgetown, Mass.)  - Audrey Zuloaga (Las Vegas, Nev.) - Taylor Wolcott (Roseville, Calif.) - Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif.) - Tyler Schaefer (San Diego, Calif.) - Meghan Matthews (Menteca, Calif.)  

Men - Rusty Nesvig (San Diego, Calif.) - Anthony DeRosa (Toms River, N.J.) - Nathan Padilla (Lakewood, Calif.)  - Austin (A.J.) Hiatt (Fresno, Calif.)  - Austin Loebe (Dover, Del.) - Jordan Ryan (Springfield, Ill.)  - Justin Posey (Winston-Salem, N.C.) - Justin Riddell (Cape Coral, Fla.)  - Bryan Kipp (Parrish, Fla.)

GHP’s Randy Stumpfhauser, John Purse, and Robert Harris attack Guthrie 

In what has quickly become one of the most popular ABA Nationals of the year, the Sooner nationals in Guthrie Oklahoma did not disappoint anyone who attended or watched on With the launch of the UCI series this race was much anticipated, not only for the races, but to see if the crew at the ABA could pull it off without a hitch, and pull it off they did. Three of GHP’s pros were in attendance for this event.

Randy Stumpfhauser coming off his phenomenal performance in Arizona made the trip from SoCal. He fought hard against the best of the best and one of the deepest AA pro classes we’ve seen in years. Randy, like some other top pros just barely missed out on the finals.

Robert Harris was also in attendance to attack the Vet Pro class. Robert finished last year claiming the number four spot in the Vet Pro rankings. This year he has set his sights on improving, started off well by making both mains both days. Saturday he finished the day with an eighth place. Sunday Robert had a little better luck and finished fourth.  

John Purse went to Guthrie locked in what could be one of the greatest head to head battles of the year so far. Going up against the reigning Vet Pro Champion Kenth Fallen, John laid down the best laps of the weekend giving him the top spot on the podium for both days.

All of GHP’s riders are focused and know what it takes to win. The next stop for them is Lake Perris, California and the second round of the ABA/UCI series where most of the Factory GHP crew will be in attendance. If you get a chance stop by and say hi to Randy, John and all the riders.

GHP would like to thank all their 2009 sponsors for their continued support. - HPR Designs, TroyLee Designs, Rhythm/Crupi, Tioga, LDC, ODI,, Capital Contractors, INC



January 22, 2009 – 2008 NBL Elite Women Champion Stephanie Barragan launched her BAWLS Guarana sponsorship with a 2nd place podium finish at the NBL's Coyote Nationals in Goodyear, AZ!

One of the stars of the Factory Team, Stephanie sported her brand-spanking new BAWLS helmet on the track and sped ahead of the nation’s best female pro racers. Proudly watching was another BAWLS rider – and her new fiancé – Danny “Easy Money” Caluag!

BAWLS also kicked off the BAWLS BMXer Awards at the NBL Coyote Nationals, giving one amateur rider a BAWLS BMX can trophy and sponsorship for their performance! 14 Novice rider Thivanka Weerasekara (they call him "TW") never gave up all weekend and moved from 4th to 1st in his main event on Sunday. TW showed a lot of heart in his riding and was selected by the announcers for the win. TW will now be featured in an interview with BMX Today Magazine and now has a 2009 sponsorship with BAWLS Guarana!

Want to try your shot at being a BAWLS BMXer Award winner? We’ll hand out our next trophy at the ABA So Cal Nationals on Feb 6-8 in Lake Perris, CA!

For more BAWLS BMX news, photos and sponsorship info, visit








Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday/Wednesday, January 27/28, 2009


ABA Sooner Nationals

UCI BMX North American Continental Round 2

Guthrie, Oklahoma - January 24-25, 2009

Big Time UCI and ABA series points are on the line and Mike Day, Dominique Daniels, Denzel Stein and The Jackal take the Saturday honors.


Sunday, all ABA points on the line with Kyle Bennett, Dominique, Corey Reid and The Jackal II dialin' in the BIG wins!!!!


Check out the BMX Mania Race Report Page for all the AWESOME details and SWEET race pix from MJT's, Jasen Krenik!




USA CYCLING, in conjunction with Adventure Travel and 3F Sports, announces travel package for Team USA BMX members

for the 2009 UCI BMX World Championships held in Adelaide, Australia July 20 - 27, 2009


Round trip airfare on Air New Zealand from Los Angeles

Round trip airport – hotel transfers

Hot Breakfast each morning

7 Nights at The RYDGES Hotel (official USA Cycling hotel)

Group escort upon arrival at the airport by 3F Sports

3F staff to assist in check-in

Group escort upon departure from hotel by 3F Sports


Departing United States

DEPART – Saturday, July 18th from Los Angeles at 10:30 PM

ARRIVE – Monday, July 20th to Auckland at 6:25 AM

DEPART – Monday, July 20th from Auckland at 8:00 AM

ARRIVE – Monday, July 20th to Adelaide at 10:25 AM 

Departing Australia

DEPART – Monday, July 27th from Adelaide at 11:30 AM

ARRIVE – Monday, July 27th to Auckland at 6:15 PM

DEPART – Monday, July 27th from Auckland at 9:30 PM

ARRIVE – Monday, July 27th to Los Angeles at 2:30 PM 

BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE - Each person may check two (2) bags free of charge, one (1) suit case and one (1) bicycle. Maximum dimensions of each piece shall not exceed 62 inches and 50 pounds. 

AUSTRALIA VISA - You must have a valid passport and Australian Visa to enter the country.   Adventure Travel can issue your visa for a $15.00 fee. 

Or, if eligible, it can be issued through Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). The ETA replaces a visa and allows a stay of up to three months.  It may be obtained for a small service fee at  Airlines and many travel agents in the United States are also able to issue ETA’s.  More information about the ETA, other visas, and entry requirements may be obtained from the Embassy of Australia at 1601 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC  20036, telephone (202) 797-3000, or via the Australian Embassy home page at  Visa inquires may be directed to the Australian Visa Information Service at 888-990-8888.  See for the most current visa information  


The Rydges South Park Adelaide - 1 South Terrace - Adelaide - SA 5000 

The hotel rooms will feature two (2) beds in each room, either two (2) twin beds or one (1) queen bed and one (1) twin bed. 

The hotel can accommodate up to three (3) persons in each room. The hotel has no rooms that accommodate four (4) or more persons 

Ken Whelpdale will manage ALL ground logistics when you arrive to the Adelaide airport.  This will include transportation from the airport to the hotel and back, information on the local scene, restaurants, and sight seeing tours.  The hotel is a short walk-about 10minutes to the venue. Taxi cabs can be arranged through the hotel for less than $5.00 AUD. 

Hotel prices are in U.S. funds with a Jan 1, 2009 exchange rate. If rates increase we will have to adjust. 

Includes a Hot breakfast each morning

The hotel features an indoor swimming pool

The USA Cycling hotel is the closest hotel to the race venue

Team USA meetings will take place at this hotel

Team USA jerseys, credentials, & number plates distribution 

Remote control TV

Free movie channel

FOXTEL available

Tea & coffee making facilities

Mini bar and refrigerator

AM/FM clock radio


Direct dial ISD/STD telephones

Individually controlled room cooling & heating



Two (2) person in a room                                           $2228.00 each

Three (3) adults in room                                             $2128.00 each

Two (2) adults & one (1) child under 12 in room    $2063.00 each

ROUND TRIP AIRLINE TICKET ONLY $1498.00 (Does not include Hotel or Transfer)

A refundable deposit of $100.00 each is due on January 26th, 2009 with an additional $100.00 due February 15th, 2009.  The balance will be due June 1st, 2009. Prices are subject to change after January 26th, 2009

 Payments by check or money order

Credit card will be charged a 4.5% surcharge, and must be made with Paypal.

If you are interested we can get you lower fares with instant purchase air fares, please call for details. 

Trip cancelation insurance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED; please contact Adventure Travel all for details 

Call us for prices from your home airport.  We would be happy to help you plan stopovers and tours!  For more information, please contact: 


Gary Ellis Sr.

10909 Portland Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98445

(253) 531-1757 


While in Australia (Ken Whelpdale will be on-site from the 19th of July – 27th of July)  

3F Sports / 8654 Team Services

Ken Whelpdale

Plaza Santa Eulalia, 3 - 2

07001 Palma de Mallorca

Illes Balears - Spain

+34 672 057 335


Skype: ken.whelpdale


Yes the rumors are true and the cat is out of the bag - for those of you that have not seen the online posts on, Avent is working on a new Pit Bike frame designed specifically for competition use.

This all new design was created in house combining race wining geometry found on our NEO and TR7 frame.

The spy shots can be found right on our website on the online store under the BMX frame listings.

I can't let you guys see everything but there are some new ones on there that I just recently put up.

This complete bike will hopefully be on display at the So-Cal Nats race February 6-8th in Perris, CA for its full unveiling.

Avent / Bombshell has worked in collaboration with LH Thompson, SDG, and Chris King to help complete the ultimate one of a kind pit bike that none else on the market has been able to produce.

Spy shots can be found under this link

If anyone has any questions you can either email me or give us a call here in house.

WE HAVE NOT FIGURED OUT PRICING YET, but I can say that yes those are carbon F1 Bombshell forks in one of those photos, and those wheels do have the well know ultra lightweight titanium spokes and Bombshell hubs.

Morphine Industries' Tyler Faoro Wins Pro Open on Sunday

Florida State Qualifier 3&4 – St. Pete BMX


The Florida State Season landed in St Pete BMX this past weekend for the 3rd and 4th qualifiers.  The Morphine Crew was at half strength due to another national race conflicting on the same weekend.  However we came to lay it down.  For the second straight state race we were stoked to have Hot-lanta based  Jason Larev make the journey to St Pete.


Friday’s practice was good insight into what the weekend of racing had in store.  The track was loose and proved to be a test of skill and luck in the corners. 



The 3 story starting hill and the first two straights were cool but the rest of the track needed alittle help.  But …hey, it’s a race and you got to deal with the hand you are dealt.



A Pro rider, Tyler Faoro, gave a racing clinic on both days.  Unfortunately over clearing the first double in the pro set forced Tyler to bobble and settle for a fourth on Saturday. Coming back with a mission on Sunday, he took the Pro Open win. 


Fellow A Pro rider, Jason LaRev, tore up the track with a solid 3rd place finish on Saturday. Becoming statistic to the loose track on Sunday, Jason barely missed the main.


Talbott Cross, in the toughest class in BMX, 17-18X, struggled with the track conditions, riding solid in the motos but missing the main both days.


Jonathan Reeves, 41+ Novice, had a hard time getting his tires to stick on Saturday finishing with a 5th in the main.  Sunday was a new day with a combined class, riding to a  solid 3rd in the main.


Last but not least, Noah Reeves, started both days with 1’s and 2’s in all his motos in 12X and 11-12CR.  Sliding out in both mains on Saturday, he finished 5th in CR and 6th in 12X.  On Sunday, unfortunately he repeated the old school power slide demo and settled for 8th in both mains.


We had a great weekend racing and supporting our Sponsors with a crowded pit area answering questions and spreading the word.



Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; Staats Motocross Bicycles (, Alienation (, Fly Racing (, Lost Energy Drink (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (

BMX Mania's

Chase Campbell

On The Injured List!

BMX Mania Factory Rider, Chase Campbell is on the injured list.

Seems that Chase broke/fractured the metatarsal bone in his foot at the NBL Coyote National in Arizona during his third moto on Sunday.

According to Chase, he has gotten an MRI, a cat scan and lots of x-rays and the prognosis is NOT good.

The doc said he will be out 10-12 weeks and will have to get surgery sometime this week.

Also, according to Chase, since he's a REAL BMXer, "I will be back when I'm healthy to continue my racing and qualifying in the Super-Ex class."

Spoken like a REAL BMXer, Chase, we can't wait for you to get all healed up and back on the track!

Custom Cycle Supply Hooks Up With Sunday! Bikes

Custom Cycle Supply is very pleased and excited to announce that it has reached an agreement with Sunday! Bikes to distribute their frames, forks and handlebars. "We are showing bike shops that we aren't just about the racing side of BMX." said Brian Fell, Custom Cycles Marketing Director.

"We have been at the forefront of freestyle before and adding the Sunday! brand to our already impressive line-up just helps to solidify our place in the market."

With a new website and a fresh out look on 2009, Custom Cycle Supply is helping bridge the gap between the "Hardcore Shop" and the more reserved retailer.

We invite you to log-on the and take a look at what we have to offer.

We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

ALSO.....Kovachi Wheels Factory Team will host a BMX clinic at the Southern Charm Nationals at Sandy Ridge BMX in McDonough, Ga on Friday February 6th from 12-2 pm.

Registration will be at 11am.

Price is $25.00 and includes a t-shirt and a goodie bag.

Now is the chance to perfect those BMX skills and get the track dialed in.

Crupi/Europe Amateur Invasion Of The U.S.

Jelle van Gorkom and Jordi Schippers from the European Crupi team will go to the US.

Both riders are recovering from some heavy injuries and illness.

Because of the bad weather and track conditions in Holland they will go to the US for practice and some races.

Jelle will stay for about 3 months with Keith Grine near the Crupi headquarters and Jordi will stay for about 2 1/2 weeks in Monterey, California with good friend JBdotcom.

Look for theire trip updates at








Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, January 26, 2009


Today's BMX Mania Photo Of The Day comes to us from France and the Fine Foto Skills of Pascal Perez from the Livron BMX Club in the south of France. Evidently Pascal was at the UCI Supercross race in Frejus, France and caught Haro's, Steven Cisar doin' what he does best, go FAST and go STYLISH! Pascal travelled to the UCI SX race with his family and other members of his club to hang out, meet some world famous riders and take some photos! Looks like to me, he did all three!

VRP/Bike Alley in Oklahoma, Rockin' The ABA Sooner Nationals 

With most of the team getting ready for the upcoming Perris National in California, we only had two riders in Oklahoma. But, both riders were out to keep the VRP/Bike Alley name in the minds of the competition. Those two riders were Dani George and Reid Campbell. 

After a tough crash during Friday night's pre-race, Dani with a bad knee and all came out to race on Saturday. She had a tough battle with ex- teammate Carly Dyar and after some bar banging Dani finished up with the 4th. On Sunday Dani came out swinging she went for the pass in the second turn to take the lead but was pushed high and still managed to take the overall 3rd.

That takes us to "The Rocket" Reid Campbell. Brand new gear and brand new bikes he was ready to roll. On Saturday he would finish with a 3rd in cruiser and a 4th in class. Now, with some time on the new bikes he was ready to go on Sunday. In cruiser he had a great battle with Justin "The Juice" Richmond (Saturday's winner) and came away with the first after some nice moves. In class it was much the same with a strong race and a nice finish for 2nd.

Thanks to all of our sponsors for making this happen. Bike Alley, Intense, Sinz, THE, ODI, Troy Lee Designs, Chism, NEO Oil, Red Brick Pizza, Vapor, House of Stickers, LDC Components  and for the hydration that fuels the team  to victory.....Vitamin Water!

