> s there any problem if i learn riding on a new motorcycle?

s there any problem if i learn riding on a new motorcycle?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
im a beginner...wana learn riding..i hav only thoretical knowledge of riding bikes..currently, a new bike is coming home and is there any problem if i learn riding on a new bike..

New bike is fine to learn on. But expect to crash and remember its better to smash an old bike then a new one. Best thing to learn on is a cheap old bike. Preferably one that is already scratched or broken fairings that way its not going to matter as much if you add a few more opposed to ruining a good clean bike

Yea, the problem is that you will probably drop it, either at a standstill (not being familiar with how to carry the weight of a bike), in traffic (being unfamiliar with how traffic ignores you and how to react without harming yourself), or in a corner (being unfamiliar with the lean angles and cornering capability of a motorcycle, target fixation, other things).

Similar ideas apply if you are riding a dirtbike instead of a streetbike.

Wrecking a new motorcycle is much more expensive than on an older, used bike.

Better to learn on a nice used bike and you didn't mention the size of 'bike is coming home' so that doubles the situation.

You will very likely drop it at some point during your learning process. It doesn't make much sense to me to drop a brand new bike.

Nope, as long as you drive carefully. But it is preferable to start from an old (used/inexpensive) motorcycle so you want cause any expensive damage by accident in your learning period.

And be sure you will make mistakes.

My first one was new and i didnt wrecked it.

Do you know how to ride a bicycle. If not, start there. If you already know how to ride a bicycle then learning to ride a motorcycle is easy.

Assuming the bike is not way too heavy and overpowered for you, no. (A Goldwing would be a bad choice.)

You've got to learn somehow, don't you? Use what is available.