> was it my fault? (driving)?

was it my fault? (driving)?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I was coming home from school and there was a blue car in front of me and so anyways I was a good distance and so anyways they made a random stop in the road and there was about ten cars behind me and so I beeped my horn lightly and and so they went so we were in a three lane road and they we're turning left and I was going straight so I glanced over and the mother of the driver in the passenger seat was screaming at me and giving me the finger. I couldn't hear what she was saying because she had the window up but she kept staring at me. I got kinda scared and drove my direction. Was I at fault at this? Or is this the usual road rage.

There's nothing wrong with honking the horn at people who stop where they aren't supposed to. Although the best way is to go around them if possible. As far as the woman giving you an obscene gesture, just ignore it. They're strangers, who cares what they think? I wouldn't call this "road rage" even. That's when drivers do stupid things that endanger their lives, as well as other people on the road.

id say just road rage on her behalf, some drivers are like that!

So anyways why were you honkin at them. Anywas you should just have passed them kinda....anyways its annoying when ppl kinda honk at ya


now HOW do it was the mother of the driver

YOU GOT ESP or something?