Matt Pohlkamp and JW BMX Release The "Ruckus" stem!



The Matt Pohlkamp "Ruckus" stem is finally available to the public. Made with attention to detail and precision this stem is ready to point your bike to podium!

According to "The Man" hisself, "I've known Jeff Whitaker, the mastermind behind JW bmx, for over a decade. He is a full blooded BMXer who makes his own products himself, here in the USA. He rides so he knows what's good...the "Ruckus" stem he made for me is in fact better than good. I'm proud to be affiliated with Jeff and JWbmx"


       3 sizes - 43mm, 53mm and 63mm reach
       4 colors - Matt Black, Pohlkamp Buffed, Deep Red, and Blue
       8mm bolts on the h-bar clamps and steerer clamp hold everything tight (Allen wrench included)

       Two piece h-bar clamp to save weight

       Special slit on steerer clamp allows for more thread engagement to eliminate stripping

       3-D machining helps to shave some weight without sacrificing strength (Looks good too!)

       Weight - 10.3oz

MSRP - $70

To purchase visit or e-mail Sales@JWBMX.COM




Today's BMX Racing News - Sunday, January 25, 2009

ABA Sooner Nationals / UCI BMX North American Continental Round 2

Guthrie, Oklahoma - January 24-25, 2009

Saturday/UCI & ABA Sooner National

Elite Men (33 Riders)

1 Mike Day 2 Kyle Bennett

3 Khalen Young 4 Marc Willers

5 Donny Robinson 6 Nic Long

7 Cristian Becerine 8 Jarrett Kolich

Elite Women (7 Riders)

1 Dominique Daniels 2 Alise Post

3 Stephanie Barragan 4 Arielle Martin

5 Krystal Hime 6 Danielle Brisson

Junior Men (13 Riders)

1 Denzel Stein 2 Tory Nyhaug

3 Riley Stair 4 Sean Lechner

5 Elliot McGrath 6 Connor Fields

7 Nick Benetti 8 Jordan Seward

Vet Pro (13 Riders/ABA Points Only)

1 John Purse 2 Kenth Fallen

3 Greg Romero 4 Chad Street

5 Eric Rupe 6 Doug Crowell

7 Jeremiah Oliver 8 Robert Harris

Round Two of the North American UCI Continental points chase went down Saturday at the ABA Sooner National in Guthrie, Oklahoma. In the Elite Men's final, Mike Day and Kyle Bennett were bar to bar thorough the pro section until the 2nd turn when Mike took control and on home for the win. In Elite Women, it was Dominique Daniels, Alise Post, Stephanie Barragan, and Arielle Martin pretty much wire to wire. Junior Men's race action saw a good race with Rookie Junior, Connor Field leading until the last turn, where he lost power, and slid out leading to the order above.







Today's BMX Racing News - Friday/Saturday, January 23/24, 2009

Anne-Caroline Chausson,

Goes Fast.....Everywhere!

From BMX Mania Euro Correspondent/Vincent Champetier

When you have "The Speed" in your vein, retirement is somewhat of a blurry concept!

The BMX Olympic Gold Medalist, Anne-Caroline Chausson stated after Beijing that she would "put the bikes aside for a while" and " chill out skiing with her boyfriend"

Let me translate that for you : When the Vars ski resort asked her to be its VIP for the KL Speed Downhill Skiing World Championship, she entered the Women Production class (Commercial equipment only no fairings) and WON !

With a speed of 182.83 km/h, (113.61 mph!), she's still not at the Elite Women winner's speed of 213.25 km/h (132.68 mph) but she expects to pass the 200 km/h (125 mph) barrier before the end of the season and is considering stepping up to Elite class before 2010 (and the Winter Olympics?)

ACC Knows Speed !


FLY Racing is proud to introduce our new CHAOS BMX series helmet.


This is a very lightweight helmet featuring 20 vents to keep your head cool on hot days at the track, a high impact shell, and EPS liner to keep your head safe.


The Chaos is a great helmet for riders of all ages and is currently used by US Olympian Kyle Bennett and BMX legend Eric Rupe.


The best thing about this helmet is the price…only $89.99.


This helmet is comparable to many other helmets models on the market that sell for $150 plus.


The Chaos is available in 3 youth sizes and 5 adult sizes and comes in Red/Black, Blue/White, and Black/White.


These are available now at your local bike shop or favorite mail order. 

For more info on the FLY Racing line of Helmets, Race Wear, Gloves, Casual Wear, Luggage, Goggles, Protective gear, Signature Handlebars, and hard parts please visit our web site at

LLC Launches Fast French Girl Website!

One of the fastest of the fast, Laëtitia Le Corguille, has just launched her very own slick looking website, at

Laëtitia has some up to date news on what she's up to, a complete biography, race results and tons of super cool photos of Laëtitia in action. (AND of course, some pix of her with her Olympic Silver Medal.)

Check it out for all the news on one of the fastest little ladies in BMX!

SINZ Sticky Grips

Sticky Grips have been revamped for 2009 from SINZ Racing Components. A new design with the best attributed from the old sticky grip, now added on with a thicker grip end, SINZ Logos, along with 3 different grip lengths to choose from - Mini (92mm), Expert (115mm), and Pro (130mm), and now 4 colors, there is a grip for everyone. The super soft knurled surface gives tons of gription, loads of comfort, and give you just the right amount of sticky feel to keep your hands right on the grips in all conditions. 

SINZ Sticky Grips are available in Mini, Expert, and Pro size, come in Red, Blue, Black, and white, and have a suggested retail price of $8.99 

Hi-Lite your bike with SINZ Racing components. All of SINZ Racing Products can be found at bike shops world wide. For more information on SINZ Racing Products, please visit  

SINZ has a full offering for riders of an affordable line of high quality BMX race products. SINZ offers products in a wide variety of sizes and colors as well as having different price levels of components. From inexpensive quality parts to full on Pro race level items, SINZ has a parts offering for everyone.



This is your chance to be on one of the coolest support team programs in BMX!

Since 1983, Direct Link has had a rich history of producing great BMX talent. And our frames? This is not your typical frame made in some overseas factory. This is the real deal. Hand made by one of the best BMX frame builders the world has ever known. It just doesn't get any better than an American Made Direct Link!

The sport of BMX was born here in the USA and so was Direct Link. Our first frames made way back in 1983 are still highly sought after collectors items. Our new generation of light-weight state of the art aluminum frames share a common lineage with some of the most tricked out, lightweight BMX frames ever produced. Remember the original PK Ripper and Floval Flyer? The ones made in the good ole' US of A? Our frame builder built each of those, and he continues to build the best BMX frames some 30 plus years later!

Here's the best part! Direct Link BMX Systems is now offering unheard of pricing on frames for both Support Team riders and Bike Shop or Club Teams.

Direct Link Support Team Program: Riders are required to sign a one-year agreement and must also purchase and wear a Direct Link Support Team jersey. Support Team riders will be eligible to receive the same team discounts on parts, clothing and components from our co-sponsors as Factory Team riders. Contact for Support Team pricing.

Bike Shop and Club Team Program: Local bike shop and club teams are the backbone of BMX. This is where the real racing is done. On local tracks in towns here in the USA and the world over. Our next great Olympic BMXer's are out there right now, getting started in BMX and riding on bike shop and club teams. Contact for Bike Shop Team pricing.

We'd like to see your team on Direct Link for 2009. This is your chance to get your team on the best BMX race frames at unreal prices. Teams are required to purchase a minimum of three frames to get the team discount.

Get on board an all American Made Direct Link at Support Team or Bike Shop Team pricing! Interested? Then contact, or call 402-341-5423 for all the details. You will be very happy you did. Good luck to all teams and riders this season!

Intense Tyre Systems Micro Knobby Foldable Kevlar® Beaded Tires

Intense Tyre Systems is proud to announce the arrival of the Super Lightweight Foldable Beaded Micro Knobby BMX Tires.

The Micro Knobby has become the most popular tire in BMX and now is available with a foldable Kevlar® Bead and a single ply Ultra Light Weight casing. The weight of each tire had dropped on the average of 50 Grams; making the worlds best tire that much better. Rotational weight is the most crucial weight you can reduce to help you go faster, and the new ITS foldable Kevlar® Bead is the least expensive way to do so.

The Micro Knobby features Intense Tyres exclusive C3 Homegrown Rubber Compound, which helps make this the perfect all around tire.

The Micro Knobby will deliver the best ride with the perfect amount of grip, while the ultra light weight of the tire will have you rolling faster than ever.

The Micro-Knobby has more than 5,000 knobby's per tire and the knobs are ramped for a super fast rolling ride with very low resistance but still an incredible amount grip. Tightly spaced and harshly square, the Knobby layout makes this the world’s perfect all around tire.  

Tire Weights-

20 x 1” = 190 Grams

20 x 1 1/8th = 230 Grams

20 x 1 3/8th = 265 Grams

20 x 1.5 = 280 Grams

20 x 1.75 = 375 Grams

20 x 2.0 = 465 Grams 

The Intense Micro Knobby foldable Kevlar® Bead tire is available in 13 sizes-

20 x 1”, 20 x 1 1/8th, 20 x 1 3/8th, 20 x 1.5, 20 x 1.75, 20 x 2.0, 20 x 2.25, 24 x 1 1/8th, 24 x 1 3/8th, 24 x 1.5, 24 x 1.75, and 24 x 1.85 and retails for $29.99 and can be found in stock at VSI and dealers world wide.

For more information on the line of the Intense Tire Systems, please check out Intense Tire System is proud to be associated with the finest Bicycle dealers’ world wide. Intense BMX Products are a division of VSI Products. –

Yums shoes enters BMX racing

Yums Shoes is excited to announce they are entering into the world of BMX.Yums will be the official 2009 shoe sponsor for the Sun Bru BMX Teams!

Sun Bru will be joining the ranks of Soulja Boy, Sean Kingston, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Tum Tum, Play-N-Skillz, Rick Ross and many other top listed artists already wearing Yum shoes and apparel.

Yums is the country's hottest new shoe company and rocketed into the market through the world of hip hop music.

It is now time, however, to introduce the brand to the action sports market. We asked Yums, " Why Sun Bru?"

The response was simple, "The Sun Bru teams are in touch with current market trends and recognized as one of the leaders in their game!

Sun Bru provides a dynamic and winning approach to "off the track" entertainment and marketing and puts us in front of an audience that knows the hottest fashion.... just like they know action sports".

The first Sun Bru Yums team event will be in Guthrie, Oklahoma where each of the factory riders will be sporting their new Yums shoes. Expect to see a wide assortment of Yums products at the races this year, as everyone will be rockin their Yums. It will undoubtedly be the brand of choice for the BMX enthusiast! Sun Bru TM Brandon Shaw says, "The riders love the brand.....and the association with top music artists through Yums' other partnerships isn't too bad either"!

Pictured: Dennison Smith recently visited Yums headquarters to check it all out.

He chose to rock the Sun Bru Factory colors by picking out a pair of Yums Blueberry suedes.

For more information about Yums visit .







Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, January 22, 2009

American Bicycle Association and NBC Universal Sports

Announce four year agreement

Gilbert, Arizona- January 21, 2009— The American Bicycle Association and NBC Universal Sports are proud to announce an exclusive four year agreement to televise ABA events and the 2009 UCI Continental events. The ABA is experiencing steady growth in membership and will continue growing and building upon the great success of BMX racing's 2008 Olympic debut. The ABA and NBC Universal Sports will deliver over 20 hours of programming per year for the next four years to an ever growing NBC Universal Sports audience of over 40 million homes.


With BMX emerging as the newest Olympic action sport in 2008, and with the American’s claiming three of the first six BMX Olympic medals ever awarded, the ABA is poised for tremendous growth leading up to the 2012 Olympics in London. The televised race series will focus on the UCI events to be hosted at the following ABA National events.

ABA Sooner Nationals, Guthrie, OK January 22-24, 2009

ABA Southern California Nationals, Lake Perris, CA February 6-8, 2009

ABA Gator Nationals, Oldsmar, FL February 20-22, 2009

ABA Winter Nationals, Phoenix, AZ March 6-8, 2009

ABA Super Nationals, Desoto, TX March 20, 2009

USAC National Championships, Desoto, TX March 21, 2009

ABA Super Nationals, Desoto, TX March 22, 2009

ABA First State nationals, Milford, DE June 12-14, 2009

ABA Mid West Nationals, Rockford, IL June 19-21, 2009


“It has been a pleasure to work with BA and the rest of the ABA staff on the organization and execution of the 2009 UCI event calendar,” said Steve Johnson, CEO of USA Cycling. “These events represent the top level of international BMX racing in America and are a critical link in our athlete development pipeline. USA Cycling is very pleased to be involved with such a progressive organization to bring international-level BMX racing to the United States. The ABA has been dedicated to the sport of BMX racing for more than 32 years, and has a clear vision of the future. With this type of exposure for BMX racing in America, I’m confident that the ABA will continue to assist in the development of world-class athletes who eventually represent the United States in international competition around the globe.”


”We are very excited to expose the sport of BMX racing to NBC Universal's 40 million homes, this agreement will continue to fuel the growth we have experienced since Beijing,” said B.A. Anderson, American Bicycle Association’s Chief Executive Officer. “The ABA has dedicated over 32 years to BMX racing and now that we are an Olympic sport we have a responsibility to our members and the country to make sure that our athletes are the best in the world,” Anderson added.


The ABA is also pleased announce that Hyper Bicycles has signed on as Title Sponsor of the first UCI Continental event to take place this weekend in Guthrie, OK. “Exposure is key for growing our sport,” said Clay Goldsmid, owner of Hyper Bicycles. "Getting the thrills and spills of BMX racing into the living rooms of America is a very exciting prospect. We think this could be a monumental step for the future of BMX. We’re excited to have this opportunity to team-up with the ABA and NBC Universal Sports to be a part of it,” Goldsmid continued.


“On the heels of such an amazing debut for BMX Racing in the 2008 Olympic Games, I am so grateful that ABA BMX, along with NBC, will be allowing many more kids and parents to witness what an all-around great sport BMX Racing is,” stated Hyper Bicycles 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist Donny Robinson. “As a racer, what more can I ask for than a four year televised series? This is unprecedented in BMX Racing and will allow the public to be involved and follow all the pressure-filled qualifications leading up to the London 2012 Games.”


About the American Bicycle Association - ABA (American Bicycle Association), formed in 1977 and headquartered in Chandler, Arizona is “The Sanctioning Body of BMX”©. The ABA organizes BMX racing for boys, girls and adults, nationwide and Canada. With 60,000 active members, 274 racing facilities and a 27 event-national race schedule; ABA is the largest promoter of action sports. For additional press information about ABA, the sport of BMX, ABA events or Professional racers, call Shannon Gillette at (480) 961-1903. To find races in your area or view the national event schedule, visit


Nic Long Makes Super-Ex Debut in Goodyear, Arizona

Brock Heffron gets a new ride


After a fantastic amateur career and ’08 season that saw him capture ABA and NBL # 1’s and ABA Amateur # 1, Quick Nic Long makes the move to the Pro ranks.  Last weekend Nic made his ABA debut in Reno, Nevada and took home the win both days in Single A Pro.  This weekend Nic made his Super-Ex debut in Goodyear, Arizona at fabulous Estrella Mountain BMX (

This weekend had one of the most stacked Super Ex classes in recent history.  The class included recently turned Pro Josh Meyers, Matt, Kelty, Logan Collins, local favorite Johnny “Rocket” Woodmansee, the gentleman Weston Pope, Cory Reid and Ecuador’s Fausto Endara.   

