> what happens if you drive by yourself with a learner's permit and cause a minor accident?

what happens if you drive by yourself with a learner's permit and cause a minor accident?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
No license, no insurance? Same as if you did not have a license because you do not. Consequences depends on the law and each state has its own. So does D.C. The risks also involve possible lawsuits to recover damages by the other person's insurance company or medical costs. Serious consequences also involve legal costs as to the charges. This can be both expensive and complicated. You can forget as to being able to get a license for years and years.

Well you were driving without a license, so you likely get a ticket for that AND are likely to have that suspended. On top of that you may not have insurance since the company will say the driver didn't have a license. If the insurance won't cover then you have to pay all costs yourself.

Also, you won't be able to get license until 18 at least.

With a learners permit usually you will have full comprehensive coverage and it will cover the liability in the accident. However expect extremely high rates if that were to occur.

You pay a lot of money out of pocket.

Normally your auto insurance policy would cover such costs, but auto policies all have a condition written into them. That condition says that if the driver is 'not authorized by law' to operate the vehicle, which includes driving in violation of the licence conditions, they won't provide coverage if an accident happens.

If you drive any vehicle that your licence / permit doesn't allow you to drive, you're breaking some serious laws. Depending on where you live (which you didn't say), you can face heavy fines, lengthy suspensions / driving bans, and vehicle impoundment. That's on top of having to pay for the entire accident yourself.

Only gamble when what you can win is greater than what you can lose. And there's no way to win with this one.

Some states won't let you get a license until your 21 if you do that.