> who will donate to stop drunk drivers ?

who will donate to stop drunk drivers ?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I have a new invention that will stop drunk driver accidents.

But I need a donation to proceed with the propcess.

You don't need a donation; you need a change in the law.

Products like this already exist and have already been funded.

It's not a new invention.

The problem with any "invention" that makes a car stop if the driver is drunk is that

1) It doesn't stop all drunk driving. It only stops drunk driving in the cars that have the invention.

2) No one will put the invention in their car. Almost anyone who doesn't want drunk driving just doesn't drive drunk; they don't need an invention to stop them. Anyone who wants to drive drunk won't get the invention.

The only way a product like this will be used is if you can get the government to require cars to have it.

If you are really serious then the magic words are "crowd funding". In brief, you have a project which needs funding. You advertise the opportunity to invest in the startup, offering some sort of reward to early investors such as an early delivery of the gadget or a franchise to sell it on. The internet is a good source of advertising platforms, such as


Many projects have attracted 1000's of backers but it will only work if you have a good project and can show that there is going to be a benefit in investing. There is also the question of patenting your gadget, which itself can be very expensive.

Good luck.

since you don't tell what your invention is

how do expect people to donate

they will think you are just a scammer try to con us

More info needed. No one will just hand over money sight unseen. Explain how it works.


donate or invest?

check out the sharks on tv

Not me. Nobody with any smarts will blindly give a stranger any money. Nice try.