Nic was going real fast all day through motos and in Saturday’s main Nic got stuck way outside in lane 8 with Kelty in 4 and Endara in 1. The tree met over the table mid-way down the first straight where some bar-banging went on as Endara protected the inside in the turn followed by Kelty and Nic. 

The three raced through the balance of the track and that’s where Nic finished on day one.  Sunday’s main saw a drag race with Nic and Josh Meyers down the first straight with Josh pulling away enough to lead Nic into the hole.  The two stayed neck-and-neck and Nic finished 2nd Sunday spending both days on the Podium   

Nic bought his coach and Dad a new motorcycle for Christmas as a sign of appreciation for all the things Donavon has done.  No doubt they’ll be working closley together again this week in preparation for Nic’s next race in Guthrie, Oklahoma this weekend. 

In other Intense/Phantom/On-Trac news, the squad has a new grommett and zippy fast rider.  Two time UCI World # 1, Brock Heffron hailing from Chandler, Arizona

Will make his team debut at Lake Perris, California in three weeks.  Welcome to the family and best of luck, Brock! 

As always, we’d like to thank our super sponsors:. Intense BMX (, On-Trac Garage Doors (, Phantom BMX Products, Fly Racing, Bombshell (,  FSA (, THE Products (, SINZ Racing (, Intense Tire Systems, ( ), Group D (, and Scott goggles (

International BMX License Needed For UCI Guthrie Points Race

USA Cycling BMX Elite Racing News

The first U.S.-based UCI-sanctioned BMX competition of the 2009 calendar year is rapidly approaching as the BMX community gears up for the ABA Sooner Nationals in suburban Oklahoma City on Jan. 24.

Held in nearby Guthrie, the event will welcome elite and amateur riders with four UCI categories featured - junior men, junior women, elite men and elite women.

Participants in the UCI categories are reminded that a UCI International BMX license is required to compete.

Click here for more on the UCI BMX calendar and how to acquire an international BMC license.

THE Icon Pro and Icon Jr Saddles


THE Products is proud to announce the arrival of the all new THE Icon Pro and Icon Jr Saddles.  

Each of the saddles start off built around a composite base with Chromolly seat rails. The Icon Pro is 10 ½ inches long, while the Icon Jr is 9 ¼ inches long. The seats have a narrow design as well as a Kevlar wrap on the rear section to help keep the seat looking new after crashes. The seat also features underneath plastic rear and nose bumpers and are finished off with the THE logo embossed on the seat top. The Icon Pro seat also features a comfort cutout to help with overall weight and seating comfort.  

The Icon Jr weighs in at a feather light 220 grams and the Icon Pro is 235 grams. Both the Icon Pro and Jr are available in Blue, White, Red, and Black.  

The suggested retail for the THE Icon Jr is $44.99 and Icon Pro Saddles is $49.99. They are in stock at VSI now, and they can be found at bike shops world wide. For more info, please visit 

We are committed to developing the best and most innovative products in the industry. This dedication pushes us to the edge, and very often we are the only ones out there. "We Like It That Way". We are proud of the fact we listen to enthusiast everywhere, and work very hard with the world's top pros to develop and test new ideas. This effort allows us to deliver fresh new products like you've never seen before. Products that fill the need and bridge the gap left by the rest of the industry.

For more info on this or any other fine THE products, please visit

VRP/Bike Alley's Newest Addition from Puyallup, Washington David Archibald

We are happy to announce David Archibald to the team. Dave finished Nag #2 and National #11 in 2008 in the 36-40 Cruiser Class.

Dave also started the season off strong with a win in Reno on Saturday.

We look forward to a huge season from Dave as he look's to grab the NAG and National Cruiser Title in 2009.

Dave rode for "the team formally known as FMF" last year and we are now glad to have him on the VRP/Bike Alley team for 2009!



Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, January 21, 2009


PHS Trains The Stars!

French Training Legend, Pierre Henri Sauze and the riders that he coaches had a pretty good 2008. Check out what PH and the kids have been up to!

UCI  junior women Champion and  silver medal in junior women cruiser, and silver medals in European championship class and cruiser.

Overall UCI Supercross series champion in the Elite women's class.

ABA Pro cruiser champion and 2nd place in the Pro class.

NBL Pro women Champion.

Japan’s Elite Champion and Olympic rider.

Belgian Champion and qualified for the Olympics.

PHS BMX training new rider for 2009 :

-          2nd place Overall ranking of the  Supercross  series

-          Winner of the Australian SX

-          Winner of the French SX

-           3rd Place ABA pro ranking


 * Individual training programs for pros,  Amateurs, clubs and Federations.

*Training camps Worldwide.

*Physical  testing : Powermeter, Timers, Muscular profiles…. 

Feel free to contact me at : or at the coming races :

Lake Perris, Phoenix and Desoto. 

BMX Australia Ramps Up for

2009 UCI Worlds In Adelaide!


I am talking with John Leary, the BMX Australia Event Manager for the 2009 UCI BMX World Championships in Adelaide.

BMX Mania - John it seems a long way back although it was just last year when you all successfully hosted the Supercross indoor in Adelaide followed by your own Australian National Championships, and I know that those two events were a bit of a "run up" to hosting the 2009 UCI BMX World Championships. How are things progressing towards the Worlds in July 2009? 

John Leary - Jerry, things are starting to crank up. We have a lot going on at the moment and my emails and phone calls with Event Management team are ever increasing. We believe we have the structure in place to provide a professionally organised venue and support for UCI.

The track ought to be one of the best ever, and right now, the UCI technical staff are finalizing the track design and as soon as we get it we will release it to you.

As for expected rider numbers our information is that many Australians will be entering the event, and that we will see an amazing turn out of talented Australian BMXers to compete with the best of the rest.

Also information is that Adelaide has already a lot of bookings within the BMX type accommodation market for July so if people have not booked accommodation as yet I would strongly urge them to go to and click on accommodation area. Please make sure you go to the South Australian Tourism link on the web site for that’s the only way you will get the best prices. As they have blocked booked just for BMX people. 

BMX Mania - What about International teams? Have you heard anything about numbers?

John Leary - The New Zealand people tell us they will have around 300 riders.

And, a number of other national teams have already made bookings through the South Australian Tourism site and numbers appear reasonable.

By the way with our Australian dollar being devalued you guys in the US get around  $ 1.50 Australian dollars to your money and as you know we are not a dear country to live in. Just think a main meal in AUD $ 28 works out at $18 US.

BMX Mania - How close is the BMX venue Showground to the Airport and City as if I didn’t know? Ha Ha Ha!

A. Jerry even you or I could walk from the City to the showground. Adelaide is what we call a 20 minute city. I noticed the US travel group say they are in walking or riding distance from the track and that is true. Most things are 20 minutes at worst away from each other. Easy to navigate just remember we drive on the correct side of the road.

BMX Mania - Talking about the Venue Adelaide showground . Fill me in on which buildings are being used and how?

John Leary - Racing is in the Jubilee Hall. This is same venue that has held Supercross and 2008 Australian National Championships, bike security is in the Wayville Pavilion and the UCI Convention, Congress, accreditation are all in the new Goyder pavilion. All buildings are within  30 seconds of each other so easy access, this venue is one of the best that people will ever experience.

If people want to see the buildings they can go to the website below and link on event planning in red.

BMX Mania - John I've heard something about you all possibly holding a track testing pre event day on the Worlds track before your hand things over to the UCI for the Worlds, what up with that? Can you talk about it? 

John Leary - Jerry this is something I cannot confirm as yet. It is planned for Monday 20 July 2009 so I suggest if people want extra time on this track they be in Adelaide before Monday 19 July 2009. We will be updating the official website as we get closer to the event.

BMX Mania - Well, John, thanks for filling us in a bit on what to expect from the 2009 UCI World Championships in Adelaide, of course, BMX Mania looks forward to being at the event, I can't wait to get back to Adelaide for some GREAT World Championship racing. Any last words?

John Leary - Last words? How's this? We look forward to one of the best UCI World Championships of all time. We will make sure BMX racers have a warm welcome and they can count on some of the BEST BMX racing EVER at the 2009 UCI World Championships in Adeliade!








Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GHP’s Randy Stumpfhauser and Donald Fisher

tear it up at the Coyote Nationals

This past weekend the NBL rolled into Arizona for the Coyote Nationals being held at what could be one of the best built and groomed tracks in the nation known as Estrella Mountain BMX.

Randy started his defense of the 2008 number one elite title going against Gold Medalist Maris Stromberg.

Randy was flying high all weekend on his brand new green GHP factory ride by winning all his qualifiers and semi's,  when the dust settled Randy would ride away with two second place finishes on the weekend over Maris Stromberg who showed a strong competitive edge.  

Donald Fisher from the Phoenix area and a GHP Factory Rider for the last 2 years decided to make a go at the NBL race and finished Saturday with a second in the 30-34 cruiser class.

Sunday he didn’t loose a lap and took the top spot for the day with the overall win and some new hardware for the mantel.

This weekends hard work by Don will surely give him the focus he needs for the next big race that he and Randy will be attending during the Socal Nationals at Lake Perris Raceway. 

GHP would like to thank all their 2009 sponsors for their continued support.   

HPR Designs, TroyLee Designs, Rhythm/Crupi, Tioga, LDC, ODI,, Capital Contractors, INC.

2009 ABA BMX PRO Standing through Silver Dollar Nationals- Reno, NV.

by Shannon Gillette

The American Bicycle Association hosted the Silver Dollar Nationals this past weekend, January, 9- 11 in Reno, NV. The weather this year couldn't have been outside the Arena. Temps in the low 50`s during the day made for a most excellent weekend. This HUGE event was 291 motos strong and the event went off without a hitch! 

The racing at the Silver Dollars event was THE first event of the 2009 season ! ABA BMX stepped it up in the track department and Billy Allen built a very challenging track to kick off the season. This was the first event of the year and Reno in January has turned into the Anaheim 1 SX of BMX racing. All the big sponsor changes, the new uniforms, the new numbers, the new ABA Champions roll into the event center. We had a who`s who of BMX racing in the house. We saw all three Olympic medalist racing, including Olympic Gold Medalist, and Current World Champ, Maris Stromberg make is ABA debut in Reno. We had ABA`s new National #1 PRO Khalen Young in the house with his fresh new #1 plate on as well. It really was a site to see!  

With all the  Olympic hype for BMX racing, the buzz is all around. There`s lots of media on hand and many of the sports top athletes from around the world were on hand to take a shot at getting some much needed points towards the ABA BMX titles. GT`s Joey Bradford looked very impressive in Reno and was leading lots of laps in qualifying. Come main event time Joey should he still had the speed to get the job done. Joey picked up his first AA PRO at the ABA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals and looks to be coming into to his own in 2009 Joey also scored a third on Sunday being the only AA PRO on the weekend to make the podium both days with a super stacked field. Joey also sits in the ABA BMX AA PRO points lead for the first time in his PRO career. GT Bicycles has to be proud of their crew as Olympic Silver medalist, Mikey Day took the win on Sunday and a solid fourth on Saturday just missing the podium on day one. Mike sits third  in ABA BMX AA PRO points after the HUGE weekend. Intense/BAWLS rider, Danny C. was solid as ever with a second on Saturday. Danny also nailed down two seconds in ABA BMX PRO Cruiser class for the weekend.. Saturday also saw the return of SE Bikes, Javier Colombo to the ABA BMX PRO podium. Javi rode excellent all day long and was able to bring home a solid third for the weekend. Team USA`s Kyle Bennett looks to be ready to take on his ABA BMX PRO title quest as he was impressive on the weekend. Kyle was second on Sunday and  is second in ABA BMX PRO points so  that has to make and the Free Agent crew happy! 

On the Ladies side we saw lots of new faces in the  PRO ranksNames like Taylor Wolcott, Ashley Verhagen, Brooke Crain, and Canadian Olympian and past ABA BMX National # Lady PRO, Samantha Cools just to name a few. ABA BMX National #1 Lady PRO, Dominique Daniels continued to impress taking home the victory on Saturday.  Somebody needs to sponsor this girl quick!! The rest of Saturday`s podium was filled by rookie PRO`s. Ashley Verhagen impressed the fans and brought home second place money, and "Insane" Brooke Crain was a solid third for her PRO debut. Sunday saw Stephanie Barragan really turned some heads in Reno as well. Stephanie picked a very impressive win on  Sun day. Not to be out done, "Insane" Brooke Crain finished up with a very impressive second  and Dominique Daniels rounded out the podium with a third. The return of some old faces and  the new crop of ladies PRO`s the 2009 season looks to be a very, very competitive  class. I can hardly wait to see who ends up the champ this year! 

Pro Cruiser was the Barry Nobles, Danny C. and   Tyler Brown show these three battled hard all weekend long leave the Silver Dollar National weekend in a 3-way tie for first in the PRO CRUISER title chase.  Clayborn`s Barry Nobles took the win on Saturday with Danny C. in second and Tyler Brown in tow for third. Sunday saw first and third flip flop. Tyler taking the win, Danny C. for second , and Barry Nobles for third. Danny C. has been the man to beat in this class the last few years and it looks like he`ll be right in the thick of the battle again, but It looks like Barry Nobles and Tyler Brown plan on making him earn everything he gets this season. 

Vet Pro was back in action too! Supercross rider Kenth Fallen, looked very impressive with his new ABA BMX #1 plate on his bike. Kenth showed the class why he`s the man to be right now by taking the top honors both days in Vet PRO. "The Jackal" John Purse made his presents know and was on the podium both days as well. Jackal took a third on Saturday and s second on Sunday. Jackal looks to be taking the class seriously this year and I know he`s hungry for another #1 plate! Saturday also saw MR. Consistency, Chad Street take the second and Sunday saw new Rookie VET PRO, Will Murray bring home a solid third for the day. Will made the trip all the way out from North Carolina for this one so BIG PROPS to him for making the trip out west!  Ja$on Carne$ was in the house but is still on the mend from his injuries in 2008. We hope to see the 6-time ABA BMX VET PRO Champ back out on the track real soon!

