> when can you enter the roundabout?

when can you enter the roundabout?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
UK driving laws?

do I need to wait for the cars in the roundabout to leave fully or can I entre if I know they are leaving because they have indicated? and-

can I entre if there is a car waiting on the right to enter but has not entered yet?

50+ years ago ,we were taught " The 4 Yields " ;-

1. On yields to off ( at roundabouts ).

2. In yields to out . ( in tight spaces e.g. car parks ).

3. Down yields to up . ( on hills; man with a load goes first ).

4. Wheels yield to legs . ( legs were invented long before the wheel ).

These rules just seemed to express common courtesies and consideration so absent in today`s drivers me-me-me attitude.

You can't rely on signals. The driver may not have cancelled an earlier one. Sometimes helps to look at the driver and also the front wheels of the car. These can give you an idea of the drivers intention. It all boils down to experience.

You wait until it is safe for you to pull out if you can pull out and integrate with the traffic already flowing safely then do so.

When doing so will not cause another driver to have to brake, slow down or swerve