> which bike sold I buy to make into a cafe racer? 80s Era?

which bike sold I buy to make into a cafe racer? 80s Era?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I'm selling my 05 zx6r ninja tomorrow and looking to buy a 80s bike to make into a cafe racer, I've been eye balling the 80-82 cb750 or cb900 but heard they require alot of maintenance, I understand all bikes require maintenance but I don't want one that will have issues frequently. Coming from the bike I have now I really only worry about oil changes or 15k services. I know nothing I buy will compare to my bike now but I want something that won't bore me, something somewhat quick, any suggestions?

Suzuki GS 750 or 1000. Avoid the shaft drive models.

Bulletproof engines, you will need to refresh suspension and probably the wiring loom and several components like the reg/rec.

If you are going to make a cafe racer you will be changing a lot of the body work but if you intend to use some of them – tank and saddle for example, take a close look at the underside – this is where they rust.

Slightly earlier and closer to the "original" British parallel twin you could try the Yamaha XS650.

I don't know where you get your info but those CB900 engines are about as bulletproof as they come. I used to ride with many people who had them and nobody ever had any trouble.

Told you . Yamaha RD 350 or 400 .


Any BMW R series.