The ABA would like to thank all the participants, families, teams, sponsors, and BMX industry for helping make the Silver Dollar Nationals event such a huge success! Next stop on the ABA BMX Tour will be this weekend at the Sooner Nationals in Guthrie, OK. This will also be the first UCI event for the 2009 season! has tons of  videos posted from the ABA BMX Silver Dollar  National weekend! Check it out at:

Rider ABA BMX PRO wins after Silver Dollars Nationals –
AA PRO Joey Bradford - GT Bicycles - 1 .....
Mike Day - GT Bicycles - 1

Woman’s PRO   "Demolition" Dominique Daniels– Intense/Phantom/On-Trac – 1 ..... Stephanie Barragan – 1

PRO CRUISER Barry Nobles - Clayborn Bikes -1 ..... Tyler Brown - Crupi – 1

VET PRO - Kenth Fallen – Supercross - 2

2009 Pro Point Standing through Silver Dollar Nationals

AA PRO - 1 JOEY BRADFORD 471 ..... 2 KYLE BENNETT 351 ..... 3 MIKE DAY 341 ..... 4 DANNY CALUAG 277 ..... 5 JAVIER COLOMBO 241 ..... 6 KHALEN YOUNG 231 ..... 7 JASON ROGERS 197 ..... 8 TYLER BROWN 157 ..... 9 DONNY ROBINSON 111 ..... 10 CRISTIAN BECERINE 107 ..... 11 RANDY STUMPFHAUSER 101 ..... 12 DAVID HERMAN 97 ..... 13 BUBBA HARRIS 87 ..... 14 MARC WILLERS 87 ..... 15 KYLE CUSHMAN 83 ..... 16 MARIS STROMBERGS 83 ..... 17 JARRETT KOLICH 81 ..... 18 PHIL DELIZIA 81 ..... 19 STEVEN CISAR 81 ..... 20 TRAVIS OHRAZDA 81 ..... 21 DENZEL STEIN 77 ..... 22 DEREK BETCHER 77 ..... 23 DEREK SIPKOI 77 ..... 24 MICHAEL LARSON 77 ..... 25 SEAN STORMS 77 ..... 26 ALAN HUDSON 71 ..... 27 ALEXIS VERGARA 71 ..... 28 BARRY NOBLES 71 ..... 29 DEAK BROWN 71 ..... 30 JOE SOWERS 71 ..... 31 KARL CLARK 71 ..... 32 KEITH GRINE 71 ..... 33 MICHAEL HUGHES 71 ..... 34 MICHAEL WEATHERFORD 71 ..... 35 MIKE BRABANT 71 ..... 36 MIKE MOELLER 36  


VET PRO - 1 KENTH FALLEN 512 ..... 2 JOHN PURSE 392 ..... 3 CHAD STREET 312 ..... 4 DALE HOLMES 272 ..... 5 WILL MURRAY 232 ..... 6 DAVID BITTNER 152 ..... 7 ERIC DYER 82 ..... 8 DOMINGOS LAMMOGLIA 62 ..... 9 ERIC RUPE 62 ..... 10 CODY SMART 42 ..... 11 PAUL CALDWELL 42 ..... 12 RAY HUDSON 42 ..... 13 BILLY ROSS 32 ..... 14 PAUL BROWN 32 ...... 15 RONALD WILLIAMS 32 ..... 16 EFRIAM  MIRANDA 17 ..... 17 RICK LOWRY 17

PRO CRUISER    - 1 BARRY NOBLES 418 ..... 2 DANNY CALUAG 418 ..... 3 TYLER BROWN 418 ..... 4 JOE SOWERS 218 ..... 5 BILLY ANDERSON 178 ..... 6 ADAM TREADWELL 138 ..... 7 MATT BAISLEY 58 ..... 8 ERIC RUPE 48 ..... 11 WILLY SUAREZ 40 .... 12 DOMINGOS LAMMOGLIA 10

A PRO - 1 NIC LONG 311 ..... 2 TBA .... 3 COREY REID 251 ..... 4 KRISTAPS KONRADS 191..... 5 JONATHAN WOODMANSEE 176 ..... 6 JASON MORRIS 136 ..... 7 JORDAN SEWARD 131..... 8 THOMAS FERNANDEZ 121 ..... 9 DALE CUSHMAN 94 ..... 10 GAVIN LUBBE 91 ...... 11 ADAM TREADWELL 89 ..... 12 VANCE WEISENDANGER 89 ...... 13 MATT TISCHLER 86 ..... 14 JESSE LANGLAND 79 ..... 15 JUSTIN MCLINTOCK 79 ..... 16 TOMMY BELLEW 79 ..... 17 TRAVIS HEALEY 79 ..... 18 BILLY ANDERSON 77 ...... 19 MATT BAISLEY 77 ..... 20 MICHAEL HENDERSON 77

 ABA BMX would like to thank all the 2009 National Series sponsors: American Suzuki-( ) Dan’s Comp ( )  BAWLS Guarana ( ) Bawlstyle ( ) Redline Bicycles-( ) FLY Racing-( ) Intense BMX-( ) T.H.E. ( ) Tioga-( ) Tangent-( ) ( ) Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex ( ) Sponsorhouse-( ) ABABMXRACERS- ( ) - Without their support, we couldn't`t make the 2009 ABA racing season such a huge success. Support the sponsors that support ABA BMX racing.

Vendetta/Elite Bikes Race report

The 2009 Season started out well for Vendetta/Elite Bikes. We took 2nd Place in Bike Shop both days at the Silver Dollar Nationals in Reno! 

It's official, they're HERE!

Take a look at our NEW VENDETTA FRAMES! 

In Vet-Pro class, our own Vet Pro, Eric Dyer, placed well with an 8th place Saturday and 7th on Sunday. 

Jerry Pricer had a stellar performance as usual - taking a 1st place in class on Saturday, 2nd on Sunday and another 1st in 36-40 Cruiser on Sunday. 

On Saturday, after getting his NAG #1 plate, James Starks continued perfection and took a 1st in 31-35 Cruiser! Unfortunately, we didn't see the double  that we are used to seeing after he took a fall..He'll be back! 

Scott Smith came back and made his main in a consistently stacked class 19-27 Expert, he came home with a 7th place, welcome back!

Juli Knasko got an impressive 3rd place in class on Saturday and went down on Sunday and injured her foot - still was able to take a 2nd place in 21-25 CRUISER!

Patty Metzger took 1st BOTH days in the 36-40 GIRLS CRUISER! Another start of something great! 

The OConnor Boys (Garrett(15I) and Keegan (14I) both took home a 1st place on Saturday..Garrett, welcome to the EXPERT class! 

Brett Benson placed 1st in class on Saturday, 2nd in class Sunday and after a nice pile up, avoided it and took 1st in the 9/10 Open..Now, you know why they call him a "threat".. 

The YOUNG ladies of VENDETTA/ELITE (11G-Patty Rich, 11G-Alyssa Canevari) raced in the 11-12 Mixed Open placing 5th and 6th and also raced their class both days, placing well! 

Our 5X (James Canevari-NAG 9) and 6X (Nicholas Adams-NAG 3) placed 6th and 7th in the 6/under OPEN...They also placed well in their respective classes..These two, no doubt, will continue a successful 2009.. 

We would like to congratulate all of our 2008 NAG Riders for an AWESOME year:  

Eric Dyer - Vet Pro - #7

James Starks - NAG #1 Cruiser, NAG #8 28-35

Patty Metzger - NAG #2 Cruiser, NAG #2 28/over

Juli Knasko - NAG #3 21-25 cruiser

Jerry Pricer - NAG #4 36-40 cruiser

Brett Benson - NAG #2 9yr

Nicholas Adams - NAG #3 6yr

James Canevari - NAG #9 5yr






Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, January 19, 2009


Elite Men

Maris Strombergs

Elite Women

Dominique Daniels

Elite Masters

Dale Holmes

Super Ex

Fausto Endara


Elite Men

Maris Strombergs

Elite Women

Dominique Daniels

Elite Masters

Dale Holmes

Super Ex

Josh Meyers

"Doubles" were the order of the weekend at the NBL's first round of Elite Series National racing for 2009, the NBL Coyote National at Estrella Mountain BMX in Goodyear, Arizona.

Maris Strombergs, Dominique Daniels and Dale Holmes all struck twice in Elite Men's, Elite Women's and Elite Master's racing action as the hunt for the 2009 NBL Pro Titles got underway.

Check out Complete Pro Results and tons of Race Action Photos on the BMX Mania Race Report Page.

Intense/Phantom/On-Trac Sweeps ABA Reno Season Opener!

Every January, BMX pilgrims make their way to Reno, Nevada for the Silver Dollar National and the ABA season kick-off.  This January was no exception although it was exceptional in its own way. 

For those who think BMX is dying, look no further than the 291 moto season opener to kick off the ’09 ABA season in spectacular fashion.  And perennial powerhouse Intense/Phantom/On-Trac similarly kicked off their ’09 Factory title hunt in an equally spectacular way. 

The team’s Pro ranks swelled by two with talented young lady Taylor Wolcott turning Pro as well as ABA’s Amateur # 1 Nic Long.  Taylor proved her mettle with her power, skills and turn passing skills on her way to her first  BMX paycheck managing a 4th and 5th for the weekend. 

Tricky Nic had a superb debut with a near perfect weekend and two singe A wins to start off his Pro career.  Firefighter and BMX Vet Pro Chad Street mixed it up in one of the toughest Vet classes in years including Purse, Fallen and Holmes managing a 2nd and 4th  for the competition.. 

Little lady Madison Martinez starts her ’09 campaign with a perfect weekend in 8 Girls and winning one day in 7-8 Mixed Open.  Her new teammate Sue Me Yuki had a solid weekend putting together a pair of 2nds behind her teammate.

Kristen Long has clearly been training in the off-season.  She’s always had one of the best gates in BMX and this year she has new-found stamina which was widely on display as she notched her season’s first double double in 1 Girls and 11-12 Mixed Open. 

Shayne Lewis recorded a solid performance putting together two 2nds and two 3rds in 8 Boys and 7-8 Open.  Seanie Seanie Gaian swept 11-12 Open with two victories and took a 2nd and 4th in 12 Expert. 

Carolina’s finest Cole Tesar makes a huge impact on the new season capturing HIS first double double in 12 Expert and 12 Cruiser.  Dad got him a gate for the backyard…  and it shows! 

The Razzleberry continues to dazzle and does what he does…  win it all.  Rusty puts his first of many double doubles in the record books in 14 Expert and 13-14 Open.  It is no surprise Rusty has been named to the USAC’s Junior Development Team! 

Jake “Pumpkinhead” Peebles had a decent weekend taking 1st and 3rd in 17-18 Expert and winning 17-18 Open Sunday.  Saturday, San Antone’s favorite son and the other Jake (Trevino) took the win in 17-18 Open dusting off the bike after many months of non-riding and playing football.. 

Despite the replenishment of several factory teams with fresh blood, Intense/Phantom/On-Trac was able not only to take the wins both days, but recorded two excellent and certain “keeper” scores with a 252 and a 244.

Next stop for the team is the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma. 

Intense/Phantom/On-Trac’s great sponsors include Intense BMX (, On-Trac Garage Doors (, Phantom BMX Products, Fly Racing, Bombshell (,  FSA (, THE Products, SINZ Racing, Intense Tire Systems (, BMX Jerseys (, and Scott goggles (

Matt Pohlkamp's BMX Pull-Camp
Two types of clinics
Look below to see which camp is best for you
January 24, 2009   February 8, 2009
Type: Beginner/Rookie Clinic   Type: Beginner/Rookie Clinic
Who: New riders/All Skill Levels   Who: New riders/All Skill Levels
Time: 11am-1pm   Time: 11am-1pm
Location: Indy Crossroads BMX   Location: Indy Crossroads BMX
Cost: $25   Cost: $25
Description: Basic instruction by Matt Pohlkamp from the starting gate to finish line including: Gate Starts, Passing, Jumps, and more of Matt's secrets.   Description: Basic instruction by Matt Pohlkamp from the starting gate to finish line including: Gate Starts, Passing, Jumps, and more of Matt's secrets.
Type: Advanced Clinic (Part 1 of 2)   Type: Advanced Clinic (Part 2 of 2)
Who: Novice/Expert/All Skill Levels   Who: Novice/Expert/All Skill Levels
Time: 3pm-6pm   Time: 3pm-6pm
Location: Indy Crossroads BMX   Location: Indy Crossroads BMX
Cost: $90- Parts 1 & 2   Cost: $90- Parts 1 & 2
$50- Part 1 only   $50- Part 2 only
Description: Advanced on and off track instruction by Matt Pohlkamp.  On-Track skills such as your 2nd pedal off the gate and riding and passing in packs. Off-track BMX training to improve reaction time, strength and speed.   Description: Advanced on and off track instruction by Matt Pohlkamp.  On-Track skills such as your 2nd pedal off the gate and riding and passing in packs. Off-track BMX training to improve reaction time, strength and speed.
Register online at
Space is Limited!!!
Official Sponsor Of Matt Pohlkamp

Saturday Race Report from NBL Midwest Regional National

at Indianapolis Crossroads BMX

All photos straight from Jerrod Huffman/BMX Mania correspondent /

Elite open only had 3 riders. Rookie pro Louie Taylor, Jared Becker, and Redline's newest face, Tommy "2x4" Board.

Becker had some pedal problems and 2x4 took the main.

In 19-24 expert it was super stacked with Derek Ramsey and Chris Coslow making a comeback, and making the main.

Tom Parry got the holeshot and didn't look back.

It's a good thing cause almost everyone went down in turn 1.

17-18 expert was a battle all day with Adcock from the Standard Army and Ben Clark hailing from OH-IO.

In the end it was Adcock with the gold.

On a side note, Dusty Vogler made a cameo appearance to check out his competition.

That's right, he's healing up well and plans to be back on the track very soon.

For more from the NBL Midwest Regional at Indy's Crossroads Indoor BMX, check out - J-Rod

BMX ACTION CREMONA Is Looking For Fast Riders.....Again!


After the conclusion of sponsoring search for two great riders for the season  2009, that will be soon introduced, BMX ACTION CREMONA in Italy is not done yet!


BMX ACTION CREMONA informs that are still in progress  for evaluations for the recruitment of riders for BMX Season 2009 and NOW we are open to look for riders for the season 2010.


These projects are for the long-term, not only for riders of the Junior or Elite classes, but also for  young promising riders.


BMX ACTION CREMONA will appraise the riders, the potentialities, goals of the athlete, seriousness and personality of the Rider.


BMX ACTION CREMONA, will use the season 2009 to appraise the rider.


The rider, will have to race in Italy racing the race colors of BMX ACTION CREMONA


If you are interested and for more information, contact or visit the web site at



Tom Ritz Downunder/massive track built! 

Ritz escaped the freezing cold weather of Ohio to head down to Sunny New Zealand for a 12 day workout in 30 plus degrees with blue skies.

It was the First official track build, as the newly appointed UCI Track builder Tom Ritz along with a great crew from''SCWBMX'' have been building the Worlds first 2 track,16 lane Supercross & Amateur race track for New Zealand's largest BMX Club, ''Sunset Coast Waiuku''.

This venture with Ritz & UCI will set the level of Racing downunder to another level, having such an awesome track & venue will soon see International Riders venturing down to train & compete on this World leading event centre, having a facility so close prior to this years Worlds in Adelaide, its gonna be the ideal place to train.

