> why is bait cars spending our dollars on what could be when someone car is getting broken into seriously? Why show a pla

why is bait cars spending our dollars on what could be when someone car is getting broken into seriously? Why show a pla

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
My advice is you not. Sugar will do nothing. It clumps in the bottom of tank and just lays there. Water will go to bottom of tank and be picked up by the fuel pump. The car will not run. But, you will be guilty vandalism and subject arrest. You could take a potatoe and jam it into the exaust pipe and the car will not run. But again, you will be subject to arrest.like I said, I would not do it. Don't be stupid. You could cause a lot of damage and you will responsible for payment of repairs.

How would you feel if something you did actually injured this person or caused an accident that injured them and even other people? You need psychiatric help if you think this will make yourself feel better. Also, it is really not hard to prove in court that you have tampered with the tank. I guarantee that will be a heavy and possibly life ruining ordeal for you. If this has anything to do with a lovers quarrel or rejection, it will not be hard for the person to figure you were the one who did this. Plus people talk. Also, if people find out you did this, it will be hard to find another mate (You will be labeled as psycho, because this is a psycho thing to do). Learn to love yourself instead of ruining other peoples things.

Put better thoughts in your own mind not junk in the gas tank. You ruin the car, you pay for the car.

My X girlfriend filled my gas tank with milk, shampoo and water. My security cam recorded her stuipd mistake. She was picked up by the police the very next day.

sugar will actually kill the motor. the sugar will get into the cylinder and melt at combustion leaving the rings sticky and scorching the cylinder walls. Qwik engine kill, but beware... once the engine is opened, there will be a trace of anything you put inside to try to kill the engine.

Peanut butter. Enough of that and the engine won't breath. Gas caps that get fouled do this.

Water. Sugar. KoolAId

Put whatever fits down the pipe. Just ask yourself is it worth the arrest for vandalism or the risk of a good asswhooping by the owner of the car when they track you down.

Why would you think like this? You have a very destructive mind, is this making for a better world,It is not, are you a fighter from the Middle east, it sounds like it with your mind set ! Reset your thinking and stop this behaviour !

nothing... just remove all the gas from it! also if you have access to the gas tank, that means that perhaps you can that the battery out...