The Track is built in a 5 Hectare reserve in the country 45mins from Auckland International airport, along with such awesome tracks will be a Trails park & 4 Cross track, with an already built mountain bike park its gonna be a Bikers dream come true!

Not only will this be one of, if not the best Club tracks in the World, it will be the home for the New Zealand HP Team coached by the man himself ''Big Rig Ken Cools'' who has recently made NZ his new home.

Included in the track will be an 8mtr Supercross start hill & along side it a 4 mtr amateur hill, the track is shaped the same as  Beijing was with a pro corner jump, which will test the best................but with 8 straights!

But even better still, this Track will be fully enclosed for all year round racing, with 4 tar sealed corners you can guarantee there's gonna be some serious speed unleashed.

The Club would like to thank Tom for the awesome job he has done, this is a level of race track that many clubs & countries would love to have in their hometown.

The Club is looking for sponsors or advertisers who wish to come on board in this great event centre, what better place to advertise your products or company business, than at Australasia's best RaceTrack.

Contact can be made by email to Tony at





Today's BMX Racing News - Saturday/Sunday, January 17/18, 2009

nbl elite series spectacular - ck out the mania race report page!


!!!!!!SUNDAY!!!!!! - from Goodyear az




Check the bmx mania race report page for complete results

and race photo gallery coming, sunday night!





complete elite/super ex main finishes posted!




 URGENT - Weather Related BMX Time Change!

Sandy Ridge BMX Track in McDonough, Georgia is changing it's Saturday Race due to the extreme cold weather.

Practice and registration 1:00pm-2:00pm Race at 3:00pm.

Hotline # 678-318-1881 x 102



Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday, January 15, 2009



Starting this weekend at the NBL Coyote Nationals, one hard-riding amateur rider (over age 13) will win the BAWLS BMX Can Trophy!

We’ll be crowning one winner per BAWLS-attended race this season.  

Not only do these riders get a one-of-a-kind BAWLS BMX can trophy, but they’ll score a BAWLS amateur sponsorship for 2009 including BAWLS gear, unlimited drinks and a feature in BMX Today Magazine!! 

At the end of the season, fans can vote for their favorite BAWLS BMX Award winner to receive a BAWLS Guarana PRO Sponsorship in 2010!

It’s our way of FUELING the rides of ALL BMXers and for thanking them for their support.  

Remember to buy BAWLS BMX cans at stores nationwide to support the ABA and NBL and see you at the track!

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act takes aim at BMX!

Check it out, sign it and let everyone you know about it!

A new law was passed in the United States August 14, 2008 that would add testing for lead to thousands of items that had never had to be tested before. This came about as a result of toys being imported in to the U.S. from China earlier in the year with high levels of lead in the paint and product used to manufacture these toys and the Congress and President Bush charged the Consumer Product Safety Commission with protecting children in the U.S. from this danger.

As part of the new regulations to take effect, February 10, 2009 a "Lead Free" certification sticker will be needed for products to be sold after that date. The certification will signify that EACH part of a bike or BMX product has been tested at great expense to the manufacturer. For small BMX brands, this expensive testing will be the 'kiss of death' and will have no significant effect on the safety of those participating in our sport, as, NO ONE has ever been injured by lead ingestion from riding or chewing on a BMX bike.

These new regulations will apply to all bikes with 24 inch or smaller wheels, that the CPSC considers "Toys". We know that what BMX racers, ride are NOT toys, but highly developed competition bicycles. If you want to make a difference in this oversight of regulation that will destroy many of the brands that we love and ride, sign this petition NOW, and respectfully lodge your protest with your Congressional Representative in the House of Representatives or your Senator in the U.S. Senate.

To find out how to contact your legislators, you can visit this web site. Please be respectful, but do SOMETHING now before it's too late. An amendment or competition waiver is the goal of the above petition, so feel free to mention that in your communications with your political representatives.

ACT NOW, this action is upon us SOON and if we do NOT speak up, we'll live with the costly changes and loss of freedom of choice for years!

Link to a good summation of these regulations:

VRP/Bike Alley Picks Up Dani George

VRP/Bike Alley would like to announce our newest member to the team…Dani George.

She raced for Dirt Diva last year and finished ABA Nag #7 in the 14 Girl Class and won The Race of Champions.

Dani had a solid weekend in Reno finishing 3rd on Saturday and taking home the 1st on Sunday. Nice start to the 2009 season.

Keep your eye's on her this year because she is fun to watch and has a ton of BMX skills.

We are excited to have her aboard with another solid addition to the VRP/Bike Alley family.








Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Maliek Byndloss signs with ONE/Kenda

ONE KENDA press release


The 2008 NBL National #1 in 13 Expert, Maliek Byndloss from Florida USA signed a new contract with ONE/Kenda.



Maliek has been with ONE/Kenda for 5 seasons already.

The honor roll student showes his loyalty to ONE by signing again.

ONE’s interest in Maliek is to see him grow in the sport and the dedication he has to be the best.

Recently Maliek won the President’s Cup in Class, Cruiser and Open at the Christmas Classic, where he also won Class on Day 1 and 2.

On his 2009 schedule are all major events in the US, the Worlds in Australia and Maliek plans to come over to Europe to do the Euro round in Holland and the final rounds in Denmark. 


ONE KENDA is sponsored by: 


Factory Felt Makes The Scene At The NBL Christmas Classic!

The Factory Felt, SC Action Sport National BMX Team had a strong showing at the Christmas Classic in Lexington, VA.

Over all we finished 2nd both days and took some good points going into the 2009 Season. 

Phil Delizia was dominating the Elite open all day on Sunday. In the Main he got caught up in some traffic trying to come from the outside. Unfortunately, due to some mechanical difficulties he went down in turn 2 going for the lead. Outstanding ride Phil! You are always a crowd Pleaser.

Joey Albright showed his talents in the Elite open as well by running very strong on Sunday but was edged out in the semis. Joey came back for more on Monday to make the main in a star filled Pro class. Although, both Joey and Phil both went down in the mains, as always they proved they will both be top contenders this year.

The Factory Felt, SC Action Sports amateurs rode out in front all day as well.

Jeremy Thompson finished 1st on Sunday and was edged out to finish 2nd on Monday. Dalton Simons was out front all weekend in the 14x and 13-14 cruiser classes, finishing 2nd in class and 1st on cruiser on Sunday and crashed in the last turn in class and a 2nd on cruiser on Monday.

12X Cole Tesar and 13 Girl Felicia Stancil made their debut in the Red and White this weekend. They dominated the competition with Cole taking a perfect on Monday in class and a 2nd and 4th on Cruiser. Felicia took perfects both days on both bikes. What else can you say about this young lady? Awesome!

TJ Albright fought hard all weekend and pulled a perfect on Sunday and even though he was sick and had a fever he managed to pull a 1st place in the main on Monday in the 9X class. Alaina Henderson and Carly Veeder battled all weekend long in the 16 Girls class. Watching them is always exciting. McKenna Calhoun had an outstanding weekend in the 8 girl’s class. She grabbed perfects on both days!

I want to thank all of our sponsors: Felt bicycles and SC Action Sports!! Alex Rims, SNAP, FLY Racing and AC Adventure Components. We could not do it without you.

I also want to thank all of the parents and family members, you guys are THE BEST!




Today's BMX Racing News - Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GHP Wins Races At ABA Reno!

The Silver Dollars were as big as ever this year with close to 300 motos both days and tons of Pro action.

John Purse, Randy Stumpfhauser, and Mike Larson were on hand to go do battle in the Vet and AA pro Classes.

"The Jackal" John Purse is on a mission to win a title this year and was in contention both days for the win, but ended up with a 3rd and a 2nd.

Stumpy was super fast winning multiple qualifiers and running up front on Saturdays main when he got pushed over the tight first berm in round 3 which gave him an 8th.

He looks like he is liking his new ride and will snag a win before too long.

Larson is now a rookie AA Pro and made it to semis on Sunday showing potential.

Mike's speed is good and once he figures out the random gate, we expect him to make some mains.

Our amateurs faired well with highlights from Hacksaw taking a 2nd and 3rd in 36-40 X, Fisher taking a 2nd in 31-35 cruiser, Martinez taking a 2nd in 17-20 cruiser on Saturday and Patterson with the 2nd in 17-20 cruiser Sunday.

Christian and Robbie are running up front in the fast 17-18X as well with Robbie getting taken out in the main Sunday while in the #2 slot.

These two riders have been battling for years and continue to progress and push each other to the next level.

Look for them to be nag riders on both bikes.

The younger ams had a tougher time, however Zach Zito finished 4th both days behind the 2 giants (Ricki Griffis and Justin Anderson) in the 13 cruiser class.

New factory 9x rider, Caleb Wall, put in strong battles both days with a 6th and 8th after falling.

This might of been the largest class with 7 groups.

Stephanie Baldwin finished the 8G class with two 6ths for the weekend.

Other notable riders for the weekend were Grass Roots rider Doug King, winning the 16 cruiser class on Saturday and making the mains in 16X and cruiser on Sunday.

Dakoda Baca finished 7th on cruiser in 12 cruiser Saturday and spent a lot of time on the ground Sunday.

Matt Zito - GHP TM

Intense BMX / Bawls Guarana Pro Team Race Report
ABA Silver Dollar Nationals - Reno, NV
The 2009 ABA season kicked off this past weekend in Reno, NV. The ABA season opener was much anticipated by many, as the NAG champions of 2008 were going to be awarded a custom THE ONE helmet. THE Products was proud to award the ABA NAG #1 Champions the special Helmet.
Team Intense BMX / Bawls Guarana Pro riders Danny Caluag and David Herman were both on hand, ready to start a new season and ABA #1 Pro title quest. Danny earned the ABA #1 Pro title for Pro Cruiser in 2008 and the #2 plate in AA Pro. David finished up #3 AA Pro in the ABA in 2008 and both are looking to move up in 2009.
Danny Caluag was ready to head back to the top of the Podium in his Intense Podium 20 and 24" race bikes. On Saturday, Danny was up for the win in the AA Pro main event, and just missed out on it, finishing 2nd overall. In the Pro Cruiser main event, Danny once again finished up 2nd. On Sunday, Danny missed out on the AA Pro main event but finished 2nd once again in Pro Cruiser.
Danny's consistency is what earns titles. Danny Caluag will head off this next weekend to Goodyear, AZ for the Season opener of the NBL 2009 Pro Series event. The Intense BMX/Bawls Guarana team Trailer will be there, so if you come to the event, come on by to get Danny's autograph, a 2009 Catalog from Intense BMX, THE, SINZ, or a cold Bawls Guarana drink!
David Herman came to Reno ready to take on AA Pro, but this was a weekend the Herminator will want to soon forget. On Saturday, David missed out on the AA Pro main event. On Sunday, Davis was in the main event, but an 8th place finish was his overall result. David looks forward to the next ABA National event in 2 week in Guthrie, OK to redeem himself and get back onto the podium.
The Intense BMX / Bawls Guarana team are proudly sponsored by THE Products, SINZ Racing, Fly Racing, Shimano, Intense Tyre Systems, GoPro Cameras, OGIO, Thomson, and Skull Candy.
For More information on Intense BMX, please visit For more info on Bawls Gurana Drinks, visit
Info on our other great sponsors -,,,,,
Photos courtesy of

The "CPSC Sucks" Kuwahara Blowout SALE
Due to the Feb. 10 deadline for newly legislated CPSC Testing Requirements, Kuwahara bikes is having a factory direct blowout sale on remaining frame inventory.   Hurry, the sale ends Feb. 9 and while supplies last!
2008 Frames:
Laserlite Mini, JR, Exp, Pro, and Pro 24" in blk/wht for only $175
2007 Frames:
2KZ Mini, JR, Exp in Gun Metal Grey for only $102
Laserlite XL and XXL in wht/blk and yel/blk  7005 series tubing for only $175
And you can visit Dan's Competition (  for Great Closeout Deals on remaining 2008 Kuwahara complete bikes.
For more information, visit or call (574) 269-3373.

RENO 2009 Silver Dollar Update From VRP/Bike Alley 


Well the 2009 season is underway. We made a few changes and with our new uniforms we were ready to go and kick off the season! 

Day one we had things going our way with all of our riders on the team sheet making the main. It all came down to our final rider that would have given us the day one title. A quick start and into the front of the pack into the first turn and then that first went to a last after a wipeout. The team still came away with the overall 3rd for the day. Day two we had to fight back with a couple of the key riders on the team sheet not making the main. But after it was all said and done another 3rd awarded to the team. So the 2009 season is off to a great start and one step ahead of last year at this time.

So let's get into rider results starting off with 7 expert Anthony Saldivar. He had a solid weekend with some great moves. He came away with two solid top 5 finishes. Then we jump into the performance of the weekend from one of our newest additions…Kyle "Crazy Legs" Stan. He made history this weekend with winning the first ABA 8 and Under Cruiser Class followed up with another win on Sunday. But, not only did he win Cruiser he also won 7-8 Open and the 8 Expert class both days…a Triple Triple for the weekend! Nice start of the season for Kyle.


This performance would be a tough one to following for 10 Expert EJ Pasowicz who came away with a 5th in 10 Cruiser and a 7th in 9-10 Open. On Sunday he was fired up to make things happen with another solid 5th in Cruiser followed up with a 5th in Class. He has some time to move back into the top of the pack being the youngest rider in both mains.  

This take us to our 11 Expert Julian Vargas who came away with a Cruiser main on Saturday and a 4th in Cruiser on Sunday also being one of the youngest riders in the main. 


Now this takes us to our National Number 1 Girl Jordan Nopens who would not disappoint. After a 3rd in the 11-12 Mixed Open Class Jordan would take the 11 Girls class with a win. On Sunday she was ready to battle this time finishing off with a 2nd in Open and another win in class…nice start for the 2009 season.  

Our next rider Matthew Chism represented the 12 Expert class with some good battles coming away with a main on Saturday but a spot away from the main on Sunday. 

But, not to be outdone by her brother Megan Chism came away with a 4th on Saturday in the 15 Girl Class. On Sunday she had an awesome battle sitting in 3rd going into the last turn before she got tangled up with another rider and they both went down…still one of her best races. Great job Megan! 

Next up we have Kyle Fernandez old school to the sport for a 13 year old but new to our team. He had a nice weekend  with a solid 3rd in Cruiser on Saturday and a 5th on Sunday, This was huge after some season long injuries last year. We are glad to have you aboard Kyle! 

Finally our newest rider Joshua Klatman the 2008 Grand National 17-18 Expert Champion! He was inches away from winning both class and cruiser on Saturday but went down in the first turn both times fighting for the lead… do or die you gotta love it! On Sunday some more misfortune with another crash in class but a solid finish in Cruiser. We know the big wins are coming Josh so hang in there. We a also very excited to have Josh on the team…even though EJ says he is more ripped than you are and he can take you any day of the week.


I also wanted to give a huge shout out to Dani George who had something to prove and did with a huge win on Sunday in the 14 Girls class! On Saturday she almost had another victory but got tangled up in the first turn but still finished with a third. Way to go Dani…you have some sick BMX skills. 

Great weekend, lots of fun with many good times to come! 

Thanks to all of our sponsors for making this happen. Bike Alley, Intense, Sinz, THE, ODI, Troy Lee Designs, Chism, NEO Oil, Red Brick Pizza, Vapor, House of Stickers, LDC Components  and for the hydration that fuels the team  to victory Vitamin Water!

Vet pro and co-founder of XTRAV SPORTS, Cameron Davis, has been certified a USA cycling coach.

He is the first BMX coach in the El Paso area to achieve this goal.

The goal of XTRAV SPORTS BMX Team is to train elite athletes through rigorous training, workout, diet, and performance assessments.  

XTRAV SPORTS is striving to be the best on every track.

The team coach is constantly pushing the limits of conditioning through innovative training techniques which facilitate building speed, endurance, and relentless power.

Another focus of the team is fostering good sportsmanship, professional attitudes and the will to push harder than ever before for outstanding results!!

The 2009 Roster is stacked with talented riders that are more than up for the challenge of heated competition.

The team has grown from 7 members to 17 members. We look forward to seeing you on the track!


Team Manager: Dineka Davis:

Team Trainer: Cameron Davis:





Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, January 12, 2009

Clayborn Factory BMX ends 2008 with big news!! 

2008 was the year that saw Clayborn Factory BMX go from a small Eastcoast team to expending from one coast to the other with the addition of "Insane" Brooke Crain and Jordan "The Missle" Miranda. Two of the fast amateurs to come out of the Golden State. 2008 was also the year that Clayborn Factory BMX race team saw their AA Pro, Barry Nobles in the hunt for both ABA Pro AA and Cruiser titles.

Barry Nobles makes a strong come back in 2008!! - Barry Nobles came into the 2008 season just looking to get back into form coming off his ACL surgery and being off his bike for a while. Hard work and dedication paid off, as Barry got his first AA Pro win and liked how it felt on top of the podium and we saw him there many times this past season. While focusing on the ABA Pro circuit, Barry did all he could to get the most coveted Pro title in the USA, the ABA #1 Pro title. But, bad luck kept him out of the mains and he ended the season with a very respected #4 on his plate for 2009 in class. With the cruiser points to close to call going into the mains at the ABA Grands, Barry had to beat Danny C. by 2 places to take home the title, Barry did what he had to and won the main, but had a hard charging Danny C. right on his tail, with that Barry brought home the big #2 for 2008 in cruiser. Barry's hard work is continuing right into 2009 and he will be in Reno NV in January to begin his quest for the ABA Pro title. is where you can check out all the latest on Barry and what's happening with him, so make sure to check it out. As well, make sure to check out the Barry Nobles inspired Pro AA Race frame that has been added to the Clayborn BMX frame line up for 2009.

The Lady Pro class goes "Insane", as Brooke Crain turns Pro!! - "Insane" Brooke Crain has made her mark on the 2008 ABA series, with 12 Class wins, including the ABA Grands and 15 Cruiser wins in one of the toughest groups out there 15 girls, Brooke Crane showed she has the skills to take it to the next level in BMX. That is right, "Insane" Brooke Crain is going to the Lady Pro class for 2009!!  After winning 2 Disney Cups and winning both Class and Cruiser at the ABA Grands, Brooke Crain is going to take he talent and drive to the Pro class and give the best in BMX a run for their money. Brooke will be racing some of the best girls BMX has to offer and she knows her work is cut out for her, but with her skill, hard work and training, Brooke will be right there where she is use to, racing to win. Brooke has earned the NAG #1 on both bikes for 2008 and is National #3 for Class and #2 for Cruiser, but in 2009, you can see her chasing after the ABA Lady Pro title for the season. Brooke will be racing the! 2009 season on the all new "Insane" Pro, the frame inspired by the "Insane" one herself. Make sure to check out the "Insane" Pro at Reno along with all the other 2009 Clayborn BMX frames. Brooke Crain will join fellow team mates, Barry Nobles and Logan Collins in the pro ranks, with these 3 talented Pros Clayborn Factory BMX is looking strong for 2009.

Logan Collins joins Clayborn Factory Racing!! - The 2008 saw one of the best ABA Grands in years, with one of the most awesome tracks ever and the addition of the Jumbo Tron and seeing a great asset to the sport, Clayton John, step down and drive away in an sweet coupe, the 2008 ABA Grands are one for the books, but there was another surprise and that was Logan Collins made the switch to Clayborn Factory Racing!  Logan is one of the Southeast young guns and is going to add to the strong Pro program Clayborn Factory Racing has been building, with AA Pro Barry Nobles and Lady Pro "Insane" Brooke Crain, the addition of Logan is the final piece of the pie. Logan will be sporting the Clayborn/No Fear colors for 2009. In addition to racing the BMX series of 2009, Logan will also be rocking for his college Mt. Bike race team, that is right, Logan is on a college bike racing team, we are sure in no time there might be a new line of race frames coming to Clayborn. Make sure to stop by! and check out Logan's all new 2009 Clayborn BMX XL Pro race frame as it takes him toward that finish line in first.

Jordan Miranda battles one of the biggest classes in ABA BMX - Jordan Miranda made his Clayborn Factory Racing debut in 2008 and shocked a lot of people when he did. Coming off an ankle injury for part of 2008, Jordan had to make up some ground in his chase for the NAG #1 in 14 Expert, hard work and playing football at his school was what it took for Jordan to get back in the hunt for the #1 plate in the ABA. Jordan has the heart and drive that makes him a great addition to the Clayborn Factory amateur program. Finishing a season that was put on hold for his ankle injury, Jordan ended a respectfully NAG #4 in class and NAG #5 in Cruiser. 14 Expert was the second largest class at the 2008 ABA Grands and Jordan "The Missile" Miranda finished a strong 3rd. Be looking for Jordan in 2009, as his has his eyes set on the #1 plate and to work hard and make it to the NAG 5 Challenge at the 2009 ABA Grands.

More to come in 2009 from Clayborn Factory BMX - After a great 2008 season, 2009 looks to be a great one as well, in addition to the Barry, Brooke, Logan, and Jordan, the rest of the Clayborn Factory BMX team will be out in force, Vet Pros Thomas Harper and Kevin Tomko and 9 Expert Gabe Barwick going all out for the orange and blue at select ABA and NBL Nationals in 2009. As well, Clayborn Factory BMX will be offering their "Comptetion Team Program, new products, as well as the new 2009 Race Frame line up that have been inspired by the factory team racers to provide the best races frames on the market made in the USA. Be sure to check out the web site for news, schedules, and updates about the goings on at Clayborn Factory BMX. 2009 will also see the launch of a new web site were you can get Clayborn BMX products, such as t-shirts and hoodies, hats and sticker kits and will have all the information needed on the 2009 Clayborn! frames available.

Clayborn Factory BMX would like to say "Thank You" - Clayborn Factory BMX would like to say a very big thank you to all 2008 sponsors and supporters. These fine sponsors and supports are, FLY Racing, SINZ, T.H.E., Maxxis Tires, HRP Deigns, Alienation, Kovachi Wheels, Pro Link Chain Lube, Southwest Airlines, Group D Manufacturing, Total Nonstop Wrestling, and the Nobles, Crains, Miranda/Simpsons, Collins, Barwicks, and Wells families!! With out the support of all these fine companies and families, Clayborn Factory BMX could not be what it is.

Clayborn Factory BMX wishes all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

French BMX Legend Thomas Allier Launches Training web site







Today's BMX Racing News - Saturday/Sunday, January 10/11, 2009

Samantha Cools Kicks Off ABA Season For Supercross Bicycles at Reno This Weekend!

Former 2 time ABA #1 Women's Pro and 2008 Olympian is comin' back to the ABA Season at the Season Opener in Reno this weekend.

Look for 'Slammin' Same to be debuting the new 2009 Supercross BMX / No Fear uniform at the Reno clash lookin' STYlish!

ABA BMX racing is back for the new year. The first National race of 2009 starts tomorrow January 10th at 1:00 pm (est) from Reno Nevada with the ABA Silver Dollar Nationals Pro Series. Fans can watch all the action LIVE and free only on
Tune in all weekend to watch every race from the Silver Dollar Nationals including all your favorite pro racers competing for the first victory of the year. Plus enjoy chatting with other fans and family via the GO211 chat feature.

Want more racing action? Check out the On-Demand videos from last year's races.  Check out the GO211 BMX Crash Page for some crazy BMX crashes and falls.  Available to you anytime for free only on










Today's BMX Racing News - Thursday/Friday, January 8/9, 2009


 BMX Mania Suffers internet and email Loss!

Sometime Thursday morning, around 1130AM EST as I was uploading a BMX Mania Update, my internet service provider quit providing internet hosting and email service.....YIKES! NOT a good feeling!

Now, 21 HOURS later, BMX Mania is back online. I have no real explanation from my ISP, and that's not really the issue. I do APOLOGIZE for the interruption in service and will be taking some DIRECT measures to make sure that this does not happen again. In the defense of my net service provider, this is the first time in 13 years that I can remember them dropping the ball like this. It may be the last chance that they have to do so, we'll see.

Although BMX Mania not being on the air is certainly a problem, the loss of email service is a BIGGER problem as far as I'm concerned, since communications are a BIG issue to me. If you sent an email in our direction in the last 24 hours, please resend it, would you? I have not yet received any email that was dated during the service interruption time period, and hopefully, they'll shake that loose, but I'm not depending on it, so RESEND it, if you sent it, cuz, I want it!

Once again, SO sorry for the interruption of service, I'll do my best to make sure that we're here for ya. - Jerry Landrum/

9 Reasons to race the NBL Coyote Nationals

Olympic Medalists go head-to-head with NBL National Champions and other top pros from around the world at the NBL Coyote BMX Nationals, January 17 & 18 in Goodyear, Arizona.

Hilliard, Ohio- January 8, 2009 - Building on the success of last year’s season, NBL BMX continues to grow in the Southeast and the Coyote Nationals will provide a great opportunity for Western riders to qualify for the NBL Grands. Amateurs need only 6 National scores plus the Grands to earn a NBL National number and two of those scores can come from NBL Regionals. With four more Nationals in the West (Las Vegas and Prunedale), it’s easier than ever to qualify. NBL awards number plates to all qualified riders in the Expert, Novice, Rookie, Girls and Cruiser classes at the NBL Grand National each year.  What more do you need?  Here’s 9 reasons to race it!

1. RACE AN AWESOME TRACK – Estrella Mountain BMX is one of the best tracks in the country and it even has a sweet Pro Section. See for yourself at

2. GET TWO NATIONAL SCORES – Did you know you only need 6 scores plus the NBL Grands to earn a plate? It’s true! And two of those scores can come from Regional events.

3. ALL BMX LICENSES ACCEPTED – Not an NBL member yet? That’s okay, we want to give everyone the opportunity to race. All BMX licenses will be accepted.

4. WIN UGP STUFF – Win an Open Class and you automatically win a UGP product plus there’s a box full of random prizes for all open entrants. Make 3 Open mains and qualify for the UGP Open Championship.

5. WIN SPONSOR PRIZES - Race both days and you get a chance to win sweet prizes from NBL’s National Sponsors.

6. OLYMPIC MEDALISTS IN ATTENDANCE – Watch Gold Medalist, Maris Strombergs, and Silver Medalist, Mike Day, take on NBL National Champion, Randy Stumpfhauser – A duel in the desert.

7. FREE SAMPLES AND CONTESTS – From BAWLS Guarana throughout the weekend. Yes, they will have G33K B33R stocked and loaded.  They’ll be running a few contest too!

8. GET PHOTOGRAPHED – The race will be covered by BMXWORLD, BMX Plus! and BMX Today Magazines

9.  GET AUTOGRAPHED – Get an autograph from the Olympians and other top professional riders in attendance.

The Coyote National weekend kicks off on Friday, January 16th with the ‘Friday Nite pre-race for amateurs. Get two National scores by racing the Coyote Nationals on Saturday and Sunday and you’ll also earn a handful of NBL High Points. Saturday’s National will be the first Elite series race and you’ll get to watch as Randy Stumpfhauser and Stephanie Barragan defend their titles against the Olympic medalists and other top pros.  Gold and Silver Medalists, Maris Strombergs and Mike Day have confirmed their attendance so expect an amazing show.

Estrella Mtn. BMX is located in the city of Goodyear, only 20 minutes from the Phoenix Int’l Airport – the best track in Arizona. Estrella Mountain BMX is just one of more than 150 exciting courses in NBL’s nationwide network of BMX Tracks and the perfect location for the 2009 NBL Coyote Nationals. Visit their website at to get directions and local information.

The NBL Coyote National is proudly sponsored by BAWLS Guarana (, Intense BMX (, Kenda Tires (, UGP (, Sinz Racing (, THE Industries ( and Hotshoppe Designs ( in association with GO211 ( and Camp Woodward (

Rennen/Intense NBL Christmas Classic

Rennen/Intense Factory Team rolled in Lexington for the annual NBL Christmas race looking to set the bench mark for team scores in the early 2009 race season. In a scene reminiscent of the 1967 Ali/Terrell fight, Rennen/Intense put a beat down on the competition similar to Ali and his "What's my name, fool? What's my name?” beating of Terrell.


Austin Loebe (15x), Shawn DiPrete (35-39cru), Pat Parker (26-34x), Max Egdorf (17-18x) and Rochelle Wooding (12 girls) all put in dominating performances to secure team sheet scores of 94 each day leaving the competition knowing just who Rennen/Intense is.

Rennen/Intense is proud to be affiliated with the finest group of co-sponsors in the business for the 2009 season; Alienation, Black Crown designs, Cane Creek, Delta/Aztec, Finish Line Lubes, FLY, Johnson BMX Plates, KMC, Morphine Industries, ODI, PowerBar, Sinz, THE, Thomson, and Twenty6 Products.

Select members of the Rennen/Intense Factory Team will be putting on a series of clinics in the Southeastern region of the US in the month of February. Those of you in the Raleigh (Capital City BMX), Charlotte (Hornets Nest BMX), Greenville (Supercross BMX) and Atlanta (Peachtree City BMX) areas check with your track directors for dates and times available to you. For more information log onto


Rennen Design Group ( makers of the finest gears, chain rings, cogs and the ultimate training tool “G-Cog”! Intense BMX ( makers of the ultimate racing frames and tires.

Rennen/Intense Factory Team is a division of Bizzarro BMX, Inc.

BAWLS Set to FUEL the

2009 NBL

Coyote Nationals!!


It’s been too long…time to hit the track again!


The BAWLS Team will be FUELING thousands at the NBL Coyote Nationals in Goodyear, AZ on January 16-18 at Estrella Mtn BMX!

BAWLS Guarana Pro racers Matt Pohlkamp, Danny Caluag and Stephanie Barragan will be there to race for cash and Elite Series points on one of the best tracks in the country!

Stop by to try your skills and win a BAWLS-Intense bike at the Bunny Hop competition and ride hard to win the first-ever BAWLS BMX Can Trophy for the best rider of the weekend!

For more info on the NBL Coyote Nationals, visit!

Supercross BMX proudly adds AA Pro Kris Fox to the Supercross Family

It's that time of year again where rider switches are abound, and we are very proud here at Supercross BMX to announce a new addition to the Supercross Family.

None other than 2008 NBL #1 Super-X , AA Pro and Future Olympian - Kris Fox!

Kris is currently training on a Supercross EVO S7 Pro XL with custom graphics while he is preparing for his return to BMX racing at the ABA / UCI Pro Race in Perris California, after his ankle injury suffered at the UCI France Race last fall.

"Kris is an awesome addition to the Supercross Family" said 2008 Olympian and Supercross BMX Racer/Team Manager Samantha Cools.

"We could not of asked for a better all around rider" added Supercross Owner Bill Ryan.

"Kris is one of the happiest people we have met and is a hard trainer and dedicated to his BMX career and giving back to the younger riders. He is a perfect fit for the team."

Look for Kris to be at all ABA and UCI races worldwide starting Feb. 6th in Perris California.

The 2009 Supercross BMX Racing Team proudly represents - Alienation, Block Jerseys, No Fear Racewear, Speedline Parts, TECH BMX, LDC Components, Kid Fuel, OGIO, Monavie, Profile, and MJT Photos.

Tom "The Builder" Ritz joins UCI As Full Time Track Builder

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has engaged BMX track builder Tom Ritzenthaler on a full-time basis in order to meet the increasing worldwide demand for new tracks.

After several years of collaboration with the UCI, Mr Ritzenthaler, himself a former BMX athlete, officially joins the International Federation as the popularity of the young sport soars.

Mr Ritzenthaler has been a BMX track builder for the past 20 years and has already been involved in most of the UCI BMX World Championships and UCI BMX Supercross World Cups since 2001.

With the full-time engagement of the American track-building specialist, the UCI will now, for a reasonable fee, offer a complete package to countries wishing to construct an international BMX track, rebuild an existing track, or create an Olympic replica track. These tracks will receive an official UCI certification. Requests have already come in from Fiji Islands, Estonia, Paraguay and Barbados.

One of the major upcoming projects for Tom Ritzenthaler and the UCI team is the construction of the BMX track for the London Olympic Games in 2012. The team also designed and built the track in Beijing, where the sport made its Olympic debut in August 2008.

“Tom has played a vital part in developing the BMX Supercross tracks in the five years leading up to the 2008 Olympic Games,” explains UCI BMX Coordinator Johan Lindström. “Without his knowledge and background as a BMX athlete, it would have been difficult to build these spectacular yet safe tracks we’ve seen in the last couple of years.”

Mr Ritzenthaler continues: “I’m delighted to be part of the UCI team full-time, not only to build exciting tracks for the World Cups and World Championships, but also to help develop BMX around the world.”

For more details on the development of BMX and the construction of tracks, please contact




Today's BMX Racing News - Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"The Champ", Warwick Stevenson Is Acceptin' Training Customers!

BMX Legend, Warwick Stevenson has taken on a new assignment!

Warwick, who has recently cut back on his racing to concentrate on working for Bally's Fitness has been movin' up the corporate ladder over the past year and has just moved to California to take on a new challenge.

The former  2 time UCI World Champ and 2 time ABA AA Pro Champ is taking over the Bally's Fitness club in Huntington Beach, California to save a struggling operation.

With a BMX record of titles that stretches out over two UCI World Championships, two ABA AA Pro Titles, ABA Golden Crank Awards, a NORA Cup award, four time Australian Cyclist of the Year and winning right around 60 ABA Pro Races, he offers some southern California riders an option to make it over to Bally's and check in with him for some training.

Heck, make it a family event and a parent or two could travel with a little BMXer to get fit at the club.

Along with his many years of experience training for BMX racing, Warwick has 5 personal training certifications, including an NASM, ISSA, NASM Foundations, APEX and Body Bug.

If you're in the area and looking for a good place to train, get fit or learn Warwick's Tips for winning BIG races, or you just want to get fit with your son or daughter, give The Warlock a holler!

Call Warwick at the Huntington Beach Bally's, (714) 848 0965.

Come Train With The Champ, or just get in shape along with your rider.....or BOTH!


Psykopath has always recruited and supported new talent.

We are proud to support new rookie AA Pro Sean Storms from Simi Valley, CA.

Sean is an impressive looking AA Pro prospect who has plenty of upside.

He possesses the skills, speed, power and good attitude to have a great future in BMX.

Sean has been racing for 19 years, and has won many titles in the amateur ranks and has won a number of A Pro wins.

He will be joining our talented factory roster listed below:

Team Manager Nick "Dawg" Valencia 19-27X ..... Factory Trainer, Vet Pro Terry Tenette ..... AA Pro Augusto Castro ..... A Pro Alex Larson ..... A Pro Diego Alejandre ..... A Pro Kyle "Z-Man" Zondervan ..... A Pro Jayson "J-Fil" Filingeri ..... A Pro Jesse Langland and A Pro Evan Steinberg

We would also like to welcome back Nick "Dawg" Valencia back on the team, he has been a long time team member and will be 09 Team Manager for Psykopath.

Sean Storms will also be getting support from,, The Other Bikeshop, Snap, Alienation.

Sean Storms will make his AA Pro and Psykopath debut in Reno, NV.

VRP/Bike Alley Announcement and 2009 Team Roster


VRP/Bike Alley would like to welcome our newest addition to the team, Joshua Klatman 17-18 Expert from Port Orchard, Washington. He won the Grand's as a 17-18 Expert finishing NAG #4 in class and NAG #5  in cruiser. He is a great addition to the VRP/Bike Alley family for 2009! We look forward to some big scores from him.



2009 Team Roster: 7x Anthony Salidivar, 8x Kyle Stan, 10x EJ Pasowicz, 10 Girl Danielle Sanchez, 11x Julian Vargas, 11x Reid Campbell, 11 Girl Jordan Nopens, 12x Matthew Chism, 13x Kyle Fernandez, 15 Girl Megan Chism, 17-18x Joshua Klatman, 17-27 Girl Morgan Barajas.








Today's BMX Racing News - Monday, January 5, 2009

ABA BMX 2008 Grand Nationals,

"One For The Record Books!"

BMX MANIA EDITOR'S NOTE - "So Sorries" go out to the ABA for not getting this posted sooner, but it got lost in the shuffle even though it was received in a timely manner. BUT, it's pretty awesome stuff, so true BMX Maniacs want to know, so here tis, and if you've already read it on another worthy BMX web site, "So Sorries" to you, but this kind of Hot Stuff has got to be noted! For more on the ABA Grands, you can check out our AWESOME "On The Spot" ABA Grands Race Report Coverage by clicking here. - Jerry Landrum/

The 2008 ABA BMX Grand Nationals will be always be remembered as a true celebration of the career of Clayton John, and at the center of it all, the most extreme indoor BMX track ever constructed.  As Clayton celebrated his last year as ABA's President, he was given his dream car, a 1934 Ford, which was presented to him by Bernie Anderson during the Friday Night Pro-Spectacular.  The riders were treated to a track that was built by ABA Master Track Builder, Billy Allen, using more than 6200 cubic yards of dirt, the most ever for an indoor track.  The track featured an enormous starting hill, a spectacular AA-Pro berm jump and three split straights.

Billed as the "Greatest Race on Earth", the racing absolutely lived up the hype.  The first thing to draw attention, other than the amazing track, was the moto count.  The Grands attracted 490 motos full of the best riders from around the World.  This year's moto count far exceeded 2007 and is validation of the hard work of the ABA and ABA Track Operators.  A total of 45 States and 13 countries were represented at this year’s Grand Nationals.


Here is a summary of the 2008 ABA Grand Nationals.


The ABA Hall of Fame is the most prestigious recognition in all of BMX and this year featured an exceptional class:


2008 ABA BMX Hall of Fame Inductees:

Clayton John - ABA President for 27 years - Bernie Anderson - ABA Owner since 1985 - Jon and Chuck Raudman of Skyway fame - Marvin Church - Brian Lopes


2008 ABA/BMXer Magazine Golden Crank winners:

Denzel Stein - Rookie PRO of the year ..... Mike Day - PRO of the Year ..... Intense/Phantom/On-Trac - Team of the year ..... Intense - Bike of the year


NAG 5 Challenge Winners: Two-time ABA National #1 Am, Nic Long received some great KICKER Car Audio equipment for his NAG 5 Challenge win. Nic is the second rider to win both the NAG 5 Challenge and the ABA National #1 Am. title in the same year. David Herman was the first rider to do so, breaking the NAG 5 Challenge curse by being the first rider to win both the Nag 5 Challenge and the ABA National Title in the same year. This had never been done before until 2006.


Special thanks to Pete Dylewski and the Intense crew for the Intense Pit Bikes for the Intense Pit Bike Challenge!


Taylor Wolcott has the honor of being this year’s female winner of the NAG 5 Challenge and picked up a KICKER Car Audio iPOD dock station as well.

PRO hole-short awards:  AA PRO - Sam Willoughby - sponsored $500 ... A PRO - Josh Meyers - sponsored $250 ... Ladies PRO - Dominique Daniels - sponsored $500 ... Vet PRO - Kenth Fallen - sponsored $200

Thanks to all the great sponsors that helped out with the Friday Night NAG 5/PRO Spectacular Prizes from: - - - - - FLY Racing - BMX HEX - J&R Bicycles bikes - Riders PRO shop - Redline Bicycles - - - Sun Bru - ABA BMX Racewear


 2008 ABA BMX National Champions:

ABA National #1 PRO - Khalen Young - The third Australian to win an ABA AA-PRO #1 Title and is $15,000 richer for his efforts. Khalen also won a sweet 2008 fuel-injected Suzuki RMZ 450 motocross bike for his title win! ABA National #1 PRO Woman - Dominique Daniels - 3 total ABA Cups for Dominique and counting. Dominique also becomes the first to female to win back-to-back Am and Pro titles in her rookie season.  Dominique also won a 2008 fuel-injected Suzuki RMZ 450 motocross bike to go along with the title!

ABA National #1 PRO Cruiser - Danny Caluag - Back-to-back PRO Cruiser titles for Danny C. Danny has been the man to beat the last couple of years on both bikes and this title was no fluke. Danny C also won a 2008 fuel-injected Suzuki RMZ 450 motocross bike for his title win!

ABA National #1 Vet PRO - Kenth Fallen - This was Kenth's rookie season in the Vet PRO class and he's made his mark in the history books. Kenth dethroned Jason Carnes who had won the previous 5 years.  Kenth wins his first ever ABA PRO title and a 2008 fuel-injected Suzuki RMZ 450 motocross bike for his title win!

ABA National #1 AM - Nic Long - Back-to-Back in 2007 and 2008. Nic Long becomes the fourth ABA National #1 to win back-to-back. Nic joins a very short list with David Herman, Josh Oie and Richie Anderson as the only Back-to-Back winners in ABA AM title history. Nic also wins a 2008 fuel-injected Suzuki RMZ 450 motocross bike for his efforts!

ABA National #1 Cruiser - Corey Cook - He's been close before and this year he got the job done. Corey also won a 2008 fuel-injected Suzuki RMZ 450 motocross bike for his cruiser title win!

ABA National #1 Girl - Jordan Nopens - Jordan was in the hunt all year long and now she is the 2008 ABA National #1 Girl. She grabs her first ABA title and a 2008 fuel-injected Suzuki RMZ 450 motocross bike to go along with it!

ABA National #1 Girl Cruiser -Felicia Stancil - Felicia is a stand out rider on the circuit. She's been a front-runner for years and it all finally paid off for her in 2008. Felicia will be a top Olympic team candidate in the future. Felicia won a 2008 fuel-injected Suzuki RMZ 450 motocross bike for her cruiser title win!

ABA National #1 Factory Team - Intense/Phantom/On-Trac - This is the third title and $10,000 title bonus for Chuck and Donovan's crew. This is their third ABA Factory Team title in 4 years!

ABA National #1 Bike Shop TeamExtreme Sports/Answer - They've had a great season and the #1 Bike Shop Team Cup is theirs. $5,000 title bonus can't hurt either.
ABA National #1 Trophy Team - Holeshot - Nor-Cal's own Holeshot crew wins their first ABA CUP in the ultra-tough Trophy Team Division!


With the addition of UCI events and hosting the USAC Championship once again, we're looking forward to even bigger and better things in 2009.


ABA would like to thank all our great 2008 National Series sponsors: American Suzuki-( ) ..... Dan's Comp ( ..... Jig-A-Loo-( ..... Intense BMX-( ..... T.H.E. ( ..... BAWLS Guarana ( ..... Bawlstyle ( ..... Redline Bicycles-( ..... FLY Racing-( ..... Sponsorhouse-( ..... Tangent-( ..... ABABMXRACERS- ( ..... Fire Magic Premium Grills ( ..... Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex ( ..... ( ..... Without your help, we couldn't make the ABA BMX racing season such a huge success.

NBL President's Cup/Christmas Classic Coverage

from Jrod and BMX Mania Dot Com






HAPPY BMXIN' NEW YEAR FROM BMX MANIA!!!!! - Saturday, January 3, 2009

Beijing BMX rider Jared Graves bounces back

to win BMX Australia's Pro BikX Round 3


Beijing Olympian, Jared Graves won his first BMX race since the Olympics today in the third Hog’s Breath Café National Round on the Gold Coast today.  


The 26 year old found the wet and muddy conditions tough but was determined to avoid a repeat of last night’s round which saw Adelaide’s Brian Kirkham steel the win in a photo finish.  


“In the run last night I slowed down a bit because I thought I had a bit of a gap,” Graves said about his second place in round two last night.


However the professional cyclist knew what he had to do.  


“Today I just went flat out right from the line I wasn’t leaving any chances today,” Graves declared. “My legs felt better than yesterday.”  


Graves lead from the start and completed the four straights unchallenged to win his first BMX race since making the final in Beijing where he was unlucky to crash while in medal contention and finished sixth.


For Graves racing in the national series has taken some time to adjust.   “It’s a bit of a change of pace after Beijing,” he said. “There was only one jump on the track we can jump today!”  


Second was Kirkham with Maitland's Thomas Hubert in third.  


The elite women's race was won by Canberra’s Caroline Buchanan after a strong start saw Beijing Olympian, Nicole Callisto from Perth relegated to third place  after being passed by Victoria’s Ziggy Callan.  


Junior World Champion, Sam Willoughby from Adelaide won the junior men's race today making amends after a disappointing crash in last night’s semi final left him out of the placings.


Second was fellow Adelaide rider, Anthony Dean with Victoria’s Joshua Callan in third.  


World silver medallist, Bunbury’s Lauren Reynolds won the junior women's race convincingly from Townville’s Rachel Bracken with local rider Cherie Simpson in third.  


Bracken, Buchanan, Reynolds, Willoughby and Joshua Callan are the five newly announced members of the BMX Elite Development Squad preparing for the London 2012 Olympics.


BMX Australia - Pro BikX Results - Round 3

Elite Men - 1 Jared Graves 2 Brian Kirkham 3 Thomas Hubert 4 Alex Cameron 5 Matt Willoughby 6 Billy Jolliffe 7 Steven Janssen 8 Brock Murray

Elite Women - 1 Caroline Buchanan 2 Ziggy Callan 3 Nicole Callisto 4 Caetlyn Hubert

Junior Men - 1 Sam Willoughby 2 Anthony Dean 3 Josh Callan 4 Matt Dunsworth 5 Ian Docherty 6 Hayden de Vries 7 Josh Nash 8 Ryan Henderson

Junior Women - 1 Lauren Reynolds 2 Rachel Bracken 3 Cherie Simpson 4 Kirsten Dellar 5 Talia Smith 6 Kate Fischmann 7 Jacinta Rice


BMX Australia - Champ BikX Results Round 3

16 Boys - 1 Graeme Mudd 2 Joseph Costa 3 Darryn Goodwin 4 Jaymin King 5 Andrew Gore 6 Brandon McQueen 7 Alexander Ulyate 8 Thomas Rowe

16 Girls - 1 Melinda McLeod 2 Lacey Oliver 3 Molly Nichols Pavy 4 Leanna Curtis 5 Kayla-May Cosgrove 6 Prue Harvey 7 Sophie Webb

15 Boys - 1 Bodi Turner 2 Madison Denholm 3 Jacob Price 4 Trent Jones 5 Matt Willoughby 6 Josh Lathwell 7 Adam Hilliam 8 Max Quinn

15 Girls - 1 Madison Janssen 2 Chelsea King 3 Taylor Argent 4 Liza Dunn 5 Jessica Fieldhouse

14 Boys - 1 Jack Buchhorn 2 Ashley White 3 Kerod Connors 4 Hayden Brooker 5 Boyd Hilder 6 Jayden Butler 7 Steven Gedye 8 Liam Howden

14 Girls - 1 Rachel Jones 2 Macey Gore 3 Sarah Harvey

Kirkham kicks past Graves To Take Elite Men's Win in BMX Australia NATIONAL RD 2 - GOLD COAST

2nd January, 2009


Adelaide’s BMX rising star, Brian Kirkham, narrowly beat Beijing Olympian, Jared Graves, in a photo finish at the Hog’s Breath National Round on the Gold Coast tonight.


The 22 year old pulled back Graves after the Olympian took the early lead. Kirkham took out the second round of the National Series and fourth UCI Oceania Series round making it his first ever UCI win.


With just millimetres separating Graves and Kirkham both were unsure of the winner until officials viewed the video.


 “I was taking it a bit steady after seeing Sam go down,” explained Graves. “I just had jelly legs to the line. It’s good to be back into BMX.."


According to Kirkham there was no doubt about Graves strong start.


“Jared had a super fast first straight,” he admitted but Kirkham recently returned to Australia after racing the ABA grands in the USA.


“I have been working hard on my track speed. I knew if I had a good run and stuck behind him I’d be right,” said Kirkham.


The women’s winner was Caroline Buchanan from Canberra after Beijing Olympian Nicole Callisto tumbled in the first straight. Buchanan won comfortably with Melbourne’s Ziggy Callan in second. Third was Caetlyn Hubert from Maitland while Callisto recovered to cross the line in fourth place. Buchanan is one of five members of the newly announced BMX Elite Development Squad.


Junior World Champion, Sam Willoughby (Adelaide) lead every moto but cam unstuck on the second berm during the semi-finals leaving him out of the final. Victoria’s Joshua Callan rode brilliantly to claim first with Cairns rider, Kurt Nicholls, in second. Mackay’s Ryan Faux showed a return to form with third place. Callan and Willoughby were the only male riders included in the BMX Elite Development Squad.


World silver medalist, Lauren Reynolds from Bunbury dominated the junior women’s racing taking the final while Victorian, Kirsten Dellar (Mansfield) slipped into second. World bronze medallist, Rachel Bracken from Townsville, claimed third. Both Reynolds and Bracken were also included in the BMX Elite Development Squad.


In the Champbikx under 16 boys it was Perth’s Darryn Goodwin (Hills) who claimed the win while World Champion, Melinda McLeod from Mackay took out the girl's division. Under 15’s Bodi Turner from Victoria (Eastfields) took the boy's win while Chelsea King from Brisbane (Beenleigh) claimed the girl’s final. Mackay’s Jack Buchhorn took out the 14 boys and Rachel Jones (Lake Macquarie) won the girl’s division.


Round three continues tomorrow morning (Saturday 3rd January) at 10 am with some of the riders hoping to return a different result.


BMX Australia - Pro BikX Results - Round 2

Elite Men - 1 Brian Kirkham 2 Jared Graves 3 Alex Cameron 4 Matt Willoughby 5 Todd Pascoe 6 Thomas Hubert 7 Ashley Pemberton 8 Brock Murray

Elite Women - 1 Caroline Buchanan 2 Ziggy Callan 3 Caetlyn Hubert 4 Nicole Callisto

Junior Men - 1 Josh Callan 2 Kurt Nicholls 3 Ryan Faux 4 Andrew McKenzie 5 Michael Chasteauneuf 6 Casey Riggs 7 Tatsumi Matsushita 8 Kerry King

Junior Women - 1 Lauren Reynolds 2 Kirsten Dellar 3 Rachel Bracken 4 Cherie Simpson 5 Kate Fischmann 6 Talia Smith 7 Camille Prestwidge


BMX Australia - Champ BikX Results - Round 2

16 Boys - 1 Darryn Goodwin 2 Graeme Mudd 3 Joseph Costa 4 Jaymin King 5 Thomas Rowe 6 Alexander Ulyate 7 Andrew Gore 8 Adam Shields

16 Girls - 1 Melinda McLeod 2 Lacey Oliver 3 Leanna Curtis 4 Molly Nichols Pavy 5 Prue Harvey 6 Kayla-May Cosgrove 7 Karlie Thorpe

15 Boys - 1 Bodi Turner 2 Zain Ariffin 3 Morgan Peen 4 Matt Millington 5 Josh Lathwell 6 Scott McGetrick 7 Adam Hilliam 8 Matt Shone

15 Girls - 1 Chelsea King 2 Madison Janssen 3 Taylor Argent 4 Liza Dunn 5 Jessica Fieldhouse

14 Boys - 1 Jack Buchhorn 2 Boyd Hilder 3 Steven Gedye 4 Kerrod Connors 5 Ashley White 6 Hayden Brooker 7 Jake Rice 8 Jayden Butler

14 Girls - 1 Rachel Jones 2 Macey Gore 3 Sarah Harvey








 HAPPY BMXIN' NEW YEAR FROM BMX MANIA!!!!! - Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 BMX Australia Elite Development Squad

Cycling Australia is pleased to confirm the members of the BMX High Performance Program Elite Development Squad for 2009.

Five riders have been selected in the squad that will train and compete under the guidance of Cycling Australia's BMX High Coach and former BMX professional, Wade Bootes. The riders and their key BMX results of 2008 are:

"The riders show great potential to continue to develop and to reach their best in the years to come," said Bootes. "I am fortunate to be able to work with and guide talented riders who have the motivation and drive to succeed.

"I believe these riders will lead the rest of the nation to a level that will help Australia dominate at the international level on the BMX track."

Bootes says 2009 will be a year for development as the five riders step up from the junior ranks.

"With great results in 2008 as juniors and already mixing it with the best senior riders around the world in BMX and MTB events, I see them continuing on with their success for many years ahead."

Bootes says there has been a very positive impact on the sport from the inclusion of BMX in the Olympic Games.

" For sure there is a lot more talk from the general public about BMX since the Olympic Games and the number of new riders in the sport has grown," said Bootes. "Also the commitment to the top end of riders has increased with people regarding BMX as a major sport and top class riders wanting to make a living out of riding a BMX bike."

The plan for the 2009 BMX Elite Development Squad will include a semi residential BMX program with a daily training program for the riders.

"The Cycling Australia BMX High Performance Program will utilise the Queensland Academy of Sport facilities and will have the support of other State Institutes and Academies," said Bootes."It means we'll have the best resources to support the individual development of the riders to help them qualify for Australian teams for Supercross events and World Championships.

"The aim is to expose them to as much international racing experience as possible so they can improve and excel as we head towards the 2012 Olympic Games in London."

The squad will assemble on the Gold Coast tomorrow for their first training camp which will include competing in the Nerang round of the 2008-09 UCI BMX Oceania series being staged this Friday and Saturday (January 2 and 3).

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Info: Nerang Rounds - 2009 UCI BMX Oceania Ranking Rounds 4 & 5 doubling as

BMX Australia Probikx and Champbikx Tour Rounds 2 and 3 (National Series)


Where: Nerang BMX Club

Corner of Cayuga St and Mortensen Rd, Nerang, QLD

(alongside M1 just north of McDonalds at Nerang)


When: Friday night 2nd December 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm

Saturday morning 3rd December 10.00 am – 12.00 noon.


Who: Beijing OlympiansJared Graves TOOWOOMBA

(6th in Beijing & only Australian in final, was up in third place until he was brought down as a result of another crash) Graves is currently ranked #2 in the World

Nicole Callisto PERTH/SYDNEY (made semi-finals & former World Junior Champion).


Future BMX Olympians – especially

Sam Willoughby ADELAIDE (Junior World Champion & ABA winner recently),

Melinda McLeod MACKAY (World Champion)

Lauren Reynolds BUNBURY (Silver World Champion)

Rachel Bracken TOWNSVILLE (Bronze World Champion), 

Caroline Buchanan CANBERRA (Mountain Bike Four Cross finalist),







2009 UCI World BMX Championships will be in Adelaide in July.

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Intense/Phantom/On-Trac Wins ABA Grands

& Sweeps 2008 Factory Titles in NBL and ABA


Heading into the ABA Grands in Tulsa this year, the team had a comfortable 130+ point lead in the Factory Division, but knew we couldn’t take anything for granted.  The ABA outdid themselves this year building a GREAT track catering to Ams and Pros alike and the expert class races were exciting as they always are when that skinny digit is on the line and the team title, too.


From our Pro ranks, Chad Street has been consistent all year battling Fallen, Holmes and Dinger and always fighting through for a podium spot.  Chad battled to a 3rd in this year’s Grands and finished the year Vet Pro # 2.  Terra Nichols has been a consistent main-maker all year and was again in Tulsa.  Terra finishes 5th and that turns out to be her year-end finish also.


In our ladies ranks, the little “Monster” Madison Martinez took a 5th in 7-8 Mixed Open and took care of business in 8 year old girls taking home the win.  Kristen Long was also on point notching a 2nd in 11-12 Mixed Open, but nailing the 1st in 12 Girls.  “Fly ’N” Felicia Stancil does what she does all year, every year – doubles!  Felicia takes wins in both 11-13 Girls Cruiser AND 13 Girls.  Finally, Taylor Wolcott beat the boys in 15-16 Mixed Open for the win and took home a 2nd in 15 Girls. 


In the Boys ranks, we had a lot of strong finishes, too.  One of the great tragedies for the Grands from the team in yellow, had to be poor little Vaughn Herrick who wasn’t “vicious” at all given he was terribly sick with flu-like symptoms and couldn’t make a main between bathroom bouts.  His amazing year had an ignominious end, but he was fierce all year and we know he’d have podiumed if not won if he were healthy.    


One of the great weekend battles was clearly Christopher “Bobblehead” Blevins and Cameron Moore.  After lots of exciting laps, Chris got the better of Cam in 10 Cruiser with the win and Cam returned the favor with Chris taking a 5th in 10X.  While no fun to watch as a parent, these battles make these two riders stronger every time. 


Getting a little bit older, and staying with the Southern Boys, Cole Tesar has a good weekend himself.  While his Dad is wrenching like a “NASCAR Pit Pro” and his Mom was capturing every statistic and lane assignment, Cole was doin’ work!   Cole takes the win in 12 Cruiser and a 4th in the hyper-competitive 12X class.  Teammate Seanie Gaian also mixed it up in the 12X class making the podium and taking a 3rd while his proud folks watched him do work on the track and his sister Nichole take pictures as a Press member. 


In 14X, The Godfather’s favorite son, Rusty “Razzleberry” Nesvig did what he does best.  “Pull….”  Like the beast he is, Rusty blasted out of the gate and pulled away from everyone for another stellar performance and another pair of wins in 13-14 Open and 14X.  Teammate, Connor “Conman” Fields followed suit and won every lap all weekend taking home convincing wins in 15-16 Open and 16X.  In one of the best year-end performances of the Grands, affable Fernie Jaquez puts together some great laps and not only finishes 3rd in 16X one of the most competitive classes, he also pulls off the win in 16 Cruiser!  Momma’s pretty smile never looked so wide.  And finally, up-and-coming Nic Long finishes his Amateur career off in perfect form winning 17+ Open, 19-27X and the NAG 5 Challenge. 


In the team standings, Intense/Phantom/On-Trac finishes 1st with a 590 to a strong BFR showing of 534.  Intense/Phantom/On-Trac takes the ABA Grands for the 2nd year in a row


Individual year-end performances were many.  NAG 1’s include Madison Martinez, Kristen Long, Felicia Stancil in both class and cruiser.  Christopher Blevins finishes NAG 1 in 10 Cruiser as do Rusty Nesvig, Connor Fields and Nic Long in their respective expert classes.  The team finishes 2008 with the Factory Title Sweep winning both the NBL and ABA Factory Titles


Winning one sanction is hard.  Winning two is really hard.  There have been great sacrifices made by a lot of folks and we would like to thank a lot of folks.  Our Moms, Dad’s Uncles, Aunts, friends, riders, Team Managers and sponsors are all a part of this tremendous feat and we are so grateful to all of you for helping us finish the year off in winning form. 


The 2009 season will bring some changes but the core group and magic that makes Intense/Phantom/On-Trac the best Factory Team in the industry remains the same.  We’d like to say a big “Thank you” for your contributions and wish the best of luck to some teammates that are leaving us.  These riders are Billy Russell, Vaughn Herrick, Shelbi Long and Connor Fields who are all going their own way. 


At the same time, we’d like to extend a big “Welcome” to Sumiko Yuki our newest 7 Girl and the ever-smiling 15X Bryce Hocking.  Oh yeah – and another big welcome to our newest Pro racer Nic Long, who’ll be making his Pro debut in Reno, Nevada in a few weeks. 


Our sponsors have been and continue to be the best in the business including:  Intense BMX (, On-Trac Garage Doors (, Phantom BMX Products, Fly Racing, Bombshell (,  FSA (, THE Products (, SINZ Racing (, Intense Tire Systems, ( ), Group D (, and Scott goggles (  If interested in sponsoring the best team in BMX, please contact Donavon Long @


Looking forward to seeing everyone in Reno, Nevada where the ’09 campaign for the next Factory Title begins.   Happy Holidays to all!